Guardians of the Galaxy: David Tennant Rumored For Rocket Raccoon

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David Tennant Fright Night Shotgun Guardians of the Galaxy: David Tennant Rumored For Rocket Raccoon

Chris Pratt is getting in superhero shape to lead the upcoming team of cosmic characters joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year in James Gunn’s Guardian of the Galaxy. Joining him will be a green-painted Zoe Saldana as Gamora and a knife-wielding Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer. With the non-animated core roster of characters revealed at last year’s Comic-Con now signed, and supporting roles starting to be filled, it’s soon time to find out who’s voicing the animated leads.

Gunn describes the soon-to-be-popular Rocket Raccoon as the “heart” of Guardians of the Galaxy and he hinted that he already had someone in mind. Could it be ex-Doctor Who star David Tennant?

The rumor that David Tennant will voice Rocket Raccoon comes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook fanpage, and understandably, with the sheer amount of false rumors in recent months about Iron Man 3, there were a lot of skeptical comments in response to the post to which the admin defended by claiming adamantly that his info is legit and exclusive.

Rocket Raccoon Design Charlie Wen Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy: David Tennant Rumored For Rocket Raccoon

While walking the red carpet at the London premiere of Iron Man 3 two weeks ago, Gunn spoke guardedly about the characters and cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, indicating that he already had someone in mind for Rocket.

I think there’s – here’s the thing: there are a lot of people who have a lot of ideas of who is right for Rocket Raccoon  Rocket Raccoon has been slightly different over the years, in the comic books, and within my scripts he is a very, very specific guy, and I think people are going to have to wait for a few weeks before they see.”

As for the characters officially cast, Gunn spoke highly of his leading man Chris Pratt at the time as well, and on his Facebook page reiterated the sentiment over the weekend to fans curious about the decision to cast the Parks and Recreation star as the gun-toting Cosmic Avenger known as Star-Lord.

“Chris Pratt auditioned against A-list big-time movie stars for the most desired role around and Marvel was ballsy enough to back me when I wanted to hire him. I’ll love them forever for going with me on that. No other studio in the world would have ever taken that risk. Nor would any other studio in the world ever have hired me (or Joss Whedon, etc) to do this type of film. Same with the others. Anyone who has followed me for a while knows I either speak my mind or shut the f*ck up. I never say I love something if I don’t.”

Continuing his praise of Marvel Studios for supporting him and his casting decisions, Gunn added:

“And, to be completely frank, I’ve been way more pressured to cast “names” on nearly every independent film I’ve ever done.”

Fans will be very happy to hear that Marvel Studios is letting Gunn choose actors who best fit the role as opposed to going for the obvious “bankable” names. Marvel’s track record with stellar, yet unexpected casting dates back to 2007 when they let Jon Favreau hire Robert Downey Jr. for the now-world-recognized role of Tony Stark in Iron Man. They even turned Chris Hemsworth into a superstar thanks to Thor instead of going for rumored names like Brad Pitt years ago.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord 570x333 Guardians of the Galaxy: David Tennant Rumored For Rocket Raccoon

There are various incarnations of Rocket Raccoon in cartoons, comics and video games, but fans have been vocal here on Screen Rant about finding someone who can bring a Cockney accent to the character, or at least a good British one. Tennant speaks with an Estuary accent (more Southern England) in Doctor Who despite his Scottish heritage and is an obvious fan-favorite among the geek community. If the rumor is true, does he fit the bill?

Who will voice Groot? Early rumors at Marvel interested in Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey for something while rumors pointed towards Kevin Durand possibly being looked at for a role.

Guardians of the Galaxy is being rewritten and directed by James Gunn and begins shooting in London this summer. It will be released in 3D.


Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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Source: James GunnMCU Facebook

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  1. I always thought Bruce Willis would make a great Rocket Racoon! He did voice over before in look who’s talking. Why does it have to be a Brit? He has a gruff but sweet voice that would be hilarious and emotionally gripping.

    • Don’t get me wrong I like Bruce Willis, but his voice wouldn’t match the character. Unless he can do a pretty decent english accent. Otherwise no

      • WHY does RR need to have a british accent??
        Was the character made in england? OR is he an American made Character, I really have never read a Guardians Comic book and at the RR parts read it in a british accent! I DO NOT have anything against the Brits But I DO NOT see a RUFF and GRUFF RR sounding like a proper gent!
        There are some actors with an english accent that do sound pretty rough and tough. BUT, there ARE some American actors with that rough sound that could work as well.

        DOES ANYONE REALLY THINK JARVIS from Iron Man sounds scary and tough??

        • Dude, you think all Brits sound the same or something? Just because he has a british accent doesn’t mean he sounds like a “proper gent”. Have you never heard a cockney accent before? It’s the same way someone from southern Georgia is not going to sound the same as someone from New York City. Who knows? Tennant could always do it in his native scottish accent.

          • First Huntress, I want to apologize, Im sorry to everyone from Britian N and S
            I did not mean that in a negative way I know It sounds like it in pritBut if I was talking to you face to face you would have understood what I meant!!!

            Im sorry but honestly I have never heard of a cockney accent! All brit do kinda sound the same to me but that is probably because Im american, A georgian accent and a tennessean accent sound pretty much the same to me also..

            I really have nothing against brits at all! I just think it is kind of stupid that NEVER once have I heard of an American in the running for RR, I dont know why that is, and maybe I will love him once I hear the voice with the face kind of thing! But I just cannot see RR with any accent… He might sound really bad as an American voice! I am sorry I figured that it could not come out the way I wanted it to.

            I really cannot see that a cockney british accent could sound THAT MUCH different than a “NORMAL” british accent, and I also dont see how they could be AS DIFFERENT AS you say! You guys are not even that far apart are you?
            S georgia and NY are pretty far apart BUT TO ME I ALWAYS thought it was kind of stupid that people in georgia sound so different from ppl in NY or MI or CA but they do… so whatever!!
            Maybe right now it is just hard to picture RR in anything other than an american accent BUT THAT MAY BE MY IGNORANCE and I am sorry if I offended you!!!!
            Maybe you can give me an example of the different accents of Britian, I would gladly like to hear them!

  2. Dude. Please stop trolling.

  3. David Tennant as Rocket Raccoon… hmm, that could really work! Can’t believe I never even thought of him in that role! Then again, I tend to have trouble imagining voice actors for raccoons… 😛


  5. his information is legit, or exclusive, he said to me flat out that he came up with it on his own meret. Take this with a big grain of salt, ScreenRanters.

    I debated him about his choice because he doesn’t seem like a likely candidate for the role since virtually no-one outside of “Doctor Who” knows this man.

    • ISN’T**

    • Nick: On the contrary, Tennant is becoming more and more well known in the States, not only for his work on Doctor Who, but now on Broadchurch, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Fish Bowls, etc…he is taking more American jobs, and I wouldn’t put it beyond him to possibly do Rocket Raccoon.

  6. YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. I remember Gunn saying, Rocket isn’t the Bugs Bunny of the team. With this guy’s comedy track record, I think this is a false rumor.

  8. hope this is true

  9. Someone escaped from Whang Dang Doodle’s Chinese Chompin’ Chicken Emphorium….!

  10. U like jabroni with macaroni? Tostitos with mosquitos maybe?

  11. Hey, I still own that game.

  12. Eh, if we can’t get Jason Statham or Ray Winstone, the (ex) Doctor will do just as fine. I can get on board.

  13. YuzoKoshiro, 1998 called. They want that jabroni reference back.

  14. Im curious why andy serkis wasnt approached he is the mo cap master and i bet could adapt a voice

  15. It could work very well, I’m all for Tennant, he could be great.

    I love that Marvel continues the trend of hiring actors who fit the role best and whom the directors want instead of choosing big names.

    Edward Norton is a lot bigger name than Mark Ruffalo, but Ruffalo is a much better Hulk and things with Norton turned real ugly real quick. And yes Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are two other great examples of this great casting trend.

    And of course RDJ, yeah. Keep up the good casting choices Marvel! I also love it that they’re giving directors even more freedom now than in Phase One.

  16. You should get out of here and shouldn’t people be banned for all these homophobic slurs, Mods?? I don’t want to see such people on this site.

  17. Hmmm I don’t see it.

  18. Great choice. I can see it now, a cute little racoon curls up on chris pratt’s lap, Starlord pets him, saying, “oh.. he’s so cute” Then Racoon steals Chris’s gun, points it at him and says in Tennant’s voice, “Put your bloody hands up chap.”

    The nearby tree says, “I’d do as he says Human.”

    • Yeah, no! Rocket would never lower himself to sitting on a human’s lap and Groot could only say, “I Am Groot!”

  19. I hope you’re joking. Just cuz rocket is in both these characters names? I doubt konami gives a sh*t

  20. I just want to see Tony Stark and Rocket Raccoon on the screen together. Can you imagine just how Stark will look at this talking raccoon? The things he’d say?
    “Did you come from build-a-bear?”
    “Can i put you in a box and give you to Pepper?”
    “You guys are serious? You have a tree and a rodent(aretheyrodents?lol)…”
    “I don’t know wether to run from it or cuddle with it…”

    Would be a great scene for Avengers 2.

    Joss Whedon and James Gunn take my advice! Comic genious is upon you!

    • LOL!!!

  21. I was hearing Charlie Day when I saw the concept art. I was imagining what kind of voice you would need to hear coming from a raccoon to take it seriously, and a raspy (but not gruff) intensity with quick sharp humor to deflect from his size/species would do the trick.

  22. Q: Who lives in Dave’s apartment complex?
    A: A Tennant.

    (…ok, I’ll shut up now…)



  24. I’m thinking Rocket Raccoon should be voiced by Jason Statham, and Brad Garrett for Groot

  25. Rocket’s art and backstory have veered all over the place depending on the writers and artists – some of which apparently had little knowledge of raccoons (no, they are not rodents, and they don’t have buck teeth). So I’m pleased to see they’re going to some effort to make him look and act like an actual raccoon. The concept art above is, IMO, the best depiction since the 4-issue miniseries.

    Rocket first appears (under the name Rocky) in the back-pages serial The Sword in the Star, where he rescues the hero Prince Wayfinder from a tentacled tree. Here “Rocky” smokes a pipe and has a ridiculously stereotyped British accent, using phrases like “I say, old bean”.

    Incredible Hulk 271 has the space-faring Hulk transported to a planet where he encounters Rocket and company. They kept the pipe but thankfully ditched the accent. This is where the whole business of the Halfworld Asylum, Wal Russ, rocket-skates, killer robo-clowns, etc. comes from. It was meant to be a silly one-shot, but was popular enough to spin off the above-mentioned 4-issue miniseries, written by Bill Mantlo, pencilled by Mike Mignola(yes, the Hellboy Mignola!), and inked by Al Gordon.

    The miniseries basically elaborates on the setting described in Hulk 271, eventually resolving the situation with the villains dead (except for Head Villain Minion Blackjack O’Hare, who switched sides), the human asylum inmates cured, and their gene-engineered animal caretakers leaving Halfworld to explore the galaxy. Rocket still smokes a pipe once or twice, but not continuously like in the previous versions.

    In the GotG comics Rocket is supposed to be some sort of tactics/strategy genius (although annoyingly, we never see him do much to support this). The Guardians are first assembled as an Expendables-style team of death-row prisoners; it’s not clear why Rocket is in jail or how he first became buddies with Groot. His backstory is never really addressed within the main Guardians of the Galaxy comic – we never learn what became of Wal Russ, Lyla (Rocket’s otter girlfriend), or Blackjack. This Rocket doesn’t smoke at all, though he apparently drinks heavily and is more depressed and cynical.

    Finally, in the Annihilators series, after the breakup of the Guardians Rocket is working a minimum-wage mail-clerk job when he’s attacked by a robo-clown, and this starts unearthing his repressed memories. First he remembers the happenings of the mini-series, but then these are shown to be false memories intended to discourage him from returning to Halfworld, because his brain contains the final telepathic key needed to unlock the cell of a psychic monster. Basically an attempt to retcon the mini-series into something more Grim and Gritty.

    At this point who knows what version of Rocket’s history the movie will use, or if they go the route of the Guardians comic and just never explain it at all.

  26. This isn’t even a real rumor. The dude over a Marvel Cinematic Universe [facebook] created this rumor himself.