‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Images: Rockets, Spaceships & Alien Worlds

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Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Art Guardians of the Galaxy Images: Rockets, Spaceships & Alien Worlds

Once upon a time, there were many fans of the Marvel comic book universe who felt concerned that a property such as Thor might be a bit too “out there” to go over well with the general moviegoing public, as part of Marvel Studios’ Cinematic Universe. How things have changed, now that the quirky intergalactic citizens of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic world are readying to make their screen debut in one of the most anticipated geek movie releases of the year. (Not to mention, Phase 3 of the MCU will continue to bring on the “weirdness,” with Ant-Man and Doctor Strange films.)

Guardians, co-written and directed by James Gunn (Slither, Super), is certainly a peculiar intellectual property, even by the comic book movie genre’s standards. The latest slew of Guardians film images officially released by Marvel – which, if we’re being up front, are really just studio-sanctioned high-quality screenshots taken of the most recent trailer – call attention to that, by featuring a planet-like floating head called Knowhere and a spaceship that shares its name with the Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie, among other curiosities.

As a quick rundown of the characters pictured here, we have Drax the Destroyer (David Bautista), a “maniac” who is apparently as heartbroken as he is full of rage; Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace), a “religious fanatic” who serves an even more dangerous master; Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper), a convict and lively fellow, who enjoys building bombs for fun as much as everyone else does; and Mr. Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel), a treelike being who is content to spend his days either carting around Rocket on his shoulder or handing out flowers to children. Also, that’s Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) wearing his helmet and doing his best John Carter impersonation.


guardians galaxy star lord 1024x517 Guardians of the Galaxy Images: Rockets, Spaceships & Alien Worlds

guardians galaxy rocket 1024x517 Guardians of the Galaxy Images: Rockets, Spaceships & Alien Worlds

guardians galaxy milano 1024x517 Guardians of the Galaxy Images: Rockets, Spaceships & Alien Worlds

guardians galaxy ronan accuser 1024x517 Guardians of the Galaxy Images: Rockets, Spaceships & Alien Worlds

guardians galaxy knowhere 1024x517 Guardians of the Galaxy Images: Rockets, Spaceships & Alien Worlds

guardians galaxy groot 1024x517 Guardians of the Galaxy Images: Rockets, Spaceships & Alien Worlds

guardians galaxy drax destroyer 1024x517 Guardians of the Galaxy Images: Rockets, Spaceships & Alien Worlds

Gunn, in the past, has earned his reputation by crafting off-kilter indie film that’ve gone on to become semi-cult movies over the years since their initial release; it’s his commitment to being cleverly bizarre and twisted that earned The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron writer/director Joss Whedon’s stamp of approval, where it concerns Gunn being the man hired by Marvle to realize the world of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book on the big screen, in the first place.

Whedon has also praised Gunn for the heart that he pours into his crazy cinematic concoctions – and, if the latter’s comments about how Guardians is really a film about family, love, and “giving a s**t” prove true, then this upcoming Marvel Studios’ release could be the title that properly introduces the larger moviegoing masses to what Gunn’s particular artistic style is like.


Guardians of the Galaxy opens in U.S. theaters on August 1st, 2014.

Source: Marvel

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  1. Who’s the purple dude with the hammer in Pic4?

    • Ronan the Accuser. Bad guy in the movie, bad/neutral/good guy in the comics.

      • I still can’t believe that Thranduil the Elven King is playing Ronan the Accuser.

        • Well, the Kree are a tiny bit Elfisch? 😛

    • Thats ronan the accuser you tool. Why are you even here if u dont know that

      • Easy Chris, put your bit in.

      • Oh right ronan dumb ass. Everybody knows ronan the …

      • Wow.

      • Maybe he’s here because he’s interested in a movie he doesn’t know anything about? Marvel wouldn’t be nearly as successful as they are if they only cater to comic-book readers.

    • That’s boy george

      • and what do ya know it is delmir the DC fangirl that does NOTHING but bash on Marvel but praise ALL things…. or should I say the only thing DC, BvS!! Dude GO AWAY and stick to what you are good at, kissing DC BUTT-HOLE

    • Considering they’re showing blue Kree like Ronan, I wonder if they’re going to introduce pink Kree or drop that part and just have them all blue.

      • Blue…pink…hey’ it’s the Power rangers!

        The top picture reminds me of some guy skipping through a field of flowers tossing poseys and singing “Tra-laa-laa”! Except the landscape looks like some barren place or planet…could it be in outer space? I wonder…!

  2. knowhere is a chitauri head?

    • Celestial. A Chitauri head would be a bit on the small side, haha

  3. Wow! They all look amazing! Loving the Drax image! It reminds me of when he took on the Annihilation Wave solo.

  4. ‘Marvle’

    • that is the “French” version of marvel!! LOL

  5. I guess marvel figures they can put out anything at this point and people will watch it. I really didn’t need to see “Alvin and the Chipmunks in Space”.

    • Hm. Seems like you’re basing opinion on a trite preconception, instead of whether the movie is enjoyable.

      • So all the people making positive comments have actually seen the film already? GTFO.

        • That statement doesn’t even make sense on a sarcastic level. People can point out things they like or dislike, or they can speculate on how the movie turns out. You are blowing it off based on nothing.

        • Life kinda sucks for DC fanboys right now, eh L-dog? Agents of Shield suddenly got good, this movie’s about to come out, and the 2015 movies look incredible, as well. Meanwhile, DC has cast the role of Aquaman. Oh well. At least Arrow is a pretty good show.

          • Why do Marvel fans always assume that anyone who doesn’t like Marvel must be a DC fan? You DO realize that there are movies and TV shows out there that aren’t made by Marvel or DC, right?

            • Excuse me but I must:

              Why must no brainer comments bash people who support Marvel and call them Marvel-ites? HM? HMM? HMMMMMM? You know that it isn’t ‘I support Marvel, Imma marvel ite’ or ‘i support DC, Imma DC fan,’ really? SOME PEOPLE LIKE BOTH. Some people like DC COMICs more than Marvel’s Comics. Some people like MARVEL’s MOVIES over DC’s MOVIES. Which is exactly my dilemma.

              Thank you.

      • This guy has a point. Non comic book fans have to be down with this as well for GotG to be a commercial success. I’m not a CB fan but I can’t with the raccoon; it seems ridiculous to me. And GotG is not well known. Not everyone who criticizes Marvel is a DC fan getting his/her digs in. I’ve watched the other Marvel films and I like them overall, but I still have reservations on this movie. If this movie makes pre-Ruffalo Hulk numbers, the headlines will read “Marvel Studios jumped the shark”. A bad showing could impact the planned phases in the MCU.

  6. Dave’s Back is Jacked! don’t you just wanna touch it? no homo tho.

  7. Not gonna lie. I am jonesing for this movie to come out.

  8. this movie is like cake or bacon or pizza or chocolate its that good!

    • Or all of those balled together then deep fried. With powdered sugar on top.

      • It sounds good on paper, but we can only know when we’ve tried it.

  9. They’re saying Ronan is a religious fanatic; I dig it. He basically was in the comics, though not as woefully entrenched in the throes of villainy as he will be here. Still, I can’t wait to see him “lay the hammer down” so-to-speak. My only real gripe thus far – and this is so menial, really – is the already-shown Nova Corps helmets. They don’t really strike me as something close to the comics. Still, those shown have only been standing (guards at best), so perhaps the real members of the Nova Corps – and the one that floats to earth at the post-credit scene and is picked up by Harley from IM3 (god I hope this happens) – look closer to the originals.

    • To be fair, the costumes from the comics have (up until recently) been more superhero-costume-oriented in appearance than space-suit-functional, if you get my meaning. The versions seen so far in the GotG film materials seem more in line with realistic space cop tech, than the comics did. Again, up until Annihilation or what have you.

      • True, they seem very functional as a real world sort of scenario. I just hope they do Nova real justice!

        • Amen to that

      • yeah some things should be left in the comics
        I agree
        when it comes to making supehero movies come to life I’d reather chose something that’ll lool functional in real life but still aesthetic enouch rather than copy what is from the source.
        like take example from Captain America’s suit. the movie’s soldier-like approach on his costume was much more convincing than the scaled/sequined version it had from the comics.

        • look* enough*
          my appologies

  10. Is it just me or does Ronan kinda look like Chozo from Metroid.. His profile looks a lot like him.. You know that dude with the eagle looking head in Metroid… Fusion? Or maybe it was Zero Mission..

  11. this movie looks better with EVERY tv spot and trailer to just about everyone except demir the self proclaimed DC butt-boy!

  12. These pictures looks like a screen captures from the trailer…