Kevin Feige ‘Confident’ in Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange & Inhumans Movies

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dr strange marvel movie Kevin Feige Confident in Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange & Inhumans Movies

From observing even the smallest portion of photos, trailers and marketing materials for The Avengers, it’s clear that Marvel Studios’ flagship film offers and out-of-this-world experience. And that’s every bit intentional.

Moviegoers worldwide have not only familiarized themselves with the likes of Iron Man and Thor over the last few years, but the heroes are now welcomed with open arms. The Marvel cinematic universe has successfully established itself and going forward, their storytellers can explore the furthest depths of science fiction and supernatural elements the Marvel Comics has to offer.

While reflecting on his initial grand vision for the Marvel cinematic universe – to a point in time before Iron Man even released in theaters – Kevin Feige explained to Movieline that he was admittedly, naively confident that Marvel would not only make one or two blockbusters based on Marvel Comics that hadn’t yet received the feature film treatment, but that they’d make them all and actually bring something as ambitious as The Avengers to life.

When asked if Marvel Studios has now made all the movies he originally wanted, Feige responded that they have, but added that there are certainly more he wants put on his resume.

“We have! I mean, there are certainly others like Guardians [of the Galaxy], like Inhumans, like Doctor Strange that we haven’t yet, but I am confident that we will. So there’s a lot of satisfaction now, on the eve of Avengers, that this thing that was deemed impossible has actually occurred.”

It was back in the summer of 2010, after Iron Man 2 hit theaters (like The Avengers, it was the only Marvel Studios production to release that summer), when Feige first name-dropped Guardians of the Galaxy as a property they were interested in exploring. A year later, more insider “reports” claimed that Marvel was deadly serious about developing Guardians and the timing worked well with the Thor and Captain America movies debuting and both featuring elements of the greater cosmic universe (check out the contents of Odin’s Vault).

We discussed the idea of Marvel going cosmic post-Avengers in depth here on Screen Rant, but its potential was entirely dependent on the success of The Avengers due to it bringing extreme sci-fi elements to the forefront. As it turns out, people are loving The Avengers and its international box office openings have been breaking records, while at the same time earning positive critical acclaim. So, don’t be surprised to see Guardians of the GalaxyDoctor Strange or Inhumans show up when Marvel unveils their next slate of unannounced films.

Guardians of the Galaxy (the revamped version from the comics that Feige specifically referred to in the past) features a group of aliens banning together to protect the Earth from other aliens and includes key characters such as Adam Warlock and Quasar, two characters both previously rumored to appear in The Avengers.

Doctor Strange, another movie Marvel execs frequently express interest in (and is reportedly in early development), tells the story of Stephen Strange, a surgeon who stopped practicing after damaging his hands in an accident, but who becomes an incredibly powerful master magician/sorcerer. In the books, Strange joins the New Avengers and there are several differing variations of the character in the different Marvel universes, giving the film a lot of room to play with in terms of the character’s origins.

Last and perhaps least likely is the Inhumans, superpowered people who live on the moon and differ from humans thanks to ancient experimentation by their creators, the Kree. The character of Black Bolt would play a crucial role in such a film, and its story – if realized on film – could have major implications (and offer huge plot twists) for other Marvel films – including the ones already released.

Black Bolt Inhumans Movie Kevin Feige Confident in Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange & Inhumans Movies

Before jumping out to the other, unexplored areas of the Marvel galaxy, for the next two-three years, most of the films will remain grounded with familiar characters. Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 are on track for releases next year with Iron Man 3 beginning shooting this month and Captain America 2 will release in 2014. With rumors not hinting at Mark Ruffalo getting a chance a solo Hulk movie in 2015, and The Avengers 2 likely coming out that year as well, we only have one, perhaps two unknown slots in the next three years and the likeliest of candidates at this point are a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie and Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man.

What Marvel Studios projects would you like to see become a reality and are you open to Marvel running full steam (warp?) ahead into the cosmic universe?

If you’ve seen The Avengers, please refrain from talking spoilers – we have a spoilers discussion thread for that.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in North American theaters on May 4, 2012.


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Source: Movieline

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  1. I watched the animated Doctor Strange movie on Netflix yesterday and I got to say I am intrigued, I would like to see a live-action adaptation of him.

    • lol. i watched that on the 23rd myself. i thought it was pretty good and i second the nomination for a live adaption. all in favor?

      • I agree. I would love to see him in a movie. One of the cooler but less know character in the Marvel Universe

        • As a proud owner of the 1978 Dr. Strange movie with Peter Hooten, I can absolutely say that I’ve been waiting for an updated movie on him for years and years. I loved the newer animated movie too (which I also own.)

          I also think Patrick Dempsey would still be an AWESOME choice for the part.

          • no, never say that again…

  2. The Cosmic side of Marvel has always been one of my favorite parts of the MU. At times more so than the earth based. Which is THE major reason I disliked Surfers introduction in Fantastic 4. It could’ve been handled better. Anyways, I’m really not sure how I feel about this. I guess glad that they are willing to focus on more characters..

    Since Adam Warlock was mentioned I think they are more likely to introduce the Infinity Watch as well. I mean we already seen the Gauntlet and now there is mention that the cosmic side is going to get some love?. Somebody call Jim Starlin and let the pros handle it…

  3. Honestly, I have little interest in films about Guardians of the Galaxy, the Inhumans, and even Dr. Strange. I’m much more interested in projects/potential projects like Cap 2, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and S.H.I.E.L.D. I hope they stick with those kinds of films than the cosmic stuff.

  4. i’m bummed that it appears marvel will not be getting the rights back on fantastic 4 and daredevil. i thought studios had 5 years between films. daredevil was in ’03, electra came out in ’05, so why doesn’t marvel have those rights back now? i would love to see those characters end up in the MCU

    • I believe they have 7 years, and thats to reach production, and I heard that Fox almost didnt renew Daredevil, but decided to because of a stupid director persuading them to

  5. Would they PLEASE hurry up and offer the role of Sorcerer Supreme to Liam Leeson already!?

    • much as I love liam neeson, I think he’s too old.

      • You’re kidding right? Take a look at that picture up top, Strange is not a young or even middle-aged man. He was born in 1930 which puts him at over 80 but his magical abilities can explain that away.

        Neeson is only 60 which, imho, puts him at the perfect age. It would be nice if he was say 5-10 years younger to get a bit more longevity out of possible movies but he IS the perfect person for the part right now.

  6. Sound Horrible Marvel need to learn that not every character need to be on the big screen

    • Nope, you’re right. Just the good ones.

      • yes just the good ones. so drop this inhumans tripe and give us black panther! guardians and strange can stay though.



    What is with this cosmic thing? Are they aiming towards Thanos or something?

    • Russel Crowe could play black panther. Think kingpin, or Haimdall from thor. PC turn around is fair play.

  8. i really really really don’t want a guardians of the galaxy movie, if it’s independent from the marvel cinematic universe sure, but if in the MCU, they have to get rid of the talking racoon. it’s stupid.

    also why go all super cosmic when there’s still a black panther movie to do, ant man, wasp, heroes for hire. i know there isn’t going to be a scarlet witch or quicksilver in the MCU (they’re magnetos children people, it’s not going to happen, ever) but i’m not entirely against cosmic

    just GotG. talking racoons and tree’s will not go down well. it’s silly, more silly than people in costumes with superpowers or giant green men or aliens.

    • Actually Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver are available for use by both Fox & Marvel Studios.

      Also, just because they want to go the cosmic route doesn’t mean they can’t also make Black Panther or Ant-man.

    • excuse me? whats this about removing the best two characters from a GotG movie? no. if they do a guardians movie they need rocket and groot. those two are half the personality of the franchise, and are easily explainable by “theyre aliens, deal with it.” so long as the characters are portrayed well, i dont see why the audience wouldn’t be able to accept rocket and groot.

      a guardians movie would be great. it could mostly be self contained but still part of the MCU, with just little hints here and there (a brief shot of one of the avengers aliens in an alien bar, a stan lee cameo.


  10. I would like Mark Ruffalo to return. Also, The Leader should be the villain, since he was introduced somewhat in the 2008 film.

  11. (A message to Mr. Kevin Feige and the good folks over at Marvel Studios)

    Dear Mr. Feige, us fans have greatly appreciated and enjoyed the terrific job you and your team have done with Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America. The build up to a cinematic event was wonderful. And the cinematic event in question? Couldn’t have been better. The Avengers was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, but please, listen to your fans now… NO ONE cares about the Inhumans or The Gaurdians of the Galaxy.
    Your fans want the Black Panther, Ant-Man, Heroes For Hire, Dr. Strange (at least you got that one right) and they want Incredible Hulk 2.

    Do GotG in a few years when The Avengers’ trilogy is done. But until then, please don’t disappoint us by neglecting the fan favorites. Go with what you got and expand on that (The Avengers). You can delight us with these other characters (essentially, the space Avengers and alien X-Men) at a later stage.
    If the need for GotG is so strong, then do an animated feature first (to just “test the waters”).

    • I will be curious to see how GoG is portrayed in A: EMH this week.

      GoG and Inhumans woudl be REALLY pushing the power fo the Marvel Brand. I barely know anything about them and I read comics lol. A casual fan is going to be very confused.

      • I agree, which is why I think they should rather focus on the Avengers brand that is now firmly established.

      • The thing is though that being known or unknown to us fans is pretty meaningless. We make up what, maybe 1% (if that) of those who will go see this. So we are hardly even a consideration.

        It’s not as if the casual movie going audience had a clue who Iron Man, Thor or Capt. America were until they got their own movies so as long as the characters are interesting and they can put together a good story, that’s all that really matters in the end.

        Marvel either needs to branch out and explore their other IPs or end up stagnating like DC (and the other studios using Marvels characters), rehashing the same ones over and over (and in the case of Batman….over and over……..and over)

        Now I would prefer seeing Ant-Man, Dr. Strange and Black Panther first since they tie into the Avengers and could lead to team-ups down the road but you all need to have a more open mind when it comes to less known characters.

        • The properties that Marvel still owns ironically are many of the ones that they rented out to Image comics in the 90′s, or they are second and third tier characters. With the recent success of the Avengers movies and Disney owning the remaining Marvel IP’s they probably just want another cash stream every summer via these movies, which is understandable. The problem is that they may not be very realistic in regards to how much money these characters may be able to draw since every movie cannot be Star Wars, Avatar or Batman.

          Between Marvel and DC you would imagine they would have enough quality ideas to tell a good amount of stories, but do they all have to be feature length films? Warner and Disney has enough television outlets that can be used to carry programs based on some of these comics to get the characters names and stories out to both comic book fans and casual fans alike.

        • @Mongoose: I don’t think I’m being close minded if that’s what you’re implying ;) I’m looking at this from a “seller’s” point of view: the general audience is much more likely to warm to the idea of an African prince who has to avenge the death of his father or a doctor turned magician (especially with the right actor on board). I don’t think however, that they’re AS likely to warm to the idea of Inhumans and violent space squirrels (as much as I love the comics).
          My point is, even though Iron Man, Thor and Cap were “unknowns” to 90% of the moviegoing public, they (and characters like BP and Luke Cage) are in fact much more marketable than the before mentioned heroes (like the Inhumans or GoTG).

          It’s not a matter of “never do an Inhumans or GotG movie”, it’s just a matter of prioritizing and getting characters out there that the audience can relate to and characters that can tie-in with the already established franchise.

          • i totally agree with @The Avenger

            Black Panther yo!!! Ant-Man/GiantMan FIRST!

    • Well um, I would actually like to see an Inhumans movie. There are a number of problems bringing this group to the big screen:

      1) They are kind of tied to the Fantastic Four (a group Marvel currently doesn’t own)

      2) Their back story it incredibly complex, esoteric and intertwined with so many elements of the Marvel universe that they would probably dramatically alter their origin. Pulling the same silliness DC did with the GL corps back story (more specifically the yellow origin) would be tragic.

      3) Their leader doesn’t speak. Kind of difficult to have a leading character with no voice.

      Regardless I would love to see Karnak on the big screen.

      • @mongoose, I’d rather Marvel put characters that are close to FF,DD,X-Men,and Dedpool into development stages to keep Fox’s filthy hands off. As far as Inhumans,a non speaking leader such as Black Bolt would be a hard job for an actor to pull off, I don’t think it would be easy as people might think. I’m looking forward to Lockjaw though ;)

    • while I agree about the Inhumans, I for one am very excited about the possibility of a GotG movie. its a excellent idea to put on the big screen (sentient tree and talking raccoon and all)

      • I’m not against the idea of GotG, but I just think Marvel needs to get their priorities straight.
        While GotG sounds good in theory, it’s going to be very hard to pull it off and I can’t see the general public getting into the idea of those characters (as well as characters like Luke Cage or Dr. Strange).

        • the general public can get into Luke Cage and Dr. Strange. one is a Hero For Hire and ther other one is a sorcerer supreme. that iseasy to translate to the public.

          • Ah, I see my comment was a little unclear.
            Sorry, when I said “as well as”, I didn’t mean “including”.
            Let me rephrase:
            “I can’t see the general public getting into the idea of those characters (UNLIKE characters like Luke Cage or Dr. Strange – WHICH THE GENERAL AUDIENCE WILL BE ABLE TO WARM TO MORE EASILY).”

            • oh ok cool

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  13. i dont know alot about marvel characters outside the movies but as long as we get some new characters in the MCU soon ill be happy. I like having sequels to the ones weve already seen. but i would like to be introduced to more superheros.

  14. I think Inhumans and GotG is more of a misdirect or long term thing. Like The Avenger said they could do those after Avengers 3 to fill the need for big team-ups…..not that I really want them then either.

    Dr. Strange would be phenomenal and a very cool movie to see. I’m very interested in Edgar Wright, whom I love as a writer/director, will do with Ant-man which I can guess will also bring us Wasp too. Other characters who will or could have their own film include Black Panther, Namor, the two I previously mentioned, and that’s about it. They could introduce Carol Danvers/Ms. marvel in another movie and I think with the reaction the hulk is getting from the Avengers might get him a third movie vs The leader or maybe the Red Hulk.

    I’m interested to see what they do with Blade, The Punisher, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. I think The Punisher’s best bet would get on Showtime/HBO or to a lesser extent AMC…it’d be one of the cheaper superhero tv shows, not really much special fx and they could have ties here and there to the cinematic universe too. Blade probably would make a good show too, but I wouldn’t mind getting more Blade movies. And I guess a Heroes for Hire movie is possible too, but I don’t think that’d be too big. I guess if they made the roster Iron Fist, Luke Cage, The Punisher, Black Panther, and The Hulk….who all were on the team at some time or another, then maybe it could work.

  15. I really hope that they go from 2 to at least 3 movies a year. I really want to see Dr. Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy hit the big screen (not so excited for inhumans, honestly) as well as Ant-man, SHIELD, Black Panther, and Heroes for Hire (maybe Namor too, but I can live without it).

  16. I would love to see a Iron Fist and Luke Cage movie. And, the timing is perfect: open up a Heros for Hire business after the public events of the avengers movie….
    Black Panther looks interesting. I’d like to see a live action Dr. Strsnge, but I always liked the idea of him remaining mysterious. His own movie with a probable origin story might ruin that.
    I know nothing about the other two groups. I agree with the people saying they would like Marvel to expand the Avengers universe before branching out.

    • inhumans would honestly be way too difficult to do on film, but guardians of the galaxy is a great book that would make an awesome movie. literally the only thing standing in its way is that there arent a lot of ways it could tie into the avengers, as only 2 members of the team have ever been avengers. still I would love to see a guardians movie (especially if rocket raccoon and groot are done properly)

  17. I think Guardians Of The Galaxy and Inhumans are two franchises that would do MUCH better as a CGI movies ala Pixar or Image Movers Digital(Beowulf,Polar Express,Christmas Carol). In particular GOG, would be heavily CGI’d anyway so why not make the whole thing CGI instead which would allow Marvel to concentrate on a live action movie or two at the same time. This would allow Marvel/Disney to see the reaction before making a decision of making live action versions. I think if Pixar or IMD where commissioned to make GOG and or Inhumans then it would turn out much greater and also put Marvel in a position to do a lot more especially with Disney foremost being an animation driven company, I think Disney would be all for animate versions of GOG and Inhumans first. Especially with Rocket Racoon, and Groot, I think ANIMATED versions are the BEST way to go FIRST.

    • Im not so much against an animated version of GotG so much as what making them animated would do to them. if its animated (especially by pixar) it would be made for kids and it would really water them down (especially if they include quasar and moondragon, if you catch my drift). I mean, while its a fun book but its definitally got some adult themes (like a religion being the central antagonistic figure, the complexity of cosmic marvel, the aforementioned two characters and their relationship) not to mention that Gamora and Drax simply wouldn’t work in a kids movie, and rocket and groot would be nothing but comedy relief, whereas they were awesome in the comics. I just dont want to see the guardians watered down like that when they could be epic and true to the comics as a live action movie.

      and besides all that, its already been said that there would be no marvel movies made by pixar.

      • Just because a movie is animated doesn’t automatically mean it will be kid friendly. We know that Marvel won’t be producing R rated films unless it’s under a partner license or subsidiary. Most Marvel movies will be PG13 at the most. There have been several adult themed animated films beyond just “Heavy Metal” or anime,Beowulf which was done by IMD(disney) was NOT a kids movie. Just recently there have also been even more serious toned animated films such as “Chico & Rita”. Having Rocket Raccoon and Groot be badasses would be unexpected in a CGI film backed by Disney where the audience wouldn’t expect that coming from those types of characters, so it would make them stand out even more.

        • you have to remember that this is disney/pixar we’re dealing with. Disney wont get their hands into what marvel studios is working on, but the second that pixar is involved theyll be all over it. animation comes with a stigma of being for kids unless its a stupid seth mcfarlane comedy, and pixar has yet to make a movie with a rating higher than PG. Guardians would need a PG 13 rating for it to be worthwhile.

          • I agree.
            If Pixar makes an CGI/animated GotG movie then I won’t be watching.
            We would, as you said, just get watered down characters (especially Rocket Raccoon).
            I think Marvel Animation (not Pixar) should do an animated GotG movie to test the waters, and if it’s successful, THEN they can start planning a live action debut.
            But seriously, I hope Disney/Pixar never go near these characters.

            • @The Avenger, That I do agree with, Pixar would probably try to make it cute and kiddy. I’d like to see IMD or the CGI folks who handled the motion capture and CGI of “Beowulf”,”Cristmas Carol” and “Polar Express” do it but with a very serious tone.

              • I’d love a “realistic CG” film but the technology Zemeckis developed for Polar Express & Beowulf doesn’t really work for me. The eyes are dead & creepy, and those characters were just to weirdly done to accept when watching. He lost a lot of money developing that, lots of time as well, and people were totally turned off by it.

                • @Ken I get what your saying. I think with something as weird as GOTG or Inhumans with Marvel doing it not Zemeckis,it just might work, but I still think live action for GOTG or Inhumans isn’t the way to go (just yet) especially while there are already many live action movies that need to be done first.

                  • There are lots of in-between points they could go with post-Avengers, before they hit Inhumans & GotG, but I don’t know if they’ll do that. They’re talking about those properties before they’re talking about Black Panther or Luke Cage, etc.

                    It seems likely that before we get to Avengers 2, they’ll intro a Black Panther film, maybe a couple other characters, and THEN have them appear in Avengers 2, but when I say “seems likely” I’m probably just projecting what I would do onto them.

                    Given that Adam Warlock & Dr. Strange are two of my favorite characters, I’m all for them going the “cosmic” route, so don’t listen to me too much. I’m very heavily biased here.

                    • I think that, depending on when they decide to do a “certain villain,” Dr Strange and GotG may have to come sooner rather than later. Strange and Adam Warlock have both been the owners of “certain stones” that are central to a “certain villains” plan. the Inhumans may have been too, but Im honestly not all that familiar with them.

  18. I believe going the “Cosmic Route” goes against everything Jon Favreau and the first Iron Man stood for. I feel as if the goal was to make movies that were grounded in reality . This was even further expanded upon in The Incredible Hulk. Thor even pushed the boundaries but tied it into reality using the Rosenburg Bridge (Einstein theory). Having a GotG movie in the MCU universe is just a stretch. Marvel please please please Stick to realism that was made the movies so great thus far (Avengers is already taking some liberties with that…([ref end cu scene rumors])


    • how would the guardians of the galaxy be any more of a stretch than the aliens invading in avengers?

      • Because the aliens in The Avengers aren’t the primary drivers of plot, aren’t the main characters, and the entire film doesn’t rely on them. Personally I love Guardians of the Galaxy, and would love to see a Marvel Studios film, but it runs the risk that John Carter did: most people don’t know who they are.

        John Carter of Mars has been around FOREVER but most people have never heard of the books. The “Yay I love that stuff!” hook that exists for all the Avengers films doesn’t exist in a larger way for GotG. Comics nerds love them, Bobby & Jane down at the burger joint has no idea who they are.

        • @Ken, I totally agree with your statement and that’s why it would be safer to test the waters with GOTG in animated form first. If people like it, and it does well, then it’s possible that people may be eager to see what a live action film version will be like. Making serious CGI animated versions will cost money but live action with CGI costs a hell of a lot more and is a bigger risk. It will also expand on other ways that Marvel can bring these characters to life. Animated movies do very well too and a PG-13 CGI animated Marvel movie definitely is NOT a stretch and resonates quite well with Disney.

      • i’m not saying it isn’t a stretch… and i feel as each movie has come out it has gotten further and further away from a base in reality.
        i’m not saying i dont enjoy the movies or arent a HUUUGE fan but i just feel that the original thought behind “Iron Man” was something like, “hey, lets make an awesome super hero movie that could actually happen in today’s modern world…” that is all gone now

        Now with IronMan 3 and having the movies being more “grounded in reality,” (i.e. similar to a James Bond style flick) it seems they want to shy away from going too far into the cosmic realm.

        not that’s its a good or bad thing, just an observation.

        • I get where you’re coming from, and I agree. On the opposite end of the spectrum (playing devil’s advocate) one could argue that IM was a good starting point, where we could enter into a realistic setting with some sci-fi/superhero elements, and gradually increase as we go along to other films.

          IM being more reality-based doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the defining litmus test going forward. It could just as easily function as the entry-point, so that we don’t go from cold to hot and turn people off.

          • I agree…it was a great launching pad to pull in the rest of the characters and the entire marvel universe as a whole. AND if they had intended Iron Man as a stand alone film there would have been no end-cut scene “Nick Fury: I want to talk to you about The Avengers Initiative…” etc etc

            I guess i just really enjoyed thinking “wow, i guess this could really happen today…some dude out there COULD create something similar.” But IMO with introduction of Thor/Rainbow Bridge/Odin/Asguard etc ended all of that. Like i said above, not at all a bad thing, just a change in perspective. Now its less of a “wow, this might could actually happen in the real world today” to a “these are freaking awesome super-hero movies, with cool Easter eggs, tie ins and an expansive universe from them to continue into”

            • It does represent a shift in a lot of ways, but I still consider the Thor/Asgard stuff to be in the “this could be out there” realm. It’s not magic or gods, it’s an alien culture in another place in the universe, statistically speaking there has to be some kind of life out there, just based on the number of planets, orbiting around the number of stars, x the number of galaxies.

              • for sure…i think the Thor movie def reiterated that point referring to Thor as “an alien” and showing how the ancient Norse people (Vikings) worshiped them as Gods but really just had no understanding of their technology

                also how Midguard fit within the actual cosmic universe we today understand using astronomy (ref the Hubble Telescope line Thor and Jane had).

                But still with all of that would the GofG just be EVEN MORE beings from another universe, would they be beings from part of the 9 realms? i mean how much can we expect to throw at the average move goer with the cosmic understanding?…as, and i’ll dare say it, a fanboy – i’m all about understanding the tie-in’s b/w characters and movies…i just think its a stretch for Marvel (a and financial gamble).

                compared to Ant-Man, Black Panther, Wasp i just think they should stick closer to home and establish that before ventuing out into the faaarrrrr bayond lol

                • @Icemanhill, I see what you mean, that’s why trying it through animation first would be a better way but making it CGI will give it a stronger element to being more real and an easier transition to live action if it’s a success. Or just that style could remain successful all it’s own.

              • @Ken, Once again I agree with you on that, particularly with Asgard being looked at as another dimension and the reality of multi-dimensional space within real science. It’s all pseudo-science but even pseudo-science is reality based and what makes things even more interesting are the possibilities of what has not been discovered “officially” but may actually exist according to real scientists and theorists.

                I for one can’t prove that there are other planes of existence or multi-dimensional beings but I have had experiences that confirm “to me” that there are other beings outside/inside our own planes, and I know I’m not the only one.

    • What’s the science behind those artifacts in Odin’s chamber and of Mjolnir… and the Destroyer bot? :p

      • I love the “electromagnetic battery” idea behind Mjolnir, I’d love to see how else they interpret the other goodies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

      • @Rob LOL! Yeah, The artifacts of course are elements of power that needed to be guarded or put away from beings who would do evil with them like the legends of artifacts here on earth of the holy grail, the spear of Longinus, electromagnetic ankhs, etc,. The Destroyer is like the holy armor, legends of it were told that they were wielded by the gods or aliens. The Destroyer is actually sentient armor, it can and has been inhabited many times.

        • I love that they used the control aspect of the Destroyer armor in the film. First by Odin when the frost giants were trying to steal the Casket of Winters, then by Loki when he was going after Thor.

  19. WTF they want to focus on GOTG and Inhumans for. Black Panther, Ant-Man, Heroes For Hire, Dr Strange need movies.

  20. Can we get a Black Panther movie already?

  21. *in best Hulk voice*
    All Marvel Movie Good

  22. I am so looking forward to Inhumans. If Marvel does not have X-men rights at least we can see a geneticly altered humans with some pretty cool powers.Hope to see the High Evolutionary, and BlackBolt of course.

  23. Im looking forward to a Dr.Strange film but im really wanting a Silver Surfer flick and that ain’t happening no time soon and when it does fox will probably screw it up.

  24. Marvel missed an excellent opportunity in Avengers:

    A cameo by Damage Control at the end of the film.

    Why doesn’t Marvel greenlight this as a television series?
    It’s low cost (some brief CGI at the beginning of each episode as a villain trashes a building), high concept (a construction company which repairs the damage following super-battles), AND…

    you can cameo all sorts of characters in the series. (“Hey, look, there’s Dr. Bong!”)

    (And if the first season is successful, in the second season, you introduce the law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. Then you spin that off into its own series as well…)

    Regarding the Cosmic movies, Marvel could use the Avengers gameplan for success. Produce a few low-cost movies setting up each franchise. (Kree can be introduced in the back-story of the Inhumans, and the Inhumans can be tied into a SHIELD mission.) Tie them all together for a big cosmic epic with Thanos.

    Of course, the problem with superhero movies is: too many characters make it too confusing. Avengers had one villain, and almost no plot. (What was Loki trying to do with those aliens? Who cares!)

    Of course, not everything has to crossover with everything else. Dr. Strange could stay a separate franchise. (Or SHIELD could create special teams of heroes for each Avengers movie, mixing and matching.)

  25. And one thought about everyone questioning the possible future choices:

    What was the reaction when Marvel announced “Blade”?

    Any obscure Marvel character can become a star, if the story is done well.

    Also, Marvel shouldn’t listen to the comics fans… they’re a minority of the general public. It’s like letting Homer Simpson design a car…

  26. Marvel Zombies!

  27. I think that guardian of the galaxy,inhuman movies will be triloly as we doctor strange movies as well and it will be marvel movies franchise of all time in the future marvel movies.

  28. Wow, they are going to be busy if they proceed with all of this. If I had to guess, I think they will do Ant-Man, or an Ant-Man/SHIELD movie. This will allow them to introduce Ultron and the Wasp. GotG can be introduced in Avengers 2 as the help needed to defeat Thanos (or the Inhumans or the Silver Surfer, which would be a wild twist). Then if reaction is favorable to GotG they could be featured in their own movie.

    I think they should even consider dividing Avengers 2 into part 1 and part 2 depending on the complexity of the plot.

    Would love to see Dr. Strange, Black Panther (Wesley Snipes was supposed to have already done a Black Panther movie but it fell apart), Power Man and Iron Fist, and She Hulk to get their own movies.

  29. inhumans

    defenders (with hulk)

    new mutants

    hercules (with thor)

    ff reboot + silver surfer + real galactus

    daredevil reboot (with black widow)


    alpha flight