‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ In Production; Character Animation Detailed

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Guardians of the Galaxy Script Guardians of the Galaxy In Production; Character Animation Detailed

Marvel has overcome its first hurdle in bringing Guardians of the Galaxy to life, with the casting of Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, the cosmic super-team’s leading man. But when the rest of your cast consists of an anthropomorphized raccoon and walking tree (among others), finding the right actors and actresses is trickier than normal.

While Rocket Raccoon and Groot are going to appear onscreen solely through digital means, Marvel’s visual effects team has their animation plans already established, and are hard at work as we speak.

Despite the lack of a hero as well-known as, say, Captain America set to appear, Guardians of the Galaxy may represent one of the largest challenges in terms of digital effects that fans have seen from Marvel thus far. As a result, the announcement that filming would commence this June in London is only half the story.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, executive producer Victoria Alonso revealed that the film’s development is already underway:

“Production has already started! Completely. It started months ago and we have an entire team in London already – we start shooting in June. Our director [James Gunn] travels next week and it’s going, baby! It’s a fast train to a beautiful place.”

Hearing that the studio and special effects team are already at work on making Guardians a success should be expected, since the film undeniably possesses more risk than many of the other, more iconic, Marvel properties. And if the rumors of Iron Man 3 possibly acting as a lead-in to Guardians (ending with Tony Stark’s journey into deep space, the territory of the titular Guardians) are true, they’ll need completed versions of the characters as quickly as possible.

Rocket Raccoon James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy In Production; Character Animation Detailed

It’s impossible to talk about the digital effects being planned for Guardians without focusing on Rocket Raccoon, the lovable creature endowed with human intelligence and an affection for heavy weaponry. Providing the voice and personality for Rocket is a dream of any fan of the comic books, with James Gunn’s friend and past collaborator Michael Rooker publicly offering his talents. There have been reports that Marvel may be looking for a more recognizable star, but at this point it’s an open race (SIDE NOTE: once again, we’d like to nominate Jason Statham).

Of course, that still leaves the actual task of animating the character – and his fellow Guardian the walking, talking tree name Groot – up to the effects team. Oh, and in all likelihood, delivering Thanos’ big screen reveal as well. Is the plan for building a convincing Raccoon purely one of animation, or will motion capture play a role? Alonso gives some insight:

“We’re going to do a combination. You can’t do any motion capture with a raccoon – they won’t let you put the suit on [laughs]. But we will do rotomation, probably, for some of the behavior. Rocket will have his own personality, of course, and clearly we can’t do mocap on a tree, per se, but we definitely will have performers to emulate what James Gunn will lead to be the behavior and the performance. He’s very clear on where he wants to take the characters.”

We have no doubts that Gunn has a singular vision for this group, with Marvel-godfather Joss Whedon calling the director’s take a particularly “twisted one” that he supports completely, going so far as to say few other directors could make the super-team work on film. In other words: the version of Rocket Raccoon that makes it onto the big screen may not be the one every fan imagined, but it will undoubtedly be memorable.

Rocket Raccoon Guardians Comic Panel Guardians of the Galaxy In Production; Character Animation Detailed

The likelihood of rotomation being used – essentially molding an animated product around the performances (facial, physical) of the actual actor – means the assumptions in the past of an actor lending only their voice to Rocket may be misleading. Gunn and company may be looking for someone who could actually appear on set as either Rocket or Groot, to be removed and ‘arbor-ized/raccoon-ified’ in post-production. Possibly a more difficult road to travel, but one that most movie fans would likely support (see: Andy Serkis’ recent work as Gollum in The Hobbit).

What do you think of this approach to bringing the more fantastic members of the Guardians to life? Does the need for an actual performance change the actors you’d hope would get the role, or have you already chosen the perfect real-life-Rocket? Give your ideas in the comments.


Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1, 2014, with a chance to see some of the team in Iron Man 3 on May 3, 2013.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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  1. Michael Rooker for RR, IDK who for Groot, someone with a deep voice.

    • H. Jon Benjamin perhaps?

      • Nice Donovan, nice.

      • Yes. Even as the voice of some other non team member alien that they come across. I have a vision of Archer as a raccoon, and it’s awesome.

    • I’m down withither vin diesel, mel gibson, lawrence fishburne or James Earl Jones for the role as they all have deep voies and can act

      • The fact that you just said Vin Diesel can act has made your opinion useless.

        • I lol’d at that… good one.

        • the fact you replied with your comment made yours worthless and pointless. that was my opinion. I wasnt asking for anyones opinion on what my opinion was anyway

    • John Rhys-Davies, anyone?

  2. I have a really hard time seeing this movie doing big numbers, since nobody (except comic book fans) really knows these characters. It seems Marvel got over-confident with the success of The Avengers and thinks that everything they do will be successful. This just might be their Last Action Hero.

    I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that Marvel will have a difficult task on their hands getting the general public excited about this one, especially with characters that are a talking raccoon and tree as main characters to make people not take it seriously.

    • I’m definitely looking forward to it since James Gunn is directing and re-writing, but not counting on it as a financial success.

      • Exactly. Question is: Will it hurt Avengers and other stand alone properties?

        • @Agingfanboy – I highly doubt this will hurt ‘Avengers’ overall in the least, do you really believe that. There’s no turning back for ‘The Avengers’, it’s a monster hit franchise and has become a modern day pop culture phenomenom, not “GOTG” or anything else going to change that.

          • @Super70, yes I do worry about that. Writers are taught to take care with their heroes. For instance, if you write your hero doing something juvenile, you’ve marred your protagonist. But, in a shared universe, your heroes are only as good as the success of those they’re sharing screen time with. In this case, a raccoon, if lampooned mercilessly on late night talk shows, etc., can drag down the tone of the other guys and gals that made Avengers a character-driven success. All it takes is one fart joke. One silly CGI standing next to Thor at an inopportune moment, etc. Marvel has their work cut out for them if they want to keep the cash train rolling.

            Please understand: I’m not saying this is inevitable, just that it is an inherent danger with GoG and a shared universe with future Avengers movies since Marvel appears headed in the Thanos direction and cosmic warfare, etc.

            • @agingfanboy – I hear what you saying about the writers, but i happen to know with Joss Whedon ‘The Avengers’ are in more than capable hands and won’t be affected by other films, not anymore my friend. If this was the first ‘avengers’ film coming than your worries might have some valicity to them, now that the ‘Avengers’ has been unleashed on the world, nothing’s going to stop that continnued success, nothing. Trust me on that, when the sequel is topping 2 billion worldwide, you’ll know what i mean. But do i have some concerns over “GOTG” yes, it certainly was’nt among the first choices i would have picked for ‘Phase 2′. Like you i’m waiting in the wings to see how this movie plays out, it’s the only film in ‘Phase 2′ that has a question mark in my opinion, every other film in ‘Phase 2′ is an upcoming guaranteed smash. If “GOTG” turns out great(which Ii hope it is) and is a box office smash, than Marvel will look like visionaries and come out big winners, if not they could indeed be dealt a blow, but not enough to stop Marvel Studios because their too established with hit films now.

              • My gosh @agingfanboy. Just check out the movie Slither (written and directed by Gunn). That should allay all your concerns. This movie is in great hands, especially with Whedon and Feige overseeing it.

    • Marvel will tease this in the three other movies before this (IM3 Thor and Cap), and by the time it comes out, general audiences will see this as required viewing for Avengers 2. And if it gets decent reviews…

      • +1

        • +2

          • +3

            • +4

              • +5

                • +1,000,000

    • The “nobody (except comic book fans) really knows these characters” excuse has been so much when talking about GotG or Ant-man, but look back 5 years ago: nobody really knew who Iron Man was (even a lot of comic book fans didn’t know him that well – I didn’t), and very few people really new Thor either. A few years later and their pop-culture icons thanks to the movies.

      I see that happening for GotG (and especially RR and Groot). marketing is the key here and if Marvel/Disney have proved anything, it’s that they know how to market a movie.

      • Er!! *knew *they’re

        • Really dude?

          • We got the point,no biggy.

            • Someone would have probably pointed it out if he hadn’t caught it and made his own correction. Come on Screen Rant. You hear our cries for a edit button. We’re begging ya make it happen.

      • @The Avengers – Be that as it may, ‘Iron man’ & ‘Thor’ we’re still much more known entities to the public than “GOTG” is, they just are. But you are right in the fact that ‘Iron Man’ & ‘Thor’ are much more known and popular now than they we’re 5 years ago, that’s without a shadow of doubt. And marketing will indeed be a big key in this film’s potential, i agree with you there.

        • ok, well then lets go back to a little known movie called, “Star Wars”. You might have heard of it. No one had a clue what this show was or who the characters were but it only took a summer for it and them to be ingrained into the world culture right along side the likes of Superman.

          So there is no reason this can’t happen with GotG.

          I can hardly wait to see RR and Groot come to life on the big screen!

          • That’s different. Star Wars was pretty unique for its time. These days the market is saturated with comic book/super hero movies.

            I don’t read comic books at all but I had heard of all the major Avengers characters (except maybe Thor, but he was already known as a character outside the comics).

            I had never heard of GotG and when it comes out I think a lot of people are going to say “what? Another team up movie? Who are these guys anyway? They’re trying to be just like Avengers”

            Sure there will be a lot of marketing, but plenty of movies have had a lot of marketing (and also had good reviews) and still tanked.

            • Yeah, Star Wars was a unique space opera for it’s time. So is Guardians, now.

            • Soooo, a talking raccoon with anger management issues and a big tree who says “I am Groot!!” isn’t unique? 😉

              I can’t guarantee that the movie will be good or bad (although I can guess) but I can definitely guarantee that the GotG roster, together with James Gunn’s directorial style, will ensure that this movie will be unique.

              • Hah, well in that sense it is unique. But as I said before, we’ve had the super hero team-up movie already, and it was with well-established characters. Guardians won’t have that going for it.

                Do you think that The Avengers would have done nearly as well as it did if they didn’t have the lead-in movies? I doubt it. But the ground work was already laid and people were familiar with and had a connection to the characters, and seeing them all on the screen together was awesome. I don’t think that Guardians will be a big draw because it doesn’t have that going for it, and it will have to really be an amazing movie to get people to love the characters and accept them in the Marvel universe.

                The Star Wars movies were unique, but that’s not what made them beloved. The story and characters were great too. Howard the Duck was also unique for its time and look how well it did. I guess we’ll have to see if Guardians will have what it takes.

                • It all depends on the story imo.
                  The Avengers needed the solo movies because a large part of The Avengers’ story relies on people having seen at least a few of the other movies.

                  GotG however, may not have so many separate parts for the story to make sense. Star Wars didn’t need lead-in movies for all their characters. Neither did LotR.

                  I respect your opinion on the matter though. Not long ago I was saying the same thing you’re saying now. I didn’t think this movie would work and to be completely honest, I didn’t want it to work.
                  BUT, then I went back and re-read the 2008 GotG series, I watched the episode of Avengers:EMH where the GotG teamed up with the Avengers and I got to thinking about how the GotG franchise could fit in with the Avengers franchise… and since then, I’ve been a firm supporter of this movie.

                  I have a feeling that come 2014, people will have forgotten about all the doubt they had in this project, and be amazed at the great movie they get. It’s almost always that way with Marvel movies, it seems: people said Iron Man wouldn’t work, people said Thor wouldn’t work, people said Cap wouldn’t work and a LOT of people said The Avengers wouldn’t work – I think it’s safe to say they were wrong 😉

                  • Well said, Avenger. Thing is though, it would be wrong to dismiss the ways in which this movie is different from the others mentioned here. (Star Wars and other Marvel properties.) A tree superhero and the raccoon are two characters that are intrinsically “nearer” Howard the Duck than they are a Jedi Knight or wise-cracking billionaire weapons manufacture-turned superhero. A runaway success like Avengers finds its reams of cash from connecting mainstream in a way that every movie would love to do. Fans are passionate about GoG, but it will take an awful lot for that passion to win over skeptics, of whom there are many b/c of said reasons. The issue I’ve been decrying since day one is that I’m defensive for the potential harm this series could do to Iron Man, Cap, Hulk, Thor and Avengers. The shared universe is tricky.

                    I’m happy to hear that you went back and read through some old GoG stuff, etc. But that comes from a motivated place; you want this to work. Much of the mainstream filming public may approach this with a more hostile posture. We’ll all be watching the marketing materials closely. I know I wouldn’t want their job! :)

                    • Yes, that’s what I’m trying to say too, thanks :)

                      I’m not attacking the series or the fans, or saying that the movie will suck. I’m just saying that I can’t see it being very successful for the aforementioned reasons.

                      My fear is that it will also help to oversaturate the market. It’s as if movie execs saw that the top two movies last year were superhero movies, so now they’re greenlighting every super hero story they can get their hands on. In the end it might end up hurting the market. Comic fans will love it, but it might not be for the best.

                      I might get some flack for this, but I see a parallel in 3D films. Avatar came out and was in 3D and was insanely successful, and that opened the flood gates for more and more 3D films, regardless of if they would have benefited from 3D or not. Some films are done well in 3D, but all the movie execs want in on that 3D cash. In the same light, there are well made super hero/comic book films, but if there are too many out there, and some don’t do well, it could hurt the genre altogether.

                • @Pyronaut, yes. I’m agreeing with you here, b/c I can’t give you a reply shout out below. Also agree with your 3D remark. There’s nothing intrinsically bad about the comic GoG. The fans are loyal, as we see here. But a gun wielding raccoon and tree superhero have yet to prove that they’re as *intrinsically* fit for the silver screen as the others who’ve successfully made that leap. And the genre as a whole is swelling so large. Summer event movies are dominated by the new influx. Looking down the road, DC will be right in there with their JL solo films as well.

                  You know, there’s something else worth mentioning in all this. Fans tend to backlash strongly against CB films that aren’t cleverly presented “as if it could be real.” The Dark Knight “felt” as gritty as Heat. Yes, it’s all fantasy, and yes, Avengers had a sizable amount of tongue in cheek humor, but Joss Whedon is a VERY talented writer who can balance that tongue in cheek stuff so that it doesn’t put off too many. (Proof is in the $$) GoG is WAY harder to sell than Avengers. First: There’s no solo films to introduce its heroes, like Avengers. Second: Selling manly men doing manly things will always be easier than selling manly(?) trees fighting cosmic baddies or manly furry varmints doing anything other than looting your trash can. It isn’t dissing the property to admit that this is true. You can bet your butts the studio execs have had this same conversation. Then again, no one tried to make Green Lantern suck so bad either. They didn’t spend all that money b/c they WEREN’T convinced it would succeed. They were just wrong. Let’s hope the peeps behind GoG are up to the challenge.

                  • @agingfanboy – I agree with you 100% that “GOTG” is a much harder sell than “The Avengers” we’re, they’re not nearly as popular, established or known as the ‘Avengers’ are of course. I think “GOTG” biggest strength and saving grace is their connection to the Marvel Studios movie universe, they’re going to have to draw off that with great trailers and strong promotion to induce the General Audience. If by the “GOTG” release in August of next year the General Audience anticipates and has a need to see these characters, the film could take off and be a hit. We’ll know over the next year how the build up plays out, because that’s the key.

                  • I don’t think most GoG fans are going to accept the fact that RR or Groot are any different than Thor or Hulk. (I am a fan but I’m also realistic.) At least, that is the argument I’ve heard most. There are different levels of fantasy & sci-fi and this is, as you’ve said, closer to Howard the Duck. Yes, I know how bad arsed everyone will cry RR is. I know, I’m just telling you that if you ask a non fan, particularly a girl, most are not going to have interest in it. I have friends who are not comic fans who really are very picky about where they spend their money. This movie will not be on their to-do list like an Avengers was.

    • Every other Disney film has a talking animal. The Lord of the Rings had talking trees that looked pretty cool fighting orks.

      Don’t forget, ten years ago, most non comic fans would have told you Iron Man was a Black Sabbath song.

      • When disney looked at gotg they probably had nerdgasm or whatever a large mega-corporation does. Come on, talking racoon & tree, aliens, spaceships etc in a universe populated with superheros… they will push this so hard. They will be in every happy meal, plasterd on everything that is usually reserved for pixar characters.

        • And rightfully so.

      • Those talking animal Disney movies are usually kids movies. And LOTR was a fantasy film. That is a different genre where talking/fighting trees are more relevant, and they weren’t main characters.

        I’m talking about people taking it seriously as a super hero movie. When you see Avengers, Batman, and Superman, and then you see a talking tree and raccoon, will that help you take the movie seriously?

        • @pryo, True, because Guardians is a Documentary actually and not fantasy, so it will never work.

          • ^^^

          • The fantasy genre I was talking about is basically sword/sorcerer/dragon style. These super-hero/comic book movies are in a different category of film. That is what I meant.

            Obviously I’m not saying that they’re reality based documentaries, but the fact that they’re going to be interacting with the established super hero film characters, which are more or less based in today’s world, puts them in a different category.

            Thor was the most fantasy-esque style of the movies, but they managed to tie him into the Marvel story (so far), which is still somewhat grounded to today’s reality.

            It seems people think that I’m saying the characters suck or the movie will be bad or that I’m attacking their beloved characters. I am not. It could be an entertaining film. All I’m saying is that I have a hard time seeing the movie being very popular, because it’s trying to shoe horn a different kind of movie into a Marvel universe that has been established with a different tone. Are most people going to want to see Iron man or The Hulk fighting with a little raccoon? I have a feeling many casual film goers will find that a bit silly, and they’ll have to do it really well to be successful and have it accepted.

            • “Are most people going to want to see Iron man or The Hulk fighting with a little raccoon? I have a feeling many casual film goers will find that a bit silly, and they’ll have to do it really well to be successful and have it accepted.”


        • Dark-elves and frost giants are ok, but a raccoon looking alien is too much? How does that work?

          And you may want to consider that the “kids” are not something you can just disregard. Kids are one of the biggest comic book fans and they drag their parents to watch new superhero films. They’re a big target audience.

          CBM’s are not just for nerds or whatever, it’s for everyone.

  3. How about Andy Serkis as Rocket Raccoon?

  4. Who wouldn’t want to see a space epic that ties in the incredible marvel movies that have been put out! I’m super pumped about it. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Also Chris Pratt is a fantastic choice. I would like to see some of the other characters casted as well, especially Adam warlock, who to me is the most essential character of the team.

  5. I have never read the comic book but this doesn’t look all that bad. If the animation is good I may even see it in theaters.

    • You should, it’ll directly lead into The Avengers 2.

  6. If done right Rocket Raccoon will be a big scene stealer in this movie. He’ll be all over the merchandise and kids will buy stuffed toys of him. Side question: did they use motion capture for the talking animals in the Narnia series because that could work for Rocket Raccoon maybe.

  7. I think Jason Statham would be a good choice for RR. I kind of like the idea of Simon Pegg voicing him too. But that’s just me.

    • Simon Pegg will be busy playing Ant Man :)

      • oh god no!

        • Correction. No way for Pegg playing Hank Pym. Eric O’grady yes he’s perfect.

          • and hopefully the ‘unredeamable’ Ant-man wont be showing up any time soon

            • To much back story. give it 15 years.

  8. I think Michae Rooker would be the PERFECT voice for RR as for Groot I really have no idea, but I do think this movie will surprise more than a few people and I think it will do very well in the theaters! almost everyone that loves the MCU will go to see this movie if just out of curiosity and then I think it will be a word of muth that gets butts in the seats! If it is done correctly it might do better than the incredible hulk (which I hope does not happen) just because I love the Hulk and would rather see another Hulk instead of the GOTG!


  9. I support the Statham for RR movement too, it’s the only voice I can hear whenever I think of the character.

    Plus with the guy being a martial arts type, an action star and having a former career as a professional diver, he could perform the flips and such that I can picture RR doing in combat, especially if he’s kicking off walls to get the height needed to punch someone in the face.

  10. What about Vinnie Jones as RR?

  11. I’m really looking forward to seeing GotG.

  12. jack nicholson for the voice of rocket raccoon and morgan freeman should be groot

    • Haha, never thought of Nicholson! That’s actually an interesting choice.
      Jason Statham is still my #1 pick though.

      • But I was saving Statham for Guy Gardner! Oh nevermind, DC can’t even get their act together to bring their main characters to the silver screen let alone a 2nd string GL.

  13. What about drax? I mean he his green after all

  14. I don’t know, it’s kind of hard for me to take this movie seriously and yes Marvel did get cocky after the success of The Avengers.

    • @Norrin Radd – Yeah i hear you, i would have much rather seen a “Black Panther” film than this, that’s just me. I too think Marvel is stepping over some risky waters with this one and getting a little big headed possibly. Like others have already said, this has to be marketed right and better have a nice dose of ‘Thanos’ in it. I am looking forward though to seeing how this film plays out, so we’ll see.

    • A. It’s a James Gunn movie with a TALKING RACOON, how seriously do you think it’s meant to be taken, honestly?

      B. How is Marvel being cocky?

      Your comment reeks of jealous butthurt DC fanboyism.

      • I’m just saying it is a big risk, don’t go all PMS on me just because i don’t think a GOTG movie will do well.

        • You may wanna think of some non-sexist comebacks, otherwise you will never be taken seriously.

    • It seems cocky at first, but if you think about it, Iron Man 3 will surely be another huge hit, and you can bet Thor and Captain America won’t be losing money. And of course, if it does tank, they’ll make all the money back and more with Avengers 2.

  15. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to this, and I thought that this was an unnecessary risk and that if would bomb. Now, I’m not so sure, and I’m actually looking forward to this. I think with the right touch, Marvel could make this into a huge success. If Marvel brings Tony Stark/Iron Man into this group, into this movie, it will be a tremendous success, and it would be a smart move on their part to bring their most well known character to their most unknown characters.

    Jason Statham as RR is perfect and a must!!! Rooker, not so much.

    Michael Clarke Duncan would have been great for Groot, if not for his untimely death.
    I can’t think of a good Groot voice.

    This is how you bring a superhero team movie together. You bring in a solid studio team, plan it out well, think ahead, make a plan, and go full speed ahead. Are you paying attention to this WB/DC?

  16. Guardians may be effects heavy on the CGI characters, but it’s been done in Lord of The Rings with Treebeard…and they can use the same method with Racoon when it comes to motion capture/ performance by an actor.
    I too was a bit puzzle they would go with this as a movie, because like many have said, they aren’t a well known team of characters. I for one would love to see a big screen version of Marvel’s CLOAK & DAGGER

  17. Mickey Rourke as RR

    Jason sucks

  18. Peter Dinklage as Rocket Raccoon. Peter has the bad ass attitude and voice to carry it out. Love his work in Game of thrones and he would be able to do the mo-cap so the actors can interact together. Remember everybody is going to be doing some mo-cap work with CGI added to costumes, etc.

    • @libradad – Not a bad idea at all.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought of Peter Dinklage for Rocket Raccoon! Although I see him as more of the sarcastic type when he’s ripping someone a new one, not necessarily screaming his head off. But since it’s of course just voice-acting, I can always be proven wrong! I will be perfectly happy with him voicing RR, if he were to be picked for the job. But if I’m looking for the perfect voice, Jason Statham sounds more like it to me. He’s got the steady, “I’m not taking any of your s***” kind of voice, so he can definitely work.

      Now as for Groot, I think John Rhys-Davies would be a nice choice, considering he’s already voiced a tree from LOTR as Treebeard, and that worked well. My other choices for Groot would probably be Nick Nolte or Mickey Rourke. Other than those guys, I can’t think of anybody else off the top of my head right now.

    • That is a brilliant idea! Peter Dinklage is amazing!!

      Although latest rumour is that he’s gonna be in the new X-Men movie, so he might be busy with another marvel project.

  19. Taking risks! I love it. And even if it does flop, do you think Marvel will slink off to hide under a rock like WB after Green Lantern? No way…… got to expect an occasional failure, right?

    Go Marvel! Get crazy!

  20. I still think Simon Pegg should voice Rocket Raccoon.

  21. Benedict Cumberbatch for Groot, solely because I think he has a ridiculously deep voice. And Simon Pegg for Rocket Raccoon.

  22. Steven Blum (Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop) as Rocket Raccoon….yep…

  23. Steven Blum (Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop) as Rocket Raccoon….yep…

  24. Finally looked up james gunn on imdb.. Lol he directed the scooby doo movie. How was his latest “Super”? Whats so good about this guy? When they say that he’s come up with a “twisted” vision for gotg, what does that mean exactly?

    • One word: ‘Slither.’

  25. I cant look at gunn the same after seeing what scene he directed in movie 43

  26. Wait, wait, wait. Sam Rockwell just popped into my mind, and I think he could be a good choice for Rocket Raccoon. I watched ‘Moon’ for the first time last weekend, and I’ve gained a whole lot of respect for him after seeing that.

    • Really good movie, and on an amazingly low budget. I wish there was more Sci-fi movies like that.

      Sam Rockwell is a great actor. Way underutilized in IM2.

  27. I want norm macdonald for rocket raccoon.

  28. Then Marvel will move on to the next movie, and the next movie, and the next movie and people will be like “man I don’t know about this one man, I think this is too risky.”

    • Yes, when will people have even a LITTLE faith in Marvel?

      And for those who can see nothing but a talking animal = Disney and Bambi, thumper, etc….man you people honestly have no clue who RR is.

      Also keep in mind that although Marvel is owned by Disney, they have been very hands off and just let Marvel do their thing and not get involved. That strategy appears to have been highly successful so I highly doubt Disney will all of a sudden decide to pull a WB and stick their hands in where they don’t belong and start crewing with things like turning RR into a cute and cuddly talking creature.

    • It’s latino review. Half the stuff posted on that site is b*******

    • It’s latino review. Half the stuff posted on that site is fake