The First ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Poster is Awesome [Updated]

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Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Art The First Guardians of the Galaxy Poster is Awesome [Updated]

This week as endured a battle for headlines between Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and earning the most buzz, Guardians of the Galaxy which had its public unveiling this week when its first trailer debuted during Jimmy Kimmel Live. We’ve analyzed the trailer as much as we can and just as we did, Marvel Studios released a set of character introduction videos where the cast briefly discussed their roles in the film.

In addition to Guardians of the Galaxy toy sets, high-res photos, a new film logo, a sneak peek preview, a full-length trailer and our own analysis and video feature, we also have the first first official GOTG poster and it appropriately looks as if it belongs on the cover of a Marvel Comics book.

We got our first artistic rendering of the Guardians of the Galaxy back at Comic-Con 2012 and the following Comic-Con, and updated version which featured new costumes for the roster. More recently, we got the first official photo which that art was based on, giving a good look at how James Gunn and co. adapted the character costumes from Marvel Comics. Little did we know, that they’d be suiting up together in new, matching duds which emphasize the official formation of the Guardians team. That became clear in the official photo released just before the trailer drop.

Those new costumes take center stage in the first official Guardians of the Galaxy poster:

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster High Res 691x1024 The First Guardians of the Galaxy Poster is Awesome [Updated]

The team, the costumes, the art style and the Milano ship parked in the background all look great, and fit what we’ve come to expect from the stylish Guardians of the Galaxy adaptation. So, in Screen Rant fashion, let’s break this down.

First, we’ve not seen Drax holding a massive gun like that before. In fact, we’ve only ever see him use his brute strength or his signature daggers. That gun looks as if it belongs to Rocket Raccoon but we’re not complaining. It looks badass.

The more significant highlight is the uniforms themselves. Guardian of the Galaxy may have a lot of background stories to cover in its five main characters, who all share a dark past in some way (except for Groot who’s seemingly innocent), but it’s a team based movie, an origin tale of this cosmic Avengers assembly. They start as a ragtag group of ex-cons who are incarcerated together but at some point in the film, they find a common goal and their paths cross. Whether it’s because of the Nova Corps (think space police force) or some other means, they form an official bond and have the matching uniforms to show for it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Team Photo High Res 700x425 The First Guardians of the Galaxy Poster is Awesome [Updated]

Readers knowledgeable about GOTG comics history will recognize the emblem/logo on all of these uniforms as being of Spartoi origin and of course, in the comics, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is actually half-Spartoi himself, his father being their leader. We’re thinking that may come to light in the film and through them, they suit up as the team depicted above and in more recent team photo.

Rocket has his obligatory big gun too, and Star-Lord is sporting one of his two blasters, but another key observation is in Gamora’s sword. It’s the same design of a thin, but techy looking sword from unused Thor: The Dark World concept art and it’s one of two swords we know she’ll wield in the film. The other is the infamous “Godslayer” weapon we saw ever so briefly in the trailer (more on that here), an important weapon from the comics that was originally handed down to Gamora by her adopted father Thanos. She eventually lost it but it appears that she’s using it in the trailer to fight Nebula (Karen Gillan) and/or Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace).

And how can we not mention the “You’re Welcome” tagline at the end. It is amazing in retrospect that this property is actually coming to theaters as a big budget live-action film. But now, Rocket Raccoon is already a center piece of merchandise marketing and everyone online is talking about the film. This is just week one of the Marvel marketing plan for GOTG so expect a busy summer and Comic-Con for the cast, director and marketing team.

Dig the poster? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

[Update. I just had a moment on Twitter thanks to @NobleStribling sending this to us. Behold, the augmented version of the poster. Thank you, internet.]

Guardians of the Galaxy Ooga Chaka Poster The First Guardians of the Galaxy Poster is Awesome [Updated]


Watch: Full Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer


Guardians of the Galaxy is directed by James Gunn off of his script co-written by Nicole Perlman. The film stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, Benicio del Toro, John C. Reilly, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel and Glenn Close.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: Marvel, Total Film

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  1. Show thanos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I dont think the poster is that great really, rocket and groot look alright but the rest of the crew look so bad imo
    the ship is so small

    and then the icing –
    You’re Welcome
    for what you’ve yet to show anything that justifies that statement – stinks of arrogance to me which the guardians have not earned

    • I was thinking the ‘You’re Welcome’ was to the fans of comics. Instead of a decently known property they took something that has a fan base in the books and something that may not have worked taking a chance based on people ‘asking’.

      The ship is not small it is in the distance…..

      Anyho… The poster will not make or break the film.

      • i recognize that the ship is in the distance, however given that it is supposed to be the equivalent to the guardians Millennium Falcon i would have expected it to have a slightly bigger presence – i thought it was like the thing that pratt is leaning on at first and not a ship at all, just background bits and bobs
        things in the distance dont have to be so small, if they had simply given the ship a little altitude then it would have seemed bigger but also it would give a better view

        Aknot you’re right that the poster will not be the thing that makes or breaks the film

    • @JLAvenger88. I know Marvel has been very successful so far but I agree, I sense arrogance here. I hope Marvel does does not get over confidant. This film could be great or it could be bad, it is too soon to tell. Marvel has been making some real bold statements about this film which could cause them to have to eat their words.

      • I love the “you’re welcome” tagline for two reasons…
        1. Thank you, Marvel! If you aren’t grateful for what they’ve done so far, then nothing will ever satisfy you.
        2. I think there’s a double meaning. You are welcome to join this rag tag group of misfits.

        And a little arrogance is completely badass when it comes to a risk this size of a project. I find it refreshing.

        • @Joe. You have made some interesting points. I like it. I like the Marvel films. But what I am saying is I do not like the arrogance I am starting to see from Marvel. When I start getting a wisp of arrogance I get concerned. I will still go see this film when it comes out, mainly for Rocket and Starlord. I just do not like arrogance.

          • I don’t see arrogance, I see snark.

            They’re being snarky because a guy who calls himself Star-Lord is snarky. It’s a humour based thing, similar to a Strapping Young Lad album I own and the drummer gives advice to straddle your girlfriend across a speaker, play the album loudly through it and it will satisfy her more than the listener ever could and then ends with “You’re welcome”.

            It’s that kind of humourous and snarky thing. And I like it.

            • You guys… you guys…

              No arrogance, no snark.

              It’s meant to be funny.

              They are the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and we are supposed to thank them for being just that.


              • Exactly right…

    • I agree with your sentiments. I don’t see what the big deal is. I do like the “you’re welcome” tag line but what’s so cool about the poster? I felt the same way about the trailer. It doesn’t suck. But it doesn’t inspire me to run out and see GOTG. I’ll probably see it because I go see all the comic book movies. Guess I’ll have to wait and see the next trailer.

      • What’s cool about the poster is that it emanates classic pulp sci-fi novel covers. Novels that were known for high space adventure and escapism. Just google “pulp sci-fi covers” and you’ll see what they’re going for. It’s an indictment on modern audiences these days that are so accustomed to generic photoshopped posters with bland composition and zero personality that when a poster with some thought in the design that it goes right over people’s heads. Maybe it’s too much to expect these days that people would recognize design style from the past. I blame hollywood for destroying the value of movie posters these days, so many are just generic. I really miss the days of a good Drew Struzan poster that had so much personality and gave you the feeling you will get from watching the movie. True, he originated the floating heads composition but his always told a story.

        • Holy Crap THANK YOU! So many websites are just chock full of negative nancies that DON’T GET IT. They don’t remember the glorious pulp sci-fi covers of Heinlen, SUPER SCIENCE FICTION, AMAZING Magazine and heck even the excellent (in spite of the movie) John Carter stories by Burroughs. You’ve gotta stretch your legs a bit, get back in time, there is some grand old stuff in there, Robert E Howard stories especially included.

          I love that Marvel is EMBRACING each style that their movies need to be rolling out with. As they truly explore genres with each successive movie, they just seem to be nailing it. The swagger here, the format, I love it. Especially the color pallet.

          • Amen brother. What’s also sad is that people no longer know the history of all these awesome franchises that they’re into. I’d say 99% of these popular franchises borrow heavily from those pulp sci-fi stories. It says something that these creative minds like Lucas, and Spielberg, and Cameron always admit to paying homage to those classics. It’s because those stories were how they escaped to another world, and when they grew up, they wanted to do the same thing for the new generation. People are just forgetting their history.

    • “You’re Welcome” could mean many things… it could be a commonly used theme in the movie itself. I think it’s arrogant of fans to ASSUME it is addressing them in such a way as to say, you’re welcome for us giving you this gift, you should all bow down to us. You people that complain about everything thing… the internet says, “You’re Welcome”.

      • Marvel has formed this wonderful tradition of poking fun at themselves in a meta fashion, i.e. Don Cheadle addressing the casting change for Rhodey in IM2, Captain America’s costume reasons, etc.
        “you’re welcome” not only succeeds on that self-referential humorous level, but also to generate discussion about it, if not additionally reinforcing Gunn’s comments that this movie is about family, inclusion and giving a sh*t.
        Also, arrogance is supposed to rub people the wrong way, which the Guardians seem to do anyway. In that way, it’s exactly appropriate as well as ballsy as hell.

    • Arrogance? I see it more as a “We just guarded the Galaxy for you… you’re welcome!”

    • It’s arrogant. It’s supposed to be arrogant. It’s supposed to be arrogant without earning it.

      We’re talking about someone who calls himself Star Lord and a team that names themselves “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

      This is more arrogant than Tony Stark, even. A movie about Guardians of the Galaxy that tries to start off on a more “humble” foot totally betrays the source material.

      And besides all that…. It’s just a poster, dude.

      • Isn’t Peter Quill a prince or has royal lineage? At least he does in the latest incarnation. Not sure about the 2008 version. I think he at least deserves to call himself “Star Lord”.

        Everyone on here has dubbed themselves with a monicker, myself included. Besides, it doesn’t look like anyone else in the film is taking his title seriously. Delusions of granduer? we’ll have to see I suppose.

  3. I feel like GOTG will be the movie that the new Star Wars would aim to be.

  4. i like…i hope they do a old school style poster like they did for Cap and the others.

  5. This poster looks like complete garbage. “Your Welcome”. Really Marvel? This film looks like a huge joke, as is Marvels films are all a big joke. No sophistication at all. And everyone jumps on the Marvel bandwagon again.

    • The joke is how serious you take yourself. OMG moviegoer15 chill out. Here’s a tip, try and have a sense of humor. You’re Welcome.

      … btw, it’s hilarious to me how entitled all the fans seem to be that are offended by this. Holy crap… it’s you who are taking it so seriously. I think “You’re Welcome” fits the tone perfectly thus far. I see it as it’s the Guardians saying “You’re Welcome” to the Galaxy for guarding it.

      • Hmm.

        Why did you attack him and call him a Nolan fan?

        I’m a Nolan fan but this film looks fun as hell and I’ll be there opening day. Why must you try and find a separation that people who love Nolan’s Batman movies can’t enjoy this too?

        Also, when someone thanks you, it’s still “YOU’RE welcome” as in “you are welcome” so you got it wrong while trying to correct him.

      • This was intended to be a hate letter to him, and not to be posted lmao. I was calling him a DC fan, but a Nolan fan also, (since Nolan is the only one who brought us a great DC franchise)sorry about that. I also read the Your and You’re thing a while ago…dunno where exactly. But I’m pretty sure it’s just one of those things that makes English about the stupidest language ever.

    • You know? You don’t have to go see this movie if you don’t like and definitely don’t have to talk about it if it upsets you so much to see other people having fun with the movie.

  6. Like some other posters here I think the “You’re Welcome” has a couple of meanings. One of them being “You’re Welcome” for “Guarding The Galaxy”.

  7. Do people not understand what “You’re welcome” means in this sense? They are saying you are welcome to them protecting the galaxy. Like, your welcome for us saving you. Its not a your welcome from marvel because they made the comic into a movie finally.

    • Exactly! And it fits perfectly with the tone of the 1st trailer. During the briefing Dey sarcasticly states “They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy” And there’s this excchange when discussing Quill “He also goes by Star Lord” “Who calls him that?” “Mostly himself”. It’s pretty obvious that theres running joke in the film that the team/Quill thinks they’re a bigger deal then everyone else does.

  8. Arrogance? Did you folks miss the trailer?

    “They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy. What a bunch of a- holes” – Rhomann Dey

    This “You’re Welcome” is simply a follow- up to that, and I think it works.

    • Some people are just too far up their own backsides. Maybe they could save the money they’d spend on movies they complain about to pay for surgery?

    • Great minds think alike…

    • Nailed it.

      Also, the fact that this property is becoming THIS movie is “thank you”-worthy from the most diehard of comic readers who’ve actually read the books (before the film was even announced).

      Abnett and Lanning are smiling ear to ear.

      • The fact that people even find this a point to complain about makes me want to tune out until August 1st.

        Screenrant should institute an upvoting/downvoting system for trolls like that so we can filter out their posts as a community.

      • Sadly they won’t be seen smiling together.

    • +1000000000000000000000

  9. anyone hating on this shoould be sent back to 1970 and forced to watch the Flash and Spiderman shows on rerun. ungrateful bastards

  10. looks kinda horrible to me, so corny how there all purposely facing away from the cam except 1 of them lol

    • Well, if in real life, a group of people would not be looking at one spot as if a camera was there…it’s just a poster…at least it’s not one of those Mask over multiple people posters like the rest of Marvel posters.

  11. I like how it’s not a collage of different images like every other movie poster.

    • +1 They did something different, yet people still find a way to say things stupid. *smh*

  12. The Poster is okay…but who cares! It’s a poster. If anything, I think the tagline “your welcome” is probably what got my attention more than anything. I like the sense of confidence portrayed by Marvel after filming this movie. I mean to actual put that on the movie poster is pretty bold, if that IS their meaning of it. (@Joe below, I don’t think it’s your no.2 reason) It’s so excellent, as it should be! Now they just have to back it up. See all you couch potatoes at the theater!

    • I honestly don’t think It’s Marvel saying “You’re Welcome” but the Guardians themselves…

    • LOL “your welcome”


  14. So ill be the first to admit I knew zilch about the gotg. I have a friend who lent me the 2008 books and I admit it was a nice break from the norm. So I went and rewatched the movie trailer.

    One of the few things that is actually cringe worthy is gamora. Idk its the hair she has dark hair in the comics and now the movie is going and giving her red hair?

    I don’t see why.

    But even I got to say I don’t see the appeal. I see a movie that can be awesome but idk there’s some thing about the your welcome that screams aragance.

    Also how does every thread turn into dc vs marvel? Yes marvel has an established universe. And yes dc has decided it wants to lauch one as well. They are doing it in different ways. So I ask again why the hate on dc>or no reason.