Guardians of the Galaxy: John C. Reilly Offered Key Role In Marvel Cinematic Universe

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John C Reilly Carnage Guardians of the Galaxy: John C. Reilly Offered Key Role In Marvel Cinematic Universe

The S.H.I.E.L.D. organization noticeably absent in the story of Iron Man 3 is making a return in a big way, both this fall in Joss Whedon’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. live-action TV series, picked up for a full season by ABC, and next year in Captain America: The Winter Soldier where S.H.I.E.L.D. will take center stage.

The group, headed up by Director Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), will expand to see many new faces over the next two years. As we learned this weekend, it may get a few more is the most unexpected of places: Oscar-nominated actor and funnyman John C. Reilly has been offered a role in Guardians of the Galaxy as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

HitFix has the scoop which not only details the potential new casting addition, but many of the possible story and character elements of the film that writer and director James Gunn’s screenplay may draw from. They also have word that Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are being brought in to help polish the script.

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art 570x248 Guardians of the Galaxy: John C. Reilly Offered Key Role In Marvel Cinematic Universe

Markus and McFeely have solidified their roles in the Marvel family and not unlike overseer and Avengers 2 writer/director Joss Whedon, have a large part in shaping Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They got their start with Marvel having co-written Captain America: The First Avenger and have since helped co-write Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Guardians of the Galaxy is their fourth Marvel film.

By utilizing the same family of writers Feige forming a team of sorts, using Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely for multiple films, all overseen by Joss Whedon. Drew Pearce who wrote the now-canned Runaways for Marvel Studios was brought in to help write Iron Man 3, and almost had a gig helping polish the Guardians of the Galaxy screenplay as well. Don’t be surprised to see his name attached to one of the Phase Three Marvel films.

Nova Marvel Comics Art Guardians of the Galaxy: John C. Reilly Offered Key Role In Marvel Cinematic Universe

As for the new details on Guardians of the Galaxy, HitFix’s source claims that John C. Reilly – a Disney favorite for starring in Wreck-It Ralph - is in talks for the role of Rhomann Dey. Marvel Comics readers may know Dey as the alien leader of Nova Corps who passed on his power and role to the human Richard Rider – the most popular Nova and previous leader of the Corps, but after seeing Iron Man 3, we know better than to assume Marvel Studios is going closely follow character and story arcs from the books. The film version of Rhomann Dey will (as the report indicates) be human, serving as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, a handler of sorts for the Guardians.

Knowing that the film will take place “95% in space” according to James Gunn and Marvel Studios Pres Kevin Feige, the role may be limited, but it’ll be recurring as a long-term contract for multiple pictures. HitFix describes Dey as the Agent Coulson of the Guardians, but he’s not the only key human character. He may have a partner also liaising for the Guardians of the Galaxy and the names of interest include Hugh Laurie, Alan Rickman and Ken Watanabe. All four actors would be welcome additions to the Marvel franchise.

Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Rocket Raccoon Wal Russ 570x276 Guardians of the Galaxy: John C. Reilly Offered Key Role In Marvel Cinematic Universe

As for the characters officially revealed to star in Guardians of the Galaxy, a few more details about them have emerged as well:

  • Rocket Raccoon will be joined by fellow intelligent animal from the planet Halfworld, Wal Russ (pictured above), when he first appears in the movie. The two are guards of The Keystone Quadrant, a sectioned off star system for the criminally insane where animals were genetically engineered with bipedal walking abilities and human-level intelligence to serve as caretakers. Moviegoers may be in for some wacky characters (see: Cosmo the space dog).
  • The other key piece of info is yet another villain rumor, joining the list that already includes The Collector, The Controller and most recently, Ronan the Accuser. Thanos will be involved in the film, much like he will for The Avengers 2, but he won’t be the main antagonist, instead serving as the big baddie behind the scenes. HitFix claims that Michael Rooker’s Yondu Udonta is the main bad guy (described as a “space pirate”), a major deviation from the comics where Yondu is actually one of the original Guardians and a good guy.
  • Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) may not be playing the main villain either as previously reported, as his character may start as a threat but “switch sides” during the film. We don’t know who he’s playing yet but he may be being set up for a future spinoff film of his own, hinting that he could be playing someone like Captain Mar-Vell (who has connections with Ronan the Accuser and the Kree alien empire) or Adam Warlock (a crucial character involved with the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos is after – as seen in Thor). The other, less likely possibility is that he’s playing Black Bolt, leader of The Inhumans which may be a Phase Three Marvel film.

At this stage, fans who followed the development of all the post-Iron Man films know how out of control rumors and speculation can become. Knowing that Marvel Studios is not restricted to remaining faithful to the comics means that any character can be altered, dropped or merged with others, so predicting how James Gunn’s “twisted” story will play out is impossible. The film hasn’t even begun shooting, let alone finished casting, and we already have four different rumored villain possibilities not including Thanos.

Who would you like Lee Pace to play and what villain should serve as the primary antagonist in Guardians of the Galaxy?


Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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Source: HitFix

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  1. I think Ronan the accuser should be the main villian with Thanos remaining behind the scenes until avengers 2 or 3.hate to sound like a broken record, but it’s really to bad that Marvel doesn’t have the rights to the FF films, because there’s no question that Galactus would be the main antagonist.

  2. I care very little for the MCU but I am BEYOND excited for this film. James Gunn did a great job with the superhero/vigilante film “Super” and I’m sure that a whacky director of his stature is needed for an even crazier bunch like the Guardians. “Super” alone shows that he has a really odd sense of humor and it’s also something that’s VERY present in the GotG comics.

    ALSO, him meeting with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (writers of the film’s source material) not only gets a great deal of respect in my book, but them tweeting that the film is in great hands got me more excited!

    hope this helped for those who are “worried” or “aren’t sure about this film”

    • I really enjoyed Super, thought it was better than Kick-Ass.

      • Agreed. The most “real” take on a costumed vigilante. Really dives into how emotionally disturbed and psychologically unstable a person would have to be to actually attempt being a costumed hero.

        • Super is on my list of shame of movies I haven’t watched yet.
          I’ve had it saved on my DVR for almost a year now but I always put it off.

          • Super is the reason I can’t take Batman seriously anymore.

    • i agree completely, i was at first skeptical since the announcement of this film, then marvel did something awesome and hired james gunn, to write and direct. dawn of the dead, slither, super all great films. written by gunn. he is incredibly twisted, but he is so real. he connects to something a lot of filmmakers nowadays dont even touch upon, or maybe its that the studios decide to hire other writers to take beautiful scripts and make it about what they think the audience wants to see. (see the writing duo currently touching every marvel movie. its not a bad thing to keep a team of writers and ask them to help out with the script, especially if you are trying to keep everything cohesive. i just hope marvel doesnt ask this writing team to completely change these scripts for their own amusement. gunn is crazy talented im sure its all about keeping the films connected, especially since they didnt help with iron man 3 which was clearly a closing chapter to phase 1 and not a beginning to phase 2. i think marvel is just trying to make it all happen now. i hope!

  3. Him!!! No way, no sh*t !

  4. Guardians of the Galaxy, starring Dr. Steve Brule.

    For Your Health!

    • Damn you beat me too it!

      For your broats!

      • How funny would it be if he turns out to be the Watcher?

        John C. Reilly as the Watcher, who shows up and acts like Steve Brule during crucial moments…

        “Wh-what are you doing? Th- that’s the cosmic cube ya dingus!”

        • Hahaha! More like, “Cosmic Crube” ya dingus! LOL

          It would be funny to see Star-Lord have a flashback and in that flashback the video quality is of that early 90s public access video quality. There we see Pete meeting with Kang (John C. Reilly as Kang) and that’s when Kang gives Pete the broken Cosmic Cube saying, “Price of Spartan, you can have my broken Cosmic Crube. You fix with a hammer dumb dumb. For your time!”

          • Okay, coffee literally just went up and out of my nose and onto my laptop.

            Now I actually want these ridiculous things to happen.

            Jan and Wayne Skylar: Married Cosmic News Team.

            • Lmao!! Hahaha! That’s awesome! I’m not paying for you’re new laptop lol

              For Your Technology!

              Lol “Jan and Wayne Skylar: Married Cosmic News Team” that would be the greatest thing to happen to the MCU.

  5. If we look at the brief synopsis that was given for GotG I’m sure there will most likely be appearance or at the very least nods/cameos by a few of the potential villains listed. Since the main thrust of the plot seem to be that the GotG are on the run having taken/acquired something everybody wants.. it’s seem pretty logical that you’d have pirates, law enforcment and other species all vying to capture them and obtain whatever they posess. So Yondu the space pirate/mercenary fits nicely as a hired gun to catch them.. also Ronan fits as well since I’m sure the Kree want to tech for themselves as they prob see it as a threat if it were to fall into the wrong hands, lastly thr Nova corps (the be honest I don’t know much about and dont really understand how they “police” a galaxy and what their deal is with the Kree or Skrulls or Shiar in the comics) but since GofG are viewed as outlaws, it would make sense that they would also be pursuing them. Intro Nova.. Since GotG is led by a human, its plausible they would recruit a human as what better way to understand the percieved enemy than to hire from the same species type scenario.

    Anyways, multiple “villains” all chasing the GotG crew may be why so many villain rumors are popping up.

    • The Kree, The Shi’ar, The Xandarians, and The Spartoi are all apart of Cosmic Culture and follow the Cosmic Laws. The Nova Corps are the police force who enforce those Cosmic Laws. They’re all under a Cosmic Treaty.

      In fact, the Kree and the Shi’ar went to war once for going against their Cosmic agreement. The Nova Corps did get involved and arrested Gladiator’s sister etc. etc.

      Shield is to Earth as to Nova Corps is to Cosmic Culture. If anything, it would be the Kree or the Nova Corps to assemble the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the comics, it was the Kree who assembled them. However from all this news coming out, it sounds like it will be the Nova Corps to assemble them this time around and that would be a greater idea.

      • Wasn’t it the Kree who created the Cosmic Cube/Tesseract?

        • There have been tons of cosmic cubes throughout the Marvel Universe. They evolve into actual beings which is crazy!

          • Galactus used to be one if memory serves.

            • Really? I thought he was just the last man of the previous universe?

              • Yes, you’re right. Galactus was the last being from the previous universe. I don’t think he has any connections to the cosmic cube like that.

      • Wow cool. Thanks for this info Gardian Outlaw. Wonder to what depth these various inter-species/ space culture finamics will be explained/explored in the film. One thing is for sure though, doubt the Shiar will be part of that since they may fall under Fox/xmen, but not sure on that.

        • Yeah np man. It’s a pleasure. If you really like the whole Cosmic Culture aspect, you’ll love the new Marvel NOW! Guardians of the Galaxy. In issue one, they showed a council meeting of the Galactic Cultural Leaders. They were discussing what to do with Earth etc. It’s some really cool stuff.

          Also, seeing that the new comics are basing themselves off of the upcoming movies, I wouldn’t be surprised if we do see them further explored.

          • Great read, I’d suggest everyone interested in the GOTG movie and Marvel in general read them.

  6. There’s no source on this scoop whatsoever, the info sounds cool, but it’s so hard to believe all these people putting unsubstantiated fan casts online and then all my favorite websites reprint them like fact

    • That’s exactly what goes through my head each time I read an article on here.

    • HitFix’s insider is the source. Unfortunately, leaked info can’t be sourced unless someone wants to lose their job and face legal ramifications.

      • The reporter to that HitFix article didn’t sound like he knew what he was talking about. A lot of info on their contradicts other news that has came out. News specifically revealed by James Gunn.

        John C. Reilly to play Rhomann Dey makes scenes.

        However HitFix said that Shield will be controlling the Guardians. Shield is based on Earth. Gunn said, Guardians is based in another Galaxy. So right there is a dead give away, HitFix might be full of it.

        Shield can hardly contain a Cosmic Cube so now how are they controlling a cosmic team from an entirely different Galaxy?

        To me, that HitFix reported must of misinterpreted the entire Shield in charge of Guardians aspect because the Nova Corps is pretty much what Shield is to Earth in Cosmic Culture.

        • There’s a difference between controlling the Guardians and being their handler on Earth.

        • I don’t recall anyone taking about controlling the Guardians, just someone reporting as a liason – which 100% will be the case in some way, if it’s not this character, than someone else. The Guardians of the Galaxy are leading into The Avengers 2 and elements of Phase Three. They’re not in a separate universe despite how much of the film takes place in the cosmos.

          • When I said, “control” I meant “keeping inline.”

            “[Rhomann Dey] is the human agent who serves as a go-between, keeping the Guardians in line and reporting to SHIELD about their activities.”

            Gunn said, Guardians are to be in a different galaxy. So right there with Dey reporting to Shield doesn’t make much sense.

            “Groot, for example, originally comes to Earth looking to experiment on humans, but Nick Fury talks him out of his and convinces him to help us instead.”

            Again, this movie takes place in a different Galaxy and this reporter’s grammar is from another galaxy too. It’s “out of it” not “out of his.”

            Also, Wal Russ was never apart of the Guardians or Rocket Raccoon’s new adventures with Groot. Having Russ apart of the team wouldn’t make scene. People like Goldilocks here would be turned off by him too. People like Goldilocks are the general audience.

            DnA gave Gunn the thumbs up. If this confusing info was true, there wouldn’t be a thumbs up to give.

            The only part that does make scene is when they said, “Basically, [Rhomann Dey] has been designed as the Agent Coulson of the “Guardians” movies.”

            However Dey would be more Nick Fury than Coulson and the Nova Corps acting as the S.h.i.e.l.d. to their Cosmic Culture does make brilliant scene too.

      • It just seems like anyone with an Internet account can pull a Wardell or El Mayimbe and drop whatever “scoops” they want and we’re going to read them. Marvel isn’t going to confirm or deny anything, and of course they “can’t reveal their sources”. So what makes any of this credible?

        • I agree with Vonarndt, there are so many times these “scoops” have been proven false. The only actual reveals to believe are from the official studio.

  7. John C. Reilly, wow! Now there would be some much needed star power for this movie to bring in the general audiences!

  8. Movie sounds like its shaping into something great looking forward to it.

  9. John C. Reilly to play Rhomann Dey. Wow that’s an awesome fit. He has the face features I’d imagine Dey to have. Reilly is also a very great actor in serious roles too. Can’t wait to see him as the voice of the Worldmind.

    Sounds like Lee Pace will be playing Adam Warlock another great fit. Warlock has always been that sketchy character to turn evil on the Guardians. Great to see that now we get the opposite.

  10. Key Role? John C. Reilly as THE BEYONDER.

  11. John C. Reilly is so so under appreciated IMO. He’s an amazing comedic and dramatic actor and Walk Hard is one of my favorite comedies.
    My point is that adding him to any movie is a positive thing, especially to GotG, which is a film I’m still on the fence about.

    • Good post. Some people forget that he was in a couple of dramas before being in comedies.

      • Hard eight, Magnolia and The Thin Red Line to name a few.

  12. I really hope this film does well, but I have some serious doubts (because of the lack of “seriousness” in the film: rocketer racoons, talking trees, walrus guards, etc.) Of course I will watch it, but if it does implode on itself, it will be like a black hole or supernova exploding in space–kaboom!!–and the flack will probably splatter on The Avengers.

    • “Serious” John Carter was a bomb; this, it seems, will be more entertaining. I think it will be a hit.

    • @Goldilocks, That won’t happen bcuz Nova has gravimetric powers and that will prevent any implosions.

  13. He could be a pretty funny agent, but being a voice for a talking animal would be great too.

  14. “But after seeing Iron Man 3, we know better than to assume Marvel Studios is going closely follow”

    Let’s not act like Marvel is the only company not following the source material. Every comic book movie too date has taken liberties with their characters.

    • 100%.

      But Marvel making Marvel movies is not the same as Fox making Marvel movies.

      • But is it really that different? People like keep bringing up the Mandarin as Marvels big departure, but if IM3 was the first time you noticed a difference in character or story event in the MCU from the comics, may I suggest going back and rewatching all the previous movies from Marvel Studios?

        • I think so. There’s a vast mindset change from Iron Man 1 and The Incredible Hulk to what happened after Disney bought Marvel. Vic actually talks about that on last week’s podcast and his conversations with Jon Favreau back then.

          The Mandarin thing is equivalent to The Winter Soldier not being Bucky. Could you imagine that? It won’t happen, but it’s the same idea.

        • Liberties, yes, in part because lots of things don’t translate well to live action but The Mandarin was a good 3 steps over the line of a good and respectful change.

    • Every film adaptation of every book ever has taken liberties with the source material. It’s a thing.

  15. I’m really sensing a Spiderman 3 happening with Guardians.

    • I’m sensing that you’re wrong.

    • That would be unfortunate, strawbear.

  16. I don’t think this was mentioned, but I believe Comic Book Movie is referencing the same source and saying that Lee Pace could be up for Nova (in addition to the other possible characters mentioned in the article).

    • I saw the Lee Pace maybe Nova thing, also.

  17. I can’t post my comment because it was considered, spam” and blocked….WTH?

    • Listed as “WordPress” on the tag

      Sorry, but your comment seems to be Spam and has been blocked.

      • Mongoose, stop spamming this site :)

        • never…NEVAR!!!

  18. How about Annihilus? Incorporate the Annihilation Wave. That’s what brought the new Guardians together in the first place, and you had the Kree, Skrull and a lot of the Marvel space characters together in one place.

  19. Sam Alexander is the current Nova. It was believed Richard Rider was killed with Starlord when facing Thanos in the Cancerverse. He is still very likely alive considering Quill is alive and kicking in Guardians right now.

  20. Could this movie get any cooler? I am super excited for this one. I cannot wait!!

  21. Here hoping to see cameos from the Cosmic gods (or at least Kronos)/Eternity’s Cosmic Brigade.

  22. GOTG a be rally good or it can be a huge mess with all thes charactrs