Glenn Close Joins ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ As A Leader of Nova Corps

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Glenn Close Nova Guardians of the Galaxy Glenn Close Joins Guardians of the Galaxy As A Leader of Nova Corps

Earlier this week we learned that John C. Reilly had been offered a key role in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, one that would reportedly see him liaise between the earthbound S.H.I.E.L.D. organization and the spacefaring cosmic Avengers. While the initial report indicated that his role would be a human one, his character name (Rhomann Dey) is that of an alien, an alien who once led Nova Corps.

Nova Corps are the space cops of the cosmic side of the Marvel Comics universe and it was no coincidence that the Rhomann Dey name was tossed around since its long been speculated, and almost a given, that the Nova Corps would have a role in Guardians of the Galaxy. We can confirm this is the case with the latest major casting news.

Looking for more powerful female characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Deadline has the scoop that Glenn Close is joining Guardians of the Galaxy in a leadership role for Nova Corps. This is the very first casting announcement (that we know of) that’s been directly tied to Nova and it’s safe to assume that Marvel readers will see Richard Rider (the most popular Nova in the books who’s worked alongside the Guardians) as well, if not in a main role, at least introduced.

Glenn Close Damages Cast Glenn Close Joins Guardians of the Galaxy As A Leader of Nova Corps

While Thor and The Avengers introduced moviegoers to the cosmic side of the Marvel universe that studio president and producer Kevin Feige had been hoping to do for years, the mostly standalone Guardians of the Galaxy is the real first chapter that will blow the doors open and potentially launch a new and unique set of films and characters to explore onscreen. A key part of the formula is the Nova character (and Corps).

A few months ago, rumors pointed to the character (or the corps) absolutely being introduced in the film. Comic readers with a keen eye may also have noticed from the original debut Guardians of the Galaxy concept art a certain shape in the background which was the first Nova clue:

What are those strange star-shaped objects in the skyline we wonder?

With the John C. Reilly news came word that Marvel was also looking at veteran actors Hugh Laurie, Alan Rickman and Ken Watanabe for role that would interact with Reilly’s character and it’s possible that same role is the one Glenn Close will take. As a leader within the Nova Corps organization we don’t know for sure who Close will be playing, but it could be an amalgamation of the original Rhomann Dey character from the books (who Reilly is playing a version of) and his wife Adora, Queen of Xandar (the homeworld of the Nova Corps).

If Hitfix’s scoop that Lee Pace is playing a character who turns good and is being setup for a spinoff movie of his own, it’s possible that he’s not playing a main villain at all and is instead playing a slightly older Richard Rider. There’s lots of speculation to be had and a lot more casting additions coming in the near future since the project begins shooting in London this summer.


Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. While I have my doubts about this film (because of the raccoon/tree thing), I do like Glenn Close.

    • Please, just… don’t.

  2. Um… interesting choice.

  3. I think you mean Richard Rider Nova Rob. And just to geeky here, the current Nova is Sam Alexander not Richard Rider.

    • Yeap – I added in note about him being the popular one and the one from the 2 Annihilation stories.

  4. Fixed the epic typo – that’s why I get for speed-typing while transcribing interviews for Fox-owned Marvel movies :|

  5. hmmm not a bad choice

  6. So is he Richard?

    • *she
      And I also meant to add if she was a female version of the character

      • Oh, definitely not. She’ll be playing a leader (or THE leader) of the Nova Corps before Richard Rider joins up methinks.

  7. I’m calling it that Richard was to hunt down the guardians but then see’s that Glenn closes character was actually corrupt and then Nova “turns good” to assist the guardians

    • Love it! I can totally see that happening.

      This movie just keeps getting better each day!!

    • Could be cool.

  8. If Glenn Close is to play as the Xandarian Worldmind and John C. Reilly is to play Rhomann Dey (Nova Prime), that would be perfect!! Can’t wait for this!!!

    Lee Pace is way too old to play either Sam or Rich. Rich was in his mid-20 and Sam is still in High School.

  9. @Rob Keyes, Glad to see you’re still using my image. I took that from my iPhone, here is a more high-res pic:

    It’s is from Marvel NOW!’s Nova Issue #1.

  10. As interesting as the movie itself seems, the cast keeps getting interesting too.

    Very random choices that I think will mesh good together.

  11. I’ve always liked Glenn close. Glad to see her part of a Marvel movie. An interesting choice indeed. I still hope Michael Douglas one day will be cast in a Marvel movie in some capacity.

  12. I thought Glenn Close retired a whole back? I find strange her taking on a role in a high budget superhero film at this day and age where she is at right now. Is she doing any action sequences or fighting because I have no idea where they would find a stunt double unless they do CGI.

    • Nah, she retired a halfback. She was only a third-stringer for a couple seasons anyway.

  13. Her and John c. Reilly can get shushi together.

  14. I love this news. She can definitely play a really awesome leadership role.

    Great addition, the cast is looking better and better :D

  15. As interesting as the movie itself seems, the cast keeps getting interesting too.

  16. I’m trying to find a pic of the character I believe she’s playing, but no luck. I may have to somehow scan it from my Annihilation books.

  17. I think that it’s great that Marvel has been able to hire Hopkins for Thor I and II, Redford for Captain America II, and now Close for GotG (three seasoned and talented thespians). I’m really looking forward to seeing the upcoming Marvel movies.

  18. Hm, I’m all for introducing the Nova Corps into the MCU, but I dunno… I hope it doesn’t play too big a part (hopefully this
    ll be more like an extended cameo/reference than an integral role in the film).

    Gunn already has the tough job of introducing a whole new team of characters – add the Nova Corps on top of that and things might be getting a bit much… I mean, ‘Green Lantern’ couldn’t properly introduce/explain the GL Corps, and that whole movie was centered around Green Lantern alone!

    In any case, this news really makes me think that Lee Pace might be playing the role Richard Rider…

  19. She boiled a bunny in Fatal Attraction, “Be careful Rocket Racoon! She may boil you too!”

    • lol

      NOBODY boils Rocket!

    • Cute defenseless bunnies don’t wield artillery pieces meant for tanks. That’s one tiger you shouldn’t poke.

  20. This is gonna be awesome, they’re really going all out with this movie. I can barely contain my excitement! :D

  21. Don’t be fooled, Glenn’s an amazing actress whose won multiple awards…If anyone can do it, she can!

  22. Glenn Close is a great great actress. I say that because she is good at what she does and I like her movies . This bodes well for the GOTG flick. More veteran character actors (Robert Redford in the Cap sequel and now Glenn Close) in these Marvel flicks is good for us comic book fanboys.

  23. Every update about this movie is better and more exciting than the one before it!
    Marvel is going all out on this. The spin-off film potential alone is amazing!

    This is quite an undertaking, but if anybody pull this off, it’s Marvel. I just can’t wait to see it.

  24. Are you kidding? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  25. Weird choice.

  26. They could just make her head of sword instead of nova corps. Then they could have the whole sword and sheild thing going on

  27. I swear that John C. Reilly was said to be “the Agent Coulson of the Nova Corps”… I thought that meant that the Nova Corps is like SHIELD (of space) and that GotG are like Avengers (of space) hence John C. Reilly would be to Nova Corps and GotG what Agent Coulson was to SHIELD and the Avengers – respectively – not a liaison between SHIELD and Nova Corps… Which makes more sense to me, but maybe I misunderstood(?)

    • That makes a lot of sense.

      Nova Corps is like outer space police (they are the Marvel equivalent to DC’s Green Lanterns). They have troops and ships patrolling all over the place, so they could be a background element in parts of the story, or they could be a main plot point. Marvel & Gunn has a lot of flexibility with the GotG and Nova Corps, let’s hope all that rope doesn’t hang them.

  28. Queen Adora? Only Female Nova Corp member I could think of, which means Xander is not distroyed yet