Rumor Patrol: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Animated Series in Development at Marvel

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Guardians of the Galaxy animated series Rumor Patrol: Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series in Development at Marvel

It’s not without reason that Guardians of the Galaxy is one of Screen Rant’s most highly anticipated 2014 Movies. Not only will it be the first non-sequel Marvel movie since 2012’s The Avengers, it will also introduce a brand-new team of weird and wonderful characters that includes an anthropomorphic tree played by Vin Diesel and a gun-wielding talking raccoon with the voice of Bradley Cooper.

As hyped as Marvel fans might be for Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s also one of the riskiest movies of the franchise so far. Unlike Iron Man or the Hulk, the Guardians of the Galaxy aren’t exactly well-known outside of comic book circles, and casual moviegoers will probably need some convincing before they decide to give the movie a chance.

However, a new rumor regarding an additional branch to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise suggests that Marvel and Disney are feeling pretty confident about the characters’ appeal. CBM reports that, according to a “well placed source,” Marvel has plans for an animated series based on Guardians of the Galaxy. The source claims that Marvel was previously weighing this project up against another Spider-Man cartoon, but has  now decided to go with Guardians of the Galaxy instead.

Guardians of the Galaxy Avengers 2 Rumor Patrol: Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series in Development at Marvel

The comics featuring the characters would definitely be great source material for an animated series, with the sci-fi adventure premise and diverse band of characters holding a lot of appeal for younger audiences (and older ones, for that matter). The Guardians have already appeared as guest stars on both Ultimate Spider-Man and The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and this latest rumor suggest that Marvel might have been deliberately testing the characters with audiences before giving them their own show.

As with all stories of this nature it’s important to remember that this information hasn’t yet been corroborated by any official sources, but it certainly makes sense. The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes debuted alongside the release of the big screen version of The Avengers, so it’s possible that Disney and Marvel are considering doing something similar with Guardians of the Galaxy.

Who knows, perhaps twenty years from now the kids of today will be sitting around remembering the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon with the same kind of misty-eyed nostalgia that’s currently reserved for Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.


Guardians of the Galaxy is out in theaters on August 1, 2014.

Source: CBM

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  1. Marvel animation isn’t the best but I’d be up for a Guardians of the Galaxy animated series.

    • Beg to differ, man. Avengers: EMH, Spectacular Spiderman, sure that new Ultimate Spidey thing isn’t great, but they’ve made some solid shows before.

  2. Just give us something like Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. That appealed to kids and comic book fans.

  3. I’d definitely watch this! Their guest appearance on both EMH and Spider-man was really well done.
    But yes… I do hope they will go with the tone of EMH instead of the current Avengers Assemble/Spiderman. Bring back Christopher Yost as the story editor and don’t leave it to Man of Action.

  4. Crap and more crap like the Hulk animated show. Marvels animation sucks but so does this idea of a show so I guess they go together hand in hand.

    • Um, these shows are designed for kids, so they become fans when they are young and then want to go see the movies.

  5. I think this would make for a great cartoon. I just saw the USM Guardians episode and loved the designs. The animation may not be up to DC standards but still enjoyable.

  6. As long as it’s more like EMH than Assemble, I’m cool with it!

  7. I guarantee that the Guardians show will come before the live-action movie, then a few months down the road, its going to be cancel just like EMH.

    • EMH wasn’t under Marvel’s control, which was why it was cancelled because they wanted everything under the same animation house. So why would they launch something under their own animation house and then intentionally sabotage it?

  8. Man. Marvel is really going all out with their properties. Hope they don’t go allCall of Duty and Walking Dead and be around all the damn time. I haven’t got a CoD game in a few years and I really am starting to loose interest with Walking Dead. Companies really need to take their time with their project and not over water them like plants and kill them.

  9. Shouldn’t they have consider this well before a live action movie filled with characters that even most comic book fans no little about?

    • Why does what comic fans know matter at all? Comic fans make up a very, very small percentage of the target audience for these movies. If twenty years ago, you told people that the comic book movie would become invigorated by a live-action adaptation of an obscure character from Tomb of Dracula, they’d call you insane. And yet that’s exactly what happened.

    • I think most comic fans, or Marvel comic fans, know who the Guardians are…

  10. Looking forward to seeing Disney kill this animated series potential

  11. Both episodes of Earth’s Mightiest and Spider-Man were epic! I’ve watched both of those episodes countless times and are my favorite episodes throughout those series. The Guardians bring forth an over the top cosmic action scale that’s out of this world. Space Opera meets Super Heroes is the greatest genre. If the Guardians become an animated series, it’ll be one of Marvel’s greatest animated shows!

    If this series comes real, we can get a 6 part episode dedicated to retelling the Annihilation War. They can even start the series with that. It’ll be crazy!

    All in all, I’m excited for the possibilities.

    • I agree. It’s a shame the Silver Surfer show never took off, it was a great show. I’d love to see it redone since the new comic series begins in March.

  12. If it fits with the real universe that matters! also where did the image at the top come from? Screenrant needs to reference where they come from!

    • It’s the Guardians as they appeared in the Ultimate Spider-Man episode. 😉

  13. Very good idea. Because no one knows the story of that francise, except for comic readers.

  14. Yes yess yessss! Great news Marvel! I hope they include the reality show styled commentary from Abbnett & Lanning’s run on the series. Cosmic Marvel is one of the richest sci-fi worlds in fiction.

    • Omg! That would be soo perfect!!!

  15. Im on the fence for this one. On one hand this could be good promoting for GOTG, on the other hand if its anything like the new hulk animated series it could discourage people to go watch the film when it hits theaters.

  16. I would be interested except for two things….

    1 – I don’t have access to Disney XD so I couldn’t watch it anyways.

    2 – (more importantly) With Jeph Loeb in charge, canceling A:AMH and then putting out the horribad last SpiderMan “Agent of SHIELD” show (not to mention the WTF “Wolverine vs Hulk” waste of time), I have zero confidence in Marvel’s animation division right now.

    • 100% agree

  17. This would be awesome, but I think Marvel’s animation is bad.

    • I politely disagree, sir.

  18. When you think about it, the Guardians movie isn’t too much riskier than the first Iron Man was. Back in 2007, if you were to ask anyone about Tony Stark or Iron Man, most of them would say, “Who?” He was never even on the same planet as guys like Batman, Superman, Spider-man, etc. in terms of popularity and being a household name. Just one movie changed all that. He’s literally Marvel’s poster boy now. They even added him to the Guardians of the Galaxy team roster in the Marvel NOW! comics to try to boost their popularity and exposure to more comic fans. And this show is another example of that. Whether it’s good or not is irrelevant. The movie itself is what will make or break their popularity with mainstream audiences. It will either be awesome like the first Iron Man film, and the Guardians will be on their way to being considered another classic superhero team like the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc., or it will bomb and they’ll probably fade into obscurity. Personally, I hope it’s the former.

    • You’ve said what 96% of the Screen Rant readers fail to remember. Congrats because while it’s been said before multiple times, people here tend to forget that everyone other than Hulk, Spiderman, Batman and Superman is pretty much an unknown character to the general audience.

  19. Every time marvel tries animation it always falls behind DC. I hope this is at lest watchable.

    • Marvel really has no excuse if it falls behind DC in animation considering it is owned by Disney. If they can’t succeed in animation under Disney’s umbrella then they deserve to fail.

  20. Chances are that we will find this never should have been anything other than an animated cartoon (ie: not live acting). Hope that is not the case, and that the live movie does well (but I am a bit doubtful about this one).

  21. @Alexxx guardians is far more bizarre than ironman, and even unkown to many comic fans.

  22. Rules at Marvel Animation:

    1. Create great show
    2. Prematurely end great show
    3. Replace with crap substitute
    4. Rinse and repeat