First ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Review Labels Film As ‘Great’ [Updated]

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Guardians of the Galaxy Meets Star Wars First Guardians of the Galaxy Review Labels Film As Great [Updated]

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier virtually finished in its run at theaters around the world and details on the The Avengers: Age of Ultron (more than halfway done shooting now) under tight security, Marvel Studios has still managed to keep itself in the daily news cycle this week. First, Marvel found itself in a tough position, tasked with finding a replacement director for Edgar Wright to helm Ant-Man and dealing with the negative buzz associated with move. Then Josh Brolin was revealed to be serving as the voice of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s big bad villain Thanos, to be introduced in this August’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and yesterday, the surprise news came in that Doctor Strange (a still-unannounced film) has a director.

Building on this, LR promised additional news today, news that’s “bigger” than Ant-Man’s director search coming to end and bigger than Doctor Strange casting. They have the first reader review for an early cut of Guardians of the Galaxy. We’re not sure that’s bigger than finding out who’s going to play Doctor Strange, but the review does serve to reveal plot details in addition to offering a critique of director James Gunn’s first big budget effort.

If a subjective, anonymous review of the unfinished film is a good indicator, you’ll be happy to know that the writer of it was skeptical of Guardians of the Galaxy but labeled the film as “great” even without its finished effects. They do point out some average action bits and character motivation issues, but unsurprisingly, the review claims the film is very comedic, that Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) steals the show and that the soundtrack factors heavily into the style of the film and its story – as evidenced by the two trailers thus far.

[Update: We've removed the spoiler reveals and plot details at the request of Disney.]


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Guardians of the Galaxy is directed by James Gunn and stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel as Groot, Bradley Cooper as Rocket, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, with John C. Reilly, Glenn Close as Nova Prime Rael and Benicio Del Toro as The Collector.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. This movies keeps sounding better and better and we get to see Thanos!

    • After reading the first three words of your post, I couldn’t help but read the rest of it with a Russian accent.

      • +100

      • +!00

  2. August couldn’t get here soon enough. Can’t wait to see secret agent Burt Macklin in space !

    • FBI …

      • He was “FBI” til i think season Five when Andy was Cleanin up his act he “killed” Burt off til April convinced Andy he was needed again at which he comes back a secret agent cuz he faked his “death.”
        Pretty sure that’s how that goes. Couldd be wrong don’t hold me to it.

  3. Hey! I don’t want to read the review (if you can call it that, skimming perilously across. it, I could only find plot description) but I wanted to know how the cast did, particularly Pratt, cooper and pace. Could someone help a brother out?

    • No details there outside of the alien characters looking really good and Rocket stealing the show.

      • Raccoons in my neighborhood steal the lard cakes out of my bird-feeder, and the pork chop bones out of the trash can, but that’s OK, they are fun to watch.
        As for the movie, still have some doubts because of the gun-toting raccoon and talking tree, and because it will likely be too much humor for a Thanos-threat film, and will diminish somewhat the seriousness of the threat to Earth and The Avengers, but we will see. I will have to admit the trailers looked kind of fun.

        • “likely be too much humor for a Thanos-threat film, and will diminish somewhat the seriousness of the threat to Earth and The Avengers”

          You realize that is all your opinion. Why does a film having humor negate the seriousness? I keep telling people this movie universe is not the convoluted serious dc is trying to achieve(which i’m all up for as I like convoluted seriousness). It wont be campy. It wont be a comedy movie. It will have humor. heroes will crack jokes in the face of danger. Most heroes in action/spy/sci-fi/fantasy/etc stories do this. Deal with it. The fact that one of the characters is a talking racoon should set your disbelief suspension bar pretty low. As long as it is written well and the characters have development I’ll be happy. But again, these are great movies but not serious or dark in tone.

          • Of course it is my opinion, and only my opinion; but I am entitled to it. So, “Your Point?”

            • That they know nothing of the character Thanos, and are just assuming it is another fluffy, blow-hard villain (like Loki).

              I agree this will be more comedy than serious, and casting Thanos in it was probably a mistake, but then again 100K people were murdered in the latest Superman flick, and the ratings board did not notice, so perhaps Thanos will take out a few billion (a single star system would do), and prove me wrong.

  4. sounds like were not getting any Nova? still pumped for this movie


    • On another website somebody had already seen the movie and stated that nova would be in the movie and a young actor is playing him. I believe that the two actors that could possibly be playing him are either Zac Efron (had possession of a marvel script a few months ago) or Ty Simpkins (in Iron Man 3 who also signed a several picture deal.) Zac Efron could be playing a Richard rider version and Ty Simpkons could be playing the new Marvelnow nova.

  5. Wasn’t the power infinity stone in Thor 2? It’s red in the comics, not that that always transfers on screen

    • It was veeeeery vague but maybe

    • I’m starting to think the stone in the MCU as loose representations of what was in the comics. What I mean is that I don’t think there is a Power Stone or Soul Stone per se, like in the comices. It’s more likey that in the MCU the stones are objects of great power that when brought together grant god like powers. As Cody said the powers of the stones have all been fairly vague.

      • The Tesseract is the SPACE gem and it did as designed. Same with the Scepter being MIND. It is assumed the Aether is POWER. Now the colors are changing up. Its hard to say which one it will be seeing its a purple energy like SPACE but again that title belongs to the cube. Maybe SOUL giving Quill and Drax a chance to see loved ones who passed. Purple instead of green.

        • The Scepter cannot be the Mind Gem. It doesn’t explain why it didn’t work on Tony Stark.
          And you can’t say the arc reactor had anything to do with it cuz that protects his heart..

          • It can be the MIND gem or at the very least its power comes from it. Is has already been hinted to be so. In comics it is shown to not only control minds but unlock potential and ablities in people as it did in the mid credit scene of Captain America: TWS with Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver. And I CAN say the Arc Reactor had something to do with it by the very definition of that scene.

            • So the Arc Reactor protects against magic now? And I’m not sayin the sceptor isn’t the mind gem. It jus doesn’t make since to me how its such a powerful device yet malfunctioned (if u will) on one dude.. and without that being fully explained( in fairness Tony should hav became Loki’s Beyotch)the sceptor(like the Aether from T2TDW) works when it wants…

              • And yes the Mind Gem works like that in the comics but its been stated they won’t all transfer from paper to screen with same abilities.
                Until the CA:TWS credit scene i assumed it was a form of the Soul Gem. The heart bein like a “doorway” to ones soul. It doesn’t work on Tony cuz of said reactor..
                But I know that. I kno it doesn’t explain how it wears off wit a blow to the head..

              • Its a powerful device that Loki doesn’t know how to fully wield.
                I remember the wielders of the Gems individually in the Infinity Watch had very minimal abilities because you need them all together to open their true power.
                With regards to Tony Stark not being controlled …..the sceptre never made contact with his body, it hit his metal chest plate hence why it didn’t work …. I thought they made that astoundingly obvious in the film?

                • DING DING DING Thank you so much for saving me from typing an explanation.

                  So, if the “orb” in Guardians of the Galaxy is in fact an Infinite Stone; which one do you think it might be?

                  • Spoiler alert: Well its been stated in a few reviews that the orb looking Infinity stone (the orb may just be a container)in the GoTG is in fact the power gem.
                    The Ether from Thor which a lot of people thought was the Power gem because it was red is now thought to be the “Reality gem”, which kind of makes sense now I think back about it as it was causing those unexplained flux’s, portals, gravity disturbances etc.

                • See my problem with it is ( and thanks for helpin to clarify) when Loki possesses Hawkeye he tells him ” you got heart” attachs sceptor to chest. You only ever see the energy travel from the heart to eyes. same wit the doc.. Loki makes a heart reference then possesses him as well.

                  • In a nutshell I could go into the details you specified but I think its more easily answered straight to the point ….. the Soul gem from the comics cannot control peoples actions.
                    Its never displayed that power, and believe me I’d know, Adam Warlock was one of my fav characters and I have more than 30-40 of his comic books, it can trap a soul, it can injure a soul but it can’t control you.

                    • So the convergence itself was prolly an indirect effect of the aether seein as it happened every so thousand years ?
                      And next time please feel free to go into detail i don’t need any info spared. it really helps me and anyone else who comes on in the long run.

      • Yeah apparently one just needs to have them all, that’s it.

  6. Can’t wait to see Thanos. Pumped up for this film!

  7. Aaaaaaah eeehhhaaaahhhh eeeeehaaaah
    Hooked on a feelin.

  8. Just as I thought; a “Space Comedy”..

    I’ll watch it on DVD when I’m drunk and bored.

    • If your drunk and bored then your doing something wrong….*shrug*.

      • Absolutely!:)

      • When I’m bored and don’t know what to do and I drink, then my dizzy mind tells me what would be fun to do, cos most things are more fun in a drunken state of mind ;)

    • I fail to see how it could be anything other than a space comedy. Were you expecting a tone similar to The Ten Commandments? Groot breaking his traditional speech pattern to shout “Let my treeple go”?

      • Well, that gives a *whole* new meaning to Sodam and Gamora….

        • Oh, I remember him…the Iraqi dictator…Sodomy Hussein! What a pain in the butt he was!

          • That’s why you couldn’t turn your back on that guy

      • He means the overwhelming comedy Marvel attempts to pathetically indulge into their films (i.e. Iron Man 2/3, Avengers). Judging from the trailers of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it seems that this film will be more of a Star Wars parody than a Guardians of the Galaxy cinematic adaptation. Perhaps I am wrong, but the belief of one fanatic cannot be trusted since ANYONE can simply publish a thread in which claims they have viewed the film when in reality, he/she is just as clueless about the film than the sole eyeball of a fruitfly.

        • I think the larger issue is that many people have a misunderstanding about GotG, in that they think the humorous bits in the film are somehow added to make it more palatable to kids or whomever, when in fact the craziness and seat-of-the-pants “oh s*** what did we get ourselves into” stuff is straight from the comics.

        • someone is using google translator. marvel is not attempting to “pathetically indulge” comedy into their films. [did you mean inject, or infuse perhaps?] if you don’t like marvel films, you can stay home and watch reruns of glee. i am looking forward to this film, as i am all of the MCU films.

          • We can watch reruns of Glee?

          • Bah. This place needs edit buttons.

            And granted! Since I do not enjoy a plot that is as laughable than the story of a Michael Bay film and the mere immaturity of a teenage romance, then I MUST be a Glee fan! If Marvel wants to furthermore develop the MCU, then the best advise for them is to cut a bit of a slack off from the comedy that moronically ruins a comic book film (Iron Man 3 anyone?) and make the Avengers revolve around the character whom deserves to be known as the face of the Avengers: Captain America (Iron Man is becoming into Marvel’s very own Wolverine). Just because a cinematic universe for a comic book franchise is already established, it does not mean that they can put quantity as their primary priority rather than the quality of a film.

          • i’m guessing english is not you primary language, so i will not point out your glaring errors, but, i never said you sucked anything, and in no way meant to imply that someone must be gay to watch glee. i liked glee the 1st season. great biting satire. it got old after that. my point is, there is no need for this hostility over a movie you CLEARLY have no interest in. i didnt care for the twilight series. i watched the 1st one. i thought it was stupid, and never watched another one. i did not go into the discussion boards on here for any of those movies and point out how stupid they are. that would have been a HUGE waste of time. i’d rather focus on films i want to watch, like all the MCU, and DCCU, and whatever else peaks my interest. you may certainly waste your time trashing a film you don’t like, but it just comes off as [ to use your words] immature, and a little trollish. feel free to reply.

          • u used some harsh profanity twice and your comment goes thru. i used none and was not insulting and i get flagged for moderation. so lets try again.

            i never said you sucked anything, and in no way meant to imply that someone must be gay to watch glee. i liked glee the 1st season. great biting satire. it got old after that. my point is, there is no need for this hostility over a movie you CLEARLY have no interest in. i didnt care for the twilight series. i watched the 1st one. i thought it was stupid, and never watched another one. i did not go into the discussion boards on here for any of those movies and point out how stupid they are. that would have been a HUGE waste of time. i’d rather focus on films i want to watch, like all the MCU, and DCCU, and whatever else peaks my interest. you may certainly waste your time trashing a film you don’t like, it is after all your time do do with what you want.

    • so where did you read that? or are you just being an troll?


  10. I can’t believe that Disney/Marvel even let that review leak out,if it is for real.

  11. Everything is awesome!

    • Everything is cool when you’re part of a team…

    • Hahaha… only see Emmett whenever Chris Pratt speaks…
      if u eva watch Spike Jonze HER u see Chris go from fat to fit in the course of what lil screen time he gets..

    • Everything is Batman !!! …Everything is cool when you’re Batman !!! :D

  12. Since we see a Celestial in this film, does this mean that Fox does not have the rights to use the Celestials in the X-Men films? How will they explain Apocalypse’s advanced tech??

    • I don’t think aliens are popping up in X-Men just yet.

      • The Phoenix Saga involving the Shi’ar will never get done the right way if Fox handles it.

        • Its unlikely the Phoenix Saga will ever get done the right way no matter who handles it at this point.

          The constant need to rewrite the source material dictates that the story will be butchered before it goes on screen regardless. Just look to the Ultron/Ant-Man debacle to see how Disvel destroyes it, to the Last Stand to see how Fox butchers things.

          Perhaps a Kickstarter. LOL

    • good question

    • Actually i’ve been wondering this myself for the past few months. Dear screenrant editorial team, can you use your superpowers from the PR infinity stone and just ask Marvel or Fox?!

  13. Sounds like every review for almost all marvel films. Motive issues, chasing anither stone, one chatacter is gunnier than the rest so there a standout and since its enjoyable its consideres great. This film will pale in comparisin to xmen dofp s film that depends on telling a story and complex charactets not jokes.

    • Typing on phone = spelling errors

      • I genuinely don’t care about the spelling errors because considering what kind of character Rocket is, I like the idea of him being “gunnier” than the rest of the cast.

        Brilliant typo is brilliant.

        • Truth

          • +1

    • If you are going to a Disney movie ever since the mid 90s, you already know depth is NOT something you will get. Be it via Marvel or not.

    • wow. DOFP was convoluted sh*t meant to fix continuity errors and even sh*ttier movies.

  14. Thanks for leaving the plot spoilers in a separate section! I try really hard not to even watch trailers for the movies I’m interested in because they tend to give way too much away. Except for The Amazing Spiderman 2, I’ve been happy with the movies I’ve watched so far this year and I am optimistic about “Guardians”.

  15. Whew! Didn’t read the spoilers!

  16. The Avatar of Death is Thanos. Your article seems like Death (the abstract being from the comics that Thanos has a crush on) would appear, but I read the actual LR review, and I think they are referring to Thanos when they say Avatar of Death. Otherwise, great article! I’m excited to see GotG :)

    • Thanos is NOT an avatar of death at this point in the story without major story changes. The avatar before him will probably be seen introducing the idea an avatar of death altogether

      • Thanos is the worshiper of Death. He is collecting the Infinity Gems to get Death’s favor.

        • True. Thats what i was saying. He spendsmost of his time courting Death….but I get what the other guy was some point in the comics Oblivion selects Thanos as the Avatar of Death

    • I will have so much respect for Marvel and Gunn if there is a female character considered the Avatar of Death standing quietly in the backgroud and we as the viewer not knowing if she’s a hallucination, a person, or an ethereal being.
      That’s why I feel the orb in GotG is the SOUL stone to help show Thanos really wanting to give dead souls to Death as an act of love.

  17. Guardians will be Marvel’s next billion dollar hit for two reasons why: Thanos and the big star himself, ROCKET RACCOON!!!!!

  18. Gee. A “first review” that says the movie is “great.” Wow. Never been done before.

    Marvel superhero movies already have far too much comedy, so much that nobody even cares is someone “dies” or not. This movie doesn’t even take itself seriously, so why should I? Oh wow, Thanos appears in a comedy movie. I’ll just mail my next paycheck to Marvel studios.

    • Sooo. wtf are you here for? Complain about a format you dont like which is awesome to the rest of the world? Go watch Dark Knight and drink a glass of sour milk. Marvel movies are what they are.(Great, mix of action, humor, sci-fi, and a whole lot more.) Your opinion of what they have too much of matters not. If you are sending your paychecks to movie studios i suggest taking a course on money and time management

      • Hmmm….I didn’t know there was someone on the internet with an alias ‘your point?’ and speaks for the rest of the world.

  19. I hope they play mouse rat for the credits

    • I was just looking up Mouserat shirts for sale like 2 hours ago!!!!

  20. People should realise that this movie will be comedic because the source material is comedic.

  21. I just lost my job, so at least I have one thing to look forward to…checking out for a few hours courtesy of Marvel sounds like an excellent idea to me. Hate to have to wait until August, though.
    and on the “unemployed” train of thought – watched Poltergeist yesterday and Cabin In The Woods today and was wondering if anyone else noticed that the tree outside of the Freeling’s house that nearly eats Robbie is the same tree that is outside of the girl’s house at the start of Cabin? Is that too random? Too much free time leads to these types of observations…

    • Did not see Cabin in the Woods, but did see Poltergeist so I know which tree you are referring to. Now that was a fun movie, great special effects! Very observant of you, I must say. Makes you not want to go out to rake leaves in the Fall! Good luck with the future job hunt…it’s scary out there!

  22. Im very interested in this orb if its a gem as at…Im pretty sure… hopefully As it goes there the three.

    Tesseract-SPACE/blue in comics purple
    Sceptor- MIND/blue in comics blue
    Aether- tbaPOWER/red in comics red
    Unknown MacGuffin- SOUL/??? in comics Green
    Unknown MacGuffin- REALITY/??? in comics Yellow
    Unknown MacGuffin- TIME/??? in comics Orange
    I feel the GotG Orb is SOUL. Thanos wants to offer it to Death. Speculations wanted.


    • Was Loki’s scepter in Avengers really an infinity stone? I vaguely remember that Marvel higher-ups says that it’s not…

      • I think you’re right. THE TEASER ACT was the gem in those movies. The others were the Aether from Thor TDW

        • lol I meant Tesseract. damn auto spelling on my phone wont comply

      • No, the staff at Marvel Studios teased it was but Kevin Feige would only smile not confrming or denying the MIND gem was the scepter. This was after the speculations about it that came up this year, if Im right. I even think screenrant covered it.

  23. Johnny Depp as Dr. Strange! Calling it.

    • That’s a very OLLDDDDDD rumor and I’m pretty certain it’s not happening. Sorry!

  24. Zoe Saldana – you know you have reached the highest scale of hotness when you can go green skinned with weird cheeks and still be smoking HOT!

  25. You had me at ‘Cosmo is in the film’.

  26. COSMO!! was already sold on this film now i’m even more excited

  27. We get to see Cosmo? Great! What about Dibs, or Annette?

    Very obscure reference there, I applaud anyone who gets it.

  28. You and me

    • Are you sure you didn’t just Google that? Tell me something about the show that’s not on Wikipedia, IMDB, etc.

    • Judging by your lack of reply I’ll assume that you Googled it.

  29. Sure, I trust anonymous reviews about as much as I trust people selling bridges in Manhattan, or swampland in Arizona. If this was at all legit, the reviewer would not have had to hide their identity. So I will be waiting for proper reviews before deciding if this is worth the time, or should be shunned like Iron Man 3. My guess is it will be worth it, but Moneyland has surprised us with some super-bombs like Pacific Rim – which was great in pre-reviews and trailers.