‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Connects With ‘The Avengers 3′ – Is Thanos Coming To Earth?

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Marvel Comics Infinity Part One Cover Thanos Guardians of the Galaxy Connects With The Avengers 3   Is Thanos Coming To Earth?

A key figure in developing several characters in the cosmic side of the Marvel Comics universe, writer and artist Jim Starlin’s works are quickly becoming a prominent part of the films as well. By the time The Avengers hit theaters in summer 2012, we had already seen a few of his creations at play – from the Infinity Gauntlet shown briefly in Thor, hidden away in Odin’s Vault on Asgard, to the grinning Thanos in the mid-credits button of The Avengers. ‘It’s all connected’ as the marketing slogan for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would remind us.

Later this year, we’re going to meet at least several more of Starlin’s characters in Guardians of the Galaxy, a film that will finally offer a little background on big bad Thanos and give moviegoers a reason to be keeping him in mind for future films. Starlin had mentioned last year at Montreal Comic-Con that Thanos was going to be coming back in not only Guardians of the Galaxy but The Avengers sequel as well, adding credence to theories that after we meet Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket Raccooon this August, they may make their way to Earth to meet the heroes we’re already familiar with. Why else would the cosmic heroes and villains be introduced this year, right?

Guardians of the Galaxy The Avengers Movie Team Up 700x425 Guardians of the Galaxy Connects With The Avengers 3   Is Thanos Coming To Earth?

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While the release schedule of the Phase 2 films may suggest something to that end occurring, we already know Joss Whedon’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron is dealing with another new villain named Ultron (and his robotic army) instead. We don’t know what new origin story Joss Whedon has come up with for Ultron (in the comics, Hank Pym aka Ant-Man created him), but for now we’re going to assume it’s Earth-based. Come time for The Avengers 3 however, and the Guardians of the Galaxy and the larger cosmos will definitely be involved.

So says GOTG writer and director James Gunn in an interview with EW.

“We’re definitely connected to Avengers 3.”

As for how? Look towards the Mad Titan we know as Thanos coming to Earth as the most likely reason. The character’s been kept behind-the-scenes out in space throughout the events on Asgard and Earth we’ve seen take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date, but we will see him again in Guardians of the Galaxy.

 Guardians of the Galaxy Connects With The Avengers 3   Is Thanos Coming To Earth?

Thanos Concept Art – The Avengers

Thanos Helmet The Avengers 570x539 Guardians of the Galaxy Connects With The Avengers 3   Is Thanos Coming To Earth?

Thanos Helmet – The Avengers

No voice actor has been cast yet to bring Thanos to life, or at least announced, but Gunn confirms that Thanos will be motion-captured and animated, just like Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel). Gunn describes Thanos’ role in the villain hierarchy as the the “head of the snake.” Expect Thanos to play a key role in Guardians of the Galaxy despite having what we expect to be minimal screentime as his henchman Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) steps up as the primary antagonist of the film.

Warning: Don’t read on if you’ve not seen Thor: The Dark World

Ronan, alongside Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Nebula (Karen Gillan), all share history with Thanos, as revealed in the official Guardians of the Galaxy prequel comic. Ronan was a mentor of sorts to the pair of lethal ladies, who are seemingly bio-engineered super assassins. For some reason, Thanos punishes them harshly (we won’t spoil how) and it caused Gamora to leave Thanos’ side. The mission for Thanos and his followers, in large part, has to do with tracking down and acquiring the orb we saw in the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and on display at Comic-Con (Thanos has been after it for years). That orb, as we suspect, might be one of the mighty Infinity Stones – much like the Tesseract (Cosmic Cube) and Aether are as we learned in the mid-credits button of Thor: The Dark World.

Thor Movie Infinity Gauntlet Guardians of the Galaxy Connects With The Avengers 3   Is Thanos Coming To Earth?

Infinity Gauntlet featured in ‘Thor’

Come time for The Avengers 3, which debuts after a series of Phase 3 films we know little of (outside of the already-confirmed Ant-Man and Captain America 3), Thanos might be headed to Earth to collect some of the missing stones yet to be introduced and begin piecing together the Infinity Gauntlet – an artifact that when fused with the six gems gives him godlike power over the universe. That’s something Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige teased when we spoke with him about Thor 2. All along, Feige has been teasing Thanos as a long-term villain, and part of the Phase 3 buildup.

We don’t know if this is confirmation that the Guardians of the Galaxy will show up on Earth in The Avengers 3 or if the events in that film lay the foundation for whatever happens in the third Avengers, but Marvel always plans ahead and always uses their other mediums to highlight characters and stories from the films before they release. We see it in the books all the time, with Thanos getting a lot of attention recently, much like Guardians of the Galaxy got relaunched and put in the spotlight around the announcement of the movie. And wouldn’t you know it, the Guardians just met The Avengers in the animated series Avengers Assemble for the first time:

Will Guardians of the Galaxy get a sequel in Phase 3 before The Avengers 3 ends that chapter of the MCU? Or will it launch spinoffs as Disney CEO Bog Iger suggests could happen should GOTG prove a success at the box office? Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) wasn’t kidding when she said at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier that we’re going to need heroes.

“Because you need us. Yes, the world is a vunerable place, and yes, we all make it that way. But we’re also the ones best qualified to defend it. So if you want to arrest me, arrest me. You know where to find me.”


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now in theaters, Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: BloombergEW (via Guard the Galaxy) (2)

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  1. Still sticking to my Avengers 3 being the start of Civil War and Avengers 4 being the big confrontation with Thanos, possibly Thanos helping to start the Civil War

    • There’s no way Marvel could do Civil War justice without Spiderman, X-Men, or the Fantastic Four. With the number of heroes that are currently in the MCU Civil War just wouldn’t have the gravitas of the comic. It would be a longer version of the Iron Man, Thor, and Cap fight that we had in The Avengers.

      • X-Men had practically zero involvement in the Civil War. The FF were mildly involved. Thing tried to stay out of it.

        The big individuals that were crucial to the story that would not be there would be Wolverine, Spiderman and Mr. Fantastic

        However, think of all of the following major players that they do have the rights to…

        Iron Man
        Luke Cage
        Maria Hill
        Iron Fist
        Yellow Jacket (Hank Pym)
        Doc Samson
        Ms. Marvel
        Wonder Man

        • Oh yea with that roster, Civil War can be done no problem!

          • LOL! Were you being sarcastic?

        • Totally agree with your point (its one I’ve made before)
          Everybody makes a big thing about X-men, FF and Spidey not being under the Marvel banner as a reason that they can’t do Civil War

          Like you say only 3 characters from those groups have significant roles
          And given that Marvel have proven that they are willing to makes changes between the page and the screen in order to make things work better on screen as well as being accessible to a wider audience than just the comic fans – they could easily do Civil War with the characters they have
          - Replace Spider-man with another heroes whose secret identity is important and have them unmask (Daredevil for example, who has his own show coming out)
          - With Mister Fantastic they could give the stuff he does to the other scientists present

          I would say though that for a Civil War story to work they will have to wait until a good deal more heroes are established on both the big and small screen as Civil War is not the best place to introduce new heroes

          IMO I’d like to see Marvel go with Thanos/infinity gauntlet showdown in Avengers 3
          Avengers 4 starts the Civil War
          The following Phase it could be like the solo based connected comics that were released – that show in detail what certain characters are doing during the events
          Avengers 5 ends the CIvil War

          I would also say with the solo film phase that it should either be a shorter phase or test out the 3 movies a year idea then, so that it doesn’t lose momentum or have to much time pass between the start and end of the war – as if it takes too long they risk having the casual audience lose interest

      • Forgot Black Panther (one of my fav’s)

      • I dunno man, but immortus aka kang the conquerer has shown up in a lot of fox franchise properties….

        beyond good and evil…owned by fox
        xmen evolution…owned by fox
        wolverine and the xmen…owned by fox, turned into merchandising

        so I’m just sayin’ you can’t guarantee fox won’t buy kang and pay his stage fee for a few appearances….if thanos threatens all of earth, then cyclops is gonna get real mad..

        • That makes no sense. X-Men Evolution was not produced by Fox, it was a part of the kids WB, a Time Warner production, as was Spectacular Spider-Man. Fox owns the film rights to the X-Men, yes, but Disney/Marvel owns the merchandizing, publication, and television rights to everything Marvel. There are a few characters that possibly have the Quicksilver/Scarlett Witch clause (ie. Beetle may be owned by Sony while his Moch V persona is probably with Marvel, Kang with Marvel, while Rama Tut is probably with Fox, etc).

          • Fox owns the rights to all those animated shows. Fox owns Wolverine and the X-men. He means Marvel can’t use the animated shows, only the live action shows for the most part and he’s right.

    • There’s not enough super powered humanoids in the MCU to support Civil War. Civil Disagreement maybe.

    • If anything the whole hydra/sheild event in the MCU is the civil war variant. Yes no hero vs hero but its doubtful we’ll ever see it (well guarranteed we’ll never see it to the extent that displayed in the comics because of licencing of characters to other studios etc).

    • But that makes no sense.

      You could tell from the moment we saw Thanos at the end of The Avengers that he’d be the main villain in Avengers 3 (I’m pretty sure I said on this website long before Avengers 2′s tagline was revealed that Thanos would be saved until Avengers 3).

      All movies so far have been leading up to that. To suddenly switch it out for a weak Civil War story and delay him until Avengers 4 would be Marvel’s dumbest decision so far (other than giving the go-ahead to make Agents Of SHIELD).

      Chewbacca Defense.

      • Oh and I wasn’t saying Civil War was a weak story, just that unless they find suitable replacements for major characters amongst those they have the movie rights to, the film version could be weak.

    • The problem with this theory is no one is contracted for the would be 4th Avengers. So that’s a big risk if they end up recasting or setting up characters to die and have someone else take over.

      • Civil war can happen… it will be FOX vs. Marvel vs. SONY

        • 2016 – Warners vs Disney vs Sony vs Fox

  2. I mean everything post credit wise has pretty much been leading up to phase 3, or Avengers 3. Avengers 3 I would imagine is their biggest goal currently and is where we will have all characters introduced at that point in the Avengers 3. Most of the phase 2 films have been about being their own movie, proving that they can go back to solo films with teasers to the future as opposed to essentially being a commercial for what’s to come, e.g. Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 2. I think people have been upset that there has been little connection with the phase 2 films to Avengers 2 but I’m just fine with that. I like the fact that they are focusing more on the solo aspect this time around with hints towards the future. In my opinion, Avengers 2 most likely will be an amazing spectacle, but is really just there to feed our appetite of teaming up heroes until Avengers 3, which I believe they are aiming to be their most ambitious and connected film. After that they will continue on with their universe, but most likely almost start over with new heroes or other characters taking up the mantle, since most contracts run out by Avengers 3. Again, this is all my speculation but I like everything that has been going on in Phase 2

  3. Wasn’t this pretty much common knowledge, well fan supposition anyway.

    Avengers 3 (RDJ & Evens last of their current contracts) Thanos turns up and in the course of things nukes Cap and IM

    • Are we sure Loki failed. The whole point of the attack on earth might have been to position Thanos’s allies in places with access to the stones. Loki installed as the ruler of Asgard does this for the Tesaract.

      • Oops. That last one should have been a reply to the message below.

  4. Wasn’t Thanos supposed to find Loki and punish him for failing his assault on Earth in the Avengers? Or was that just another plot thread Thor: The Dark World ignored and forgot?

    • Like the guy said above…Loki might have been a plant to get Thanos what he needed. But that also doesn’t mean that Loki had to anger SHIELD and everyone else especially all those heroes…which makes me think that Loki knowing he wanted the throne did what Thanos wanted him to do, so as he could get the throne. But at the same time cause he knew how dangerous Thanos could be, he made sure that the universes had a back up by purposefully riling up the heroes and making them become The Avengers

    • The purpose of his earth assault was to get the Tessaract. Now, pretending to be Odin, he has access to the Tessaract.

  5. So this is just a question. The Aether and Tesseract are going to be infinity gems? They aren’t going to stick with more classic designs and instead revamp them? I thought that maybe Loki’s staff was holding one of the infinity gems, like the mind or soul gem mainly because it would explain his ability to control peoples minds. Just trying to clarify when you say the Tesseract and Aether are infinity gems. Plus, it seems kind of like a break in continuity for the Asgardians to all of sudden have the Aether in a nice little box.

    • Kevin Feige has already stated publicly that they don’t recognize Loki’s staff as an Infinity Stone.

      Since these aren’t actually ‘stones’ and wouldn’t physically fit into the gauntlet shown above, my guess is that you need to collect all of the “Infinity Stones” into the same location and together they each power a piece of the gauntlet.

      However, if there are only two Infinity Stones so far, and GotG will bring in a third, by Avengers 2 we’re only halfway to the full set. At this pace, it sounds to me like the full fledged Infinity Gauntlet won’t be available until Avengers 4!

      • That’s what I’m thinking. Maybe Avengers 3 being the intro of the GOTG to the Avengers with the completion toward the end and Thanos

      • Exactly! I think it’s going to take 2 Avengers movies to tell this tale.

      • You’re forgetting about phase 3. Different stones could still show up in Avengers 2, Cap 3, maybe Thor 3 if that happens before Avengers 3. Heck they could have 5 stones by the time Avengers 3 roles around with part of the plot of that movie being about trying to find the 6th stone before Thanos does. Maybe that’s why the GOTG come to Earth?

        • My money is on another stone being or ending up in the possesion of Dr.Strange when he makes his intro (Soul stone) in phase 3. Perhaps creating the need for thanod to go to esrth to finish the set. The way i see it in avengers 3 would be to have asgard invaded by thanos to which the avengers are brouhht to fight and defend asgard (which they loose), only to realise thanos is going to esrth to finish collecting the stones.. So final third act back at earth… Or some variation of this dince well, they would basicslly just repeat Thor dark world but on a larger scale.

      • Hey CoosCoos, can you send a link to Feige says that about about Loki’s staff?

        • Here Rob……


          CraveOnline: “I want to talk about the teaser at the end. [SPOILER ALERT.] We see that Loki’s staff has not been forgotten about. Are we to believe that maybe that’s another one of the Infinity Stones, or is that just pure speculation at this point?”

          Kevin Feige: “Well, it’s certainly pure speculation at this point. I’m not even sure if we even recognize Loki’s scepter [as an Infinity Stone], but that’s a big hint as to what will be causing them trouble in the next movie.”

          • Looks like Heustis beat me to it! Thx for posting.

            I’m sure they could change their mind (see what I did there) about it being the Mind Stone, but it would cause some serious questions, such as:

            If it was an Infinity Stone why would Thanos freely give it to Loki? Even if it meant getting the Tesseract it was a huge unnecessary gamble since there are surely other ways for a Master of Magic to control people if he needs to.

            Why wouldn’t Thor have recognized it and said “sorry, I have to take that with me” when he left with the Tesseract?

            Why did Loki refer to it as controlling “hearts” instead of “minds”, and why didn’t it work on Tony Stark if it truly was going after his “mind” and not his “heart” (which was shielded, obviously)?

            Marvel isn’t that messy with their continuity. But I suppose they could have a change of “heart” (I just can’t help myself).

            • Yeah, I agree with the idea that Thanos would not freely give away one of his infinity gems(stones). But it could be that he was over confident that Loki would easily get the Tesseract if given the staff.

              I do have a theory about the staff, if it does not end up being an actual infinity gem. What if the staff is powered by the mind gem?

              The staff was said to have the same energy signature as the Tesseract, which lead to many to believe that the staff was powered by the Tesseract. There are some flaws with that. First, the Tesseract would not allow Loki to control people and second, how was the staff powered by the Tesseract in the first place? Loki obviously came out of the portal with the staff already in hand, before even obtaining the Tesseract.
              A few ways the staff could have been powered by the Tesseract is if the other or Thanos had the Tesseract before and powered the staff then or somehow they can channel the energy of the Tesseract and charge the staff from another part of the universe. I think it would be easier to say that Thanos already had the mind gem and powered the staff with it. The energy signature similarity could be simply that the infinity gems all have similar signatures.

              Even if the staff is the mind gem, Thor not recognizing it could easily be explained. The gems are not widely known, not even Thor knows about all of them. Example, when Jane Foster is taken over by the Aether, no one recognized it but Odin. Thor did not even recognize it.

              The thing about Tony stark not being affected by the mind(heart) control, could easily be explained by saying that it needs some sort of skin contact or maybe by how confident Tony Stark was that the staff would not affect him, created a device to nullify the affects (Although, unlikely since there was no time for him to do that, but he did do some research on the staff). The confidence could also be from knowing that the arc reactor would be enough to block it.

          • Thanks for link!

            That might be taken out of context since the “[as an Infinity Stone]” is the Transcriber’s words and not Feige’s.

            If he is though, he’s also just saying that at that time they’ve not recognized it as a stone but the characters could discover it later. I’m curious how they’ll end up handling it now that we’ve seen it again you know where :)

            • I think Loki’s scepter contains an infinity stone. Feige is not going to give anything away until it’s introduced in a movie. He neither denys it or confirms it. But the scepter keeps popping up and I don’t think thats an accident. If it is an infinity stone it “would not” be the “Mind” gem. The mind gem strengthens mental and psionic powers and has the ability to read minds. Not control them. The “Soul” gem has the ability to control, manipulate and alter souls. Probably that’s what Loki meant when he said it changes hearts. I think these scripts are very carefully crafted and Marvel is doing an amazing job building up things. As far as the other 2 gems that are confirmed, the Tesseract is the “Space” gem since it opened a wormhole/portal in space and the Aether seems like it’s the “Power” gem since it has the ability to greatly increase ones powers and abilities.

            • There’s also the chance that it really was Adam Warlock’s Cocoon we say in the Collectors stash.. Doesn’t Warlock have the Soul Gem? Assuming Loki’s Staff still might hold the Mind Gem, Assuming the Tesseract & Aeither are Space & Power, and then accounting for the Sphere in GotG being an Infinity Gem, then we could feasibly be up to 5/6 introduced already, even if Loki’s Staff and Warlocks Cocoon aren’t “recognised” as housing Infinity Gems yet..

              • Great call and catch on yet another easter egg imo. Adam Warlock is pivotal in defeating Thanos both times he assembles the Infinity Gaunlet. He and who will play him is an egg waiting to hatch. In the comics Adam has the Soul gem at one point, but I think Marvel is going to play this off, and change things a little. Craft a slightly differnent story. The Aether is, liquid, instead of a gem, and the stone in Loki’s staff keeps showing up. They are changing things up so that it will be a surprise to viewers and fans.

                BTW Captain America 2 is one of the most beautifully crafted movies I’ve ever seen. Setting up so many story lines from Agents of Shield, future Cap movies, Avengers 2 and 3. It’s all in there. Amazing/layered story telling for our modern day Gods.

          • ok, when kevin f says, “Well, it’s certainly pure speculation at this point. I’m not even sure if we even recognize Loki’s scepter [as an Infinity Stone], but that’s a big hint as to what will be causing them trouble in the next movie.”, why is this part :[as an Infinity Stone] in the brackets? did someone add that as speculation? maybe he is saying “I’m not even sure if we even recognize Loki’s scepter.” as in, maybe it’s a different scepter? is loki’s scepter a specific “thing” from the comic books?

      • He stated that it hadn’t been confirmed as an infinity stone. He didn’t say it wasn’t a possibility. It seems like a small difference, semantics even. But given how much they have planned out and how little they want the public to know, it’s likely he is just BSing us.

  6. My opinion on Avengers 3:

    I think it will take 2 Avengers movies to tell the Infinity Gauntlet Saga. One movie to collect the stones and destroy everything and the next movie to pick up the pieces and take the gauntlet back from Thanos. There is way too much stuff going on that if they want it to be cohesive, they need to tell it in 2 movies. Maybe in between A3 and A4 they could do Planet Hulk. If they somewhat stick to the Infinity Gauntlet Saga, Thanos banishes the Hulk in that saga. So it’s possible, thanos will view Hulk as a bigger threat then the others and banish Hulk across the cosmos.

  7. because it takes years to get to earth it would be pretty epic if at the end in the credit scene thanos says something like we are going to earth. or better yet asgard to get the infinity gauntlet. thanos had the mind gem but we dont know if he has anymore.

    he could have the time gem

  8. I’m a little disappointed that Thanos isn’t going to be make-up. He looked good in Avengers, don’t see why they have to do motion-capture for him.

    • Anyone think that if they are doing mo-cap for Thanos that Vin Diesel is doing double duty as Thanos and Groot? Just seems like Groot is too limiting a role for such a big box office draw.

  9. Here is my take for how The Avengers 3 pans out:

    The Guardians join the then expanding Avengers roster (presumably on Earth) for an all out showdown/fight with an Infinity-Gauntlet-Powered-Thanos (that harkens back to the brawl in the Infinity Gauntlet comics) that leads to Thanos’ defeat – not before laying waste to some of the heroes, likely Iron Man/Tony Stark being the biggest (I mean, talk about a bunch to the gut to make the film that much bigger). Which in turn, leaves the “face” of the Avengers’ team changed – like consistently done in the comics – for future films and team-ups.

    Certainly seems to make sense when you think about how some of the actors are contracted over the next few years – seemingly leaving the door open for secondary characters like James Rhodes or others to step into the Iron Man suit, Bucky Barnes into the Captain America suit, etc.

    Regardless of theories – The Avengers 3 is going to be epic in bringing all these characters and worlds together in a single story/fight.

  10. It seems like everyone is focused on the “stones” but I am much more curious about the actual Infinity Gauntlet. It was seen in Odin’s treasure vault so I would assume they are going to use it. My only guess at this point would be in Thor 3 Asgard deals with some major attack and in the midst of the chaos Thanos or his agents swoop in and yank the cube and the gauntlet. I kind of thought Thor 2 might have an ending like that, but now I would bet Thor 3 will have this type of outcome.

    • If Loki is the ruler of Asgard by posing as Odin, wouldn’t he just be able to get the Infinity Gauntlet? Maybe he would have a tough time giving it up to Thanos, and that would be a fun little battle. Loki vs Thanos.

      • Loki is a complex and interesting character in that he’s a villain, but he does have his good points. He cares for his family, and yet he hates them as well. However, Loki has always been incredibly intelligent and by nature, the master of deception. Loki wouldn’t do anything that would purposefully allow someone else to get the upper hand over him. I’m betting that not only does he know Thanos’ plan, but he’s taken several measures to deal with it. I’m betting that him taking over in Asgard is part of it, as well as his roll in helping form the Avengers.

        • I think Thanos will end up killing Loki, making Thor angry and looking for revenge.

  11. I wonder if they are going to introduce Adam Warlock before Avengers 3. He is a current member of GOTG and integral figure in the Infinity stories.He was the keeper of the soul gem. He was the one that assembled earth’s heroes to fight Thanos. He welded the Infinity gauntlet after Thanos was defeated. And it was him that selected the members of the Infinity watch after it was decided to split up the gems.

    • I’m wondering if they’ll show him breaking from the cocoon on The Collector’s ship in the GotG movie, or maybe in one of the button scenes.

      • I really hope Adam Warlock appears in GOTG. I think if he doesn’t, we can cross him off the list in the fight against Thanos. Unless he shows up in Doctor Strange?

    • I always laugh about the scene where warlock assembles earth’s heroes, and Dr. Doom gets all pissed cue he was trying to be the leader ( if I remember correctly) lol

    • I don’t think we’ll see him. He would have already been part of the GotG team already if he was. He’s not a big enough character to introduce in his own movie, and as of right now, there isn’t another GotG movie between this one and Avengers 3.

  12. I know nothing about the Infinity Gauntlet or anything else that has to do with Thanos. But people keep throwing around this “Civil War” plot and from what I know of it, they’re aren’t enough heroes established in the MCU for a Civil War plot. There are officially seventeen heroes (officially) that will be able to defend Earth in Phase 3 or 4. But hopefully, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Wasp, Ms. Marvel and a few others will be introduced so that roster will be huge. Even if in the next five to seven years, Sony and Fox reach an agreement to have Spidey, some X-Men and some Fantastic Four appear in a Marvel film that would be Epic.

    Either way, the build up to Thanos is going to pay off in a big way and if the Civil War storyline WILL be explored. I’m going to pee in my pants from so much excitement. LOL

    • There will never be a crossover between Avengers and X-Men. Not least the studios never agreeing to it, the continuities would be way off and too much a stretch of the imagination that SHIELD and the Sentinel program would never be aware of each other for a very brief starter to that discussion. Unless…..hey why not have Wolverine travel in time to fix everything? Call Brian Singer, we could prolli get Star Wars into it too if Wolverine travels through time. Fixes everything. ‘Wolverine’s Excellent Adventure’.

    • Champ… There are way more than 17 hero’s / major characters that will have been introduced by the time Avengers 3 comes out.

      Here is a list of 19 heroes not including minor SHIELD Agents of AoS, Asgardians, or Guardians of the Galaxy that we already have, or will have, established. (Granted we probably wouldnt get much Asgardian or Guardians of the Galaxy Characters for a Civil War movie)

      Hulk, Coulson, Cap, Falcon, Thor, Bucky, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Black Widow, Maria Hill, Ant-Man, War Machine, Nick Fury, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Vision, Agent 13

      However, all they need to add is Black Panther, Cloak, Dagger, Goliath, Wasp, Dr. Strange, Punisher, Ms. Marvel, Doc Sampson, etc.

      • I wouldn’t want to burst your bubble, but I’d say it’s less than that. You have to think JUST the cinematic universe. Even though they are keeping Coulsen and AoS tied into the MCU, I don’t think we’ll see them in the movies again anytime soon.

        I wouldn’t bet on seeing Daredevil, Luke Cage, or Iron Fist in the movies either. At least for quite a while. Agent 13 and Winter Soldier both need a bunch more development before they’ll be useful for anything like Civil War.

        Of the one’s you say they need to add, the only ones I see actually being introduced soon, are Dr. Strange, Wasp, and Black Panther.

        • Agents of Shield and the Netflix series of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist shows ARE all part of the MCU.

          The MCU has expanded to include the televsion series as well as one shots.

          I disagree about your thoughts on Daredevil, Cage, and Iron Fist not showing up in the movies. I read that the Disney CEO has even stated that if the shows are successful and popular they would become feature films too. I feel like they will be carried over to the big screen as Cap, Iron Man, Thor, move to the background.

          Either way, the initial argument was that someone said that there aren’t enough hero’s or major players to do the Civil War arc. By the time Avengers 3 comes around, there will be at least 33 major identifiable players/hero’s that will have been established that the MCU can utilize…

          Guardians of the Galaxy (5 of them), Netflix series (Cage, Jones, Fist, DD), Coulson, Cap, Bucky, Agent 13, Falcon, Fury, Agent Hill, Black Widow, Iron Man, War Machine, Pepper Potts, Hulk, Thor, Selvig, Jane Foster, Warriors 3, Heimdel, Odin, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Ant-Man.

          And that is only hero’s. That doesn’t even include characters who they could use as villains who could help cause the Civil War…Crossbones, Mandarin, Red Skull, Leader, Abomination, Hydra, Thanos, Ronin, Loki, Ultron, Von Strucker…

      • he is talking about current heroes, so in saying that, he is about correct, at the moment there is no Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Ant man, or vision, They haven’t been in a movie yet, So you cant include them..

  13. I asked this yesterday in the Iron Man IV article (or whatever it would be called) but I got no answer…

    Doesn’t GotG take place in the future? Meaning, wouldn’t everything that happens in these current MCU films have already happened? How could the GotG potentially team up with the Avengers to fight Thanos in Avengers 3? Time travel?

    I’ll have to watch GotG and Avengers: AoU first

    • I think it’s supposed to take place in the present, but in a distant part of the galaxy. So the Guardians are concurrent with the Avengers and their supporting cast.

      • Oh ok

        • Just in case GOTG takes place in the future, I think the orb in the movie is the time gem…maybe lol

    • Since the mid-credit scene of Thor 2 had Sif and Volstagg giving the Aether to The Collector for safe-keeping, and The Collector appears in Guardians of the Galaxy, it is assumed GotG occurs in the same time frame as the other Marvel movies.

      That said, The Collector is ‘immortal’, so perhaps GotG is in the future. But at the end of the movie they’ll need to get in sync with the “now” time of the current movie universe otherwise the Infinity Stones won’t be available at the same time.

      Which leads to speculation that GotG brings in the Time Stone. But it could very well all be set in the current time stream and introduce a different Infinity Stone.

      • GotG and the Avengers are in the same timeframe. The current GotG comic run is in the now and not future. I believe the older GotG is the team you are thinking of that comes from the future.

    • It depends if they want to introduce time travel. Thing is, Star-Lord left Earth as a kid in the ’80s and he’s now the right age to return in the present – BUT there was talk of designing a future-looking Earth area but that might just be misinterpreted as a city on an alien world.

    • No its not set in the future. Kevin Fege said once that the film is set around the same time as the other Phase Two films.

  14. Still can’t see how they could manage to fight thanos if he does get all the stones. Seems like he doesn’t need them to be a formidable foe…..unless he has to fight someone like Galactus or Silver Surfer.

  15. I been saying this for awhile. Its gonna be more than just Avengers 3. Its gonna be huge. I predict some time like “Avengers 3: Cosmic Wars” featuring Avengers, Guardians, Strange etc. I even have a a feeling, though less sure than my above though, that Avengers 3 might be split into two parts like Harry Potter films, the first ends and the next one starts just where the other ended.

    • Which means they should just film Avengers 3 and 4 simultaneously and release them each on two consecutive summers.

      And there should be more than 4 Avengers films even if they can’t include all the original members.

      • It’d be great if the whole reason Feige has been teasing the possibility of 3 movies a year is because Avengers 3 and 4 were released at the beginning and ending (respectively) of phase 3.

        It’d be something of an unprecedented move, but I think that’s really been the hallmark of Marvel studios; that they have been thinking outside of the box when it comes to the traditional way studios produce and market things.

        Someone else mentioned it earlier, but I’d love to see Hulk either banished by Thanos or even by the heroes themselves earlier (I’m thinking of some promotional images from Avengers AoU) and between 3 and 4 we have WWHulk followed by his last minute return to actually (somewhat) save the day.

        as an aside, I’m still pretty bummed that Fox has the rights to The Silver Surfer… it’s hard to see so much Starlin stuff come to fruition but have the surfer absent.

  16. I just hope they use Thanos in Avengers 3 and not try to drag it out to an Avengers 4. That would be too long a wait to see Thanos in action.

    • Film avengers 3 and 4 at once and release them one summer after the next.

      For Avengers 5 the team will be forced to work WITH Thanos to battle the more dangerous Galactus and Silver Surfer. It would be a mega Avengers!

      Man, there is so much to do with Marvel I can’t imagine them EVER stopping this franchise from going even without the original members.

      • Ha! guess I should have read further before giving my two cents above… Sounds to me like Marvel ought to hire the two of us as advisors. :)

        • It seems that marvel never got back the rights to Galactus even though they did try….

          Anyways, the Marvel universe is so vast that they could use other villains to challenge the team besides Thanos, i.e. Mephisto, Kang, eternity, Thor villains.

          Haha, and I don’t think Joss Whedon needs much advice however I hope he reads the back-to-back avengers idea just so we don’t always have to wait 3 years between films.

          DC should do that too.

      • Fox has the rights to the Silver Surfer and Galactus.

  17. instead of peter parker could marvel use ben riley? or would he be property of sony?

    • Ben Reilly was Scarlet Spider not Spider-Man. Yes he was a clone of Peter Parker. Anyway I think Sony owns the character because it’s a related property

    • anything related to Spider-Man is with Sony, that includes Ben Reilly (and yep even Miles Morales). anything part of the Spider-Man franchise is with Sony

  18. OK so there’s potentially only 4 spots open between now and Avengers 3 right?
    2015 Ultron and Ant-Man, 2016 Cap3 (too soon in my opinion) and Avengers 3 in 2018.
    To properly build this Thanos/Infinity storyline I’m thinking the schedule needs: if Cap3 is coming in 2016, either Inhumans or Dr Strange needs to be released as well. Both new properties that can introduce another stone as well as tie into cosmic heroes (GotG) or earth heroes (Strange recruited for Avengers)
    2017, GotG2 or, and most likely, Thor3. That being said, if an Inhumans movie is released alongside Thor3 it can double as a GotG sequel. Thor3 can reveal a new stone, but I think only if it doesn’t diminish Thor getting a proper send off to his trilogy.
    2018, Avengers 3 would most likely be paired with Ant-Man2.

    • 2014 – Cap 2 & GOTG
      2015 – Avengers 2 & Ant Man
      2016 – Cap 3 & Dr Strange
      2017 – Thor 3 – The Inhumans
      2018 – Avengers 3 – Black Panther
      2019 – GOTG 2 – Unknown Entry.
      Going on what KF said of one sequel followed by a new character source each year here on in.

  19. If Avengers 3 has Thanos, then I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a big screen version of the Infinity Gauntlet story (which of course, a common sense/speculation by now). IMO, the Guardians will only appear as cameo in that movie, probably coming to take back the stones (with Drax fulfilling his ‘destiny’). If that happens though, the movie is definitely gonna be BIG, bigger than DoFP.

    Thanos inclusion in the GotG is a no-brainer, even if he only showed up as brief cameo. Especially when he’s already been depicted as part of the prelude/prequel comic. You guys need to read those comics, cause they explain more about Gamora and her relationship with Nebula, which (as many other prelude comics has proved), probably will NOT be addressed in the movie. Beside, that article on bloomberg also stated that Gunn and Feige was discussing a big baddie in a floating throne. Unless they are speaking about MODOK, it must be Thanos.

  20. 2015- Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man
    2016- Captain America 3, Dr. Strange
    2017- Thor 3, Inhumans (ft. GotG)
    2018- Ant-Man 2, Avengers 3
    With new infinity stones being revealed in Strange, Inhumans and Avengers 3.
    2019- Dr. Strange 2, Black Panther
    2020- GotG (3), Inhumans 2

    • I know they haven’t made it official, but if the Netflix shows are connected to the MCU, you’d also have Daredevil, Power Man, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones as the Defenders helping out in the fight against Thanos.

      Hopefully, we’ll see Beta Ray Bill in Thor 3.
      We’ve now got Winter Soldier as an ally.
      The current AOU roster of Scarlet witch, Quicksilver, the Vision, Warmachine, Stark, Cap, Hulk, Thor, Black widow, Hawkeye
      Ant-Man, Wasp?
      Falcon is coming back for Cap 3 and probably Avengers 3
      Possibility of Black Panther
      Doctor Strange
      Guardians of the Galaxy
      Maybe Inhumans (8 members?)

      That’s at least 34 heroes to battle Thanos! I can’t wait to see how they pull all of this off!

    • I just have a feeling that we’re not going to get more than one Ant Man movie.

    • I don’t know if each solo character film is going to be made for sequels. Some of those may be simply to introduce characters and plot elements for other crossovers, team-ups.

  21. they should make a film based on ‘Thanos Quest’

  22. They’re gonna need a bigger Hulk!

  23. If Thanos is gonna come knocking, wouldn’t it be cool if he had a bunch of Skrulls with him? That would make for a good slobber-knocker!

    As for Guardians meeting Avengers, still not sure about that. My worry is that some of the seriousness would be taken out of the overall picture from the Avengers’ side, when they are teaming up with a piece of talking woodpecker bait and a rocketeer raccoon (sorry GOTG fans, of course I will watch the movie, but still kind of having trouble getting around that element).

    I want to see Hank Pym as Goliath and Janet Vaqn Dyne as Wasp at some point here, folks. Let’s not forget them in the Avengers world!

    • spelling–oops…”Van Dyne”.

    • You bring up a good point: if Thanos has the gauntlet, why would he need an army like Loki did? Then again, if we have upwards of thirty heroes in the MCU at that point, it might be kind of dull to have them all fighting this one guy, powerful as he is.

      I think he may need an army at first until he gets the gauntlet with all the stones. Then that’ll give the Avengers and friends plenty of heads to knock around while Thanos maneuvers into position. Maybe a bit of a repeat of the first Avengers, but we’ll see.

      • If we got some Super-Skrull-type shape-changers who could also mimic powers, all kinds of heck could be raised against The Avengers on the battlefield. Think multiple Mystiques that are turbo-charged looking like the Avengers versus the real McCoys, with all the while Thanos getting ready to step into the arena as well. Could be a real barn-burner of a battle!

  24. Hulk is about as big as they come. They made him 8 ft tall, but I think 10 ft tall would be more appropriate for the character. I hope GOTG gets a sequel. Unfortunately, I have not had time to go see TWS, but I am off now so I will be able to see it. I feel like Rob thinks Thanos isn’t a good villain because he keeps saying “big, bad, thanos.”

  25. Is it just me or is it seeming pretty likely that Vin Diesel is doing motion capture work for both Groot and Thanos? While the Groot casting is awesome, I think it’s a little unbelievable that Marvel would bring in an actor with that kind of blockbuster name recognition and only use him for three lines and some CGI work on stilts. I know he supposed to be working towards a bigger role in the MCU, but my gut tell me that he’s already cast as Thanos and will bring some of his “love story” with Death to GotG. Thoughts?

    • I made the same comment before reading yours. I’m almost positive that’s what they’ve done. Vin seemed too involved to just play Groot.

      • #Vin4BlackBolt

    • I think exactly the same thing and they are waiting till comic-con to announce it!

    • He’s definitely up for another character I think, but he kept teasing 2016-17. Years ago he talked about waiting for a special kind of villain though so maybe it’s all a part of the plan.

      It’s possible he’s in something like The Inhumans, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s voicing/motion-capturing Thanos as well.

      • Maybe Karnak (Inhumans)?

  26. Nebula is related to thanos in the comics. Is that the same in the cinematic universe? Also is thanos reasons for doing this for death or just to have power?

    • Go check out the GotG prequel comic for some answers.

    • Karen Gillan said they’re toning down the relationship in the movie, so her origin will be somewhat different.

  27. Does Marvel own Spidey, FF, and Xmen for TV rights?

    • We know Sony gave up the Spider-Man live action TV rights to Marvel in 2009:

      As for the live-action TV rights for F4 and Xmen, it has been generally assumed that Marvel owns all TV rights, whether live-action or animated, but I’ve never seen anything authoritative on that.

      • Seeing that they cannot use the word mutant in Agents of SHIELD aswell, it seems they still cant use the characters on tv.

        Fox sued Marvel once for doing a show named Mutant X because it violated their copyrights

      • It’s live-action programming I believe, so Marvel Entertainment can’t use any of those characters (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Namor, X-Men) in a live-action TV series either.

  28. Live action, no. Animated, yes.

  29. I could be wrong but doesn’t Loki now have access to the vault where the Gauntlet is?
    He also has the Tessaract which was returned to Asgard by Thor.
    He probably can find the scepter (of unknown background, possibly a stone).
    He probably followed Sif and knows where the Ether was taken (the Collector).

    Isn’t Loki the one we should be worried about and won’t he be coming to blows with Thanos?

    • imo kang will sneak up behind everyone and steal the gauntlet….avengers issue 200-455 and the inhumans…there’s no way that one guy is going to keep the gauntlet

      • I would love to see Kang fight somebody…Avengers, Fantastic Four….somebody! C’mon, Kang, show up and rumble, ya time-jumping toughie!

    • Oh, I’m sure Loki will have some part in Avengers 3 as well, as I think Thanos was part of the reason he took the throne in Thor 2, as he knew what was coming and he also knows what Thanos wants. Loki is mostly loyal to only himself, I doubt he has any loyalty to Thanos.

      However, I also think Loki knows what fights to fight and which ones not to. So I don’t think he’ll take on Thanos directly. However, he’ll probably be using more manipulation and subterfuge to fight him.

      • Wasn’t it convenient that after Loki had taken the throne he send the Aether to the Collector, who is known to have allegiance to Thanos?

        I could be wrong, but what if Loki send Sif and Volstagg to the Collector so he could appease Thanos when he comes knocking on his Asgardian door??