‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Takes Place in Alternate Future

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gotg Guardians of the Galaxy Takes Place in Alternate Future

The original Guardians of the Galaxy team, first introduced in 1969, earned their own ongoing series in the early ’90s. The team was led by Vance Astro, a  New York born pilot who became the youngest ever astronaut. He volunteered for an ambitious space mission to be the first pilot to perform interstellar travel, and limited by modern Earth tech, the trip would involve him resting in suspended animation for centuries. Astro arrived at his destination at the nearest star system Alpha Centauri in the 31st century, but human civilization had already beaten him there thanks to centuries of tech advancement.

The original Guardians team and their story takes off from there and is based not only in the future, but in an alternate reality, a different Marvel universe. The modern Guardians of the Galaxy – launched in 2008 – takes place in present day and follows Peter Quill, another Earthly astronaut, who eventually goes on to become Star-Lord and save the galaxy, forming a new team of Guardians, encountering original members along the way. The film adaptation will seemingly borrow elements from both, since at least part of it is based in the future.

In a March post on The Motorcycle Industry Association site, the UK trade body reached out to the industry on behalf of Marvel Studios looking for a specific, unique type of bike: electrical bikes that would fit in the year 2045. This was our very first hint at the timeline of Guardians of the Galaxy:

The MCI has been contacted by the film makers Marvel, who are looking for electric bikes with a ‘futuristic’ look to use in a major feature film. This will be shot in England in an imaginary 2045.

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Ship Art 570x320 Guardians of the Galaxy Takes Place in Alternate Future

We spoke with the MCI and confirmed the bikes aren’t going to be weaponized in any way and are instead likely going to serve the aesthetic, likely as background props or used by some of the characters. We now have further evidence that confirms that the film – or a significant portion of it – will take place in an alternate future. Below is a list of positions that are being cast by Uni-versalEXTRAS for Guardians of the Galaxy for its shoot beginning in mid-June. Note the repetition of “future of a different dimension.”

  • The Core - For the new Marvel super hero film we are looking for males and females who are seasoned professional SAs to be a core group of people who will be used for a variety of different roles throughout the whole of filming.
  • Being on an Alien planet - For new Marvel Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for males and females who are amputees.
  • Doubling for the Super hero – For new Marvel Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for males to double for one of the main actors.
  • Albino males and females – For new Marvel Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for males and females who are Albinos.
  • Tall Aliens – For new Marvel Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for tall males to paly aliens.
  • Photo Shoot – For an art photo shoot working with world renowned art photographer (who has shown at the TATE and MOMA) we are looking for a girl to be part of his art photos – NUDITY WILL BE INVOLVED!
  • The Dark Monks – For a new super hero feature film we are looking for males and females to pretend to be monks.
  • Mutant soldiers – For new Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for males with Stunt or SPAK experience to play mutant soldiers.
  • Getting around with no hair – For new Super hero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension, we are looking for bald males and females..
  • Protecting the Galaxy – Soon to start filming new Superhero film about a team of super heroes who protect the Galaxy in the future of a different dimension.
  • The Big Man – For a new Superhero movie we are looking for a very muscular male to double for one for the main actors.
  • Identical twins -For a new Superhero movie we are looking for male and female identical twins.

Guardians of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer 570x333 Guardians of the Galaxy Takes Place in Alternate Future

Fans can speculate about the alien species from the descriptions and secondary characters being sought after but it sounds like “The Big Man” is for casting Dave Bautista (Drax)’s double, while the other is likely for Chris Pratt (Peter Quill). The timeline begs the question of Quill’s origins in the cinematic universe and whether his time on earth before becoming Star-Lord will involve the present. Will Guardians of the Galaxy follow multiple timelines a la Captain America: The Winter Soldier and could we see the introduction of other universes (i.e. 616 (the main) vs. 691 (Vance Astro’s)) and time-travel?

By no coincidence, issue #2 of the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel NOW! relaunch hits shelves next week and features the militant alien race known as the Badoon attacking none other than London, England (check out the preview at Newsarama). The Badoon are instrumental in the origins of the Guardians in every timeline, and even tie-in to Michael Rooker’s character of Yondu (they conquer his planet). It is also the Badoon that killed Peter Quill’s mother in the books. We’re just starting to see how the Marvel NOW! initiative is tying in more closely to the cinematic universe and we wonder what that means for Iron Man, who’s a member of the current team in the comics.

Guardians of the Galaxy is being rewritten and directed by James Gunn and begins shooting in London this summer. It will be released in 3D.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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Sources: MCI, Uni-versalEXTRAS (hat-tip Steve)

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  1. Just hope it all makes sense. Would love to see Chris Pratt in a avengers movie sometime down the line. Possibly part 3!

    • probably part 2 because you know GotG is part of phase 2. they arnt EVER going to introduce super heroes that wont show up in the HUGE avengers evnt movies people that say oh I hope till phase 3 to see thanos or phase 3 to see the guardians are just not thinking practically and being wishfull thinkers. if they show up in phase 2 they will be in avengers 3 just like thanos will be teased throughout phase 2 and will be the villain for phase 2 avengers. just like loki was.

      • *they will be in avengers 2* this website needs an edit or a delete button. SCREEN RANT GIVE US AN EDIT BUTTON. your comments are a thing of the early 2000s

        • Your comment is unreadable without punctuation. Come on, at least use a few periods.

          • Tank did use periods. And, even if he didn’t, it’d be easy to discern what he was trying to convey. Screenrant needs an edit feature.

  2. So how does the connect to present day Avengers? Time travel?

    • My guess is that Thanos kills almost everyone, and GotG go back in time (something like Terminator) to team up with the Avengers to stop it from happening.

      Just a guess.

      • good guess dude! that could be totally bad ass too.

        • in phase 2. they didnt tease thanos in the avengers just to wait 10 years for him to be the MAIN villain.

          • Maybe they come back in time to stop him from getting the Infinity Gauntlet?

            Besides, how else could you explain why it is an ALTERNATE FUTURE? It’s just an educational guess on my part.

      • Even if this is not the plan,i like your way of thinking.Nice idea buddy :)

      • May something in their alternative future disrupts something in our present, which will in turn they may not have to BE there, but send an SOS that danger is coming…Danger being Thanos…

        Who knows though, what are your thoughts of the connection since The Avengers and Thanos’ reveal? Did Loki go to an Alternative Time in space where he met Thanos, and the technology of that time made it possible for Loki to from said planet/space in time to the present earth from the Cosmic Cube?

        Seems legit.

        • I butchered that whole sentence. Dam.

          • It could be that they’re dealing with Time/Space Fissures like in comics and they have to fix them.

            In the comics, we saw them get thrown across different universes and different time zones bcuz of the Time/Space Fissures.

            That’s how they meet Vance Astro.

    • If it does involve time travel, I wonder if it will involve the Cosmic Cube (Tessaract) in any way. It could also be that mysterious item that was mentioned in the synopsis, the one that everyone in the galaxy wants. Either way, I’m super stoked for this movie.

      • infinity gauntlet

        • or the gems you never know they might end up being after a gem only to find out there are multiple gems that come together to be an all powerful weapon. BUT the gauntlet was in thor so thor might already know about the weapon like he knew about the cube.

      • or the object everyone wants is captain america’s shield an object used for hope around the galaxy

        that would more closely match the first 6 issues of the 90s guardians of the galaxy series and could make for a cool moment in the avengers movie if vance met captain american with his shield

        in the comics vance does have the shield

  3. Sounds like it’s going to be a great movie.

    As a DC fan makes me wistful about Warner Bros’ and lack of imagination with their characters. Never mind Green Lantern, L.E.G.I.O.N. would make for a great sci-fi space series on cinema or TV without having to dig into the Superhero genre.

  4. Hmm….I live a few hours journey from London and I’m bald.

    Should I…..shouldn’t I……

    Sounds pretty cool though.

    • Uhhhh … SHOULD … of course. :)

    • Haha, if you have the time, try! Could be a cool experience!

    • HOW is this even a debate???


  5. Well… That would be needlessly complicated.

    • Not a lover of time travel stuff. “Complicated” is the best you can hope for.

      I am a little concerned for this feature. Mr. Gunn’s films are not home runs, and there is a lot going on here that could end up exploding like a water balloon dropped from a roof.

      However, Marvel gets a pass from me until they prove me wrong. So far, even their worse movie has been good.

  6. Them looking for “electric bikes with a ‘futuristic’ look” doesn’t mean it’ll take place in the future. This movie will take place in a different Galaxy. Therefore they’re probably using that for a further advanced civilization. It could be the Kree, Shi’ar, or the Xandarians. The movie’s Tech would be more grounded if they use an actual futuristic bike as a model to work off of.

    • Guardian, the quote from MCI read “shot in England in an imaginary 2045.”

      That’s the future, friend!

      • 2045 is such an odd date. The old team is from the 31st century so that doesn’t explain how Yondu is involved. Avengers 2 would have to take place after 2045 then? Unless, they are bring in the storyline of the Space/Time Fissures like in the comics. They can always tie that to the Infinity Gauntlet and then we will get all these time jumps happening.

        Knowhere’s Continuum Cortex also allows someone to telepathically communicate with someone from within any time period. So, there might be a scene with that.

        Interesting enough, who knows how they’ll implement this. Only time will tell.

        • Well, you’re assuming 2045 is the entire film. There could be scenes from multiple periods of time.

          • Yeah, that’s what I meant, when I mentioned them using the Time/Space Fissures with the Infinity Gauntlet elements. They can split up into teams and go all across time and space.

            Knowhere’s Continuum Cortex would be needed for them to do that.

            Your article is evidence for these claims.

  7. Mind blown.

  8. Sound horrible they should stop making team movie and do what DC comics is doing

    • And what is that exactly?

      • I think in his woeful ignorance he thinks that DC is going to continue to make self-contained movies like The Dark Knight trilogy.
        Interesting idea, but never.

    • Inactive for years and throwing forth the occasional (crappy) movie until they strike out with a great movie (like the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man Of Steel)?

      That what you meant?

      • And its not certain that Man of Steel is going to be a great movie either

    • Yeah, keep doing what DC is doing like making sh*tty movies like Green Lantern and Superman Returns…SARCASM…….

  9. Whoa! To be honest, them saying, “a different dimension” might be them referring to “The Rip.” This might be the casting calls for extras to play within Knowhere. Can’t wait for this! I’m pumped!!

    That whole list sounds like beings you’ll see at Knowhere.

    • Yep, monks… sick!

      • Monks, so may be Universal Church of Truth?

        • That’s what I’m thinking… and that’s where the new Guardians will meet the alternate future universe Guardians and that’s where they’ll get their team name (GOTG). IF it’s anything like the comics, that is.

          Cancerverse possibly??


    • In the art shots, yeah. I imagine it’ll be background portraits during a scene that you barely see unless you know where to look.

      • Ill find it, i have excellent bewb radar

        • I answered a help wanted ad that said that very same thing. Turned out it was for a position as a WELDER. Weird, huh?

    • lol!

  11. Now here’s an idea! I read a comment on this site suggesting that all the guardians die in this movie ( or Avengers 2). When you think about it, this idea is plausible. It’s been emphasised that this is a twisted story plus these characters aren’t huge parts of the marvel universe. Also, if it’s Thanos who does the deed, than that’s a perfect opportunity to let the galaxy know who’s boss. Just food for thought :)

    • Multiple characters in the GOTG comics have died (some multiple times)… but they always come back in one form or another. I think they may end this one that way, only to have one or more show up in Avengers 2 (hopefully).

    • That would be cool, and very James Gunn.

  12. For Avengers #2 & #3:
    Goliath (Hank Pym; blue/yellow costume); Wasp; Scarlet Witch; Quicksilver.
    Also Kang, Ultron, Whirlwind, Skrulls, Mandarin (actively zapping away full-force with his rings).
    MAYBE Black Panther and Vision, if all of the above have been fufilled, first. Or BP in Captain America #3?

    • @Goldilocks, Don’t forget your favorite character, Rocket Raccoon!

      • cant WAIT for the raccoon! he’s going to be the heart of the movie!

  13. Awesome! Pumped for gotg. I want DC the sandman next.

  14. Maybe Peter Quill (in 2045) goes to space and by mistake ends up in present day………

  15. I might have been interested in seeing this, but for the raccoon. Really? Seriously? A raccoon? L-a-m-e.

    • Those that have a limited imagination just dont get it, so feel free to skip this one. No one will miss you.

      • I’m not saying a child wouldn’t like to snuggle up to the stuffed animal…I’m just saying I can’t take the character seriously. Does anyone know WHY the creator of Guardians of the Galaxy put a stuffy in it? Was he attempting to appeal to the toddler fanbase?

        • Try reading the books first and then judge. If you still can’t get past it, then it’s time to admit that the concept just isn’t your cup of tea and move on.

          Just doesn’t make sense to slam something you can’t comprehend.

          • You are right, as I have not read the books, but after seeing the picture above, and seeing how the raccoon character stands out as not belonging or fitting in with the rest of them, I have no interest in doing so. It would be comparable to Big Bird being part of the Avengers…

            • Actually it’s nothing at all like that… but if that’s what you think then you probably shouldn’t waste your time reading the books either, much less pay money to see the movie.

              I can tell you this, Rocket will end up being a lot cooler than any Ewok, Jar Jar Binks or CGI Yoda flipping around like a frog on meth… and I say that after being a fan of Star Wars for the last 30+ years.

  16. I just hope it all makes sense… time travel/alternate demension movies can be really good if done right.

  17. It’s not a raccoon, its a genetically engineered killing machine that looks like a raccoon. Plus raccoons are awesome, how could anyone be against such peaceful and intelligent creatures?

  18. I’m sick and tired of seeing the same one shot concept art over and over again come on screen rant can’t you get at least one other image to use with gotg articles? #1&Dun

    • The last three posts I did on GotG Thurs and Fri all have different images. There’s only one official art image and one official logo image. The rest are screen grabs from the box set. That’s all there is on the film front.

  19. Rob,

    So will it or will it not be an alternate future? Or is the title just a reference to the comics being in an alternate future?

    The only reason I ask is this could branch off and confuse base watchers. Having two different Marvel Universes so to speak.

    That and combining the Xmen having a movie with an alternate future/universe just spell confusion.

    • Read this:


      I believe Marvel will follow at least part of the plot from the comics. The original GOTG are from a future alternate universe and battle the Badoon. When they finally meet Starlord because of a rip in time and space, he adopts their name for his team of heroes.

      • Thanks for the link but im a long time reader of comics. I was wondering if the title is saying this as fact in the movie or just making a reference to the books.

        The title of the article can be read both ways.

        • oh, okay… I think it’s because no one knows at this point. That was just a misleading title.

          I think they’ll condense and simplify the movie to include some if not most of the extra-dimensional aspects. Basically, anything from that arc that included Thanos.

  20. I wonder what the Identical Twins are for??

    I’m an identical twin… think i’ll apply.

  21. I am an African American male from st. Louis who is also am identical twin, we love basketball, modeling, we are locally known through our city of st. Louis and love action and superhero movies, so we feel we would be perfect

  22. Seems like all of this is false. As far as I can tell, they’re all in the same universe as the other heroes. Peter quill is shown being like 10 years old in 1988.