Benicio Del Toro Joins ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ With Multi-Picture Deal

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Benicio Del Toro Guardians of the Galaxy Cast Benicio Del Toro Joins Guardians Of The Galaxy With Multi Picture Deal

If the lovable combination of Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista and Zoe Saldana didn’t have Marvel movie fans at least curious about Guardians of the Galaxy, the onslaught of high profile casting news in the last week alone will do the trick.

John C. Reilly is reportedly joining Guardians of the Galaxy in a role similar to that of Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson who’s set to return from the dead this fall on ABC in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Joining him from the stars above will be Glenn Close who’s taking on a leadership position among the Nova Corps space police. Last but not least, Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan has signed to play the main villain of the film. All three cast additions were reported in the last few days alone and we can now add Benicio Del Toro to the mix.

Deadline has the latest Marvel casting scoop about Marvel Studios and writer-director James Gunn landing the major signing. There are no specifics on the role just yet outside of the fact that it’s a multipicture deal (with options) for a character who will also be involved in future Marvel films. The news is surprising considering Paramount Pictures and J.J. Abrams were unable to sign Del Toro as the villain of Star Trek Into Darkness reportedly due to a disagreement on the financials, yet Marvel – infamously known for being extremely tight and strict with their contracts – may have just landed him for multiple films.

Ronan The Accuser Marvel Benicio Del Toro Joins Guardians Of The Galaxy With Multi Picture Deal

Del Toro is practically typecast into villainous figures but this could be a chance for him to play an important spacefaring hero. Or not. We have no information whatsoever on his character outside of his potential long-term role in the franchise. Could he play the rumored Ronan the Accuser? Or will he undergo another major transformation (see: Wolfman) and become Thanos, the big bad villain behind-the-scenes who will be around through Phases Two and Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Thanos could be entirely animated and whoever plays him could be doing just voice work not unlike the still-to-be-announced Groot/Rocket Raccoon actors.

Who is Benicio Del Toro playing and should he play a villain or a hero?


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes who you Del Toro should play!

Source: Deadline

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      • I wish. My money’s on Thanos.

        • Adam Warlock?

      • hey Rob, what would you say to him voicing Groot?
        I really think he would make Groot sound very bad@$$

  2. I would love to see him get a more heroic role. Or at least a middle-ground one. He gets stuck as the villain far too often and deserves a break.

    • “deserves a break”? First off, no one forces him to take roles. But yeah, poor Benicio and his bank account… Stuck as the villain, he really is a victim isn’t he?

      • Didnt mean it like that. Just that it would be a nice break to see him as a hero for once. He is great in whatever roles he takes. He just typically does villainous ones.

        • That’s because it’s more fun to play the villain. Any actor or pro wrestler would say that exact comment.

  3. Guardians Of The Galaxy seriously has the chance to do what Iron Man did. This cast is crazy!!!

  4. Adam Warlock?

    • Is it weird that from the picture above, I could totally picture him as Adam Warlock? Which in my opinion, I don’t see happening.

    • That’s my thought, though it might be unlikely considering there’s been no mention of him being in GotG yet. Still, Warlock’s a pretty important character for the Guardians, especially the stuff they seem to be drawing off for the movie (things like DnA’s run). Adam Warlock’s one of those heroes that’s frequently been used to draw other heroes together, and he definitely should have a big part of anything dealing with Thanos as he’s one of the characters most directly linked to him and can fill the role that someone like the Silver Surfer normally would.

      Perhaps most interestingly, Del Toro would be a neat choice just because if GotG were to be as successful as Marvel hopes, and spawn a sequel, there’s a good chance he could play Warlock’s evil half, the Magus, as well, a part he’d be awesome for. Not to mention the whole Soul Gem thing sets up a possible Infinity Gauntlet later. The casting for this movie gets more interesting by the day!

      • Who thought Yondu was going to be in the film until it was announced that Michael Rooker will be playing him? Not me. I think he’s Adam Warlock, but I could be wrong.

      • You sir know your shieeet and that makes me happy!
        I am behind everything you just stated!

        • Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my favorite comic books, especially Abnett and Lanning’s run, but even the old 90s team was something I read the crap out of. I can’t think of a single character from the modern incarnation I don’t like, and the movie has so much potential. I’ve always said it could be like Star Wars meets the Dirty Dozen or Expendables in scale and story, and that just sounds incredibly awesome in my mind.

          I’m just happy that I’m living in a time when two of my favorite characters, Rocket Raccon and The Winter Soldier, are going to be realized on screen.

          • It is a great time to be a Marvel fan!!
            But ya DnA have done some great things throughout their career

  5. Ronan would be good.

  6. The cast is getting more and more impressive. Definitely a much anticipated movie for next year. I’ve even gotten over the Batista casting. I assume del toro will be cast as Thanos.

  7. If not a GOTG character, Dr. Strange??

    • That would be wild and epic. I like your thinking.

      I don’t think that’s the case here though.

    • Exactly what I thought when I read it. Alas…as Rob says..

    • I am with you on this. For some reason I don´t feel like thor: tdw will set the stage for dr. strange. And, when you think about it, it might just be because they didn’t fid the right actor at the right time. Wouldn’t Del Toro more easily sign for multiple movies if it was such an epic and important character as Dr. Strange? He would be great for the part and it would be great for the movie.

  8. I wonder if he will voice Rocket Raccoon.

    • There are only two people who have any right to voice Rocket Raccoon, in my opinion: Patton Oswalt or Michael Keaton.

      • I dunno… there was an episode of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with the Guardians, and his voice there was pretty awesome. Kind of a Jason Statham sounding accent. It worked for the character pretty well.

      • @Johnny B

        Only one person has the right to voice Rocket Raccoon and that’s Jason Statham.

        • Statham might be a good choice; I know he’s a popular one, but James Gunn said in an interview that Rocket is very much the soul of the film, and that he’s emotionally vulnerable and slightly wounded, so I doubt he’s going to be played as nothing more than a one-dimensional badass. I just don’t know if Statham has the range to do it.

          • Watch Snatch and other early Statham roles.

            The guy can do more than just high kicks and firing weapons.

            • I get you. I’m not necessarily opposed to him being cast as Rocket, but for some reason I hear Patton Oswalt or Michael Keaton when I imagine a voice for him.

          • Yeah, I doubt Statham could pull that off, though I’ve been surprised by actors plenty of times before. Still, maybe British or even Aussie or NZ accent, maybe a slight tinge of an edge to the voice, but someone who can emote well. That would be pretty neat.

            No matter what, they’re going to have to give him a very distinctive sounding voice, and one that’s not cartoony to be able to pull it off without making Rocket Raccoon a complete joke. Lots of people are already doubting the idea of a CGI talking raccoon, but those of us who’ve read Guardians know the truth about how awesome he is.

            • Rocket is a terrific character. His voice casting is the most important aspect of the film.

        • If not the J man, Luke Evans also can be under consideration. They sound almost the same.

    • That would explain a lower payment/multi deal in light of the Star Trek deal. Voice work is quick and easy.

  9. THANOS!!!

  10. WOOOOOOHHH!!! Benicio Del Toro is the man, the dark Brad Pitt version haha.
    Any role he is cast in, will be amazing!!
    Never been more excited about movie news than I have been for GOTG

  11. I saw the wolfman pic and was excited but this is good too.

  12. I doubt he’d be Thanos but I had a thought.

    Thanos in the comic books is huge, bigger than Drax. If they had the original actor from The Avengers returning then would he have the full makeup for close shots and careful editing and CGI in wide shots or will they give it the Avatar treatment with him fully rendered?

    Only ask because Bautista is 6’6 and massively built yet Thanos is meant to be much bigger and more imposing physically. I forgave the Bane situation in TDKR because he still came across as a total badass and very much a threat but with Thanos, it’s a different situation.

    • They’d almost certainly have to at the very least do mo-cap and CGI him for any kind of big action shot. The only character who might be taller than Thanos so far might be the Hulk, but it’d be close. He’d have to be at least as tall as Drax/Bautista, and way wider. Thanos traditionally is drawn tall, but kind of stout with massive shoulders.

      As much as I prefer practical effects as much as possible, Thanos is one of those characters you pretty much have to apply at least some CGI for. Unless they complete revamp the design, but judging from the Avengers, that isn’t happening.

      • Exactly.

        I mean, i met Dave myself once the day before Wrestlemania 24 (perks of working for his official website) and although I’m average height and pretty wide due to my own workout regime, Dave’s pec was as wide as my entire body and the top of my head reached his shoulder at best and in the movie, Thanos should tower that much over Drax in my personal opinion.

        It’s kinda cool that I get to see Dave in a major movie now though (after his role in Wrong Side Of Town with Rob Van Dam a few years back) because I remember telling an anime loving friend who also worked on his site that he’d be cool if they did a live action Dragonball Z movie with Dave as Nappa.

        • I doubt they are caring to much of size. Look who they choose to play Gamora.

          • Gamora’s casting really disappointed me, it’s the weakest casting so far in my opinion. I just don’t see The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe when I look at her. Again, I’ve been surprised by actors enough times to never count anyone out at this point, but still, I definitely think she’s not the greatest choice. It smelled like “flavor of the month” casting to me, just like Cumberbatch did for Khan. I definitely can’t see her doing the crazy kind of action shots Gamora should be doing, I always pictured someone like Michelle Yeoh.

            • @Vanos_Of_Manos, Agree with you 100%. Can’t imagine seeing Zoe Saldana throw Ronan a quarter mile like in the comic book.

              • I don’t care how skinny you are. As long as you can sell a punch, people will think you’re badass. Look at Angelina Jolie in Salt; se must have weighed 100 lbs tops, and she kicked all sorts of ass.

          • @Guardian Of Outlaw

            That’s true but huge difference between Gamora and Thanos is that they could get away with Zoe’s size and viewers would accept it. Thanos….I dunno, for me he’d have to be physically intimidating, even to Drax The Destroyer. Considering how big Bautista is from actually meeting the guy, this is the only time where I’d hope that they get this right in terms of size.

            Otherwise, I don’t generally buy into the “size matters” thing because of the whole “if an actor is good enough, who cares about height, build or appearance?”

            • @Dazz, Even still, I think your hopes will be fulfilled. The Frost Giants in Thor came out to be the size of what Thanos should be. Joseph Gatt who played one of the giants is 6’1″ and they had him towering over Chris Hemsworth who is 6’4″

    • Bane a badass??? He sounded like a child!

      • Nah, he sounded like Deckard Cain from Diablo talking in to a dixie cup.

        • holy $h!t!!! i will never be able to play that now without laughing my @$$ off!!!
          “stay awhile…and listen.”

      • @KyleRayner

        I honestly haven’t heard any children who sound like Bane.

        Which planet are you from again?

        • Planet Terrifying, because if the children there sound like Bane, what the hell do the adults sound like?!

  13. I guess the dude just doesn’t like Star Trek.

  14. He could be Rocket Raccoon …

    just a thought don’t kill me … lol

  15. Great actor

  16. I’m going with Dr. Strange.

  17. Rocket Raccoon will have a british accent.

    • What about Freddy from the nightmare on elm st remake… That voice would be sick for rocket raccoon.. He pulled of roshack

  18. If they cast him as rocket, they would be wasting such a vastly talented actor. It’s be a shame. I doubt that thru would. I’d say Thanos! Yet make sure Thanos keeps his iconic look please Marvel?

    • I’m not worried about them changing Thanos’ look. His look, what we saw of it, in Avengers was pretty spot on. Not to mention that Marvel’s been pretty faithful to the looks from the comics so far (Malekith from Thor 2, and The Mandarin are probably the biggest exceptions). They’re pretty much designing Cap 2 straight from the comics, which is immensely awesome.

  19. This is shaping up to be the nuttiest movie of the decade.

  20. From the beginning, I thought that Marvel would prove a lot of people wrong about GotG. I think that Marvel realizes that a lot of people didnt think that the movie would work and so it has worked really hard to dispel people of that notion. I think that Marvek, so far, is doing a terrific job of just that.

    • It’s got a good chance at the box office. The Avengers 2 hype machine will be in full swing, and this is the last movie before it. I think the public will be made aware of that.

      • The issue wasn’t the marketing. The issues was/is, that a lot of people wouldn’t take it seriously. I think that Marvel realized the initial skepticism and has tried to change that.

        • So, again the fans are calling the shots? The tail wags the dog?

          I think Marvel is proceeding as they intended all along with this project. That some “initial skepticism” is allied along the way is coincidental.

    • I’m a huge Guardians fan, and even I can understand how silly the idea might seem on the surface. However, I’ve always thought since they announced the movie that Guardians might be the best shot at recapturing something like Star Wars, and had that reinforced when they showed concept art that included what really looked like a Guardians version of the Cantina scene. It really has that kind of potential.

  21. Groot or Ronan The Accuser. I’m learning towards Groot.

  22. I’ve never seen a movie with Del Toro the first time i heard of him was when he was in talks for Khan for the star trek sequel. Overall though he sounds like a very good actor and a great addition hope he plays an awesome villain.

  23. From the beginning, I thought that Marvel would prove a lot of people wrong about GotG. I think that Marvel realizes that a lot of people didnt think that the movie would work and so it has worked really hard to dispel people of that notion. I think that Marvek, so far, is doing a terrific job of just that.

  24. I’m trying not to get too hyped for this movie, but WOW!

    I have no idea who he’s playing, but it’s someone major if they signed him for multiple movies. The casting news can’t get much better… can it?

    Still my most anticipated Marvel movie.

    • Same here

    • I was thinking Groot, but now that I think about it and like you said he is probably playing a big role! because this is the first GOTG actor to be signed for more than 1 film CORRECT?
      if that is the case he is either playing Thanos or a character that will get a solo movie or like Thanos he will be a part of many films!!


  25. He is an excellent actor. Man, Marvel keeps scooping these superstar actors up.
    GotG is going to be amazing.

    • They are trying to take some notes from MAN OF STEEL.

  26. the trailer for this movie is gonna blow everything else away

  27. I’m REALLY pumped for Guardians of the Galaxy. This really can put a lot of characters out their that we want to see. It has SO much potential. I’m pumped. I’m going to see this.

  28. Glenn Close, Del Toro, Robert Redford, Anthony Hopikins, and the list goes on.
    It seems as if Marvel is the place to be in Hollywood right now.
    Well done Marvel!

    • Exactly

  29. I hope the movie has subtitles. He mumbles too much.