Chris Pratt Will Lead Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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Star Lord Peter Quill Chris Pratt Will Lead Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

As the calendar switched from 2012 to 2013, Marvel Studios’ search for a new face to lead the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy and their efforts to explore the cosmic realm of the Marvel Comics universe dominated the headlines. In a similar frenzy of rumors and reports to the audition processes behind the search for Thor and Captain America, over a dozen names surfaced as contenders to play Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy cosmic Avengers.

Now, that search has discovered the first talent to join the cast of James Gunn’s “twisted” sci-fi superhero blockbuster.

Deadline has the scoop that Marvel Studios has finally cast Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord and that Chris Pratt is going to be the face of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Pratt, more recognizable for his characters than his real name, is most commonly known for playing Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation, but in recent years has made a significant mark in Hollywood for scene-stealing roles in Moneyball, The Five-Year Engagement and most recently, Zero Dark Thirty.

Chris Pratt Joel Edgerton Zero Dark Thirty 570x380 Chris Pratt Will Lead Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

Chris Pratt (center) and Joel Edgerton (right) in Zero Dark Thirty

This unexpected casting choice does fit in with James Gunn’s style of comedic movies and the previous rumors about the studio expressing interest in the likes of Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey for an unspecified role in Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s a clear intent here to make these otherworldly characters likable through Gunn’s style of humor. Pratt can do drama, comedy and action and he’s incredibly charming on screen, making him a smart pick for Marvel.

Ignoring the rumors about Robert Downey Jr. potentially meeting the Guardians team in a post-credits scene for Iron Man 3 and the possibility of him making an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt is the first member of what’s going to be a large roster of newcomers to the franchise.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord 570x333 Chris Pratt Will Lead Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

In addition to beating out his Zero Dark Thirty co-star Joel Edgerton – who’s also been rumored for Doctor Strange – Pratt won the role over Wes Bentley, Chris Lowell, Cam Gigandet, Jack Huston, Jim Sturgess, Lee Pace, Eddie Redmayne, Garrett Hedlund, James Marsden, Sullivan Stapleton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zachary Levi, Michael Rosenbaum and John Krasinski.

While not embracing a superhero physique in many of his on-screen roles, Pratt did skinny down for Moneyball and muscle up for Zero Dark Thirty. Check out this pic… if you didn’t think Pratt were fit for the part:

Chris Pratt Muscle Topless Conan Chris Pratt Will Lead Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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Sources: Deadline, E! Online

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  1. Wow! Was not expecting that but I’m really happy and excited! I love Chris.

  2. I can’t say I’m too excited having never read the comics or even knowing who this actor is other than he was in Zero Dark Thirty. I think Marvel is betting a little too high that this may be the next Avengers.

    • On Parks and Rec, he is the comic relief character. However he can be a very serious actor at times. All that can be said for Peter Quill, this is perfect!!!

      • He has never proven to be anything but comic relief. Everything ive seen him in is just a side character. They NEED star power to drag in fans picking pratt cant do that.

        • I agree. and sure, Star Lord is both serious and funny, but I really don’t see Pratt as him. ah well

          • DID ANYBODY see RDJ as Iron Man? NO, I can tell you I thought IM was gonna be a big huge flop when I heard he was gonna play Tony Stark and look at how that turned out! There could never be another TS if you ask me

            • um, yeah i was stoked to see RDJ as IRON MAN when I heard that news. Stop speaking for others, you usually are wrong.

              • OK so you and maybe 15 other ppl! The guy was a clown at that time, IM SURE of the 6 billion ppl in the world a cpl thought that a drunk, has been actor was gonna be a perfect choice for IM! I think looking back that Disney/Marvel made a perfect choice but not many ppl figured that he was gonna straighten up after ALL the bad choices he made, I’m glad he did but he was not my first choice!
                CHILL OUT and get ur panties out of ur crack!

                • Just like on this thread, there were people on both sides of the coin on the casting of RDJ in Iron Man. The decision was unexpected and controversial, to say the least.

                • The Michael Keaton comparison would be safer. RDJ was received as good casting, especially because of his rehab issues.

        • Who says the star power has too come from Quill if that even is the case?

          • Cause no star is going to take some back seat role of an alien.. the human is the role fit for the star and they gave it to pratt.

            • This may be Pratt’s star-making moment. I think that he has the potential to get big.

        • You haven’t seen everything then.

          He is a very good actor who can do quite well with serious or comic roles. I for one am very happy with this casting news.

          • I have seen moneyball, ZDT, Five year engagment, movie 43 and parks and rec. Im not missing much and i dont see

        • no they dont need star power to make this movie. Chris Hemsworth was not star power before he was casted as Thor and look at him now.

          • Domestically thor grossed 180 mil which is only 30 mil above its production budget. GoG is even less known, marvel needs more than that and star power would give them that. JGL brings females to the theater. This guy draws nobody

            • jeez stop riding on the whole JGL. i like him but JGL is the wrong choice of Star Lord and even Batman, etc. plus when the GOTG trailer hit and people will see they would not care about star power.

            • Trey, that’s a useless stat. Thor made nearly 500 mil worldwide, 30+ mil in video sales last year, plus the millions in merchandise. If you think for one second that Thor also didn’t contribute to the success of the Avengers and the Marvel universe in general… Its not about star power… You need to think bigger picture, it’s about who fits into the puzzle. You can’t just have a fleet of stars. You have to have a fleet of the right people in the right situation at the right time in their career. Marvel is thinking ahead and I trust they’re putting a great deal of thought into these very important desicions. Ye have little faith.

              • @Travis.

                What is calling people Boobs?

                I can take your 500 Million dollar World Box Office Gross and break it down to you down to the exact percentage point of gross to net to cost to expenditure of Thor, any other Movie.

                Bottom Line, when Movies state GROSS they like it better than what the movie NET was.

                And back to the name calling? You do know you are typing on a computer from home right?

            • Since when was domestic take the be all and end all?

                • Good knowledge sir

                • you know, I’ve wondered about this domestic vs foreign box office thing for at least 5 years now. and your the first person who has explained it that has made any sense.

                  well done.

                • Bam!

              • The Domestic take IS NEVER THE BE ALL AND END ALL, and it never will be! the major factor is what it will bring in worldwide!

                • ^ Exactly soldier.

                • @Slappy?

                  Why do you think they call it GROSS Profits?

                  When you get paid, you see your gross income, which is what you are paid for the hours you work.

                  Then you get down to the NET portion of what you actually take home.

                  Same Principal applies to movies receipts. Domestic revenue will always be higher overall when it comes to NET vs GROSS. United States, you have Tax on the overall ticket tales, you will have a surcharge tax per state, and no sales TAX in a couple of States. When you add that in, the NET Profits are greater when it calculated Domestically.

                  Now International, across the Board, in countries where the sales tax, custom tax, business tax, country tax, region tax, distribution tax, Country Surcharges, Translation cost, Subtitle Tax, Employee compensation Tax, Frivolous Tax. In Countries that have a higher rate of income to debt, the tax can range from 2-40%.

                  With the entertainment tax in Greece, due to the bankruptcy of the country, the tax for a ticket can be high as 65%.

                  So, when you factor in the taxes in this country, are 5 times less than the combined tax of 25 different markets worldwide, More Money comes to the studio via domestication.

                  So Domestically speaking, 500 MILLION World Wide GROSS after Taxes comes to between 150-225 Million. Depending on where the company is.

                  Now if you divide 500 Million among 25 countries, That comes out to 20 Million dollars per country.

                  20 Million. Not really, stellar gains from other countries. Now that is factoring in, Rich vs Poor Countries.

            • Chris Pratt is a really good actor. He can be both comedic and serious. Look at some of his work before you judge. He may not be a big of a name but I’m sure that there will be some more known supporting actors and that the character of Star Lord will turn out just fine, same as the movie.

              • I personally do not think he is bad actor. I am just looking at the Pros of casting lesser actors for roles in lesser movies. No offense to any Guardian of the Galaxy fans, but they are not Mainstream as Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Avengers. Everyone knew about Green Lantern…WOMEN LOVE RYAN REYNOLDS…Movie…..

            • Pratt brings females as well. Many of the people I know that love Parks and Rec are female. I don’t want to make a generalization but most females a I know go to see movies for who is in them an not so much what they are about. Regardless many a girls will go to this movie with their boyfriend because of Chris Pratt. I’d bet money on it, and I don’t gamble.

    • The 2008 run of Guardians of the Galaxy was magical IMHO. It was one of my favorite series of that year.

      You dont know what you are missing.

      • Also, Annihilation & Annihilation: Conquest which lead up to that :)

  3. Oh man… this guy is nothing more than an average comedic actor. Bad choice imo

    • Dude, haven’t you figured out after all your trolling on this… that no one cares what you think? All your posts are attempts at being a total buzz kill.

  4. I like this choice.

  5. We needed JGL

    • no we didn’t

  6. YES!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!! Greatest news ever!!!!! I wanted Chris Pratt to be Star-Lord from the very beginning!!!!!!!

    Afk a sec need to change my pants…

    • You scare me.

      • Hey man, if you made a fantasy casting, months before they began the actually casting and then you find out that your fantasy casting came true; you would be just as exhilarated as I am.

        • I’ve seen maybe a few minutes of PaR, but I’m fine with the casting. I don’t know much about the comicbook, but it seems to me the role calls for a kind of “everyman” quality. Basically they need to have some comedic potential of a normal guy pulled into extraordinary circumstances. This casting does that but doesn’t go overboard, like casting Jack Black as Green Lantern. RR was probably an attempt at a comedic everyman, but didn’t really work IMO.

          • @Jeff W, Haha! It was my fantasies coming true that lead to my pants needing to be changed. Okay, yeah, that all sounds very wrong, when you read it out loud. However I did run some laps out of excitement for this casting call.

            @Nostelg-O, lol Pete is far from your “everyday man.” The guy’s nuts. Rocket compliments, Pete’s personality. They’re a good team. Both are out of their minds but a good team. Btw I’ve read every issue and all the events.

  7. I remember him from “Wanted”, he was the guy that was sexing James McAvoy’s girlfriend. Later in the movie, James McAvoy smashed his face with the ergonomically shaped keyboard, knocking out his teeth lol. Interesting choice of casting, but Marvel seems to know what theyre doing. They did a pretty good job casting in the previous films, but for some reason im not too fond of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.

    • Renner is boring as hawkeye. Though to be fair he was under loki’s spell for most of that movie. They should have just cast a leser known actor, my money is that if they don’t develop the character he’s prob walk and be replaced down the line anyways.

      • Hawkeye *should* be more exciting next time around. Renner was pissed that he didn’t get to play the lonewolf non-team-player character he was pitched. That was Whedon’s script, not Renner.

        • I dont think it was the role he was playing in Avengers per say, but I think Renner in the movie in general just felt a little out of place. I think another actor shouldve been cast as hawkeye.

      • I hope they don’t replace Renner. Until The Avengers I always waited for the DVD to watch a Marvel film and I only went to see The Avengers out of respect for Joss Weedon. Renner didn’t get much to do, but he has an appeal that is very different from the other guys and variety is, as they say, the spice of life. For whatever reason, Renner is my favourite and if he isn’t in the next film, I will probably won’t bother until the DVD comes out.

    • Ahh, so I HAVE seen something with him acting in it then? Cause otherwise, never heard of the guy so I got no opinion one way or the other how he’ll do.

  8. meh. he never stood out imo and I don’t really liked him in parks and Rec, but I hope he surprises me

    • I think you are not supposed to like him in P&R. He is “that guy” that rubs you the wrong way….

  9. Updated with more pics and thoughts :)

    • Rob I’m conflicted I can’t see him in this role but at the same time I like his scene stealing work in Five Year Engagement & Everwood and while I can’t see him for this role the same could’ve been said about Chris Evans & even when RDJ casting was announced people didn’t get it…

      Peter Quill aka Star Lord is kind of a Prick, so a comedian might be the right choice & he can probably deliver a well timed line like & he can certainly bring the physicality to the role, they also probably went with him because he’s not a big star actually a relative unknown and he won’t cost that much plus they will probably surround him with a great cast like they did for Thor & Captain America…

      • Exactly. With his increasingly high profile roles, it’s a smart time for Marvel Studios to lock him down long-term.

        • Chris Pratt seems like an odd choice hopefully he can carry a movie as the only human character but I would’ve liked to see them go with Josh Holloway he’s recognizable but not so much a movie star but I’m sure they don’t want people saying that he just doing his “Sawyer Shtick” & was also rooting for Sullivan Stapleton his character on Strike Back would’ve been a great version of Peter Quill…

          • actualy, he is not the only human even in that pic, Drax the guy with the daggers is human…. or rather was human before thanos blasted him, now he more of a brain inhabiting an android…

            and Nova may show up too, he is human, so is quasar

  10. Great Choice. Really excited for this movie. I remember him back on the OC.

  11. This post just makes me realize how far behind the ball DC is in producing any kind of Justice League movie.

    • They arent behind. It comes out in 2015 and they are waiting for man of steel.

  12. This is perfect casting. Star-lord needs that slight tinge of smart-assery.

    I’m sorta laughing at people who are saying “I’ve seen all his work and I don’t get why they cast him in this role.” If you’ve seen all his work, then you get it, if you still don’t get it, then you have bad judgement and assessment skills. Don’t be prideful, just consider the possibility that you could be wrong.

    • If you would like to debate you could comment on my post instead of make a comment out of context. There is a hundred other actors more capable than pratg.

    • And last time i checked an opinion doesnt mean i have bad judgment it means i find him a poor actor despite what you think.

    • @Ken, +9,000,000,000

      The people who dislike this decision, prob have never read Guardians of the Galaxy. Peter Quill is the character to be comedic before heroic. He’s out of his mind at times and the other Guardians sometimes needs to bring him back to focus. I’ve been saying since October that Marvel should cast an actor with a comedy background because of Pete’s antics. “NOW!”, indeed they have made the most rational decision! I can’t wait for this!!!

  13. Wow didn’t expect that but I like it!!!

  14. huh?! well, lets hope it pays off….

  15. Sweet!! He will be great but after parks and rec I cant take him seriously, such a funny dude.

  16. This is as nicely as I can put it… To the neysayers, really? What on your resume makes your useless opinions more educated than those in charge of casting this role. What does Marvel need to do to shut you up… Turn the world of movies on its head and change the way studios handle franchises forever… Oh wait, they already did that. When it comes down to it, none of you have any idea what you’re talking about. (especially those of you that aren’t aware of the actor in question). “He’s not fit for the role????” Really… ??? What makes you fit to determine that? Were you present during the audition? Do you think for one second they’d even consider casting someone that didn’t absolutely nail the role. Last time I checked it’s called acting for a reason. A C T I N G look it up. If you don’t like him that fine, but don’t say he’s the wrong choice for the role… Because there is no possible way one could know this until after the fact. Just be happy you’re getting a GOG movie at all. Stop complaining.

    • Not everyone wants a GoG movie, like you assume we do. Id take ant-man, black panther and hugo strange instead of this. Who stated anything regarding marvel sucking?? We are talking about pratt who obviously is a actor up for debate.

      • Hugo Strange, huh?

        • I have no clue how more people didnt catch that and rip me apart for it lol dr strange. Of course a batman film with hugo wouldnt hurt

    • lol calm down

    • @ Travis.

      How can I say this without being Snarky? People will always be bitching about a movie, an actor or this or that.

      It is Human Nature?

      So what gives you the right to call other peoples opinion useless? Free Speech and all, no need to get omnipotent about it.

    • There seems to be a misnomer.

      Marvel did not cast Chris Pratt, Disney Did. Disney being the parent company is looking at Guardians of the Galaxy as a movie not to be taken to seriously.

      From a Business Standpoint, No Star Power for GOG Translates to a larger revenue stream for Disney. Take Robert Downey Jr, as stated a while back right here on Screen Rant, He took home 50 Million or 5-7 percent of the profits from Avengers, not to mention his take from the Iron Man movies.

      Casting lesser known Actors and Actresses for Guardians of the Galaxy, which both Marvel and Disney know is not in the mainstream for the larger majority of movie goers. So by controlling the cast, they have a lower risk to reward. They do not have an actor as of yet, who can command X Amount of Dollars, for the most part, this is either a win/lose bet. The Win is, Guardians of the Galaxy gets a good return, lose is it pulls a Green Lantern. If it fails, it will throw more at Avengers 2 and risk for more mainstream characters.

      So, if the rest of the cast follows suit, then you are looking at a cast of characters with a combined salary of between 10-15 million dollars. The majority of the budget will go to Special Effects, which can either help or hurt a movie.

      Chris Pratt selection, is based strictly on a monetary scale.

      And yes, I did not count in the cameos or roles or Avengers.

      So, with that said. Guardians of the Galaxy, does not have the clout, that Iron man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk or the Avengers carry.

      • No, I’m pretty sure Marvel Studios cast him. Disney might own Marvel but they have been pretty hands off about interfering in their business.

        • No, Money from Disney, whether is be Marvel, Pixar and no Lucas Film. They all have a monetary set agreement that is set by Disney.

          The only reason I know this. It is in my quarterly Shareholder report. Where Marvel is under Studio Entertainment. I did not say the Casting was done by Disney, I was stating the operation cost vs Success of Guardian of the Galaxy, they are taking into account, this is not a widely known entity, and therefore they are not going to risk paying a high profile actor who would command a percentage of the profits.

          Its called “The Marlon Brando Effect”. Movies Studios try not to sign an actor for a king ransom.

  17. Good choice yet again by Marvel. These guys know exactly what they are doing.

  18. I hope WB/DC is paying attention and taking notes on how to do major casting, the right way.

  19. I a huge Pratt fan so I’m happy bout this. Unexpected but happy with this decision.
    He’s more fit then he looks on parks. Also he’s a good actor I’ve seen him in a few things.

  20. Nicee

  21. Michael Rosenbaum, Jensen Ackles & Garrett Hedlund would have been excellent choices but instead they give it to the loser from parks & rec. Looks like i won’t be seeing this movie so far.

    • I like all your choices, but ill still be seeing it.

    • yeah… like if the loser from smallville, the loser of supernatural or the loser from tron would have done anything better…

  22. Ha! Just watched 5 year engagement last night. I thought he stoled the show. He was my second choice for Ben grimes in the new fantastic four behind ryan hurst. I like the choice I’m just tired of marvel having big ass casting sheet filled with names and then picking some one out of the blue.

  23. I personaly am anticipating Ant-Man more, but this ought to be interesting, glad to see some finalization as well.

    Cant wait for some more characters to get confirmed, would like a piece on Marvel comic book characters we might see coming up, like Beta-Ray Bill in Thor 2, or the Black Knight in ant-man/A3, or Baron Zemo in Cap 2, just some thoughts…. would be interesting to see in a story, there are proably some others I havent thought of either

    • Ant man is my most anticipated marvel film, cant wait to here who they cast

      • Very much anticipating Ant Man as well. Even if it is not my favorite incarnation of the hero.

      • I´d like to see either Nathan Fillion or David Duchovny as Ant-Man.

        • WHAT is everybodies fascination with that FAT, DRUG ADDICT NATHAN FILLION? maybe 10 yrs ago but the dude is a bum now… get off the firefly jockstrap! the guy is a loser now! ENOUGH with the Nathan Fillion suggestions for EVERY MARVEL SUPERHERO!!!!!

          • Jeez. Did the guy run off with your girlfriend one time? (Assuming that you’re a man.)

            • Slappy has a point. Some people DO seem to want him cast in EVERY comic book role. It gets really old.

              • Oh yeah, I understand that. I’m sure others are annoyed by that too. It just sounds like he has a personal vendetta against the guy lol.

          • Now lets see. Slappy calls Nathan Fillion Fat, Drug addict. Who is also a Bum.

            Who has a hit TV Show.

  24. While i’m sure the money factor came into play with the type of people they were casting for this role, I’m sure he got the job because he actually did the BEST audition. I like it when a Director goes a bit outside the box and takes a chance on an actor instead of playing it safe (Which, actually doesn’t work most of the time).

    I often find that good comedy actors often give the best performances when given a serious role. This affirms (IMO) that if an actor can do comedy well, then you have the foundations of a great actor.

  25. Wow, this came out of nowhere! Great choice! I was thinking Chris Pratt should play a superhero but for some reason Star Lord never came to mind. :)

    • Knowhere*

      • Umm, no. Knowhere is not a word.

        • Oh you’ll see what I mean when the movie comes out.. or you can wiki it 😉

          • Ha! I just did. You made that reference to the wrong person. 😛

            • Lmao! Np, atleast you get it now. Let that be a point of interest for the movie. I’m so pumped!

  26. Seems they have been spot on in their casting so far…..,

  27. I don’t mind with whoever Marvel cast… (they always have this ability to see beyond the shell of an actor), but it’s obviously surprising since his name wasn’t even mentioned before hahaha…

    But if there’s one thing I’d like to comment, I wonder why these stars like to publish their (half) naked photos like that. It might be delicious to devoted fans, but for some people (like me) it’s plain annoying. Showing off? Doh… Well, it’s probably just my opinion though XD

  28. I’ve always enjoyed Chris Pratt in his smaller roles and am looking forward to seeing him in Guardians of the Galaxy. But my very first thought on hearing this piece of casting news was…

    This is the third sandy-haired guy named Chris to headline a Marvel movie.

    I think Marvel has worked hard enough at their brand that people will go see a Marvel movie, regardless of who headlines it. I think the casting of Chris Pratt suggests Marvel believes the same–name recognition is not as important as finding the right actor. Marvel has almost limitless options; you wouldn’t think that by looking at the stars of their movies.

    This piece of casting news has only reminded me that I’m disappointed with Marvel, despite (because) of how much I enjoy their movies. I’m disappointed that Marvel is unafraid of challenges, like branching off into space with an unproven commodity, but when it comes to casting their lead roles they always go back to the same old thing. I’m really disappointed that Marvel hasn’t committed to making a Black Panther movie or a Ms. Marvel movie or a movie starring anyone, really, who can’t be played by a white guy named Chris.