Marvel Studios Releasing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ in 2014

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Guardians of the Galaxy Nova Marvel Studios Releasing Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014

[Update: Guardians of the Galaxy moves dates to August 1, 2014

Despite early reports to the contrary, Disney and Marvel Studios are hosting a major panel presentation at San Diego Comic-Con next month and they confirmed it last night. The focus will be on Iron Man 3, continuing the tradition set by director Jon Favreau who became a fan-favorite with his panels for Iron Man 1 & 2 in years prior. But more than Robert Downey Jr. making an appearance as Tony Stark, the panel will feature Marvel Studios’ President of Production Kevin Feige and a deeper look into the future of the Marvel cinematic universe.

What that means is that there’s a very real chance that Marvel will make a major announcement regarding “Phase 2″ of the franchise and that another movie (or two) for 2014 could be announced to setup their upcoming slate of films as a path towards The Avengers 2. And one of those films could very possibly be the much buzzed about Guardians of the Galaxy.

As someone who often makes predictions about the direction Marvel Studios will take with their movie, I’d normally be skeptical about Marvel taking this sort of risk, going all-out extreme sci-fi with a totally unknown-to-the-mainstream property. But they’ve earned every right to take this risk after creating the third most successful box office release of all-time with The Avengers and there’s no better time to do it.

The Avengers Movie Artwork Marvel Studios Releasing Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014

We cannot ignore the fact that Marvel Pres Kevin Feige continuously and consistently name-drops Guardians of the Galaxy (along with Dr. Strange and The Inhumans) as a project he really wants to make happen, among his interest to explore more of the cosmic side of Marvel Comics. They’ve also recently been registering domain names for Guardians.

Keeping that in mind and knowing how on-the-ball our pals at Latino Review always are with their Marvel scoops, I’m putting faith that their latest exclusive about Marvel making Guardians of the Galaxy to join Captain America 2 in 2014 is very likely.

They claim that Guardians of the Galaxy will be officially announced as Marvel Studios’ second film for 2014, likely taking the May 16th or June 27th release dates the studio previously claimed, and that it’ll feature Thanos as the villain and likely Nova (pictured up top) as a key character (Feige also said they would be making a movie about non-Avengers characters). If Thanos is not a key part of Thor 2 - and it sounds like he’s not – then it makes sense for him to return the following year since that button at the end of The Avengers was very intentional. Guardians of the Galaxy will serve as a lead-in for The Avengers 2 in 2015.

If this proves true, our question then becomes: what about Ant-Man and Black Panther, two projects that have been in the news a lot lately? Yesterday we discussed the rumors that Ant-Man could be introduced in a post-credits scene for Iron Man 3 and we know Edgar Wright has a script ready and is teasing the idea of shooting something for the project this year. As for Black Panther, Latino Review dropped that scoop a few weeks ago, claiming they’ve confirmed with multiple sources that Black Panther will “headline” his own film as well.

Ant Man Wasp Movie Tease Marvel Studios Releasing Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014

So, we have Ant-Man, Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy all apparently about to be confirmed. Assuming The Avengers is a 2015 movie, expect one of these three as another 2015 movie and the other two as potential 2014 films.

Yes, that means three Marvel Studios productions set for release in 2014, one of them being Ant-Man. Even though Marvel Studios aims for a two-films-per-year strategy, Feige did say to Collider it’s possible they could do three in one year depending on what he saw from Edgar Wright’s test footage of Ant-Man.

Read this article from last year to see why Guardians of the Galaxy is very possible and read this to see why Ant-Man makes sense now more than ever.


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Sources: Latino Review & Variety

Header image edited from Nova #1 cover art by Adi Granov.

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  1. I’m sorry, until Marvel tells us, I’m going to stop reading scoops from Latino Review. They broke the scoop beore that it was Black Panther without a shadow of doubt. Now this? If there are three in 2014, I’m all for it!

  2. Joel Edgerton for Ant-man, Anthony Mackie for Black Panther, n since i like Nova..Josh Hutcherson.

    • Woah!

      Have you been listening to our very own SR Underground podcast (

      I’ve been saying Mackie for Black Panther too :) Him and David Oyelowo (Red Tails) would be great.

      • I think that Mackie is still a bit old to be playing the prince (I would prefer someone in their mid 20′s) but that would be my only reservation and a damn site better choice than the people who keep calling for actors in their late 40′s.

      • how u dont mention Aldis Hodge he would be great as Black Panther

        • also another great choice and he even fits my age criteria.

  3. Wow! Could this very possibly be? Sort of pinch me!

  4. I really wanna see a Black Panther and Ant-man movie. I was hoping the third film would be a female hero, Marvel needs a female hero to headline her own movie

    • I’m hoping for Ms Marvel…

      I’ll pass on Wasp and (unless the script is good) She-Hulk.

      • Personally I think Wasp should be introduced in the Ant-man movie being that their powers are similar and they are boyfriend/girlfriend.

        • I meant it like Wasp having her own solo film. She should be in a movie though, sorry for the confusion. :D

      • @ Brandon, that’s who I want too, Ms. Marvel to have her own movie.

    • Totally agree, Marvel really needs to get a great female super hero movie. I’d love to see a Spider Woman movie (my dream casting would be Charisma Carpenter), but I’m not sure who SW is licensed to???. My second choice would be a Ms. Marvel movie(Melissa George would OWN that role).

      • Carpenter is a little old for spider-woman. However, i do see why you picked her. she did resemble spider-woman when she was younger. As for my choice…I am still thinking about that one.

  5. The big question is: Who will they cast to play Rocket Raccoon?

    • I’d do it. Call me up, Mr. Feige.

    • I can only hope for full CGI and a great voice actor (and a lot of raccoon-esque chittering ;) )

  6. Mark my words, there is no way that a movie staring an anthropomorphic, gun-slinging raccoon will ever be a box office hit.

    • i think you just gave me an idea for my next screenplay

    • Just the mere fact that Rocket Racket is so bizarre but badass may the very thing to make the character an instant favorite. He’s a cute/loveable little rascal but don’t call him that. There’s no Star Wars like epic out there now, GOTG may fit that void.

      • yes, exactly.

    • Would you like to recant?

  7. The Nova art is by Adi Granov not Sean Chen

    • Hmm… I’ll check and update. Maybe I got it mixed up with art in the book.

      [edit. Thanks, and fixed!]

      • @Rob Keys, go check out the entire Extremis Digital Comic, it’s brutally awesome and I’m not even really a fan of the Extremis plotline. Btw, yeah, Adi Granov is incredible(all of his art has that advert-like style).

        • Agreed!

    • Yeah, same guy that made Iron Man’s armor movie-cool ;)

  8. YES YES YES. I cannot wait to see Starlord in action. That guy is a BMF supreme. I also hope they can fit Cosmo in there, but I’ll take what I can get.

    • If Rocket Raccoon is involved, I think Cosmo will be given, as to make Rocket look not so out of place.

  9. i got to be honest i really dont care about an antman movie .. i wont pay to see it just not a big enough character to carry a movie .. but if they throw him in avengers 2 or capt 2 .. then thats cool ..

    • My opinion…cap needs to be more of a free runner to me in cap 2. I see him as someone who does extreme parkour. Although I liked cap 1, he didn’t seem to be as athletic in the movie.

  10. I’d love to see Nova as a member of the Guardians, as well as Adam Warlock, Starloard, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and the like. I just wish Marvel owned the rights to all their properties, because the Infinity Gauntlet table in Marvel Pinball got me thinking how cool it would be to see Silver Surfer on the team!

    So the way I see it:
    2014= Captain America 2 on April 4, and Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy in those May and June releases.
    2015= Black Panther in April/May and then The Avengers 2 in May/June/July!

    • Don’t forget about Martyr (aka Quasar)!

      And Silver Surfer has never been a part of the Guardians. He is a big enough character that to just insert him would be doing the character an injustice with no back story. Plus with Adam Warlock on the team he would be kind of redundant.

      • I think he was really referring to how Silver Surfer was a very important character in the Infinity Gauntlet story; he was the one who chronicled it. But yeah, you would definitely have to have some type of origin story since Fox screwed it up.

        • “how cool it would be to see Silver Surfer on the team!”

          pretty cut and dried argument if you ask me. ;)

          Of course there is also the little issue of who owns the SS. People keep saying that certain non-marvel studios have all characters/villains attached to certain characters but we know this is simply not the case becasue of all the cross relationships that have happened in the comics. Specific examples are Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and the Skrulls. Marvel and Fox both have rights to use these characters.

          Yes he was used in the FF movie, so Fox at least has some rights to him. The only question is, did Marvel sell Fox the rights for only that movie and/or can both studios use the character? If Marvel did turn over all rights to Fox, this little discussion is a moot point.

          • LOLOLOLOLOLOL. been playing alot of mass effect 3 have we now?

  11. Would rather see Namor movie ,then a Inhumans film but whatever.also hope doc ock,kraven and scorpion make it into the nextg few spidey film. im really a big x-men fan so as long as they keep cranking great x-men films with good stories, and wild characters i’ll be happy.

    • “as they keep cranking great x-men films with good stories, and wild characters”….

      When did they start?

  12. Here’s my beef, the whole thing you do this MCU is that they are all inter connected right? After the first GOTG movie and Avengers 2, what then? Are you going to have them continuing to pop up? I could see a GOTG 2 or 3 if it’s successful but after Thanos is defeated (Spoiler alert), then what’s the use of them being part of the MCU.

    I haven’t read any of their comics. My knowledge of them is based off of the EMH cartoon. But I’d love for someone to enlighten me on why this would be good for the MCU instead of a different solo movie.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Thanos wasn’t an Avengers villain until Avengers 3. I don’t think they HAVE to have Thanos in 3. If he makes some appearances, expectations are built, and Marvel can take it’s time. They’ve got a captive audience at this point.

      It would be a assured move to do something big and cosmic (and unknown) like GotG, while doing an Ant-Man movie for the final slot. Big. Small. Then NOT having a Thanos, Avengers, GotG fight until Avengers 3.

      Adam Warlock was originally engineered by “the Enclave.” What it something like A.I.M did something like that: Create a perfect being for dictatorial purposes, and he ends up rebelling.

      • I meant they wouldn’t have to have Thanos in Avengers 2.

  13. I’m gonna go ahead and say if it’s GOTG being announced/made, it’ll be released in 2015 with the ending/post credits scene showing Thanos causing havoc and The Avengers having to team with clips of Avengers 2 interspersed like they did with the Avengers sizzle at the end of Captain America.

    • You know what would be cool, it starts off with a the camera on Captain America. He hears about it, says “Avengers Assemble” and then minute short preview of everyone.

  14. These are the same guys that reported that this 2nd Marvel movie would be Black Panther, i’ll take this with a mili-grain of salt…

    • We don’t know if either of these are false yet.

      We do know that their reports on Hawkeye, Black Widow, Iron Man and Thanos were all spot on.

      • I hear what your saying Rob some of the reports have been spot on it’s just they just said couple weeks ago that they it was Black Panther so it’s just strange is all, if either of the reports of GOTG or Black Panther end up being right then I’ll be first to admit that i was a skeptic also quit dogging Ben on Abraham Lincoln it’s not like he gave it a 4 out of 5 it was a 2.5…

        • Well, they didn’t specifically say Black Panther for 2014. They said “next standalone” movie.

          • I was a skeptic Rob, they were apparently right Variety has confirmed GOTG…

            • ;)

              • do you think will still make a black panther movie ?

              • do you think marvel will still make a black panther movie

  15. I am all for A Guardians movie, but whoever said Josh Hutcherson as Nova, get out. . .now. Nova is one of my favorite characters but there is no need or reason to make him a teenager like they did in the earlier comics. Make him exactly like Dan Abenett’s (sp?) run on him, in his 20s, experienced, confident and awesome. I say they will have to de-power him a little though.

    I am all for this cosmic stuff.

  16. I don’t care what they do, it’s all awesome! It’s a good time to be a fanboy!

  17. Nova as a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy would be a nice addition. Although Nova in the comics has been more of a lone wolf, I can see him working better with the Guardians of the Galaxy in the movies than the New Warriors, although that team also would be fun to see in the movies as well.

    • New Warriors… all the crappy characters who had nothing to do, all on one team. lol. Vance Astrovik, Firestar, Speedball, Nova (seriously, what’s he without the helmet?), Namorita and the dumbest… night thrasher. The skateboard hero of the night!

      When New Warriors first came out they were pretty lame. imo. But for some reason I bought the first 20 issues or so. The art was decent.

  18. hey i have no idea who these superheroes are so i`m really anticipating more upcoming marvel films but after this film why not just keep whatever avengers there into one movie of the marvel universe to make your life easier. jesus christ the avengers should stay together that`d be fine with me because i`ve never seen the comics but i know spidey and i hope he doesn`t become an avenger until after he beats venom and/or carnage.

  19. As a reader of all comics I don’t think GOTG is a good idea for Marvel but if they do I hope it is its own separate movie. I don’t want them sharing a screen with the Avengers. Marvel is going to wind out throwing too much, too fast and water down the product. Please Marvel, if you do GOTG – give them their own movie far away from the Avengers as a group on in any of their individual movies.

  20. So it seems 2016 will probably be Infinity Saga. Marvel said there will be a BIG event in 2016, either Marvel are getting some rights back or it is will be The Infinity Saga, OR BOTH.

    • I remember them saying there would be a big event in 2015, not 2016.

      • have they mentioned what that big event would be or are they keeping it a secret?

        • If we knew, we wouldn’t be referring to it as “a big event” now would we? ;)
          Bad jokes aside, nope they haven’t said yet and I’m guessing they’ll try to keep it a secret for a while longer, but my best guess is that it’ll be Avengers 2…

  21. I’d better not be seeing dumb stuff like a Guardians movie with talking trees and rocketeer racoons, or I won’t be seeing it at all. A serious Guardians movie? Well, maybe then, but not high on my priority list. In the meantime, more important, let’s get Avengers 2 and maybe 3 rolling, along with Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Thor 2, etc. If you want to expand into more movies, which would be fine with me, maybe Inhumans might be OK, or Heroes For Hire (Power Man/ Iron Fist). Or a Fantastic Four reboot versus the Frightful Four (Wizard, Sandman, Medusa, Trapster). Or an X-Men reboot (since First Class was not much good) with Cyclops having a major role and the villains being Sentinels. Or maybe Spiderman versus Scorpion, Electro, Mysterio, or maybe Morbius. Or daredevil versus Mr. Fear. As foir Avengers, let’s see Quicksilver, Wasp, Scarlet WQitch, and Goliath (Hank Pym) in action, with villains Kang, Mandarin, Ultron, the Skrulls….lots of potential there (Mandarin could be in the Iron Man 3 or 4 movies, as long as he comes out with his rings blazing!). Dr. Strange, Moon Knight, Black Panther…all OK for solo flicks, but they are probably only second-tier on my “things to do” list for Marvel.
    Incidently, a note on Sandman (Frightful Four): he was used in a Spiderman movie (#3). Can he be used in a fantastic Four reboot as a member of the Frightful Four? I know sometimes there are studio-clashes over who owne the rights to which characters….thoughts, anyone?

    • You um do understand that about half the ideas you listed are impossible due to Marvel not actually owning them, right? I thought this had been covered to death but…..

      - Fantastic Four are owned by Fox and are actually working on rebooting the franchise as we speak.

      - X-Men (in all their incarnations) are also owned by Fox AND an XMFC is also in I believe pre-production.

      - DareDevil is once more a Fox owned franchise and there has been talk of a reboot.

      - Spider-Man is of course owned by Sony along with the major bad guys (like Sandman)

      So these IPs are off limits to Marvel.

      And you might hate the new version of GOtG but if the recent versions of the Avengers are any indication, be prepared to not go see this movie. They are loosely following the Ultimates angle and I am fairly sure they will be going with the 2008 version of GotG.

      It also makes sense because the original team is set in the 31st century and would have no practical interaction with the rest of the MSU that is being built (unless they did a time travel thing which is getting old). Add to that some of the original GotG characters are from our present day and it would just get weird. That’s why the rebooted the team the way they did.

  22. If it’s centered around Nova, I’d be more curious about it. Richard Rider has always been one of those Marvel characters who would probably be more visually interesting on the big screen as opposed to his comics over the last thirty years…kinda like Iron Man.

  23. People hating on Rocket Raccon most likely are people who’ve never read a GOTG comic. What people don’t understand is that when you have a character that seems a little silly looking that turn out to be badass, it actually makes the character EVEN MORE badass because of the surprise factor. I mean look at Yoda for instance; when you look at Yoda, it’s like “what the hell is this silly looking little guy good for” then it turned out that Yoda was probably the most memorable character next to Darth Vader. It’s all about how a character is written, development, dialogue, interaction and surprise factor with characters like these.

    In comparing Rocket Racoon to anyone, he’d be sort a mix of Han Solo and Yoda(and maybe even Wolverine with guns), Rocket Raccon is NOT cuddly and kid friendly, he is very smart, unpredictable and dangerous. People will be quite surprised. Groot is likened to a highly intelligent Chewbaca(doesn’t say much, is bazarre but packs a wallop and is virtually immortal).

    • I think the current version of GotG are an inspired group so I’m with you :D

    • You tell ‘em Blastaar!

  24. Did you miss the part about no profanity? Strategically placing a period is not enough to mask it imho.

    • well now my comment just looks silly not being attached to the original post!

      Might as well delete it too ;)

      • @Mongoose
        I wasn’t “Masking” or “Hiding” anything. The period was used because I wanted to end the sentence. Thats what you do when you want to end a declarative, and complete sentence. I apologize if I insulted/offended you (Goes for anyone) in any way by referencing a cocky, loud mouth, fictional Raccoon as an unpleasant-butt.

        Anyways, @Avenger–Of course it will happen sometime but there is no reason for all the doubt and hate they get for trying to expand the movie universe. Having every movie Earth bound will get boring when all the threats are cosmic. I am just glad we are getting more Marvel movies in 2014, whatever they are.

        • I believe I was responding to a post by Renji? I’m not completely sure who it was but if it was your post I remember it VERY distinctly and you used periods to keep your post from being flagged for profanity.

          It read something like this: scr.ew this cr.ap (but with the profane analogs)

          So please stop trying to justify your actions as being something else when it was obvious what your intent was. It also didn’t personally offend me either and is simply about following the RULES (all of TWO). Say whatever you like but do so in a civil manner, treat others with respect and avoid excessive language. Is that really too much to ask?

          • Avenger is correct and the post I was commenting on was deleted. Deleting that post also had the side effect of screwing up the code so the “reply” indent feature no longer functions in posts after it.

            So my post(s) weren’t directed at your comment Tiso. Lots of confusion and mis-communication going on and a good example as to why ALL posts relating to an offensive one should be deleted.

            • I apologize @Mongoose. I agree, posting on here can get super confusing and hard to keep up. Sorry once again, I couldn’t believe someone really took issue with me calling a Raccoon a BA haha. Thought it was crazy but this is the internet after all.

              I think they are going with the GotG route so audiences don’t get burnt out on our core characters (thor, capt, IM,hulk). It’s smart to introduce them (Cosmic characters) at this point. Having a common villain in GotG and the up coming Avengers movie will really bridge the movies together and get a grasp of how big the MCU is along with this threat they are facing. With that connect they could have characters interact a lot easier without a ton of backstory slowing down the movies.

        • @Tiso
          Mongoose wasn’t talking to you. He was responding to some troll who kept using profanity (the guy’s comment has been deleted apparently)

          Anyway, I’m all for Marvel expanding their universe, but I just don’t know why they want to do it with these characters right now.
          I can’t picture them going from cosmic space adventure (GotG) back to earth (Ant-Man or Black Panther).
          I also don’t know why they’re introducing a whole new group of characters NOW, while they have a whole group of (aging) actors ready and signed up to make more Avengers movies…
          It makes more sense for Marvel to do their Avengers trilogy (with new solo movies like Ant-Man and BP and introduce them) before they start doing something else.
          When the Avengers are done and the actors can’t play the parts anymore, why not THEN do a GotG movie?

          I’m just HOPING that Marvel has a plan/reason for doing this.

  25. As I’ve said before on another post. One of the problems with Disney is that they have perverted and racist overtones in some of their material. I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney pushed Marvel to scrap Black Panther. If they even get around to actually making a Black Panther movie, Marvel needs to be careful as not to have some of those negative Disney influences. In a way it would be hard to avoid the racist stuff if Ulysses Klaw will be the villain. Colonization, manipulation, exploitation, stealing natural resources in Africa and throwing fair trade out the window is what has been happening in Africa for many years and Klaw is a character that tries to do that in Wakanda. Even though Wakanda is fictitious, with Klaw, the premise would be very realistic.

    • Well, they actually did Gabe Jones justice in Capt. America; he knew multiple languages and was instrumental in defeating HYDRA. And, of course, Nick Fury. So hopefully Disney has learned they’re lesson.

  26. Damn :( I really wanted the Black Panther or Ant-Man instead.

    Guess there’s no use complaining now… it’s happening for real and all we can do is hope for the best…

    • I preferred the next film to be either black panther or Luke Cage. Those two stories are definitely grounded, and each character has an excellent origin. I still prefer either one

  27. Why another team movie? They’ll be competing with themselves, stealing some of avengers 2 thunder. Panther would’ve been the better choice. Keep things grounded. We saw an alien threat in avengers 1, let’s see an earth based threat like masters of evil or ultron.

    But if we’ve got GotG, then Viggo Mortensen for Starlord.

    • I love Viggo, he should be a superhero, I’m down with you Pitt.

    • Talk about a name out of left field that might really work! My only concern is Viggo’s age but I guess there is nothing that says Starlord has to be a certain age.

      The only drawback I can see is they would be covering up his face most of the time with that face mask.

  28. I just want to say this, how do so many people have doubts still? I am pretty sure Marvel Studios aka Kevin Feige deserves our trust, respect and faith that he will do it right. Remember how many people said, Thor, Capt, And the Avengers were going to bomb and look stupid on the screen? Honestly, the idea of the Avengers is wayyyyy out there and insane…Marvel Studios made it work, obviously. GOTG worries me a little too, but I have faith Kevin aka the brains behind all this will do it right. I will back them until they royally screw up.

    Hats off to Marvel for this bold new direction. And read the GOTG comics, Rocket Racoon is a BA.

    • Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Obviously I’m hoping it won’t happen soon (i.e. with GotG), but at some point one of the Marvel Studios movies will bomb – it’s inevitable…

  29. Will ‘GOTG’ poss be a vehicle to open-up The Infinety Gauntlet story & bring us Adam Warlock ?!?!