Which Characters Will ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Focus On?

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Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord US Pilot Which Characters Will Guardians of the Galaxy Focus On?

There were five characters confirmed to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy when Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige officially announced the film at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, using concept art to showcase the roster. The villainous Thanos was unsurprisingly confirmed months later, bringing the total to six, three of which will likely be CG-animated, and three that could be played by actors with prosthetics and makeup.

According to the latest rumor, it’s the three certainly-non-animated characters that are currently the focus for Marvel Studios and James Gunn in adapting Guardians of the Galaxy for the big screen.

Latino-Review nabbed the scoop last week which indicates that Marvel’s “at the moment” focus is on fleshing out the characters of Star-Lord (center), Gamora (far right) and Drax The Destroyer (far left), by giving them “visual and backstory updates” so they mesh better with the style of the cinematic universe.

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art 570x248 Which Characters Will Guardians of the Galaxy Focus On?

But what about Rocket Raccoon? And poor Michael Rooker, he loves raccoons (and as a friend of director James Gunn, would love to voice this one in particular)!

The smallest and furriest (albeit deadliest) Guardian has been the “poster boy” character for Marvel since the film’s announcement. Before unveiling the official Guardians of the Galaxy logo to 6000 anxious fans during the Iron Man 3 Comic-Con presentation, Marvel even had Rocket Raccoon artwork on the screens. Even in the Marvel NOW relaunch of the comics, Rocket Raccoon is getting spotlight attention. He even has his own mug.

Marvel NOW Comic Con 2012 570x804 Which Characters Will Guardians of the Galaxy Focus On?

That’s not going to change. At this point, there’s no reason to discount any of Guardians of the Galaxy characters. Groot, the walking tree, doesn’t say too much in the comics so there’s fewer expectations there. Rocket Raccoon however, will hold his own in the film relative to his humanoid counterparts when it comes to screen time. No matter what, the raccoon – as a supporting character or otherwise – will get memorable moments in the action sequences.

What this simply means is that the overarching narrative of the film may follow the backstory of the three humanoid characters, since their origins in the books tie directly into Thanos, the grinning villain from the post-credits sequence of The Avengers who will return for both Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers 2.

Star-Lord for instance, was the focus of the unofficial logline (below) for Guardians and could serve as the audience’s anchor into the cosmic setting for the film.

About a U.S. pilot who ends up in space in the middle of a universal conflict and goes on the run with futuristic ex-cons who have something everyone wants.

Gamora is the last of her species and an adopted daughter of Thanos, but eventually turned against him after a brutal and violent upbringing. Drax The Destroyer on the other hand, was a human who after an incident with Thanos was re-purposed with the sole desire of hunting him down. As you can imagine, their (more grounded) origins are more crucial to the story than a raccoon from a planet of genetically enhanced animal companions and an alien tree who’s died multiple times in the comics. Chances are, all of their origins will be altered slightly if the logline is anything to go by.

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Logo 570x384 Which Characters Will Guardians of the Galaxy Focus On?

These three also all have ties to other cosmic characters long-rumored to show up in Guardians of the Galaxy, including Nova (also spotlighted in the Marvel NOW artwork above) and Adam Warlock. So, it’s almost a certainty that there will be even more humanoid characters on top of those already announced. Be sure to check out all the concept art and find out the latest on the villain Thanos.

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Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.


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Source: Latino-Review

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  1. Man, I can’t wait for this. Hopefully Starlord will be the main character and we see the film through him. Starlord is a beast. I love how Marvel is going all cosmic with Thor and Guardians and now rumors of Quasar! Now all we need is Nova.

    • +2,000

  2. Star-lord cuz he is cool and the only character I like from GotG.

  3. Rocket Racoon? Seriously? He says some good things I’ll give you that but I can’t get over that he is a freaking racoon.

    Gamora: 0% hahahahah

  4. I really hope they do the comic justice! It’s easily one of the most well-written, action-packed books to come out of Marvel. It already is starting to sound homogenized. Also, Adam Warlock NEEDS to be a focus, why isn’t he part of the team? He was a MAJOR part of the comics.

    • @ Darthballs

      Your name is f***’g hilarious!!! :0

    • Adam Warlock isn’t “formally” apart of the team. He’s said it himself in the comic. For him to be in it, they would need a squeal and the Universal Church of Truth would have to be the focus enemy in order for it to work.

  5. i’m looking forward to this film. i just watched slither for the 1st time this past saturday, and i think it was a solid film. i dod not realize mr fillion was in it. i had just not read very much about it, but i had heard it was good, and i agree. i have seen super, and that was one f’d up movie. it was good, but man i was not expecting that. much like kick-ass had suprised me. so i have faith in james gunn to tell a good story, with joss whedon running things too, i think it will be a great film. i guess i’m gonna have to get some GOTG books and do some reading. i know nothing about them. or maybe i will wait until after i see the movie. any suggestions? are there some collection books for them?

  6. I feel like Star Lord will be the focus since they always try to make these movies relatable to us, so a fish out of water is usually the one they go with and with Drax & Gamora back stories coinciding with ties to Thanos it make sense to make them the other focal points just make my Rocket Raccoon badass with some big guns and great one-lines and I’m cool with it…

    What I’m curious to see is if the stars in the background will have ties to Nova and if Quasar will make an appearance, because it might complicate the story and since this is the first real cosmic adventure they willl porbably focuse on the 3 humanoids…

  7. Of the Phase II movies planned, this is the one I am most excited about (other than Avengers II). The reason is because I honestly know nothing about GOTG except what I’ve read on this site in preparation for the upcoming movie. I did vote above for Star Lord…because that name sounds awesome.

    • +100

  8. I would prefer having Kid Nova/Nova

    • Kid Nova? you mean sam alexander? no. Just no. Rich Rider is the nova these movies deserve (and the one they need right now). also he and star-lord are bros.

  9. Can’t. Freakin’. Wait.

  10. not very excited right now…the day they announced at least a cameo by vance, starhawk, charlie-27, martinex, nikki, or any other original character then i’ll be excited.

    its not like you can expect Rocket Racoon to be in every scene..i kind of compare him to the hulk in the avengers…he wasnt around a “lot” but made his scenes count

  11. I am more pumped for this movie over than Avengers 2. Honestly Avengers 2 is 3rd on my list, out of this phase. For them to pull this movie off on an epic scale and to make the Guardians look good, they will have to base the story off of Annihilation: Conquest – Starlord and switch certain plot points from the other events. Have the Phalanx as the enemy as in Conquest but instead of Ultron being in control over it, make it Thanos. Instead of the Kree Empire putting together a team of expendable ex-cons, make it the Nova Corps handing Pete the team instead. Seeing that scene as in the comics where Pete and Rocky are 1st introduced to each other at the Kree hold cells will be awesome to see on the big screen.

    If you look at the Concept Art, those ships in the background look like Nova Corps symbols. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s them. If they do use the Nova Corps, this will give them a chance to sneak in rookie Rider (Nova) for a cameo.

    If a Nova movie hits Phase 3 (or Cosmic Phase 1) then we will have already been introduced to him and they can bring upon the destruction of Xandar to kick off the Nova movie.

  12. Ant-Man comes out AFTER Avengers 2? Defintely setting up for Ultron then since I assume the Thanos story arch will culminate with A2.

    • Yess!! I’ve been making sacrifices to demons and pagan gods for them to have Ultron be the focuse of Avengers 3.

    • Considering how Hollywood just LOVES trilogies, it makes ZERO sense that they would play out the Thanos story arc in A2. He will be used in A3 to make it an epic conclusion.

      • But thats in the case where the sequels in the movie franchise are more consecutive. In MCU there are around 5-6 movies between each main Avengers film where various build up processes occur for each movie. They are already gonna have Thanos in GOTG and Avengers 2. So maybe that will fill the Hollywood quota for having the conflict drag out for two movies. Then Marvel can be really smart and move on with things, on to a new enemy and interesting new circumstances.

  13. Rocket Raccoon is obviously going to become the fan favorite because he pretty much already is. He’s the witty character who’s going to have all the great one-liners people will laugh at. But imo, Drax or Star Lord could be really great. They’re my two favorites from the recent run, and they’re really bad ass. That said, I am a fan of the whole team though.

    • Gamora is just as crazy, she survived the intense radiation of being on the surface of a f*ing sun. Even Drax was like, “That’s the most deadliest woman in the universe.”

  14. Me like all guardians of the galaxy in 2008 series and they all 5 and thanos,nova and many alien will be marvel movies.

    • dafuq?

  15. The only reason groot hasn’t gotten enough votes is because no one actually knows how amazing groot is!
    “I am Groot!”

    • lol

      • That’s what I’m saying, lol.

        TEAM GROOT FTW!!!

      • Thats what Im saying, lol.

        TEAM GROOT FTW!!!

  16. rocket will obviously steal the show, but star-lord will be the central focus being the character from earth.

    it still kind of disappoints me that theyre excluding some of the best characters like phyla-vell and cosmo. phyla I understand, she requires setting up the kree and captain marvel. but cosmo had better at least have a cameo at the end with Knowhere.

  17. Can they really pull off a Guardians movie? It seems like it would be either so expensive as to not make a profit or they will rewrite it so it will be cheaper to make but disappoint everyone with it’s lack of cosmicness. Also consider that to this day they have never done a convincing flying man. They did a convincing flying Ironman suit but a man no.

    • Star Wars pulled of its epic cosmicness back in the 70s. What’s stopping this movie to pull it off now? This is the 21st century, where cars can fly!

      • off*

  18. Not related but

    How come Screen Rant has written nothing about the movie Untouchable? It has earned over 300m worldwide and is generating massively positive Oscar buzz. Ii’m embarrassed that a friend told me about it-I’d never heard of it because I rely on SR for my movie news.

    Is it because its European? This is a big fail.

  19. I really wish that Marvel was doing a Guardians of the Galaxy with the original team which is the one I grew up on….Major Vance Astro (aka Major Victorys team)

    Forgive me for this But Im too old & I dont recognize anyone of this team….accept Rocket Racoon from a few video games.

    The Original Team was pulled together from Tragedy. They were the last of their kind in many respects. I dont know if the new team can garner the same kind of sympathy or envoke the tragedy, isolation & sheer purpose of the original team.

    • Ah, the film is drawing from the 2008 Guardians relaunch by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, not the classic late ’60s one.

  20. I guess a CG racoon would be easier to do then Charlie-27. Bummer

    • I guess if you did the original GOTG Team you would have to include Galactus as a villain or threat…and since Fox own Galactus we will prob never see this movie done right. Shame…. I really wanted to see Kandu, nicki, Major Victory, Talon, who will always be in mine & many fans eyes the original GOTG.

      • Forgive me….how could I forget the awesome Charlie 27.

  21. I love Marvel but this is the dumbest idea for a movie ever. They should have let this go to Marvel animation and Joe Loeb. A racoon… A RACOON… named Rocket. That just can’t stand next to the serious drama that is Thor.

    • Thor is a serious drama ?


  22. I picture Rocket Racoon having an awesome fight scene on the scale of Dooku vs Yoda in Star Wars Episode II (one of the few good parts in that movie…), however I feel like Star Lord will lead the way in this film, and hopefully we’ll get a lot of Thanos time and maybe a minor villain that the team can actually beat since Thanos is destined to succeed in some aspect to return for Avengers 2

  23. “Rocky Racoon is shootin’ the moon…”…this movie sounds stupid.

  24. Man, kids are gonna LOVE Rocket Raccoon, hell, not just kids. I don’t know anything about the Guardians, so this is the movie that’s character-wise is gonna be the most “new” for me. The back-stories already sound good even if they change some of it.

    I am very interested in Star-Lord and Gamora too though.

    I don’t know why a raccoon that makes it “silly” for people. Giants and elves and dwarves and green monsters are just as much fantasy as an animal-shaped character. It’s the same kind of fantasy character than any other, people who doubt that it can be a great story and character are the silly ones. So what if he’s ONLY “anthropomorphic” and not completely “humanoid”? It can still be an interesting character.

    Or maybe me, with my anime background just don’t see the problem with animal-shaped characters. Dragon Ball, Shaman King etc. anyone? You don’t have to make a character completely humanoid just to make it serious. Try to expand your minds a little!! An anthropomorphic animal can be awesome if the character is well-written, it looks good, and they chose the right voice-actor.

    Stop saying that Rocket Raccoon makes MCU dumb (like I saw some comments here). Think outside of the box people and have a little faith!

    • You won’t be disappointed with Gamora. She pretty much Taarna, The last Taarakian from Heavy Metal.

  25. Star Lord will be the main focus, but Rocket Raccoon will steal the show – no doubt about it.

  26. i hope that it will be as successfull as -the avengers-,and i would like to see the -guardians…- that is set in space to be popular like -star wars- for the future.

  27. yes, now we laugh about -rocket raccoon- ,but there was another little ugly creature before called -yoda-,and we all know the impact of his figure for the -star wars – franchise.

    • Yoda wasn’t over the top, or at least that’s why I liked him. He wasn’t a swearing animal, shooting with guns.

      • he was the grandmaster of the jedi, and he was so over the top in 1-3,that´s why i liked his figure.

      • @lekel, Lmao! “Yoda wasn’t over the top” He was a 2ft tall puppet that can lift up a single man spacecraft with his mind. Yeah, Yoda wasn’t over the top.

  28. Was excited to hear Rocket Raccoon was going to be a major focus of the GotG film (hell was happy to hear he was going to be in it at all). Sadly, all enthusiasm has evaporated with news of 4th rate actor Michael Rooker possibly doing the voice :(

    • All your enthusiasm has gone away just because some actor mentioned in some review that he’d like to do the voice?

  29. Groot is GotG version of The Avengers Hulk, well, he could be… Depends on how they want to do things.

    • Haha, imagine the dialogue if they were ever to meet?

      Hulk: “Hulk, friend?”
      Groot: “I am Groot.”
      Hulk: “I, Hulk.”
      Groot: “I am Groot.”
      Hulk: “I, Hulk.”
      Groot: “I am Groot.”
      Hulk: “I, Hulk.”
      Groot: “I am Groot.”
      Hulk: “I, Hulk.”
      Groot: “I am Groot.”
      Hulk: “I, Hulk.”
      Etc. etc. that’s the entire movie to Phase 3; when Hulk meets Groot.

      • Imagine a conversation between Rocket Raccoon and Tony Stark…

        Stark: Hey, you’re a talking racoon with an australian accent.

        RR: And you’re a freaking genius or what?

        Stark: Are you one of Jim Henson’s creatures?

        RR: Wanna check if there’s a hand up my arse?

        • *British accent

        • @Scapegoat, Hahaha! Now I can’t wait to see Avengers 2! Only for that one scene!