Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora Will Not Be CGI, New Concept Art

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Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Make Up CGI Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora Will Not Be CGI, New Concept Art

The pieces just keep falling into place for Guardians of the Galaxy. Despite being the most outlandish (and “twisted“) of Marvel’s films so far, promising talent keeps lining up to take part, with director James Gunn leading the charge.

Details are still sketchy as to how live actors will be modeled after their comic book counterparts, from prosthetics to CGI to entirely digital characters. But now we know that where Zoe Saldana’s deadly femme fatale Gamora is concerned, old-fashioned green makeup will be the solution – not digital effects.

The report comes courtesy of Total Film, who asked Saldana whether her character in Guardians would be the result of motion capture and CGI. Saldana explained with a sigh of relief that “she’s definitely going to be makeup, so it will be me, thank God.” So her next major role will be more along the lines of Star Trek than Avatar, it seems.

Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora Will Not Be CGI, New Concept Art

It’s still too early to confirm that color correction or special effects won’t be used at all, since the pages of Marvel comic books have offered some differing takes on the character. Pupil-less eyes, elaborate make-up, barely there clothing, and most recently, a fairly human-looking woman with green skin can all be considered ‘faithful’ to the source material. It’s up to James Gunn to choose.

The one concept image of the entire cast has served as the source of most speculation concerning Guardians, but Gunn has since warned that the artwork was completed long before he was attached. Additional concept art sporting a completely different Rocket Raccoon has since been released, meaning the lone image of a battle-ready Gamora could be entirely inaccurate.

All the same, we’d recommend that a green makeup job and a believable set of combat armor is the wisest way to go. Especially if the studio wants to achieve its goal of making an adventure movie starring numerous alien or completely silent characters seem realistic to audiences.

Guardians of the Galaxy Quill Gamora Drax Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora Will Not Be CGI, New Concept Art

The rest of the casting has seemed to be pursuing that same goal. With Chris Pratt tapped to play Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Marvel has their likable hero, and with Saldana’s addition, a blockbuster veteran to boot. Dave Bautista is physically capable of being every bit the hulking menace, Drax the Destroyer, yet his character’s design is still as much a mystery as anyone’s.

If the solution for Gamora’s emerald complexion is tried-and-true makeup, we’d bet it’s just as likely that the same will be true for Drax. Bautista doesn’t need the help of CGI, so why go overboard with prosthetics when green paint and some tattoos get the job done just as well?

The question of Star-Lord’s mask is on the mind of every Guardians fan, but that’s one design choice Marvel will surely unveil with much fanfare. For now, a new piece of concept art from Entertainment Weekly of a young Peter Quill’s first close encounter will have to suffice. Take a look:


Guardians of the Galaxy Young Peter Quill Concept 570x304 Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora Will Not Be CGI, New Concept Art

We’ll keep you up to date as casting for Rocket Raccoon (the heart of the entire movie) heats up. Perhaps we’ll soon find out how Guardians will be setting the stage for The Avengers 2 and whether or not all those rumors of a Nova cameo are true.

What are you hoping to see from a live-action Guardians of the Galaxy? An epic CGI extravaganza, or a grounded and gritty team-up? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters August 1st, 2014.

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Source: Total Film & EW

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  1. Good news.

  2. I heard that Brian Muir who sculpted Darth Vader’s mask was hired a few weeks ago to sculpt a mask for an upcoming Marvel film which is mostly for Star-Lord’s mask.

    • I am not too familiar with Brian Muir, what else has he designed?

      • Co-created the Space Jockey for Alien, worked on the ark or the covenant prop for Raiders, among other things. (I found this information through google. You should give it a spin next time.)

  3. Really hope they go with Star Lords outfit(with Mask) from the earlier 2000′s run. But Gamora needs clothes so probably go with her newer look

  4. “Especially if the studio wants to achieve its goal of making an adventure movie starring numerous alien or completely silent characters seem realistic to audiences.”

    I am SOOO sick of hearing this when it comes to comic book movies.
    You think with all the technological advances made in the understanding of the universe and what truly lies out there people would understand that just maybe there could be other forms of life.
    Trying to appeal to this sense of realism when involving superheroes is only a good idea if they are characters who have no powers. (Iron Man and Punisher are just two examples, another could be Batman for DC)
    Stop trying to make every superhero movie rooted in everyday life..IT’S NOT!
    People believe in all sorts of crazy things without any connection to reality or evidence, don’t you think they can do the same when it comes to cinema, or are people today unable to do this?
    I hope not.

    • Well said.

    • I disagree you can root anything in reality with ease. Its not how the characters act its how the civilians and others react to his presence. For example Superman he comes down to earth flying full suit what should people do? Some will run in fear, others with stare in awe, and some religious folks may believe him as a messenger of god (by no means am I trying to convey religion badly, just throwing out example). Its not about what the character can do its how society reacts to what he can do.

    • When they say more grounded, they mean that their approach will not be like the “Batman and Robin” movie, or do you want SH movies without common sense to tell a story like green lantern?

      • Great explanation. Everyone keeps saying that being more realistic means everything has to work with current science. You can still have outlandish ideas, it just has to not be goofy.

      • Yeah that is true.
        I Guess I just hate that idea because they always say “keep in grounded in reality” or something along those line.
        It just seems kind of impossible to root superheroes in reality, but yea I guess it it is based on how the non superheroes react.

        • @Will, I agree, but also I agree with LMD, the audience will know that this is fiction but it takes people out of the movie if things are just out right silly, cartoon-ish, or just totally unrealistic. Being grounded gives it a “Oh,that could be real or could actually happen” in some way. That’s why real science and psuedo-science helps sci-fi and comicbookmovies work better. It has to be at least “somewhat believable”.

          • Yea i guess that’s what they meant by “grounded”.
            I obviously don’t expect it to be like a cartoon or something where like an anvil drops on their head and they walk away like a piece of paper haha.

            • @Will, Also grounded usually also refers to being “relateable” making the characters personalities or stories have more dimension and also empathy towards them in some cases.

    • i think they mean that what you are seeing on the screen looks real, not that every alien look human. they mean making the SFX look like it actually exists.
      geez loiuse…since when did people become allergic to the word “realistic”?

      • Even though I honestly believe that GOG will be a hard sell and will possibly fail with the general public because of Rocket Raccoon, I want it to succeed. I like what RR is in the comics, but I would prefer that he not be a damn raccoon (why not some other cute-looking alien to keep the prisoners calm?) and that alien should have limbs that could support a gun that is bigger that he is. I’m sure I will enjoy it as long as it’s not a joke, but I wish that the RR defenders would just see the other side of the coin. Not agree with haters, but just see where the skeptics are coming from. But I know fandom makes people crazy. I’m a hardcore comic fan so I know. I also know I’m not cool. The cool kids don’t want no damn raccoon.

        • @LMD, As much as humans like to make animals more human in real life, Rocket Raccoon will be the result of that 10 fold in the movie. A cute and cuddly looking character that is not cute and cuddly at all but that is actually badass and VERY serious, makes for a great contrast for the character. Like I said in other threads, looking at “Rise Of the Planet Of The Apes” gives you an insight on what the potential could be with genetic enhancement with animals. If they go that route with Rocket Raccoon and Cosmo, it WILL definitely work, however without explanation it WILL come off as silly and cartoonish.

          • Like I said, I hope for the sake of everyone who enjoys Marvel’s Multiverse that GOG is one of the better movies of them all.

            Also, I hope they do something like the “Quest for the Shield” to incorporate all of the characters.

            • The Marvel movie-goer will most likely be like WTF when they see a raccoon with a big ass gun.
              I mean let’s face it, the fans of the movies aren’t necessarily coming on these types of websites to read about these movies. Many of these people on here are those who follow the comics, since we want to know everything that is happening.
              (At least that is what i do since im a big Marvel comic person)

              This movie, based on the inclusion of The Collector, his daughter Carina, and everything else that has been made public, (maybe even Korvac) it looks like it’s going to be AAAMAZZING!!

              They will do a ton of marketing for it i guarantee that, just to get random people and children all hyped. Most likely a lot of Rocket Raccoon stuff lol.

      • Since Reality shows (aka scripted or heavily influenced) became the norm. ;)

    • I agree with you A LOT! Stylized forms of life exist within our planet- yet through other species, and I understand making other lifeforms relateable to people- but pushing the envelope and distorting how foreign/alien species- AND IM TALKING MARVEL CHARACTERS TOO- should and could be expanded and more flamboyant. Not gay flamboyant, but have the explosive and dramatic flare that comes with the material we love. Im at odds, I love the grounded but stylized modernization and relateability of how the Bat Man and the Marvel franchise (except X-Men, GOD CANT WAIT FOR MARVEL TO DO IT RIGHT)movies have been made but I really want to see a version like Final Fantasy Advent Children but live action

  5. Zoe Saldana is such a beautiful woman, oh the things i’ll do to her.

    • Is that a threat? Are you a stalker? LOL

  6. Cool news about Saldana I guess. I think she should gain a few pounds and lift some weights or something. Gamora is a pretty fit character..

    • …and Zoe is a pretty fit broad, so it works out.

      *terrible pun intended

  7. Really hope they go with Star Lords outfit(with Mask) from the earlier 2000′s run. But Gamora needs clothes so probably go with her newer look

  8. This will deff have a gritty Star Wars type feel to it. Like Mos Eisley’s Cantina or Coruscant’s Undercity, “Wanna buy some death-sticks?”

    I have a huge feeling we will be seeing the Badoon and the Nova Corps play a huge part in the background to this movie.

    • the gritty feel would be awesome! “you don’t want to sell death sticks, you want to go home and re-think your life”

  9. This is amazing news. They aren’t going to sell themselves short on this one.

  10. I am looking forward to this very much, space fantasy is always exciting!

    I’m also happy that they’re going with make-up instead of CGI, that’s a much better choice. Groot and RR will be CGI, so at least the other team members will be the actors themselves.

    I think this movie will be spectacular!

  11. Dinkledge. Rocket Raccoon. Peter clear has proven he can carry off that type of role in Game of Thrones and be that center of a movie…

    • You just want to see “The Imp” in a Tanooki suit. I think Ricky Gervais for Rocket Raccoon he has the wit and use a Andy Sirkus type stand in

  12. Always go with “real” as much as possible. Real actors, nothing digital. But at the same time I fully understand why RR will end up being the last one cast. He must be cgi so he must be cast perfectly. I agree he’s the heart of the group.

  13. This is gonna be awesome.

  14. Partial Plot Synopsis Spoiler:

    Raccoon climbs up in tree, goes to sleep.
    Audience fails to get up and go to lobby for more popcorn in time, goes to sleep.
    That is about it.

    • … is something a narrow minded twit would say.

    • Goldi is such a hungry troll that he demands to be fed at every GotG post.

      • Wow goldi….wow.

  15. Man, next month can’t come soon enough (they do start filming in June, right?).

    I’m holding in my excitement but clearly struggling to do so. This is gonna be such a fun little movie and probably the most important in the MMU so far.

  16. Practical make-up today is leaps and bounds ahead of something like the 70′s green Hulk so I don’t get why GI was on the table…..She’s a humanoid with green skin. How much more simple could you get? Stop over complicating everything, sheesh.

    • Especially when the only real things on Ron Perlman’s body when he stars in Hellboy are his eyes and upper lip. Everything else is makeup and prosthetics so yeah, why CGI was considered, I’ll never know.

  17. Is Drax really build like Bautista? He just seems like the wrong guy. Can’t act, can’t run, and can’t reach the “kick me” sign you place in the center of his back. Drax should have an agility level of at least 1…. which exclude Bautista.

    • I’m also a but disappointed to hear that news. Drax is supposed to be muscular but not musclebound. SO many better actors out there that could have fit the role but they went with this guy?

      This almost feels like the DC equivalent of giving the role of WW to Carano. Just one bad actor will make everything fall apart no matter how endearing a Raccoon with a big-a**ed gun can be.

      • @ Mongoose – “Drax is supposed to be muscular but not musclebound.”

        Ummm… what? If you go by how Drax is built from the Infinity Gauntlet story-line, then Bautista still isn’t big enough and will require CGI.

  18. LAWRENCE FISHBURNE as The Mad Titan……THANOS……………………..

  19. It’s always better to do practical effects where possible, as too much CGI can be de-humanising. Besides, it’s cheaper! I’d prefer to not see the whole cast in mo-cap suits.

  20. If the movie goes anything like the Marvel Now version, I’ll be happy.

    I just got number 2 and it’s going in a direction I think they could take the movie that would fit into the current cinematic universe. Recommended.

  21. Zoe Salanda Will own this character

  22. Whatever. “Realistic for teh movies.” Bendis ruins everything in the comics anyway. Vance Astro in this..nope