Comic-Con 2013: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Casting Confirmations & Footage

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New Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Logo Comic Con 2013: Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Confirmations & Footage

After noteworthy presentations from Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox gave fans years worth of future DC Comics and Marvel movie excitement, Disney’s Marvel Studios rounded out the biggest day of comic book movie related content and announcements in the history of Comic-Con with a mind-blowing panel of their own.

After Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier each had new footage debut, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige said that – despite Guardians of the Galaxy have only begun shooting – they wanted attendees to meet them.

The entire cast – minus unannounced voice talent for Rocket Raccoon and Groot – came on stage, and actors had their rumored names confirmed, with an added surprise of Djimon Hounsou playing a character named Korath, a character with the ability to hunt down people.

For the record, Benicio Del Toro is playing The Collector, Lee Pace is playing Ronan, Karen Gillan is playing Nebula (and shaved her head for it) and Michael Rooker is playing Yondu as initially reported. As for the leads, this is what they look like (compare them with last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy concept art):

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Production Art 570x370 Comic Con 2013: Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Confirmations & Footage

The footage begins with a wide shot of dark, alien world, with greenish-blue aesthetic. There’s a large structure, with walls and it seems to be some sort of temple that a hooded figure enters. From the interior shot we see it’s Peter Quill with his reddish brown trench coat as depicted in the image above. He’s entered to seemingly steal some artifact and just as he does, three mysterious figures also enter the structure with rifles.

They’re lead by Korath and aim to arrest him by first asking Quill to identify himself. Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill says “Star-Lord” and Hounsou’s alien pursuer Korath looks confused and says “who?” The tone is very different from the get-go than any other Marvel Studios production to date and very funny.

We then see a shot of what may be Quill’s wrist, with some sort of device on his arm and we’re now in prison on what’s likely a space station. The majority of the video is to introduce fans to the characters since the Guardians of the Galaxy comic is very obscure and entirely unrecognizable to the mainstream theater-going demographic..

We see hologram readouts on the the film’s five main characters and there’s a voiceover by John C. Reilly’s Rhomann Dey, a Nova Corps prison guard, describing each:

  • Drax the Destroyer – speaks for itself. He’s covered in red tattoos, and his skin appears to be flaking off in some parts. We didn’t see him with the armored-skin look or a vest like in the original concept art.
  • Gamora – a deadly assassin. She’s a brighter green and her eyes are much lighter. She stares ahead with a snarky grin on her face, clearly fearless.
  • Rocket Raccoon  - has over 50 charges for theft and prison escapes. When it jumped from Gamora to Rocket on the line-up, it was very evident how short he is, but not as evident as his attitude when he spits on the ground.
  • Groot – a plant. He’s so tall, he slowly leans to the right and gets his head in the frame.
  • And “Star-Lord” who looks lost and comedically out of place.

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art 570x248 Comic Con 2013: Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Confirmations & Footage

We get another shot of Dey and we see he’s discussing this with another Nova Corps guard who asks “who calls him Star-Lord” and Dey says that’s just what he calls himself. The personality of each character is hilarious and comes through, even with there being no dialogue in the footage from anyone outside of Chris Pratt, Djimon Hounsou and the Nova guards.

Next we’re seeing Quill, handcuffed, being escorted through a part of the prison and he hears “Hooked On A Feeling” music playing in the background realizing it’s from his walkman. Some large alien is putting on the headphones and listening curiously and Quill repeatedly demands that he stop. For some reason, this really upsets him and he breaks off the line and begins charging the larger alien leading to a confrontation where guards put him down.

This moves into a sizzle reel of action bits, featuring physical moments and close-ups on the Guardians and a load of other varied aliens. The most notable highlights were Star-Lord’s mask – which is the same from the early artwork, him dual-wielding pistols, Gamora kicking ass, a cool looking spaceship leaving the atmosphere of some planet (possibly Xandar), and an angry Rocket Raccoon firing his gun while possibly riding on Groot’s shoulder.

We also get another shot of Quill on the line-up or in a cell as Rhomann Dey and the other guard talk and he’s slowly pretending to crank his hand and give them the middle finger as he apologizes and says he doesn’t know how that machine works. We see Dey explain to the other Nova guard that the five call themselves the “Guardians of the Galaxy” to which the other guard says “what a bunch of a-holes.”

There was a lot of imagery, much of it not even hinted at in the concept art released so far. It was as exciting as it was overwhelming but the footage was effective. It came across as the most comedic movie in Marvel’s library yet. It had James Gunn written all over it and the buzz is definitely getting fans and media unfamiliar with that part of the Marvel Universe – which is most people – interested.

Check out highlights on video:


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. So they’ve gone from humorous moments to a straight up space comedy? Not sure I’m feeling that tone…

    • It says ‘comedic’, not straight up comedy a la spaceballs :P

    • Think Firefly funny.

    • @Squareman357, Well, looks like you have never read “Guardians of the Galaxy” bcuz that’s what it is and from the report, everything sounds perfect!!

      • Honestly, who really has read guardians of the galaxy? Disappointed by the decision to make this movie. Also marvel just keeps getting funnier and funnier, eventually they’ll just make comedy movies.

        • @JM

          I do.

          Got “The Thanos Imperative” on my bookshelf and have read one or two other Guardians related stories.

        • I think that the whole point of the movie is for them to milk out money from the Avenger’s villains; Thanos and the Chitarri. It shouldn’t be called Guardians of the Galazy but rather Thanos.

          It makes sense considering the SHIELD t.v show coming out(another money milker).

          • “DUDE” you really sound like your either a DC fan that is very butt hurt that DC cant find their footing!
            (im a Marvel fan but I HOPE DC can finally get their DCU off the ground)
            OR that you are just jealous they are making truck loads of money and that you are not getting any of it!!


        • Read Thanos Imperative, The Guardians are in it and plus its an amazing read. Besides that, dont watch it if you are going to complain about the movie. Heck, just dont come on here and oomment

    • Firefly comedy is the best reference I’ve seen yet.

      NOT a straight-up space comedy.

  2. What do the Nova Corps uniforms look like?

  3. Adam Sandler is a hilarious comedian but he’s also proven to be a pretty talented actor. Rocket Racoon would be a nice change of pace for him

    • Please no. Sandler only has one character and they are in every movie he has ever made… dear god NO.

      • well have you seen reign over me with don Cheadle that was not is usual role

        • Reign Over Me still sucked, though.

        • So says you and everyone else that just makes their judgments from the trailers. Happy Gilmore is still his best movie and he has made some decent funny movies apart from Little Nicky, That’s my Boy, and Jack and Jill. And like my good friend below your comment said, go see Punch Drunk Love, Reign Over Me, and Funny People. And below, my compatriot’s message, to the person who says reign over me still sucked: well, that was because of the direction not Sandler. Sandler is a pretty talented actor if given the chance

  4. this news sounds great.

    but i got issue with Marvel Studio. now they signed Djimon Hounsou it feels like they are never going to do a Black Panther movie at all.

    look at all the black actors who was rumored or interested in playing Black Panther, nearly all of them been casted as supporting characters in other Marvel projcts.

    • Djimon Hounsou is in nearly 50. He was never going to be Black Panther.

      • yeah but he could of played the father for crying out loud. remember the father was Black Panther before the mantle went to the son.

        • Really? Yeah, I suppose he “could of”, whatever that means…

        • I agree. It’s almost offensive how they’re making one of the most obscure properties into a movie while completely ignoring Black Panther. He would be awesome, diverse (both ethnically and tonistically), easily threaded into the Avengers storyline, and again, he’s just flat-out dark and cool.

          I also appreciate Cave-ish Man’s in-depth contribution to this discussion. That was really important, Cave. Two thumbs up, a high five, and heck, let’s send you on an all-expenses cruise to the Caribbeans for that poignant correction! You deserve it! You truly do!

        • it is supposed to be “Could Have”
          IT is AMAZING how people can make it through a Min. of 13 years in school and still talk like my 3 Y/O nephew!!!


          • get over it

        • Well depending on just how alien he looks he could still very well play BOTH roles.

      • Yep, I think Marvel will cast younger actor for this role.

  5. Can not wait.

  6. I really hope to see a Namor film, and a Inhumans film in the next few years.

  7. Chris Pratt kind of reminds me of Han Solo in that picture, which I think, is a perfect direction to go with that character.

    • Or John Crichton from Farscape…

      • ^agreed!

    • @azimiq, Star-Lord is the Han Solo of the Marvel Universe so hell yeah it’s the perfect direction! This is so exciting!!

      • I’ve never read a single GOTG comic, but that does sound pretty rad

        • @azimiq, I’ve read them all and you’re gonna be in for one hell of a ride, next year!

    • You’re right about Solo. There will be a few similarities for sure.

  8. when will we see footage online for guardians of the galaxy

    • no time soon

      • A very long time. We’ve not even seen the Ant Man footage from last year yet!

        • Its on youtube…

        • what u talking about Ant-Man been leaked for months

  9. Must miss. It’s bad enough that Marvel adds piles of humor into otherwise “world threatening” plots. Now, they’ve gone straight to ridiculous. Comics or not, when I saw a cosmic Raccoon trying to look fierce, that ended it for me. Money well saved.

    • I’ve got the 2008 GOTG graphic novel and it is very funny, as are most of the characters. Seems fine going in this direction to me.

    • Well how else are you going to make a movie with a talking master marksman raccoon? There is absolutely no way you could take that seriously. If they take themselves too seriously then it’s going to look even sillier. I’d rather have a movie that acknowledges how silly it is than one that tries to have something so out of whack be so serious.

  10. Bring it! Star Lord could twerk my galaxy any day (yes, it gets a little lonely out here in Oklahoma)……

    • WOW!! I sure hope your Marks wife!!! Oklahoma could NEVER get that lonely for me! NEVER…

      • You know, he could also be gay.

      • What about in Calcutta?

  11. I love the way this movie sound!! Cannot wait!! BUT WHO THE HELL IS VOICING RR AND GROOT????

    This is all Marvel announced?? NO Dr. Strange announcement? NONE of the announcements we expected!! WTF??
    I really expected to hear who those voices were going to be, what the next cpl of movies were going to be!! WE GOT NONE OF THAT!!
    WE REALLY GOT NOTHING NEW FROM MARVEL EXCEPT THE NAME OF AVENGERS 2, what a disappointment!! I do like what I heard but This SDCC really sucked compared to last years, I WISH I would not have been expecting so much from Marvel this year!!

    DC really topped Marvel in terms of BIG announcements! Now if only DC can pull it all off! I really hope DC gets the right actor to play Batman!!

    • I suspect that Marvel is going to make more announcements at D23.

      • This.

        • @ ROB KEYES,
          when is D23?
          Do you think that they will announce who is voicing RR and Groot there?

          I thought SDCC was the biggest movie thing for the year! why would they wait till D23? and what did they announce there last year?

          Thanks a ton Rob, you are the one and ONLY when it comes to Marvel announcements… :)

          • D23 starts August 9th.
            It is Disney’s own big-ass convention (cuz they’re a big-ass company). Because they now own Marvel Studios and all things Star Wars (not to mention Pixar…and ABC) expect them to make as many major announcement there as possible (so as to toot their own horn and make their share-holders happy). Sure they tossed the fans a bone here at CCSD, but anything really big will happen there.

    • And what exactly do you expect Marvel to announce next year? and the year after that? They have to leave themselves something for later right? Exactly. Can’t blow every announcement for the next five years in 30 minutes. Gotta be smart and leave something to anticipate in the future.

    • I think the only ‘big’ news from DC was the Batman/Superman movie, and I personally think it was a huge let down since everyone knows, they have previously announced that 2015 was their planned slot for Justice League. And also the fact that this announcement was also added with statement “PLANNED for 2015 release” which means, it still can be changed. Plus, they haven’t announced anything else, like that upcoming Justice League: War animated that will adapt New 52 and other plans beside yet another Batman animated flicks.
      So, I think nobody wins here, considering Marvel is definitely saving more announcement for D23

    • Anson Mount?

  12. Does this kind of footage (Comic-Con stuff) ever make it to the general public? I mean are we ever gonna see this, other than as a special feature on the Blu-ray? This would be a great way to begin to generate interest from the general public.

    • I overheard that this footage will not be released anywhere. It is however, a part of the film so you’ll see it in theaters next August :)

      • Yep, I was following live-blog from other site, and it was stated that this footage is for SDCC only and will not be online.

  13. I hope this is good it’s the riskiest one marvel has done so far but I think they have the right people for it

  14. ““who calls him Star-Lord” and Dey says that’s just what he calls himself.”

    HAHAHAHA 100% sold on this guy as the lead. Says so much about his personality.

    I am even more excited about this movie than before and I was plenty excited already. This is going to be awesome.

  15. Not really liking the comedy news, I thought Iron Man 3 was way too comedic, hopefully the rest of phase 2 is more serious overall.

  16. I like a film to be fun and have comedic moments but I hope it does not take away from the film’s dramatic tensiom and somewhat serious approach.

    I will have to see the look in context but hopefully maybe they can try to be closer to the concept art which looks killer.

    Excited for the film!

  17. I still don’t understand the crazy hairdos, but I’m looking forward to this movie as much as ever! :)

  18. I liked the old logo more. And i miss Gillan’s gorgeous ginger hair.

    • heres something it will grow back :O

    • I’m sure she might have some red hair left somewhere! On second thoughts, most women don’t anymore.

  19. Danny Devito for Rocket Raccoon.

    Or Patrick Warburton, that would really catch people off guard.

  20. Chris Pratt looks good in this. But Zoe Saldana looks way too frail and skinny for Gamora. Always thought an actress with more meat on her would be best for the role, like Jaime Alexander or Antje Traue.

    • It seems like they’re going after the Marvel NOW! Gamora look bcuz that version of Gamora is somewhat frail.

  21. Okay they need to say whos playing RR and Groot already. I thought Hounsou might be playing Groot(have you seen Hounsou scream?). Hope they just get Jim Carrey like what was rumored. Or David Tennant who was also rumored. For Groot I still dont know, my dream would prob be James Earl Jones. Or maybe Peter Cullen.

    • On IMDB they have Enzo Cilenti listed as Groot; IDK how credible that is.

      • I’m still hoping for someone who could voice RR perfectly like Statham or Winstone.

        We won’t find out who voices RR or Groot until the movie’s done and they’ve recorded dialogue during post-production though.

      • I would love to know if this is true!!!

        what does he sound like?? HMMMMM….

  22. This looks great. Hopefully they end up having Chris wear the helmet, though.

  23. OMG! Best news from Comic Con!! Out of all the reports I’ve read, Screenrant done it the best! Thanks for the report guys!

    After seeing “Super,” I knew James Gunn would be the perfect director for Guardians. He knows how to have a perfect blend of comedy, action, and drama. The Guardians comics were pretty much a space comedy with the Nova issues being the serious issues to run along side Guardians. James Gunn wouldn’t of been more perfect to direct!

    Then we got Chris Pratt as Star-Lord! Pete is known to put his comedics before his heroics so to have a star with a comedy and serious background like Chris Pratt is too perfect! From before the long short-list, I’ve been saying since October that Chris Pratt would be the perfect Star-Lord! I’m too excited for this!!

    From the new concept art, Rocket looks perfect! He is just how I’d imagine him to be in a movie appearance. Everyone else of the cast are also spot on. Except for Gamora and Ronan. In Marvel NOW!, Gamora has the same body as Zoe Saldana so I’m content with that. However Lee Pace will have to bulk up for Ronan.

    I’m glad to see Korath in this. Him and Ronan are good friends. The two of them will most likely be seen together. I just hope they don’t nurf Ronan.

    From last years Comic Con, when they released the 1st Concept Art, I knew the Nova Corps was gonna be in it bcuz of their ships in the background. I had high hopes that it would be the Nova Corps to take the place of the Kree Empire from the comic books and from this new news, my hopes have been fulfilled!!! Can’t wait for this!!!!

    From what it seems from the report, Xandar is still a planet and hasn’t been destroyed for the 1st time yet. The 1st time it is destroyed, it is by Zorr and during that time Dey was Nova Prime. Therefore from the news, this seems like it all takes place before that and Dey isn’t Nova Prime yet. Marvel Officially announced on their site that Glenn Close will be the Nova Prime. I’m suspecting to see her character die and pass the torch to Dey. That would be great!

    All in all, I’m excited for this movie! Everything in this report sounds perfect! This is the most anticipated movie of all time!!!

    Now I wonder what relic Pete was trying to steal.

  24. Ok, this has me even more excited for this movie.

  25. This movie is going to make an obscene amount of money.

    • As in, a f***load of money?

      I’d buy that for a dollar!

  26. Looks awesome so far – would love to see adam warlock in there

  27. Bobby Bushey says all you sceenranters know nothing of adam Sandlers best movie!!!

  28. If I was twelve years old I would be excited for this, but I’m not.

    So I’m not.

    • But I bet you will be. Or one hopes so.

  29. Holy sh*t, I have so damn excited for all of the upcoming Marvel films.

    After reading the guardian comics and Chris Pratt landing that lead role I think GotG tops the list
    for me. Anyone commenting on how “stupid” this movie is going to be, read the comic first.