What The Collector’s Appearance in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Could Lead To

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Carina Walters Guardians of the Galaxy What The Collectors Appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Could Lead To

With the three live-action core characters of Guardians of the Galaxy reportedly locked down, and hints that the voice actors may have already been chosen to fill out the rest of the roster, Marvel Studios and director James Gunn are beginning to build the supporting cast.

Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista will be joined by Michael Rooker as the first four names attached to Marvel’s “Cosmic Avengers” feature and now they’re joined by another important female character.

THR has the scoop that British actress Ophelia Lovibond (Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Titanic: Blood and Steel) has joined the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy. She will reportedly play a character who “aides” The Collector, therefore confirming two additional characters we can expect to see in Marvel’s most cosmic movie to date.

Ophelia Lovibond What The Collectors Appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Could Lead To
The Collector is a rather important being in the Marvel Comics universe, and one of the oldest. His real name is Taneleer Tivan and he’s the last surviving member of his species, one of the first intelligent races formed after the creation of the universe. That fact made him worthy enough to be granted immortality from “Death” – the character for which Thanos (see: The Avengers) aims to serve and impress.

Tivan/The Collector has a limited ability to see the future, specifically the ability to see threats that can destroy the galaxy before they occur. His hobby, a purpose he gave himself billions of years ago to keep sane, is therefore to protect the universe in his own odd way and he has the name “The Collector” because he literally collects special artifacts and beings from around the universe and houses them in museums (large ships and planets) with the goal of re-seeding the universe and sharing his knowledge should it be annihilated.

How does this tie-in with Marvel Cinematic Universe? The first being that The Collector prophesized about was Thanos, the biggest, baddest villain we’ve seen in the films so far, and a character expected to show up in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers 2. In the books, Tivan also tried to “collect” The Avengers on numerous occasions, even capturing Thor and Wasp.

Carina Walters Marvel Comics The Collector 570x229 What The Collectors Appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Could Lead To

So, if Ophelia Lovibond is to play someone who “aides” The Collector, she’s likely playing his daughter, Carina Walters. This is where it gets very geeky and slightly confusing. Carina’s mom (The Collector’s wife) died eons ago – despite being immortal – because she lost the will to live. This is what led to The Collector becoming who he is with a new sense of purpose (collecting). The potential for The Collector and Carina being in the film would have even greater implications, since it opens the door to another villainous possibility for the future of the film franchise: Korvac.

Where Thanos was the first threat The Collector foresaw, Michael Korvac was the second. Korvac was born a thousand years into the future, around the time when the original Guardians of the Galaxy formed around the events of the Badoon aliens conquering the galaxy (more on that here and here). Essentially, Korvac is angry and rather evil, so he betrayed humanity to help the Badoon. Through events we won’t get into, Korvac travels back in time to present day to fight Doctor Strange (movie incoming!) and others. There’s a big fight, Korvac tries to blow up our solar system, Thor and the Guardians are involved, etc. Korvac loses and escapes to another dimension and timeline (ours).

The heroes of the universe managed to defeat Thanos the first time around without The Collector getting involved, but for the battle against Korvac, The Collector sent his daughter Carina to earth to directly intervene. That’s another complicated story that involves Carina and Korvac falling in love, but for the sake of talking about the film universe, let’s just say Carina may have lot to do with The Avengers and specifically, the Wasp character, and if young actress Lovibond is playing Carina, then it’s very possible that Korvac could be an eventual villain, whether that be in an Avengers film, a Thor film or a Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Michael Korvac Carina Walters Marvel Comics 570x209 What The Collectors Appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Could Lead To

There are so many possibilities for what direction Guardians of the Galaxy could take in its first outing, with so many different combinations of characters and story arcs, that it could set up countless combinations of plans for future Avengers and character films. Needless to say, Marvel President Kevin Feige has no shortage of material to have his team(s) work from in shaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fun part is figuring out who and what makes the cut. The current rumor is that the main villain of Guardians is Thanos’ henchman.

Fun fact: The Collector also predicts that the fire demon king, Surtur, will destroy Asgard. Thor 3 plot point?

Guardians of the Galaxy is being rewritten and directed by James Gunn and begins shooting in London this summer. It will be released in 3D.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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Source: THR

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  1. Sounds exciting. Thin line to walk though. This can end up being very convoluted if not confusing for non-comics fans.

    • @ Marc

      I thought the same thing, but I think Marvel is smarter than that. They know that their audience is more than just comic book fans like us.

      • I think they might go with the Korvac storyline seeing as he was introduced in the animated series Disney has going right now. But Adam Warlock was also in that episode and I don’t see him being in this movie so I guess we’ll see.

        • Warlock has to show up sooner or later… but the more I think about the more likely that it won’t happen until phase 3 and probably with the Dr. Strange movie.

  2. I remember when Thanos took one of the Infinity Gems from The Collector in the comics, way back when. Maybe this time, The Collector has the Infinity Gauntlet instead and Thanos takes it from him. The Collector’s daughter might just be some minor character on the side for when we see Thanos confront The Collector.

    • But we already know the Infinity Gauntlet is, *ahem* “safely” residing in Asgard’s vault.

      • @mongoose, That can change after Thor 2.

  3. My head hurts…

    • Mine too. I’m sure it’ll all make sense soon.

  4. This sounds good. I’m hoping GOTG and future Marvel films are a bit more serious with the tone. The comedy needs to be toned down a bit.

    • They don’t “need” to be toned down. They have a formula and it works… You might prefer that they do but there isn’t a “need” to.

      • @kyle

        Ignore him man, he seems to have this ridiculous idea that if The Kingpin appears in a movie, he’d have to be a total CGI work rather than played by a great actor that looks and acts the part already, like Michael Chiklis in Vegas, all because of the “he doesn’t have the right height” opinion. Which is ridiculous.

  5. Am I the only one that thinks Marvel may be picking its characters in order to prevent DC from using similar characters?
    The Collector seems to share some similarities with Brainiac. Thanos was conceived as a rip off of Darkseid. Even the inclusion of Hawkeye in the Avengers makes it difficult for DC to use Green Arrow.

    • @ Tristan H

      Yes, I think you are.

      • DC’s ship sailed long ago. I used to be a huge DC fan and preffered it over Marvel, but after all the films that have come to light for both companies, I can safely say that DC is slightly irrelevant nowadays.

        • Yeah… The batman IP for instance is a complete flop… ;)

    • @ Tristan H, yeah I was thinking the same thing.

  6. This is amazing! One of the ELDERS OF THE UNIVERSE is actually in this movie. This is a Marvel comic book fans dream, at least if you’re into the cosmic side, WHICH I AM HARDCORE!!

    • I agree!

  7. OMG I can’t wait for Thor 3! Seeing Asgard get destroyed by a fire demon would be an awesome visual spectacle! Sometimes a hero has to lose everything to see what he has.

    • It would be super cool if beta-ray bill was in,being as sutur destroyed his planet too

      • Oh God, please no! There’s already a freakin’ talking raccoon coming, we really don’t need a talking horse.

        • It’s funny that people see comic book fans not wanting some of these ridiculous characters and they think they will fly with the main-stream audiences. Beta Ray Bill is one of the worst characters next to Howard the Duck and Rocket Raccoon.

          • To be fair, Bill’s story is compelling, but his name and his look are just… ugh!

          • clearly you’ve probably never read GotG, because that raccoon is a freaking badass.

            • Maybe, but it’s a f*ckin’ raccoon from outerspace! They hardly could’ve come up with a more ridiculous idea. It might have fitted Sonic the Hedgehog, but in a superhero world, no thanks.

  8. Heh, I just know him as the odd guy who tried to collect wasp and giant man and the rest of the avengers, and inslaved The Beetle for a while. And caused happy to relapse into the freak and kidnap in exchange for tony doing something for him.

  9. Good time now to break out your Marvel universe Comic books,cause no telling who else might be added to the GOTG film. I wonder if the watcher could ever make an appearance or is he part of the fantastic four franchise?

  10. Awesome. I’m really looking forward to watching GotG.

  11. Nice news! Get more and more excited for this movie.

    Rob any more news on gamoras casting?

  12. Though I don’t read the comics , I love Sci-fi and Marvel has yet to disappoint. Looking foreword to this one actually. It’ll be different that’s for sure.

  13. So while everyone worried about Guardians being the weakest Marvel movie, in actual fact, it’s turning out to be the most pivotal and important.

    • Dazz, I AGREE 100% I think Marvel is going to make it a very important piece to the MCU just so ppl that actually thought it would be weak and didnt want to see it will now have to see it in order to really connect all the dots to the avengers 2!

      I know marvel says they are all stand alone films but this one looks to be pivotal to the franchise and I think most can agree that is a smart move by marvel.

      when the GOTG was first annouced I was quite dissappointed but I am gettig more and more excited for this movie every week and I hop it plays a HUGE role in tying in the phase 2 movies to the avengers and even to more villians, It s looking like marvel could take this uch farther than a phase 3 if they are still making the money

      • I would hate anything including a talking raccoon to be pivotal.

        • Cracks me up that of all the weird, fantastical and insanely far-fetched things that have ever happened in all of the comic book universes, the one thing you just can’t abide is a racoon that can speak.

          • There are many things I can’t abide in comics. I love weird, just not ridicule, and that damned talking raccoon is the epitome of ridicule. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, we’re not talking about the whole comic world here. We’re specifically talking about GOTG, so excuse me if I don’t mention the Bamfs.

        • You obviously don’t read the comics.

      • they’re going to have to sell the crap out of it though. Every kid knows the hulk. every teen to young adult knows iron man. Everyone from kids to adults knows captain america. Thor was probably the most niche of the group so far, but even he is a well known, well circulated character. Ask your average 19 year old nephew about guardians of the galaxy, and you’ll hear crickets. They need to make it clear that it’s a must see for the story to make sense… maybe throw in a few cameos of the avengers we’ve seen so far… Still gonna be a hard sell, though. At the end of the day, it’s the wider audiences, NOT the die hard fans, who bring in tons of money to the franchise.

  14. I’m not quite sure i’m over-excited about this one.
    I liked Avengers simply because I loved the 4 earlier movies that built up to it and it doesn’t necessarily need one to know their comic history to go watch it, unlike where this one is leading to be.
    Besides, the cast is a little less interesting than the Avengers to be honest.
    I really hope this one doesn’t ruin a franchise i’m growing to love.

  15. The comic clips that were shown is from Avengers Academy where they attempt to save Carina from the insane Korvac, who is obsessed with her. He’s been portrayed as anything from power crazed to simply bored and passing the time.I hope they use him in some movie. He is an amazing character. The only problem may be modernizing him, which shouldn’t be hard.

  16. An ageless daughter to an ageless immortal somehow ended up with the last name walters?


    • Who said it’s her true name? Kal-El is called Clark Kent on Earth, you know…

  17. People shouldn’t read too much into any news regarding the MCU, and especially not relate them to the original comics. We know the MCU and the comics both have their own continuity and are sometimes highly divergent. Check the differences between MCU-Mandarin and comics-Mandarin, or MCU-Ellen Brandt and comics-Ellen Brandt.

  18. Im getting worried about this film. No mention of Adam Warlock or Nova, two pivotal characters to the formation of the guardians. All they have to do is adapt the amazing ’09 GotG series, but it doesn’t appear thats what they’re doing.

    • Doesn’t seem like this blog is getting too much feedback as of late. Shame. Most of the information is accurate and way ahead of schedule. Guardians is going to be a great connector in this series, and for anyone that doubts its ratings, lets think about the baddest villain we’ve seen……and how long for? 15 seconds? Anything affiliated with Thanos will sell. I couldn’t be more excited.

  19. I am excited to watch. I do not catch up in the everyday Marvel comic books as I should but I am able to follow up on the movie plots just fine. They have out done themselves. Good job!

  20. In the first scene with him in, in guardians of the galaxy the first time you notice howard the duck above him. At shoulder height there is a man with blonde hair big muscles and a red cape. Could this be thor captured then freed when they place blows. he has no reason to stick around now he’s free. It looked a lot like him.