Rumor Patrol: John Krasinski & Others Up For ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Roles

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Promised Land John Krasinski Rumor Patrol: John Krasinski & Others Up For Guardians of the Galaxy Roles

Michael Rosenbaum revealed that he auditioned for the lead role in Guardians of the Galaxy earlier this week, the same day reports indicated that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also being considered for the part.

Now we can add John Krasinski and another unnamed actor with a DC Comics background to the race, along with three rumored candidates for another role in the film.

Beginning a month ago, various sources and outlets began sharing shortlists and reports for talent Marvel Studios and writer-director James Gunn were considering for the role of Peter Quill. Quill, who becomes Star-Lord, is the leader of the Guardians and seems to be the first character Marvel wishes to cast before building a supporting roster around him.

Multiple actors signed test deals with the studio and since then, additional reports have knocked names off the list and continue to add more to it, comparable to the frenzy around the casting of Steve Rogers/Captain America a few years back.

According CBM who claim to have an inside source, John Krasinski (The Office) is now a contender for the role, joining a list which includes Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston, Jim Sturgess, Lee Pace, Eddie Redmayne, Garrett Hedlund, James Marsden, Sullivan Stapleton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zachary Levi.

Krasinksi of course, was a top contender to play Captain America but the fan response to the rumors at the time was mixed at best. His wife, Emily Blunt almost had a few roles within the franchise, dropping the Black Widow part due to scheduling and turning down an offer to play Peggy Carter, but she hopes to one day join it. If Krasinksi does land the part, perhaps Blunt can play Gamora (far right in the image below).

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art 570x248 Rumor Patrol: John Krasinski & Others Up For Guardians of the Galaxy Roles

Also on the apparently-not-short shortlist according to Moviehole is someone who’s played Superman before. That means either Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) or Tom Welling (Smallville) read for the role as well.

Can’t get enough rumors? CBM is also reporting from their source what may be our first candidates for another role in the film, Drax the Destroyer (far left in the above image). They list Isaiah Mustafa (center in the below image), Brian Patrick Wade (left) and Dave Bautista (right) as being in the running.

Isaiah Mustafa Brian Patrick Wade Dave Bautista 570x256 Rumor Patrol: John Krasinski & Others Up For Guardians of the Galaxy Roles

Isaiah Mustafa is best known for his popular Old Spice commercials and for being a Marvel fanboy himself, previously gunning for the role of Luke Cage and even working a few gigs for the company, including an appearance in a video and working the red carpet for the Thor premiere.

Bautista, from WWE fame, is growing his profile as an action star and starred in The Man with the Iron Fists last year. Wade has done smaller stints in a variety of television series, including The Big Bang Theory and Generation Kill.

Look for plenty of additional news items regarding Guardians of the Galaxy in the coming months, as we’re only just beginning to see Marvel attempt to cast a large roster of characters for the epic space opera.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.


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Source: CBM

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  1. Oh man. If they cast a WWE star as Drax the Destroyer, I may cry.

    • I may cry as well… from sheer disappointment in the person responsible for casting.

      • FORMER WWE star. He retired a few years ago and has commented on how he hates the recent child friendly direction WWE has been going in since Linda McMahon’s goal of becoming Connecticut Senator.

        He’s more recently began an MMA career (winning his debut on October 6th) and been in several movies as well as a guest appearance on Smallville as a Kryptonian vampire.

        Out of the three, I think Dave looks more the part when comparing it to the artwork attached to this and every other Guardians article.

        Besides, everyone said The Rock would be a terrible addition to any movie despite wrestling fans knowing since 1997 how great of an actor he is and people only just recently starting catching up to that fact.

        Remember also that everyone complained when an actor mainly known for comedy became Batman in 1989 and when Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker for The Dark Knight, where are the criticisms now? Oh yeah, that’s right, they proved critics wrong didn’t they?

        Just give it a chance guys, might be a pelasant surprise and besides, no one’s even been cast yet.

        Plus, didn’t Marvel let two TNA wrestlers (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) write a comic book late last year? Also Marvel have had Raven write a comic book too at several points since the 90s and Rob Van Dam had his open comic book store in LA for quite a few years so comic books and pro wrestling have mixed for a long time.

        John Krasinski….I always liked him so hope he gets the Quill role.

        • I personally still don’t like The Rock as an actor. He was okay in Fast 5, but I can’t think of another movie starring him that I enjoyed.

          I’ve just never been a fan of the whole WWE and fake-soap-opera-wrestling thing and I think the hardcore fans are so dedicated to the wrestlers, that they can’t see how bad they are as actors (I’m reminded of the “Gina Carano for Wonder Woman” campaign that some fans keep insisting on as well)

          That’s just my opinion though. I’m not saying all WWE wrestlers are bad actors, but in the general sense I think that is the case… from what I’ve seen.

          • Check out Faster if you haven’t. It’s pretty hardcore and very good.

      • Let’s just stick with Michael Rooker as one of the top internet contenders for the role, and whoever comes out being Drax, we’ll put Michael’s voice over it, and it’ll be fine.. lmao

    • Please no wwe wrestlers! Just another way that McMahon’s overzealous ego will be feed.I’d rather see vin diesel for the role of drax. Dave may not be with wwe anymore, but he’ll still be associated with it,and McMahon will promote it just 2 stroke that ego of his.

  2. I can’t wait for this movie but I’m not sure I could take Dave Bautista seriously.. I’m hoping for one of the other two guys.

    Also, I love Emily Blunt, please oh please I hope they cast her for something!!!!!!!!!

    • Emily Blunt is alright, but would be all wrong for Gamora. They need someone who comes across as more physical and dangerous–preferably a no-name actor for that part.

    • THANK YOU…. NO WWE DUDES EVER IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE if they want to be taken seriously NEVER CAST A WRESTLER it is the death call!! they are entertainers not actors..PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

      • Exactly! Wrestlers need 2 stick 2 the ring not the screen.

        • Wait…

          “They are entertainers, not actors”…

          Aren’t actors entertainers? Aren’t wrestlers acting when they play various gimmicks on TV and pay per view and not really supernatural monsters or arrogant d-bags?

          I don’t understand the hate or the blatant stupidity going on here.

          Who here likes Tiny Lister? Did you all complain when he played a role as a prominent prisoner in The Dark Knight that made the choice between blowing up the other boat or not? Do you remember that he actually wrestled in the late 80s and early-mid 90s as Zeus?

          Did the people of Minnesota care when they elected Jesse “The Body” Ventura to Governor?

          Did anyone complain when Stone Cold Steve Austin played a major villain in The Expendables? Or when Mickey Rourke played on in The Wrestler, with scenes filmed using actual wrestlers and actual shows? The Ram’s opponent played by Ernest “The Cat” Miller?

          Shall I name the celebrities that have been involved in pro wrestling since the 70s, including Mohammed Ali’s “boxer vs wrestler” match against Antonio Inoki in the 70s?

          Maybe people should stop commenting on something they clearly know nothing about.

          • Wrestlers may be entertainers, but being an entertainer doesn’t mean you’re an actor.
            Rihanna is an entertainer, but was she any good in Battleship? No.
            Justin the Beaver is an entertainer, but would you want to see him in a movie? No (I’m assuming).

            At the risk of sounding like a “thespian” here, acting is a profession. It is a craft that you must study and train for. Yes, acting does involve playing make-belief (and I can agree that most entertainers can do this just fine), but a good ACTOR can do so much more than that – even when the role is a fictitious CGI alien.

            And the thing that I keep coming back to when people suggest wrestlers, singers, etc. for acting jobs is, why hire an unqualified and probably untalented person for the job when there are over 130 000+ professional actors working in Hollywood today?

            • @ the avenger Thank you! most actors Yes are entertainers but it is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT KIND of entertainment!! sorry DIZZ I did not mean to upset your inner wrestling fanboy!!! Cmon them CLOWNS (which is exactly what they are) (wrestlers) cannot act!! PERIOD.

              the body LOL NOT A GOOD ACTOR
              even AWNOLD sucks as an actor
              the rock NOPE
              john cena LMAO!!!
              Bautista OMG your kidding
              being a GREAT ACTOR IS A CRAFT not just anyone can do it!! being a great entertaining wrestler (hulk hogan) was GREAT for his sport but an actor he IS NOT!!!

              • OOOPS YEAH LMAO AGAIN
                stone cold steve austin YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME NOT AN ACTOR but an entertaining wrestler he was!! but NOT AN ACTOR, and YES A GOOD ACTOR CAN PLAY A WRESTLER, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND

            • Robert Downey Jr’s average rating on RT is 56% out of 60 rated movies. Dwayne The Rock Johnson is 48% out of 21 rated movies. 8% difference. Just saying…

              • I saw you mentioned Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston as well. Mark Ruffalo is 55% at 30ish movies and Tom Hiddleston is 86% with 7 movies. Tom being the exception because he has no Hollywood credibility… just 7 movies. Good for him though with those ratings. But Ruffalo is less than RDJ. Still barely above The Rock. All 3 are considered rotten. I thought Id share.

              • A MOVIE rating has little to nothing to do with any individual actor’s performance. A movie can still be a turkey despite having good talent in it.

                • I love how elitist comic book fans are now, this is the same board screaming for people like Glenn Danzig or Chris Benoit (a dead wrestler who killed his family and himself) just because they are short and stocky.

                  Physique-wise wrestlers are the only people who fit the unrealistic stereo-type of what some people think comic book heroes should look like, and they wear all that spandex some fans are so keen to see in real life.

                  While I agree many wrestlers can’t really act, some of them at least have the advantage of having to perform in front of live audiences for a living so they might be able to develop some level of charisma. At a point though how much different are some of these pretty-boy, male model types they put in every movie then some wrestlers. They can’t act most of the time and just spend less time in the gym.

                  • +1

                • @mongoose: Exactly!

    • I can totally see Emily Blunt as Phyla-Vell, that would be perfect.

  3. Marvel is making a mistake with a guardians of the galaxy movie, it will flop hard, same with Ant-Man

    • Would you rather them not even try?

      • Some things are better off not being touched

      • @rob would you rather that spiderman3 never existed? or xmen origins? or batman and robin? cuz I would!! I’m just messing haha.. but I think thats where norrin is coming from.

        @norrin you’ve got a point dude but edgar wright is making ant man so we know its going to be a pretty good show regardless. wright hasn’t steered me wrong so far with his movies. guardians could be a disaster I hear you but it could also be really cool. Hopefully it will be more like TDKR or Avengers than Spiderman3.. heres hoping :)

        • None of those comparisons apply.

          Ant-Man and Guardians are first-time risks, and it’s pretty special that we’ve gotten to a point where they can attempt to bring them into theaters as big live-action blockbusters.

          What you should have said is would I rather Fox never have tried making X-Men, Sony Spider-Man or Warner Bros. Batman – and I would be pretty angry at anyone who said these studios should not have ever brought those to theaters.

          • Hey now! Don’t twist my words.. I love superhero movies especially Raimis Spidermans (the first two), Singers Xmen films, and Nolans Bmans. Sure I didn’t like Spiderman 3 or Xmen 3 but thats beside the point. All I meant is that superhero movies aren’t always what we hope for them to be. They dont always meet our expectations, some end up being pretty bad. I never said that studios should never have made any of them in the first place that’s ridiculous.

            Ant Man will be great, I have full faith in Edgar Wright. Guardians looks interesting.. I’ll be honest I’m kinda skeptical about it cuz I’m not familiarized with the source material and from what I’ve read the premise sounds pretty… wierd. I’m not against the studios taking a crack at it though, it could be a surprise hit.

    • @Radd, lol you just want to see a Silver Surfer movie, I can tell.

      As much as I hate Fox owning the writes to Silver Surfer, it would of made more scenes to have a Silver Surfer movie lead into Avengers 2 because that’s what they did in the comics. Silver Surfer lead into the Infinity Gauntlet event.

      • I want Silver Surfer to go back to Marvel so bad lol.

        • I’m with you on that too. There is so much they can do with him, in regards to Avengers, Guardians, and his solo films. They can even have an Annihilators movie, which would be epic.

          I totally can see FOX having Keanu Reeves play Norrin Radd, out of the Bill & Ted/Surfer stereotype.

  4. I want tom welling especially in the role of the villain, Tom would be super fantastic.

    • All he needs to do is act though.

    • Yes! he is good as a villain.

  5. I thought I saw Vic on the “short” list as well.

    Seriously, who is not on that list?

    • I’m not!

      • They should re-do that list then. lol

      • you should be Rob!!I think you would make a GREAT GAMORA! LOL j/k buddy, but you might be next!

      • I’m going in for a casting on monday. (Word on the street is they want a shorter Star Lord with less hair and a little bit of flabbiness around his middle!)

        • I am going as Drax (this version is a 6’5″ Danny Devito)

  6. Oh man, I really want Lee Pace as Star-Lord.

  7. John has a DC comic background? What is it?

    • There’s John, and then there’s one of the ex-Superman actors. I added the word “unnamed” to make that more clear.

  8. As a huge fan of krasinski I want him for star lord. I thougt about it a few weeks back and then just kinda let it go but if he gets it ill be happy. He a good diverse actor in my opinion.

    Blunt for gamora sounds good to me. She needs to be in a marvel movie same as lyndsy fonseca needs a role.
    Also I’d like to see Anna Kendrick in a marvel movie.

    And for drax ill go with wade. He was cool in te guardian. That’s all I know him from.

    Gotta say I was worried when I heard bout this film but every since the first concept art came out I’ve been more and more excited for it.

  9. I hope rough doesn’t get the role because I’d not care for him as an actor Welling can actually pull off acting fairly (I think) I don’t want Levi just because I want to avoid confusion, and Levitt is also a pretty good acto so he could work but I’d like to see him as Batman in the justice league which will most likely be terrible but I just think he could work as batman (I really want him as Batman Beyond other than that I’m not that interested), I’ve never seen Krasinski in anything though his name does ring a bell, but I guess he could work out but I’m not the best to judge on that. As for Drax, looking at the three choices I’d say Wade I just think he looks the part the mosti don’t think ive seen him in anything but I also think Mustafa would work its good to know that he is a marvel fan can probably see him as Cage to but he just may not be big enough not to say that he isn’t muscular he just isn’t bulky like Cage usually is in the comics.

    • I see you’ve discovered the comma. Good on you. Now master the period, at least, please. Your single continuous sentence is nigh impossible to comprehend.

  10. Is every young male actor in Hollywood on that shortlist now?
    Geez Marvel, you have some good choices. Just pick JGL or Rosenbaum already! :P

    • At this point I see it as just a way to bring attention to the project.

      • Bingo…

  11. I think the old spice guy looks like he could pull off Drax! This is not about color but I really think it is high time marvel puts some color in their films! dude has the cut body and looks the part I really wish that this movie would be R rated but Marvel will not let that happen (more money in kids) and you just cannot alienate them so I di get it, but ex cons in space? just sounds R rated RIGHT?

    • Let’s see if you’re right…

      Anime shows that have ex-cons in space: Cowboy Bebop; Outlaw Star….no “R” material there…but they were excellently written and artistic….

      Live Action Outlaws in Space: FireFly….nope no R material there….Han Solo from Star Wars? nope…no “R” there….

      Gore, sex and vulgarity don’t make good stories or characters. Often time it dumbs them down and makes them one dimensional. Think of Bane from TDKR, viscous, evil, methodical, influential, intelligent and tough…did just enough to make you know you fear him but not enough for an “R.” Which is right where you need your characters.

      • I would add The Avengers’ Loki to that as well. The scene where he spouts off to Black Widow. “This is my bargain you mewling quim!” That one line! WOW! look at the language there! The whole monologue was filled with rich language vile in meaning but not sound. The monologue he gave in Germany, the one that states: “this is your true position…you were made to be ruled.” No cursing, we didn’t see the face get torn up but we saw the body go stiff, we saw Loki’s smirk, we heard the whirring of the machine the whole scene to then be increased by the stark contrast (pun intended) of Steve Rogers’ altruistic character along with a less winded but equally poignant speech…amazing work…simply amazing and not R. R ratings don’t guarantee anything positive.


      • fire fly was OK dude dont get your panties in a bunch!!! maybe even a lil goofy

        and Han solo was made for the kiddies I LOVED HIM AS A KID but now I do think he is kinda corny!!
        I dont care about the sex or gore just saying that a bunch of ex-cons in space protecting the galaxy could use a little VIOLENCE!! if you have ever seen a real prison or a real ex-con they are not the most polite and caring and ooops I cant say a bad word or cause someone to bleed kind of ppl!!
        I do like your Bane reference he was about the ONLY good one on your
        Your Loki reference is pretty good but that all depends on the writing BUT IF LOKI WAS FROM EARTH I CAN GUARANTEE HIS WORDS WOULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT!! and it would not have fased me or my kids which I DONT SHIELD FROM REAL LIFE! they know what swearing and gore is they are teenagers and it is life
        they hear more swearing AT SCHOOL than I ever did but that dont mean it will make them terrible ppl it is just life!! IM not saying that it needs to be there but real world is not at all NICEY NICE and NO BLOOD
        that does not make a good movie but I would not mind for an adult cbm!!

  12. Yeah, they are deff trying everyone for Peter Quill. I wouldn’t argue with them, looking at an actor with a comedian background for Pete cuz those actors will be the only ones to truly capture Pete’s personality; the comedian hero.

    John Krasinski needs to build up his muscles for the role but I can see him pull off Pete better than the others on the shortlist.

    As for Drax, I had a feeling they would look at Bautista but we need someone better at acting. Manu Bennett would be a good Drax.

  13. I think most of you who say WWE wrestlers chould stay in the ring and not act are ALL WRONG!! WWE wrestlers look more like comic characters than ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!! They are bigger, taller, buffer and more badass. Honestly, who fives a flup about acting???? Its a freaking MARVEL COMICS movie, what do you want aliens and Shakespeare??? The Rock is a boss, and so are the rest. AND THEY SHOULD BE CAST!!!!

    • Aliens and Shakespeare is exactly what we got. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki was fantastic. RDJ’s Tony Stark is spot on and Chris Evans’ portrayal of the good Captain is surprisingly convincing. Mark Ruffalo nailed Bruce Banner and when he admits of his attempt at suicide you feel the desperation in his voice. Other actors mailed in their performances but not those guys (Chris Hemsworth gets an honorable nod as well.) So to answer your question, yes, I want aliens and Shakespeare, because if we don’t have good acting we end up with Batman and Robin or Last Stand.

      • Wrong!! Batman and Robin and X-3 wasn’t the actors faults, they had a perfectly good cast, it was Directors fault bro, they are the ones with the final say remember? The problems with those movies was plot and storyline, cinematography, music, script and character development. Don’t blame the actors. Ever seen “Faster” with the The Rock? Prooves he can act, and I bet under the right direction ANY WWE star could act well too

        • …I didn’t say anything about WWE stars…or The Rock…I’m confused at your response. I meant no hostility. Sure, maybe I picked some epically bad movies as examples that weren’t totally the actors’ faults. That is my fault. However, to say Chris O’Donnell was good would be a stretch…anywho, my point was simply that we got good acting AND aliens and that its not too much to ask. If I do read correctly on the thread here, it was you who initially questioned the acting ability of WWE stars by making the statement:

          “who fives a flup about acting???? Its a freaking MARVEL COMICS movie, what do you want aliens and Shakespeare???”

          I was simply stating that yes, indeed, I want both and, yes, indeed, we got both. I’m sorry if in some way I offended your sensibilities or ideals…bro.

    • @Bryan, I’m with you cuz I’d like to see Eve Torres as Gamora.

      • I’ve seen Eve Torres act…that would not be a good choice…

        • @DFresh, I’ve never seen Eve Torres act so your word is better than mine on that part. From what you’ve seen of her, what kind of acting scenes have you seen her in, where she was just terrible?

          I’ve read every issue of Guardians and never have I’ve seen Gamora put into huge dramatic situations; that include romance, crying, etc. Gamora is pretty much the female version of anyone on The Expendables (both movies). She slices up aliens, gets into bar fights, shoots 1st, never backs down, flirts with guys, and always makings wise crack comments toward the enemy. I don’t see much dramatic acting experience needed. Gamora is badass/the most deadliest woman in the galaxy, we will need an actress who can play that role.

          Only dramatic scene I’ve seen her in, was when, she was exposed to the heavy radiation of the surface of a sun, in order to save the team. She got burnt to a crisp and survived ofc and that made her a hero.

          However Gemma Arterton or Adrianne Palicki would be my next pick for Gamora.

    • Because looks are everything right?
      Acting ability, screen-presence and charisma play no part?

      I agree with DFresh. If you take a movie like The Avengers as an example, no director can get the same type of performance out of wrestlers than they can out of professional actors like Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston.

      There’s a reason why actors act for a living, and wrestlers punch each other for a living.

      (I’m speaking in the general sense of course.)

      • @the Avenger

        Thank you for understanding what I was trying to convey. I don’t comment much but I do read them often and I must say you are one of the commenters that I actually listen to. Just thought I’d let you know so you could keep up the good work.

        • Thanks man!
          Reading your comments on this thread, I happen to agree with everything you’ve said. I hope you stick around and comment a bit more. It’s nice to have like-minded people to discuss movies with – not that I don’t enjoy sharing opinions with others who feel differently as well, but you get the point… :D

          • ^^ I think you two have made a love connection. Bromance, WOOHOO!

  14. so many castings wow..

  15. Wow! WWE wrestlers being cast… I didn’t think GOTG was a good idea for a movie in the first place but reading this casting article makes me fear even more. Seriously with all the Marvel characters out there why GOTG? Especially now when Disney has Star Wars!

    Please put your money in something else… Anything – Antman, Solo Colossus movie, solo Iceman movie, Black Panther… Anything but this.

    • Ant-Man is happening, though details are scarce as we have a while to wait :( Black panther proably wont happen till phase 3, and colossus and iceman belong to fox right now.

  16. Keep the wrestlers in a cage and hitting each other with chairs! because NONE OF THEM cold ull off what ANY ACTOR did on the avengers! I do think that the acting matters and if we would have had hulk hogan play THOR we would have all ben on our knees laughing at what a joke that movie would have been! actors act because that is their JOB they take pride in it just like the wrestlers that WRESTLE! but wrestlers are not (That I have seen yet) very good at acting! maybe if Drax keeps his mouth shut and is just a brutting thug MAYBE but if he needs to ACT then ABSOLUTELY NEVER!!

    • Roddy Piper was good in They Live. George “The Animal” Steele rocked in Ed Wood. Wrestlers are generally better in physical roles. Just sayin’…

  17. If anyone has already mentioned this, than I appoligize in advance, but I think John Krasinski would make a better Ant-Man. He fits more of the everyday man look, which would be more realistic in showing a lack of confidence in himself, compared to the other Avengers I mean. What are your thoughts?

    • ehh, well in the original Comics Henry Pym was a decent looking, prominent scientst with blond-brown hair. When it comes to the original origin of him in the super hero biz, he discovered the shrinking particles(in a formula, liquid, then gas, the pill, then finally cyberneticly controlled) by accident and becomes The Man in the Anthill(during his adventure he is saved by an ant from the other ants and respects them from now on). he later becomes a superhero after his first wife(a freedom fighter from behind the iron curtian is killed on their honeymoon to hungary[bad idea]) then from some of her last words he decides to keep any other innocents from suffering and take up the alterego of Antman because of her words, and the ant that saved him(his costume is made of steel mesh to protect him, the helmet allows him to talk to ants. He meets Janet Van dyne shortly before her father is killed by a space creature, he then decides to let her in on his alterego, and gives her one as well, calling her the wasp and implanting wings and antennaes on her(they only show up when she shrinks, the attenaes later fell off and were replaced by electronic ones in her head gear). He used a network of ants to alert him to any crimes or disasters, and of course can control and communicate with them(he can also talk to other insects as well, and later gives Wasp the ability to do the same with wasps of course).

      now on another note is Giant-Man, his second dual alter-ego(he is only refered to it at normal or large size, he is refered to antman at shruken size), obviously he was messing with the growth serum, and accidently made himself larger, at first he could not exceed 12 ft or else he would collapse under his own weight. Later he gained 35FT as his optimal height, but could grow to 100Ft, however was extremely weak at this height(this would later be partialy remedied, and I believe max all time hieght is 200FT), he still could communicate with ants of course, and later on enhanced his cybernetic hardware in his helmet, allowing him to not only shrink/grow himself and Wasp, but other beings as well to use as a weapon(this was near the end of his stint in tales to astonish, in case you are wondering I got essential ant-man earlier this week ;) ).
      think that covers pym himself, oh and Wasp followed him around because of her love for him, though he was still traumaticly mentaly scarred by his first wife’s death

      if you want me to do a notable villian cap up from the classic comics, I can do so, just ask you guys

      • BTW I meant notable Ant-man villians, there arent a ton, however some arent that bad, some are decent in fact(like one of the 2 or 3 mutant villians that marvel could actualy use, because here appeared with antman first) I think I also remember one or two from later on as well, just give me an ask and I will do some mini-profiles

  18. John Krasinski would be the best choice….IMO

  19. While everyone seems to be talking about Bautista, I am turning my attention to another one on the list. I really want the Old Spice Guy to get the part of Drax.

    • “I’m on a horse.”

  20. Tom Hardy Gets cast as Bane
    Fan reaction = “Oh my God Bark Knight Rise will suck”

    dwayne johnson Cast in fast 6
    Fan reaction = “Oh my God fast 6 will suck”

    Taylor Kitsch cast as John Carter
    Fan reaction = “Oh my God John Carter will be great”

    Alexander Skarsgård cast in Battleship
    Fan reaction = “Oh my God Battleship will be great”

    My point If a Wrestler can fit the role for Drax lets do it. Because you have to be a real good actor to get into one of there movies. Wrestler or not

  21. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Old Spice guy as Drax. I’m not really liking these new casting rumors for Star Lord though.

  22. Wade looks the best as Drax from these pictures.

    I don’t know about Peter Quill. I can’t get Nathan Fillion out of my mind as the perfect Star-Lord but I know he won’t accept the role, especially since it’s too close to what his Firefly role was. (And I guess he’s too old for the role now, too.)

    Sigh. Well, whoever they cast, it’ll be an interesting movie either way.

    • Too old? Unless he has wrinkles and grey hair, an actor’s real age doesn’t mean much in movies. Stacy Dash was 29(!) when she played a high schooler in Clueless.

  23. Out of all the Star Lord choices, I say either Edgerton or JGL.

    No to any of the Drax choices. None of them can act for s***. Go for Dominic Purcell or Luke Goss.

    I’m most curious as to who they get for Rocket Raccoon though (Jason Statham or Ray Winstone plz).

  24. I dunno why, but Danny Trejo shaved right down just came in my head for Drax, dont ask me why but it just sounds right to me.

  25. The Rock would make a great Drax, surprised no one has brought that up.

    Krasinski as Star-Lord? I dunno. I would much rather see him as an Edgar Wright Dr. Pym in Ant-Man. That scenario makes a lot more sense.

    And hey, if we are talking about wrestlers as comic characters… Trish Stratus would make a perfect Ms. Marvel…

    … if only she could act.

    for me BRANDON ROUTH OR LEE PACE best choices …but still want Brandon more ..he was awesome as superman :D