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Rocket Raccoon James Gunn Michael Rooker Game For Guardians of the Galaxy Gig

Even more than The Avengers, most (all?) of the Guardians of the Galaxy core team members revealed so far will wear prosthetics, heavy makeup and in some cases, will be entirely CG. With a summer 2014 release date, principal photography on the film will begin next year and its roster of otherworldly characters is going to need to be cast relatively soon.

At this point in time, Guardians of the Galaxy only officially has a writer and a director in James Gunn, so speculation on casting has been immediately directed towards the “usual suspects” of Gunn’s friends who he commonly works with. Nathan Fillion is one example, Michael Rooker is another.

Like Fillion, Rooker worked on both of Gunn’s major feature films in Slither and Super. Knowing this, MovieWeb straight up asked Rooker what his thoughts are on raccoons, prodding to see if The Walking Dead actor knew anything about Gunn’s big Marvel movie and sure-to-be fan-favorite character, Rocket Raccoon.

“I love raccoons. Raccoons are my friends (Laughs)!”

The Walking Dead Season 3 Michael Rooker 570x335 Michael Rooker Game For Guardians of the Galaxy Gig

So, he at least knows about the character, the property, and likely has chatted with Gunn about it in some capacity. Could the actor voice the character?

“Oh, yeah. Most certainly. I know that James Gunn is doing it. He is directing it, and he is re-writing it. He is a very loyal director. He is a very loyal writer, when it comes to working with people that he knows and loves. He really appreciates the efforts that each actor puts into these roles. And I would be very honored and pleased to work with James Gunn again…Whether it will happen or not, I don’t know. But he is a dynamite guy, and we have remained friends ever since we worked together on Slither.

I haven’t done much research on it at all yet. Because I don’t know what is going to happen. I’m really crazy busy with The Walking Dead right now. But you know what? Write this up. Tweet the f*** out of it. If the fans want me as Rocket Raccoon, Marvel will listen to you guys, I think, sometimes… Perhaps I will be lucky and blessed enough to go in there, and go at it with Mr. Gunn again, who knows?”

Rooker’s talk of being busy with The Walking Dead is reminiscent of Nathan Fillion’s from a few weeks ago when he said he doubts he would ever be involved in a film like Guardians of the Galaxy due to his commitments to Castle. Of course, at the time, no one had officially confirmed Gunn’s involvement on the project, so Fillion chatting with Gunn about it beforehand goes to show how trusting and open he is with his friends – Rooker included, evidently.

Rooker’s voice will be heard by millions this November as he plays one of the main characters (voice and motion capture) in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 which releases in November. It’s expected to break a series of sales records like its predecessors and there couldn’t be a better test of his voice-acting skills and fan reception.

Fun fact: Rooker also voiced a character in James Gunn’s video game, Lollipop Chainsaw (read Game Rant’s review), which released earlier this year.

For more discussion, check out our breakdown of the Guardians of the Galaxy logline, read about James Gunn directing, check out all the concept art and find out the latest on the villain Thanos.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.


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Source: MovieWeb

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  1. BUT I WANTED STATHAM AS THE RACCOON. oh well, nothing is set in stone so we will just have to wait and see what happens and who gets cast for the movie. But i suppose he would be alright.

    • I doubt statham will ever do a superhero movie. not his style. that being said, I know why you want him. his voice is perfect for rocket. but if nothing else we could get the guy who voiced him in UMvC3 and EMH

      • I dont think motion capture will happen with rocket raccoon but i dont think your comment about statham not doing it applies now. comic movies are the biggest thing today. Any/every actor would do anything to get a lead role.
        Look at RDJ, Iron Man gave him a second chance and he is arguably the biggest thing in Hollywood now. Chris Hemsworth is being cast in lots of films because of Thor.
        A fan of these movies or not, any actor will jump at the chance to be involved because of the genre’s popularity.

  2. i want thanos army in guardian of galaxy

  3. I’m still not sold on this raccoon and guardians of the galxy, I can’t help but think of the effect jar jar binks had on star wars

    • Jar Jar Binks though was an idiot, Rocket Raccoon on the other hand has guns!

    • I’m still not sold on Marvel’s whole Phase 2 plans. Being set on Earth was what grounded all these outlandish super hero characters and what made them work. I simply love seeing them do extraordinary things in an ordinary world.

      Going off-world and cosmic will most likely end up looking and feeling very, very silly, especially if all the space realm scenes in The Avengers are any indication. They were the weakest part of the movie and certainly triggered a couple of unintentional laughs.

      • You guys are crazy. Rocket Raccoon is by no means a kid-friendly character or a total goofball like JarJar. Rocket Raccoon is a combat-toughened killer who loves shooting enemies with his space guns or skinning them with his knives. Hasn’t anybody ever played Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3? His lines are so awesome, like:

        “Let’s see how cute I am after I strangle you with your own intestines.”
        “How about I make a fur coat out of YOU?”
        “The raccoon is the King of the Beasts. Screw the lion.”

        He’s awesome. As far as grounding the movie goes, that will be a problem, but The Avengers and Thor proved audiences are willing to buy into cosmic-based comic book properties. If Guardians of the Galaxy is well-scripted, has a decent story, and is rounded out by good acting and great special effects, then I think audiences could suspend a little disbelief for the sake of entertainment.

        • Lmao!! Rocket is awesome! He has the best one liners! He is deff nothing like Jar Jar. Rocket is the opposite of clumsy. He is a tactical mastermind in aggressive militant situation. He’s lead the Guardians when Star-Lord took a leave of absence at one point. Rooker would be the best for good ol’ Rocky.

        • BAHAHAHA!! yea, he is not kid friendly…His name is Rocket Raccoon! Are you kidding me? Its a freaking furry rodent shooting a machine gun in outer space…Grow up Peter Pan, this will be terrible..

          • Alright guy, Conker’s Bad Fur Day was rated M back on the N64. I remember kids not being able to play because of its M rating. Kids will be drawn to the image of Rocket but sure to hell most their parents won’t cuz of his badass one liners.

            • Well there you go right there. Conkers Bad Fur Day? That just sounds like something a 12 year old would like. Sorry, but to me it does. I mean what is the demographic for these movies? 25-35 year old men right? Those are the ones that read comics when they were younger and are generally ones that get out and see movies. I am in that demographic, and as I said to Rob, I haven’t read any of these comics before but I really have no desire to watch talking rodents. Name a movie that has been good that has that in it. Furry Vengeance = worst movie of all time. I caught about 3 minutes of that one day and wanted to start punching toddlers :) Narnia = 2nd wort movie of all time. Im sure there are others but I just dont know why they would want to do that.

              • *cough*Star Wars*cough*

                For someone to trash talk Conkers Bad Fur Day, hate on Star Wars’ Ewoks, and/or hasn’t read a single GotG comic book, I’m sorry, you shall have no audience.

                Also, the audience aim for GotG will be for 13-35+. Thus why PG-13 rating that it will most likely have.

                • That was trash talk? I never said anything about Star Wars… I like Star Wars. Do the Ewoks talk in that? What do they say, ‘chub chub’ and ‘woooooooooooo’ they aren’t flying around with machine guns that’s for sure. Plus, Star Wars was something from my childhood so you have a certain amount of nostalgia from watching the Ewoks… Now, as a 29 year old, any movie that I have seen a talking rodent just doesn’t seem appealing. Im sure I thought Care Bares was awesome when I was 6 but if they came out with a movie about them now Im not going to see it… So you think that only people who have read this comic book will be seeing this movie? Im sure Marvel wants a bigger audience than that.

                  • *Care Bears

                    • @Ryan, Just as mentioned below. Ted was awesome and did very well and he was a teddy bear.

                      Star Wars has Ewoks and Wookiees and those Star Wars movies have done extremely well. Wicket became so popular they gave him 2 spin of movies and in those he spoke the language basic which is the English language in Star Wars. Also, what makes a difference what language they speak?

                      As furry life forms go in live action films, good ol’ Rocky shall have no problem. Remember he ain’t no Raccoon, he’s an alien from another solar system who’s people happen to represent raccoons.

              • Ryan, until you know what you’re talking about (i.e. read GotG), just stop talking.

          • Don’t worry, some people just don’t get it.

            If you think raccoons from space are too silly, then don’t watch the movie. And if you’re looking for “realism” in your comic book movies, you’re probably missing the point.

            • Man, I bet these are the same people who highly enjoy seeing Ewoks blow things up. Yet, when it’s in regards to a furry life form they’re aware of, then it’s “Oh no! This is bad!”

          • Ryan, how many Marvel Comics issues (or which ones) have you read featuring Rocket Raccoon?

            • I think most detractors have admitted that they haven’t read the comics. When and if they go back to read some GOTG, try reading some Micronauts, too. Also a classic and one of my favorites.

              • Don’t forget Nova. He ties in with GotG every now and then. Best really to start off with (in more modern sense) is Annihilation: Prologue and then read onward (going in order) to Thanos Imperative. That’ll cover all of the new GotG and Nova.

            • Rob, I haven’t read any. I know nothing about GOTG. I am just looking at the pictures you posted here and what I read on Screen Rant. I read comics when I was younger so I enjoy the comic book movies, but this just seems absolutely ridiculous.

          • Im sure people talked a lot of crap about the concept of the movie TED before it came out, i mean, how could you make a cute fuzzy teddy bear raunchy? OH WAIT.

            • +1

          • Lol lay your hand on a semi-hibernating Raccoon and see what you pull back! It won’t be pretty, best to get some Mercurochrome ahead of time…

      • I can understand that for some. However the realism of the Nolan Batmans is what I disliked most of those movies. Don’t get me wrong I thought they were great, just could have been a bit more sci-fi. The cosmic part of Marvel is one of it’s defining features. This may alienate some but not nearly enough to matter.

        As for Rocket Raccoon, if film keeps true to his character and marketing does not try to make him the center piece of the ad campaign, the movie will still do just fine.

  4. Rooker what his thoughts are on raccoons, prodding to see if The Walking Dead actor knew anything about Gunn’s big Marvel movie and sure-to-be fan-favorite character, Rocket Raccoon.

    • Eh?

  5. he should do the mo-cap for it as well, maybe they will make rocket look like him, or whoever ends up doing the voice

  6. He may be the most awesome thing on the (off)planet but at the end of the day, to 95% of the population…he’s a talking raccoon with a big gun. That will be a toughie for Marvel to sell to the general populance!

    • I disagree. if anything marvel is going to capitalize on rocket like nothing else. I wouldnt doubt that they end up selling stuffed rocket raccoon dolls where when you squeeze the belly it says hilarious stuff.

      • i know (the boulder), im not to sure why people think Rocket Raccoon and GotG in general would be a bad thing for Marvel. If anything i would have thought it added to the MCU. Kids will love it, even with his attitude and they will earn bucket loads off RR merchandise.

        • Deff would be cool to see a Rocket & Conker team up on the XBox360.

        • Based on prior “space heavy” movies with tons of CGI and a character not known to most i think the odds are 50:50 for audience approval.

          Evidence A: Green Lantern (#24 in 2011 box office)
          Evidence B: Hellboy 2 (#42 in 2008 box office)

          Even as much as Hellboy is revered by comic fans and others it still got out-performed by Jumper and 10,000 BC. If GotG is going to be mostly CGI and based in space with strange worlds and creatures not known to even some comic fans than Marvel will have a big job to educate the fan base.

          Plus, i’m not entirely sure that a gun-toting racoon with wise-cracks is going to be a huge hit…i showed the drawings of GotG and RR to my 7 year old son and his reaction was, and i quote, “i don’t think that movie will do very well”. I’m just saying…

          • i agree. This whe movie/concept seems shaky to me. How can marvel push this forward, and let Ant Man linger because of a fear of failure? I would believe a lot more in an Ant Man character grounded on earth, than a raccoon and his friends from space. On top of that, they’re going to hook these things up with the avengers? Why? I can’t wait to see what tony stark has to say when he meets a wise cracking, gun toting, psychopathic raccoon with one liners like Dirty Harry. I love marvel, and all that they have done, but this is a dangerous and unnecessary risk. They should spend their time developing black panther, ant man, and the like.

            • It’s not “dangerous” or “unnecessary”.

              Marvel has built up so much goodwill with their previous movies, now is the perfect time to expand the universe. And if you want Thanos (an alien, btw) to be the main villain of Phase 2, then you need GOTG.

              I know it’s difficult for some people to wrap their minds around, but this is a good thing people!

              • @FILTHpig, As soon as they see how badass Gamora and Drax are, they’ll start to open up to the Raccoon.

                • Just so long as they make a good movie, the characters are there.

                  And after people have to eat crow when Marvel knocks it out of the park with GOTG, maybe they’ll expand even further and make a Micronauts movie. I doubt it, but you never know…

                  • From the concept art to Guardian, those ships in the background are shaped like the Nova Corps symbol. If the Nova Corps truly are taking the place of the Kree. We’ll be seeing a Nova movie if GotG does really good.

                • the movie has to be good first before people warm up to a talking Raccoon.

                  • What Raccoon? I just see an intellectually advanced furry life form.

          • the avengers…
            your son doesnt count for the world plus, your son may have known your displeasure for the film and may have copied you. unless your son just doesnt like animals :/

    • Don’t know until we see it. People crapped all over the Norse god with red cape and a hammer, meanwhile, he made more money than Captain America at the box office.

      • I agree. I thought the same thing about Thor when they first anounced that film, and I loved it. That is the only reason I have any hope for this. I have complete faith in marvel, I just can’t see this working with people. By the way rob, and all of screen rant, nice job. You guys have a first class web site here, and always seem to get the scoop, well done. I’m rather new to the site, but have enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work!

      • dont think people crap over Thor the first place they complain about Idris Elba been Heimdell. my issue with GOTG is that Marvel jumped to do that movie before doing a Dr Strange, Black Panther, Heroes For Hire first.

      • Rob, in case you haven’t realized yet, comic book fans are pessimistic about everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. They worry about the slightest little tidbit that’s released but then it turns out fine. Each time a new situation arises and you present them with the previous examples, they say “no, this time is different.” But it ends up being fine.

        Let’s see…
        -Hugh Jackman being too tall to play Wolverine
        -Heath Ledger being too young/too pretty-boy/too “not-jokery” to play The Joker.
        -Chris Hemsworth being too small to play Thor.
        -Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk
        - The complaints with Andrew Garfield’s spider-man suit. (Honestly, I did not notice anything strange about it in the movies. Don’t know about anyone else).
        -Anne Hathaway being too goofy to play Catwoman
        -Tom Hardy being too small to play Bane
        -Bane’s voice (I understand that this is a major point of contention and many people still hate it. I just wanted to put it on here, because I personally believed it to be pretty much perfect, and proved the fanboys wrong. But I do acknowledge dissenting opinions.)

        Anybody care to add more?

        • Exactly!

          This is Hollywood, the right people can do amazing things with different stories and actors that you can’t imagine until you actually see the finished product onscreen.

          People just need to expand their minds and be open to new concepts… or not.

          • +10,000

            • +10,001

  7. Norm Macdonald wouldve been better.

  8. Still yuck.

  9. I’m convinced that most of the people that against GOTG aren’t comic book fans, sci-fi fans, space fantasy fans… or possibly all the above.

    You guys will watch a genetically engineered super hero (Captain America) a man who turns into a giant green rage monster (Hulk) a guy who gets bitten by a spider and then gains the powers of a spider (Spider-Man) or six movies about people who can wield swords made of energy and manipulate stuff with their minds (Star Wars) but you draw the line at a gun wielding raccoon from space?

    Okay, THAT’S where the line is, I see now. Sorry Marvel, you can’t make this movie because you will have crossed the line into “absurdity”. Give me a break.

    • +10,000,000,000

      • +10,000,000,001

  10. People seem to fixate on rocky too much, he is only one of the members of the team. I’m glad that marvel is doing something different and not sticking with the same thing over and over.

  11. Personally, I would venture to say that Rocket Raccoon would end up being my favorite part of the movie. I mean seriously? It’s a raccoon armed to the teeth. What more could you want? You think he’s cute, try to pet him, and then BAM – he pulls a rocket launcher on you and starts cursing you out.

    I feel like he would DEFINITELY be the most memorable part of the movie, and everyone’s favorite character when reminiscing.

    “Remember that raccoon guy?”
    “He was f***ing awesome!”
    “He was so badass!!”
    “I f***ing loved that guy!!”

    • Exactly, look how Frank from MIB instantly became a fan favorite.

      • Except this is Frank with a bazooka

        • Lmao! All the more reasons to like good ol’ Rocky.

  12. Eh. I’ve never been a fan of Michael Rooker, so it might sounds mean but I hope he’s not in. Now it’d be hilarious if by some magical happy accident Statham somehow agrees to voice Raccoon, like a few SR readers here hoped (count me in). Still, I’d be happy to see how GotG works out, including the casts. Keep ‘em coming, SR!

  13. Rooker has somewhat of a high pitched voice. RR needs s low gruff voice like jason statham or ray winstone. actually i think winstone would be perfect. thats the voice i picture when i’m reading guardians.

    people hating on this movie already have never read it. it really is a pretty brilliant action comedy book, with some great classic characters like adam warlock, thanos, gamora and drax the destroyer

    • I agree, Rooker does has a high voice for the role. However he is a voice actor and they know how to change the tones of their voice. Rocket needs that dark raunchy voice. If Rooker can’t pull it off, I’d see Mickey Rourke doing his Marv voice for him.

  14. jsut have andy circus play him. by far the best as what he does!