Marvel Moves ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Release Date to August 2014

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Guardians of the Galaxy Release Date Marvel Moves Guardians of the Galaxy Release Date to August 2014

Next year, months after Iron Man 3 kicks off the summer movie season of 2013, Thor 2 will test the waters as the first ever fall release for Marvel Studios. As we learned not long ago, Captain America 2 will also serve as test, representing the first ever spring release for Marvel Studios the following year.

Why the move away from key summer release dates? Marvel Studios and The Avengers team have successfully established themselves among mainstream pop culture so no longer does Marvel need to forcefully keep films close together to maintain buzz through cross-marketing as we saw with Captain America and Thor last summer. The other big reason is that it allows for more than two films per year depending on the need…

With Marvel Studios shooting one film at a time (for the most part), we have Iron Man 3 already underway, Thor 2 beginning to shoot in August and Captain America 2 after that at the end of the year. Sometime next year will see Guardians of the Galaxy enter production for what was reportedly going to be one of Marvel Studios two previously claimed summer 2014 slots, specifically May 16, 2014 (two weeks after The Amazing Spider-Man 2).

As we’ve learned today, Guardians of the Galaxy (which remains unofficial) has changed release dates moving from May 16th, 2014 to August 1st, 2014, a full three months later (and two weeks after X-Men: First Class 2). It’s going to be a busy year for Marvel.

Guardians of the Galaxy offers another team-up film of characters for Marvel to merchandise and tells the story of a group of aliens (Adam Warlock, Drax The Destroyer, Gamora, Groot, Quasar, Rocket Raccoon and ally Nova) who come together to protect the galaxy from Thanos, the villain teased in the button at the end of The Avengers.

There are a variety of potential reasons for the release date switch and it could be anything from timing production with a certain director the studio has in mind, to opening up their production schedule for another film (i.e. Ant-Man) to shoot before Guardians to also come out in 2014. We’ll hopefully find out next Saturday at Marvel Studios’ San Diego Comic-Con panel presentation.

Let’s take a look at the current Marvel Studios release schedule (and changes) leading up to present:


  • Iron Man 3 (May 3)
  • Thor 2 (November 15 pushed forward a week to November 8th)


  • Captain America 2 (April 4)
  • Unknown Confirmed Untitled Marvel Film (May 16 pushed back to August 1)
  • Unknown (June 27)

The original pair of dates Marvel Studios claimed for 2014 were for May 16th and June 27th. Instead of taking Marvel’s traditional May slot, Captain America 2 was positioned earlier – potentially to serve as a setup for another film later that year? That May slot was instead reportedly to be used for Guardians of the Galaxy which is now the film likely occupying Marvel Studios’ new August 1st date that year.

Guardians of the Galaxy Nova Marvel Moves Guardians of the Galaxy Release Date to August 2014

Will Nova play a part in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Where does that leave Marvel’s original two days? Currently sitting in the May 16th slot is the Michael Bay-produced alien-themed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and on June 27th, Michael Bay’s Transformers 4 - both films for Paramount. Perhaps Marvel Studios is playing nice after buying back the distribution rights from Paramount for The Avengers and Iron Man 3. More realistically, both of those films will be competing for the same audience as Marvel and Transformers won’t budge for anyone except Michael Bay.

So here’s the actual schedule for “Phase 2″ of the Marvel cinematic universe as we currently know it. Expect The Avengers 2 in May 2015.


  • Iron Man 3 (May 3)
  • Thor 2 (November 8th)


  • Captain America 2 (April 4)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (August 1)

So, with Edgar Wright shooting test footage for Ant-Man which could potentially show up at Comic-Con week, there’s a very realistic possibility that Ant-Man could represent a third Marvel Studios release for 2014, something President Kevin Feige hinted at previous as something dependent on what Mr. Wright presented to them. That could come mid-summer, between the two listed titles or it could do what Thor 2 is trying out and come that fall.

Marvel Ant Man Movie Marvel Moves Guardians of the Galaxy Release Date to August 2014

Is Ant-Man coming in 2014 too?

Other possibilities include the recently rumored Black Panther, Doctor Strange, The Incredible Hulk 2 or some such combination of characters. Black Panther vs. Hulk anyone? Heroes for Hire with Luke Cage and Iron Fist? Either way, we can expect at least one more film in 2014 or 2015, if not two.

When do you think Ant-Man should release?

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor 2 on November 8, 2013, Captain America 2 on April 4, 2014 and Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014.


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  1. Wow 3 MARVEL movies in 2014? Nice.

    Also, your “november 8″ date next to THOR turned into a smilie, heh

    • Ugh, forgot to change both. Thanks!

  2. So 2013 will have Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and The Wolverine, and 2014 will have Captain America 2, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: First Class 2, most likely Guardians of The Galaxy, and possibly a FIFTH Marvel movie???

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that there has never been a better time to be a comic book nerd.

    • word.

    • I think i speak for everyone and say that you`re absolutely right my friend……… it`s a once in a life time experience….. an entire marvel year (in some way)….

      • FF4 might reboot at some point too. I’ve heard nothing but don’t they kinda have to have something in production before the right reverse to marvel? FF4 for 2014 wouldn’t be out of the question.

  3. what about deadpool movie 2014

    • Well, that’s another Fox one but there’s no official production or release date for it.

    • Dude as much as i want it they wnt do it

  4. see that’s his problem of ryan reynold. he should not join highlander movie. that’s fullshit.

  5. I still think it could make more sense for GOTG to release in the 2015 slot months before Avengers 2 but hey, that’s me.

  6. Hope that other 2014 slot is antman/wasp movie just gotta have that or panther

  7. I still don’t think this is the last of the Marvel news. They have the 2 confirmed dates and one pending. I am sure we will know a ton more after SDCC which was mentioned . . . but Kevin Feige has been talking about doing 4 films for a long time. They still could add a 4th film in 2014. 2013 – IM3 start of the summer, then Thor 2 in the holiday season. I could see them adding one in the spring time (2014) like GotG was going to be. Of course they could have the time gap from Thor 2 to Capt. 2 and just have the third movie in the holiday season. That just doesn’t make sense though. It sounds like they have enough ready-to-go projects—Ant-Man, Black Panther (which they never confirmed).

    Wishful thinking — 2014
    Ant-Man in the Spring, Capt. 2, GotG and annouce a 4th film later this year. Sounds like GotG is going to be a huge movie and if they really do go through with a Ant-Man movie, I can’t see it calling for a bigger budget than GotG.

    • Feige has always expressed enthusiasm for -trying- to make 3 movies in one year, but he’s never talked about doing 4 movies a year (to my knowledge)…

      I think 4 is a little too much actually. Marvel Studios only shoots one movie at a time so if they’re doing four a year, they’ll either have to start production REALLY early, or hire more people (seeing as Marvel Studios is still a small production company in comparison to others).

      • Though I’m no laywer or have any idea how licencing properties work, could they not offer conditional licences of their characters to other groups for the purposes of creating new movie that still remain within their marvelverse continuity? I guess that could get a little complicated. Marvel remains the rights etc and producing credits etc but allow a smaller studio/team to take the reigns so to speak and make a film that marvel’s put their approval on. Like franchising I suppose. Idk prob dosent work like that in hollyweird.

        • Nah, Marvel Studios plays their movies pretty close to the chest.
          They don’t even give their directors that much creative control (some of the time), so I can’t see them ever doing what you’re suggesting (putting their characters and continuity in the hands of others).

          I suppose they COULD do that if they wanted/needed to, but in the end I think it won’t work out so great if they do do it…

          • This is true. Suppose i was thinking more along the lines of lesser known properties and characters that could make references to avengers etc but not have any real impact on the main continuity established thus far. They exist in the same universe but thats about it. Suppose it would be somewhat pointless to roll out movies of some of marvels more obscure characters. Do like the idea they will produce more shorts, that will potentially begin to introduce new lesser known characters. I’m still waiting to see if Feige lives up to one of his first comments that marvel would seek to redifine what a comic book movie can and should be. I’d say they wont stray far from their current formula as its returning huge for them financially.

            • They are kind of forced to produce shorts in the near future if they really want to expand universe. Producing 3 movies a year with a cast many have already seen and throw in a new characters won’t build a HUGE MCU. Let’s face it, our headliners (IronMan, Capt, Thor) will only be around for so long. Shorts would give lesser known characters nice intros into the MCU

              Seeing a Moonknight, Heroes for Hire, and DarkHawk short(s) would be awesome.

  8. Could this possibly be in response to The Amazing Spider Man 2? Initially this Marvel film was coming out two weeks later but with incorporating spidey into some Avengers themed things, like the facebook game Avengers Allegiance, and talks from the ASM producers wanting to include Spidey in the Avengers franchise perhaps Marvel studios is looking not to compete with it’s own film, albeit not officially in the MCU

  9. I wonder why they don’t put Captain America around or on the 4th of July but I digress I think it makes sense to move Guardians to August to spread it out away from Spidey 2 & Planet of the Apes 2 especially since its a property that general audience don’t know it as much as the other summer releases plus I wonder if that June release is something from Marvel studios or FOX(Deadpool would be awesome), I’d personally like to see a movie starring Black Panther(was talk into this one listening to podcast) or Doctor Strange(which is what i originally thought would’ve been an interesting character piece)…

  10. Hmm if there is anothe 2014 Marvel film will it be Ant Man or (what I think is more likely) the Animated Big 6 so they don’t have another major film production to worry about

  11. I’m new to the site, so please don’t jump me, but I just though I should point out that I read Fox has to pull the trigger on the Daredevil and Fantastic Four reboots before 2015 or the rights revert, so w’ll probably be getting one or both of those, (like it or not), in 2014. Which means potentially we’ll get Captain America 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Ant-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, AND Fantastic Four: Reborn & Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. Which is an insane amount of Marvel comics movies that year, (again, potentially).

    • There’s a lot of talk about that but I’m not sure on the specific dates in regards to Daredevil/Fantastic Four rights.

      • Daredevil really confuses me because Fox hasn’t done anything with that IP for 9 years! Afaik that’s well outside the window for rights to revert back. My only thoughts on this are that Fox bought an extension of some sort before Disney acquired Marvel.

        Fantastic Four should be close to reverting back because I thought it was every 5 years and FF:RotSS was done 5 years ago and we have only heard “talk” of a reboot.

        • I oulrnt be wrong but as long as the property is in “active development” they retain the rights.

          • yes, active development as in they HAVE to be in pre-production at least to satisfy the contract requirements. A lot of good intentions and kicking around script ideas for 5 years however does not count.

            Like I said something must have been renegotiated between Fox and Marvel to allow them to keep DD for so long.

            • The extension bit makes alot of sense to me. When marvel was still more or less desperate for money. Good point about the active dev bit, wasnt sure about that, so at some point they will have to produce.. something if of course they want to keep it.

  12. I’d prefer Ant-Man to appear in Cap 2 or a Shield movie than get his own. I’m hoping for Black Panther asap.

  13. I suppose I’m in the minority who believes Ant-Man is more than capable of carrying his own movie. I really can’t wait to see it happen. Pym is a really interesting character. It would be a terrible waste if he just appeared as a side character in another hero’s movie ala Black Widow and Hawkeye. It’s bad enough Captain America’s solo film will always have that despicable ‘The First Avenger’ subtitle attached to it; don’t weigh his next film down with other characters. Poor guy. There’s no arguing that Black Panther is cool, but I can wait for him to get the big screen treatment. Regardless of whoever we get, I’m happy to just keep getting more characters on the big screen.

  14. I want a Black Panther film by this December 2012…as in now!

  15. damn, that’s a lot of comic book movies in 2014. I wonder how people are going to feel?

    • We’ll probably hear a good deal of complaints. Last year, when they had four superhero movie during the summer alot of people starting predicting that superhero movie will soon be going out of style. Obviously, they haven’t and aren’t showing any sign of doing so.

      But I don’t think there will be as many as Summer 2011, because the majority of these upcoming movies are sequels, so people will understand the race to the theatre. And maybe even join in like my mother has :D

  16. Mark my words…Guardians Of The Galaxy will be as corny as The Last Starfighter or Battle Beyond The Stars.

    • Or as outstanding as Farscape or Trek 09. Marvel (as a studio) dropped the ball yet, right?

      • *Marvel (as a studio) HASN’T dropped the ball yet, right?
        (I can’t believe I missed a whole word there)

      • To most people (general tv audience) farscape was corny as all hell lol i personality enjoyed it though.

    • Really? What part of “Rocket Raccoon” sounds corny to you? ;)

  17. I NEED another Incredible Hulk movie. Ruffalo did such a (surprising and certainly welcome) good job.

    • Agreed. Everybody seems to be focused on Ant Man and Black Panther. I’m betting Hulk 2 is announced at Comic Con.

  18. No space cadet racoons or talking trees, or I’m probably outta here with this one. There are better things they could do rather than a guardians movie.

    • Well It’s pretty much a done deal at this point. The 2008 incarnation of GotG has already been confirmed by Marvel (and specifically Rocket Raccoon and Groot).

      So I guess you have a choice to make.

  19. Marvel/Disney studios need to focus on buying the rights back for all of their characters. Just watched the rise of the silver surfer movie and Dr. Doom and Galactas were extremely weak in this movie

  20. I still say we don’t need an Ant-Man movie. Just introduce him and wasp in one of the other movies, Cap 2, and like Hawkeye was, and then have them be in Avengers 2.

  21. GOTG and Ant Man should not be getting their own films, I think it would just be a disaster. Their fan base is not that big and their still unknown to recent generations. GOTG will be too spacey even for dedicated nerds and Ant Man will be too campy, I’m mean how could you modernized his ridiculous costume and play the fact that he talks to insects or can shrink to the size of one. If anything these two should stick to either cameos in other films or be included in Marvel’s short films. I’m hoping for a Black Panther or Cage and Iron fist film myself because all three of these characters would be great additions to phase 2 Avengers.

      • Exactly. (Good point Mongoose)
        Comic book fans have to remember that us “fans” only account for a very, very small percentile of people who watch these movies.

        • uh yeah very small % being us to see those movies…just saying wouldn’t rather have marvel converge their budget and efforts to more big league players?

        • See reply below, sorry.

  22. It’s basically one potential spot left in 2014 in phase 2 before avengers 2. I’m hoping it’s incredible hulk 2 and leave black panther luke cage dr strange antman etc for phase 3. I think marvel is trying to keep the core and reinforce them in phase 2 before branching out in phase 3.

  23. just mentioning all the upcoming movies make me pulpitate Xp

    • It makes you wanna blend fruit into delicious juices? To each his own I guess. Lol (just kidding of course, I’m with you on that one, these are exciting times for superheroe movies indeed).

  24. Why is ant-man sucha big deal you people make it seem like hes Iron-man
    or spider-man. I rather see deadpool then ant-man.
    now thats worth alking about.

    • Take it up with Fox. They’re the ones developing Deadpool.
      This article’s subject matter is Marvel Studios and their plans for the future.

  25. what i think marvel should do is put ant man in iron man 3 and luke cage and iron fist in captain america 2 because i think it could turn into a bad thing if they force to many super hero movie down our throat so close together while also have spider man 2 and x ment 2 comming out as well. I also think Guardians of the Galaxy can be epic if done right. To me they should make this one a lil darker than the other superhero movies and maybe even have them all get the s*** beat out of them by thanos to the point where they all die except for maybe rocket raccoon(because hes my favorit haha) and him somehow defeat thanos temporarily by sending him to a different dimension or something.

  26. I was not specifically comparing either movie to Star Wars. I was using it as an example of a movie that had absolutely no fan base before it was released, meaning that having fans beforehand isn’t necessary to the movie being a success. So if Star Wars can be a break out hit then these movies have that same potential (especially GotG).

    As I said, once word gets out that these movies are indeed attached to the Avengers (and the Marvel Shared Universe) that alone will make them profitable. Maybe not Avengers profitable but who knows at this point. As long as they are good people WILL go see them.

    As for the origin movies not making what they expected to make…..I disagree. No movie studio makes a movie expecting to gross 1 billion+. I’m sure that Marvel was realistic and as long as they were highly profitable (which all were, doubling if not tripling their budgets), they would be happy.

    It’s unfortunate you have so little faith in Marvel studios and think that every Marvel movie from now on HAS to include Avengers to be a success. They had no problems introducing Iron Man, Thor and Cap. without the rest of the team so why should that change now? Seems like a bit of backwards logic considering that IS how they started all this.

    and fyi……Punisher and Electra were not done by Marvel. Lionsgate did Punisher and Fox did Electra. All projects officially done in house by marvel Studios have been successful.

    • Arg, this was supposed to be a reply to Dr. Gibson’s post above. ><

      • The problems with those examples however is they didn’t necessarily fail because they were lesser knowns, the movies were just plain bad.

        As for Marvel being somehow disappointed all their movies weren’t blockbusters……I don’t think you have a concept of where Marvel was just 5 years ago. They were very happy to have gross earnings of 500 million for all of 2007 and then to nearly double that with just Iron Man in 2008, yeah I would say they were pleased with the outcome. Just having one movie net 150 million (this is after production and marketing costs) is a huge boost and they had 2 with both Thor and Cap.

        So yes, they are a business but they are also realistic. It’s nice to hope every movie does as well as The Avengers but to expect it sets your company up for failure.

      • Good point Gibson, but hopefully if they are made they turn out successful for Marvel. I think I would rather see black panther though.

  27. @mongoose, Rocket Raccoon may well be awesome but that name is no short of laughable for an alien IMO. If the character is to be taken seriously by viewers above 16, I’d advise they don’t use that name.

    • Every great sci-fi movie needs a goofy animal sidekick.

      • Jar Jar Binks?

    • But that’s his name. It’s the name that will pique peoples interest but it will be his actions in the movie that will allow viewers to take him seriously.

      And fyi I’m well past 16 and I have no problems with the name or character ;)

    • I take Rocket Raccoon seriously and I’m older than 16.

  28. So the ’08 team, which is supposedly the team this movie would be about, sounds a lot like Power Rangers SPD except the team has way cooler powers. Too bad the time travel theme means it can’t be shown in China…