Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Movie A Realistic Possibility Now

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Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy Movie A Realistic Possibility Now

We’ve been hearing about Marvel Studios’ apparent interest in developing more superhero films for other, lesser-known characters such as Black Panther and Iron Fist, for years with no major movement forward. It’s not surprising, considering their current focus on establishing their core characters (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, etc.)  for The Avengers brand, but with the next few years seemingly devoted to sequels to these characters, when will Dr. Strange and the Heroes for Hire, among others, get the spotlight?

Knowing that and seeing producers, writers, actors and even Marvel execs talk-up these fan-favorite comic book characters for film adaptations in endless repetition, made it almost impossible to believe Marvel President of Production, Kevin Feige, when almost exactly a year ago he listed the relatively obscure Guardians of the Galaxy among some of the titles mentioned above as a Marvel property that has realistic film potential. But then a few other things happened…

Let’s start with a little background on the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. They’re a team who first appeared in Marvel Comics back in 1969 and then in scattered appearances throughout different books in the ’70s and ’80s until getting their own ongoing series in the ’90s. They consisted of a human astronaut and a ragtag group of last-of-their-kind alien heroes, who band together to protect our solar system from an evil alien race. The kicker is that they’re from the future… and from another dimension. The Earthly astronaut got there by being put in suspended animation for around a thousand years on a quest to Alpha Centauri, and he and the Guardians travel back in time to the present to work with The Avengers and end the threat.

With the Thor movie, and even Captain America: The First Avenger delving into the cosmic Marvel Universe in the films, we can now start to see how the Guardians of the Galaxy can fit in, but more on that later.

When Kevin Feige referenced the Guardians as a film possibility last August, he was specifically referring to the “revamped” Guardians of the Galaxy comic series which began much more recently, in 2008. This new volume, similar to the first, involves a team of different species forming together to literally protect the galaxy (hence, the name) and this team involves some bigger names than the original such as Adam Warlock and Quasar.

Why is this interesting and why are we talking about it now? Well, Twitch is hearing from “sources” that Marvel is serious about Guardians of the Galaxy as a film and has placed it in “active development.” We’ve heard similar about a lot of Marvel properties but the other part of why this is so interesting puts us in *SPOILER* territory so beware if you read on…










In Thor we see Odin’s vault, which for Marvel fans with a keen eye, contains plenty of very special Easter Eggs, not the least of which is the Infinity Gauntlet, a powerful glove worn by the cosmic character, Thanos. In May we learned that Thanos may be an additional villain for The Avengers movie (I’ve also heard this from another, separate source), which puts Marvel’s big team-up film even deeper into its cosmic lore. With Thanos comes other key characters like Nova and Adam Warlock (both instrumental characters in Guardians of the Galaxy) and in the current series, it’s the Guardians who are dealing with Thanos (there’s a lot of story behind this but we won’t dig into those details here).

Also of note is that the Guardians team has had plenty of tie-ins (and run-ins) with the Skrulls and the Kree, the two alien species long-rumored to be playing key roles in The Avengers as well. We’ve also heard rumors about certain related, other-worldly characters appearing in some capacity in The Avengers so it’s all starting to come together if the rumors are in fact, true.

Although not related to the films, I’ll also point out that the Guardians of the Galaxy will be appearing in season 2 of the animated The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Marvel is strategic in their cross-promotion.

What I’m wondering now, is how director/writer Joss Whedon can possibly balance introducing all of these characters, story lines and more of the bigger Marvel Universe, while still keeping focus on a large team of superheroes who all need their own story arcs.

If The Avengers is indeed leading us down this cosmic path of the Marvel Universe, there are plenty of stories and characters to mine from for the sequels and spin-offs, one of which may now eventually be Guardians of the Galaxy.

Share your thoughts in the comments below and with me on Twitter @rob_keyes and be sure to check out these posts if you’re excited about the Marvel Studios films delving deeper into the cosmic universe.

Source: Twitch

Comic cover art by: #1 & #9 by Clint Langley, #20 & #25 by Alex Garner

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    • Are you okay?

    • Lol, That Guy is not a fan of the cosmic Marvel Universe.

      • @ Rob, LOL! I think That Guy ^ is a Green Lantern fanboy.

    • lol, yes i agree, but the 3 part annhilation story which used thanos,galactus, silver surfer, guardians of the galaxy-and, the kree and skrull empires in a large galactic war vs the negative zone armies headed by annhilus, was pretty good.oh nova was in it too.

  2. sweet I hope marvel gets into the cosmic part of the marvel U.

  3. Uh-oh, now it sounds like it is getting crowded…Thanos, well, OK, Skrulls…need them for sure. And Loki of course is in there, too. But how about Kang, who fought the FF and Avengers more than once? He’d be OK. Not sure about some of these others, tho, Kree, Guardians, etc. Think I’d rather see Quicksilver, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, and Goliath (Hank Pym) do something in there somehow. If only The Avengers movie were about 4 hours long…!

    • All the villains you mentioned are only RUMORED to make an appearance in Avengers (except Loki of course – he will be in the movie).

      But even if there weren’t that many villains… Avengers would still need to be at least 2 and a half hours long! 😀

    • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch cannot be in a Marvel Studios film – all mutants are owned by Twentieth Century Fox Studios.

      • Which would really suck now that Marvel claims Namor as the 1st Mutant!

        • I thought Apocalypse was the first mutant, being born in ancient Egypt?

  4. I am over a decade behind as far as collecting is concerned but, is that Rocket Raccoon in that picture ?

    • He’s team leader, or at least one of them.

  5. I totally agree with That Guy…………..

  6. I have no problem with this. My real concern is how mainstream America will keep up with it. If people are getting confused over how X-men: First Class fits in with the first trilogy (Yes, I know that sounds stupid but I work at a movie theater and people would ask me about it a ton), then I’m not sure how well this new Marvel universe tie in will go over.

  7. Is that a raccoon?

    • Yep, Rocket Raccoon.

      In any case, the GotG are appearing in Season 2 of Avengers EMH and well with that and RR appearing in Ultimate MvC3 maybe they are trying to give the GotG a little push for a potential movie. Makes sense.

      I read some of the old GotG back when I was a kid, really need to check out the new stuff some time…

  8. Im not familiar with Gaurdians Of The Universe characters. I actually hoping in sequels we’ll see Ant-man & Wasp, Vision somehow get Quicksilver & Scarlett Witch perhaps among the ranks. It’s just me, but seems like these films are gonna need to be 3 hrs long, around that length of time to make sure all the characters get enough screen time. I won’t mind sitting through a 3 hr long comic book film aslong as they make it a great film thats worth sitting through.

  9. maybe guardian of the universe teaser after credits of avengers?

  10. “In May we learned that Thanos may be an additional villain for The Avengers movie” – That is only a RUMOR (NOTHING has been confirmed yet).

    And people who are saying the Skrulls will be in Avengers: that is also only a RUMOR.

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves 😉

    • Maybe you should re-read the very quote you quoted when it clearly states “MAY BE an additional villain”.

      Personally, I think Thanos is too big and powerful a character to be “An additional villain.” IMO

      • Unless he shows up at the end of Avengers to be the main antagonist for Avengers2. As epic as that sounds, I would STILL rather they use Ultron because I WANT VISION!

      • Woops, sorry. i could have sworn it said “WILL BE”…

  11. Marvel Studios has really disappointed me in the last few weeks… first we hear that Dr.Strange might be getting his silver-screen appearance before Black Panther or Ant-Man, and now there are rumors that Guardians Of The Galaxy will get fast-tracked as well!

    There are so many other superheroes that deserves movies more than GOTG :(

  12. I knew it.. my theory was correct. we are heading towards the Infinity Gauntlet!

    • Once again… only RUMORS people! (nothing official yet).

      And no offense, but we all kinda knew the Infinity Gauntlet would play out at some time or another ;).

      But lets say (for interests sake) that Loki, the Red Skull, the Skrulls, Thanos AND the Infinity Gauntlet will be in the Avengers: that would be so awesome! :D… no wait, it would actually be a complete mess, because there would be WAY too much stuff going on at once 😉

      • I’m sorry if that came across as a little rude…

      • If all those villains had a lot of screen time, then it would be a total mess. My feeling, however, is that Loki will be the instigator, someone else (skrulls perhaps?) will be the ones Loki gets to attack, and if Thanos or others do appear it will be in the periphery or as a cameo, for a future Avengers film plot. Personally I really hope they go down the “cosmic” road soon…Adam Warlock and those characters are among my favorite.

        • Agreed.

      • I have a feeling the Infinity Gauntlet won’t factor into The Avengers, but will be in movies after.

  13. I don’t know about GOTG but I want a Luke Cage movie with Michael Jai White or Terry Crews as Cage and also want the Ant-Man movie being made, these characters deserve movies than GOTG.

    • Agreed (and don’t forget the Black Panther)

  14. i am wishing for the silver surfer to get his own stand alone film, they really messed him up with ff2.

    and i also hope the red skull returns in the avengers film!!!

  15. I love this rumor, bring on Nova and Star-Lord!

    I hope that Thanos/Kang/Red Skull/Loki are the first villains and not the skrulls of the series.

  16. While that sounds great, can anybody else picture this scenario?

    After the credits to the Avengers (or maybe 2 or 3), there’ll be a scene (of course there will be, it’s Marvel), that goes like this: we see the president inside the oval office doing president stuff… when suddenly, somebody comes in and says “Sir, the papers are here…” then the president goes “Oh great. Hand it over…” and then the man tosses the paper to the president’s desk… then the camera slowly zooms in to it and then when it’s close enough, the audience sees that it reads “Superhero Registration Act”. That’d be great, although, I think we may need to establish the larger universe first… so, like I said, maybe in “Avengers III”. Thoughts??

    • Not going to happen. People really need to get over this fantasy of Civil War being on screen.
      Marvel owns less than half of their characters movie rights. It can’t be made.

      Way too many characters, and the movie would need to be 7 hours long to include all the pivotal story plots

  17. I would rather Marvel just put their full focus into the Avengers instead of trying to use the Avengers to broaden the universe the first time around.

    Let’s just get this movie right first. Balancing Stark, Cap, Thor, Banner, Hawkeye, Fury, ect will be hard enough on its own. Hell, they don’t even have Banner yet and Thor is still stuck in space after smashing the bridge to pieces and how the hell are they going to explaid Loki’s survival and possible the Red Skull? And they need to explain what the comic cubes does.

    The Avengers needs to be absolutely epic (they have spent so much time and so many movies making it so) before we worry about obscure stuff like GotG.

    • I agree completely.

    • That is what I’ve been saying for MONTHS! Thank goodness someone else sees the light!

      • “Hell, they don’t even have Banner yet and Thor is still stuck in space after smashing the bridge to pieces and how the hell are they going to explaid Loki’s survival and possible the Red Skull? And they need to explain what the comic cubes does.”

        Why dont they have Banner?

        Thor is not stuck anywhere. The possibility that the hammer can carry him across the known universe or create a ‘portal’ itself is well documented and easily explained to the ones that do not know. The rainbow bridge was just an easy way to get someplace not the only way.

        Loki died? Well lets just say at the time Loki went bye bye the red skull did too. Time and space is very tricky.

        The Cosmic Cube is a tesseract. Most link this item to a time/space traveling device. The power inside of it (that powers the traveling) can be harassed for other uses.

        GotG while obscure does need to take away from The Avengers. They call them ‘tie-ins’ for a reason. Think of Caps shield and other (easter eggs if you will) that connect what we have now.

        The GotG can compete all on its own with tie ins to the other characters/teams quite nicely and not ruin anything.

        Please look at it as you would a comic book. After all that is what it is.

        When you start to use the same crew across the board then you start to stretch it. However a 5 min intro here or there to launch something else is not unheard of. Even if GotG goes in a totally different direction (more adult, harsher rating etc) it can still be part of the Marvel Movie U. think Dark Knights….

        Anyho these people at least stay truer to their characters and properties than those other guys.

  18. Wouldn’t the Red Skull make sense as we quite obviously saw Asgard and the “cosmic tree” when the cube was eating him up? It would be funny to see him and Loki switch realms for the Avengers movie.

  19. I would assume that anything having to do with Thanos would be in an after credits scene in Thor 2 , maybe retrieving the infinity gauntlet , and that possibly leading in to a GofG movie which would focus on the Guardians trying to protect the infinity Gems from Thanos. Adam Warlok and Thanos has always been arch enemies, it makes more sense that they be tied together and then later down the line the Avengers can be brought into it. I assuming that Avenger may move more towards an Invasion or Masters of Evil Storyline which would make more sense with Loki, Red Skull, Abomination and whomever may come out of the sequels in 2013.

  20. I don’t see how they can make an Infinity Gauntlet storyline without the Silver Surfer. O.K., I can see it, but I wouldn’t want them to.

    • Why? In the comic, SS really only chronicled the events. Dr. Strange, Adam Warlock, Thanos’ daughter and Mistress Death were the real players (and, of course, Thanos :-) ). They can show just how powerful Thanos gets when he defeats Eternity.

      • I agree you don’t need SS, but having Marvel go Cosmic with out the FF is kinda sad, they are the First Family and really the real cosmic side of Marvel. Doesn’t Sony loose control over the FF pretty soon I thought they had to have a movie going by next year or loose them

        • If you say “loose” one more time, my bowels are gonna be loose.

        • I hope that’s the case… it would be SOOO AWESOME to see Marvel Studio make an FF film 😀 😀 😀

  21. I am so ready to see Nova on film. Very underrated character in the Marvel Universe. If they would go this way with these cosmic characters, they would need to make it a lot like ‘Thor’. Ground it in reality some way.

    • Would love that!

  22. hope they make a black panther movie

    • Me too 😀

      • Me Three! 😛

        • The motion has passed! 😀

  23. TheAvenger – I never said that Loki, the Skrulls, Thanos and the Guantlet should appear in one movie. Obviously Marvel would have to make sequels to give an ample story arc for all these great characters. Everybody knows that! Besides making a story about the Infinity Gauntlet should and will always be a stand alone movie. Second, please dont act like you know everything. You’ve always wanted a movie about Luke Cage? How the heck are we going to go Cosmic with that character? PLus your explanation the other day about the difference between the cosmic world and the supernatural did not make sense. It was quite dumb actually. We all know the difference btw. Quit trying to “educate” us Did I come out a bit rude? Sorry about that

    • My thoughts exactly miguel

    • Jeeeeez. No need to take it so personal.

      I’m sorry if you didn’t like the explanation about the cosmic side compared to the supernatural side: a lot of what I said was actually quoted from Ashley Edward Miller and Don Payne (two of the writers from the Thor movie)… so if you have any problems with that explanation you can gladly take it up with them 😉

      “Obviously Marvel would have to make sequels to give an ample story arc for all these great characters. Everybody knows that!” – In all fairness, no, everybody doesn’t know that 😉 in fact, there are WAY TOO MANY people who think that Avengers 1 will have EVERY freakin villain from the whole Marvel U. On multiple sites, there has been many comments where fans give their ideas of how Avengers will play out – and most of those comments each includes at least 5 villains! (I mean, that’s crazy right?!)

      “You’ve always wanted a movie about Luke Cage? How the heck are we going to go Cosmic with that character?” – Uummmm… simple answer: you don’t go cosmic with that character ;)(not all Marvel movies have to have the cosmic element incorporated.)

      Listen, not everybody agrees with everybody else (there are many people who value my opinions and there are many that dislike them). It’s part of life – what I try to do is help people understand the “reality” of these movies… and if that makes me come off as a jerk… by all means call me a jerk (BUT NEVER INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE, OKAY ;))

  24. I think it would be impressive for Marvel to pull off such a feat and make it something non-fanboys could understand. Just trying to explain the Guardians to mainstream is a headache because you have to give so much back story for each character.

    • ya I dont know if they could fit all the back storys of all the characters into one film they might make GTG short films

      • Do mean make short films for each individual character and then a GOTG feature film or do mean Marvel should just make a series of short films about GOTG?

        Because I would actually be alright with the latter… it sounds like a good idea.

        • Sorry, I meant “do YOU mean”.

        • marvel should make a web series like mortal kombat for the characters who’s back story are to complex for the movies like drax the destroyer or adam warlock and nova.

          • Hhhmmmmm… could work.

  25. This news makes my head spin — in a good way.

  26. But back to the original question re cast size, cameos et al..

    They say Whedon is a whiz kid with large numbers..

    And, who is That Guy exactly? Admirable art. Maybe Whedon? Or, Feigne?

  27. I see what Marvel is onto, putting more secondary and outer-space/cosmic characters on the big screen, but I think now they should focus more on the Avengers franchise and I’d much rather see the Black Panther, Ant Man and Dr. Strange movies. I really don’t know who these guys are ( I think my dad has a couple of the from the 90s) but they look pretty cool, except the raccoon thing, not really a fan of talking animals outside of Disney cartoons lol, unless they make him like a Chewbacca-type thing and more manlike.

    • I agree with you concerning the “racoon thing” too kiddie friendly for my taste. I can see Disney liking it — and that kinda worries me (frankly I’m not surprised Disney bought Marvel – probably on the strength of Howard the Duck).

      • Rocket Raccoon is actually something of a violent hard-ass, not exactly a kid-friendly proposition. The “walking talking animal” thing might lead you to think he’s a Disney-esque, kiddie-film character, but he’s entirely the opposite of that.

        This is yet another clear example of judging things based just on a website image not really working out all that well. Readers of his adventures from the 1970s, and his more recent appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy, are plenty happy to have this possibility come about, but then they know the character well.

        • @Ken That is exactly the problem! If they blitz commercial advertising with Rocky Racoon being a hard-ass, they could gain a following. But, until then, there will be people like me who WILL judge the book by its cover art. My heart dropped when I saw that character. Don’t know if it will be bad, but I judged Daredevil the same way and regretted not seeing it on the big screen.

  28. I AM GROOT!

    • Ha ha ha. Yes, you probably are! =)

    • I love Groot. I hope they include him in the film.

  29. Guardians sure would be cool but seems a huge undertaking. It also brings to mind the cosmic stories Jack Kirby was trying to sell to the movie studios during the last creative episode near the end of his life. Wonder what would happen if that all had happened too.