Guardians of the Galaxy: Michael Rosenbaum Reads For Star-Lord Role

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Michael Rosenbaum Breaking In Guardians of the Galaxy: Michael Rosenbaum Reads For Star Lord Role

Just hours after Deadline reported that Marvel has Joseph Gordon-Levitt on their radar as one of the (many) contenders in contention for the lead role in Guardians of the Galaxy, another actor with familiar to comic book adaptations announces he’s in the running as well.

Michael Rosenbaum, known for playing Lex Luthor for many seasons of the CW’s Smallville and for his voicework in multiple animated DC Comics series and features, joins Levitt as another potential candidate for the part of Star-Lord (Peter Quill).

Rosenbaum, who coincidentally also shares a DC Comics background, revealed through his Twitter account that he read for the Peter Quill character, thanking director James Gunn and Marvel for the opportunity.

Believe it or not, behind-the-scenes at Screen Rant, we previously discussed the idea of Rosenbaum joining Guardians of the Galaxy in a voice capacity. Like Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead) – who’s very open to the idea of playing Rocket Raccoon – Rosenbaum is friends with James Gunn who’s rewriting and directing the film. It’s evident that Gunn likes to involve his friends with his projects, and this particular one happens to involve two central characters (among many other aliens) who will likely be realized using CG animation (Groot & Rocket Raccoon). That being said, we didn’t expect Rosenbaum to read for the lead role in space-faring team-up, which brings us to another interesting discussion point.

Since the initial Star-Lord shortlist broke a month ago, several of the candidates have since signed on to other projects (e.g. Eddie Redmayne, Joel Edgerton), while others may unknowingly be reading for different parts. Tom Hiddleston, for example, read for the role of Thor before becoming the fan-favorite Loki. Guardians of the Galaxy will boast a large roster of never-before-seen characters and not just on the core team, but in the supporting cast and villain(s). It’s very possible some of the names we’ve heard as of late could still be a part of Marvel’s future, just not as Star-Lord.

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art 570x248 Guardians of the Galaxy: Michael Rosenbaum Reads For Star Lord Role

Some of the candidates reported over the last few weeks were on our own recommendations for the Ant-Man role for instance, and if that character is to make a cameo/guest introduction in one of the upcoming Phase Two films (see: Iron Man 3 rumors), that’s a character some of the talent may be reading for.

In Marvel Comics, the Peter Quill character is born half-human, half-alien due to some unusual circumstances. He grows up and joins NASA, where he earns (steals?) an opportunity to become the space cop Star-Lord. After various intergalactic conflicts, Quill forms the Guardians of the Galaxy to prevent further wars, often crossing paths with Thanos – who we know will have some role to play in the film and The Avengers 2, a year later. If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend reading Annihilation and then Annihilation: Conquest – these lead to the formation of the Guardians and their ongoing series that began in 2008.

Is Rosenbaum a good choice for the role of Star-Lord or should he play another Marvel character? To recap, Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston, Jim Sturgess, Lee Pace, Eddie Redmayne, Garrett Hedlund, James Marsden, Sullivan Stapleton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zachary Levi have all been name-dropped as well in association with Guardians.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

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  1. This has got me thinking. Wouldn’t Tom Welling be a better choice?

    • No.


    • YES!

    • I can dig it.

      But Rosenbaum is a superior actor.

    • Yes.

  2. So in reality no one knows who will be Peter Quill, down to two now there’s two more choices.

  3. Yay! I really like him (mainly because of Smallville) and think he needs to start doing some bigger roles. I’d vote for him.

  4. Take JGL! Get him too busy to have any part in JLA!

  5. Damn! Dude’s got hair.

    • Hahaha…yeah 😀

  6. Rosenbaum is a pretty good actor I sow I vote fr either levitt or him

  7. I’m all for Michael Rosenbaum. I like him and he’s a good actor. 😀

  8. I hope Micheal Rosenbaum gets it!

  9. It’ll be interesting if he gets the job. Really enjoyed him on Smallville

  10. Wow… 2 alumns from DC shows are already in talks with Marvel. I can’t see why they can’t play both sides though… haha

    • Ryan Reynolds has done it. 2 Marvel and 1 DC character now.

      • yeah but they all failed the fans

  11. i would love him to get it!

    seeing him with hair still doesnt look right hahaha XD

  12. Difinitely don’t want Joseph Levitt. And i like Zachery Levi but he already has a role in the Marvel movie-verse as one of the warriors three.

    So far only Garrett Hedlund is looking good for the part and maybe this Michael Rosenbaum. Third choice would be Sullivan Stapleton

  13. I’d be interested in seeing his chops in a Marvel flick. He was great as Lex in Smallville and is definitely The Flash in the animated Justice League series. I think he could make whatever Marvel character he plays his own.

  14. Rosenbaum is a very underrated actor…his performance on Smallville was nothing short of excellent. Really hope that this guy can get his career going in the right direction again.

  15. Another very good choice!
    Although, I’d prefer if he plays a character in the Justice League movie (Aquaman or the Flash anyone?)

    • He already is the VOICE of the Flash.

      He also voiced both Version of the Flash.

      So he could be flash.

      • Yeah I know. That’s actually one of the reasons I’d like to see him as the Flash… again 😉 but he could make a pretty good Aquaman too, I think.

  16. Though he read for the part, I really don’t think he’s got any chances for the Quill part at least. As eccoed in the article he may very well end up playing someone else or even voice acting a character. I maintain that for the lead it has to be a known actor, one thats known to casual movie goers and not just the scifi/comics fanbase. Quill is the keystone in all of this, they need to get the biggest name they can.

    • Theyve already got the biggest name. MARVEL. Thats the only name they need at this point. I think the majority of people trust Marvel right now and will go see whatever they put out just based on their track record. What matters is if those movies live up to that trust.

  17. Love the “Annihilation” name drop and recommendation. Any who want to know more about the characters, before forming the team, that’s the best place to start.

    I’m gonna sit back and wait for the Official cast info. It seems they’re trying everyone for Pete. They’ll get it eventually cuz so far none really fit.

    • :)

      I borrowed Annihilation for one of my trips this year and managed to buy the super-rare Conquest hardcovers on eBay.

      • That’s epic! Deff one of the greatest cosmic events in Marvel. Drax is made so badass in it, can’t wait to see what they do with him in the movie.

      • ….Great story arcs…It brought The Guardians and the characters in the spotlight again..

  18. Well it can’t be JGL can it? He’s meant to be the next Batman / Robin / Nightwing right?

    It would be great to see Rosenbaum get a big screen lead in any mainstream movie. He simply excelled in Smallville, creating without doubt the best interpretation of the character. He deserves his chance and should get it.

    Same goes for Tom Welling but unfortunately his strong association with Superman may prove too distracting for audiences to see him play a different comic book character.

    As bold as Marvel is being with the Guardians , I just wish it was possible for them to make a Silver Surfer movie instead. That would’ve been a more fitting comic property to expand Marvel’s cosmic universe, and of course introduce Thanos. Audiences already have a familarity with Surfer from both the animated series and the Fantastic Four movies.

    • It’s all just rumors and reports in regards to John Blake returning, same for this role.

    • Theres no real evidence at this point that JGL will have anything to do with future appearances of the caped crusader. Everything at this point is pure speculation of what they will do with the justice league movie. As it stands right now, nolan completed his trilogy and thats it. Whether warners chooses to incorporate those films as part of the justice league shared universe or just rather reboot batman is up in the air.

  19. still think levvit is the best out of all those

  20. my favorite pick so far, i also like JGL but who knows

  21. I honestly don’t care who he is, as long as his acting is on par, I think he may be able to pull it off, he KINDA (from the comic i’ve seen) looks like Pete, weird. Who knows who it’ll be.

    I’ll wait for an announcement in February.

  22. Oh man, I would DIG this.

  23. I would support Rosenbaum as Star-Lord, but I was hoping he would be lex Luthor for Zack snyder’s interpretation of the Man o Steel

  24. Would rather have JGL, but this would not be a bad choice either.

  25. … I’m very interested, both seem very right for the character. Star-Lord, gotta say if they snag JGL, it would be kick to the tacos, for Warner Bros./DC…..They need to stop dragging there feet, i love what Marvel is doing and im a fan, but really would love to see some healthy competition would be good for both company’s and there films. I would love to see both put out good films, it would be like seeing two legendary boxers lock gloves in there prime….

  26. So a bunch of people are reading for a part in this movie, not really a big surprise. All of these stories about the production process just seem like hype to keep the films name out there.

  27. I just cant take this guy seriously. He’s too cheesy. Im used to seeing him in comedic roles. Hopefully he wont be cast….Was that too harsh? lol

  28. I can definetly see Lee Pace as Star Lord.

  29. i want Brandon routh ..his pretty tall / in shape perfect for the roll …pulse he did Superman before ..the guy have the whole package 😀