‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Sequel Coming in 2016?

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Guardians of the Galaxy Cover 2013 Marvel Comics Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel Coming in 2016?

Marvel Studios is gearing up for the home video release of their third most successful film to date in Thor: The Dark World and the timing works out well since they’re in the middle of promoting the next film on the slate, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That’s the beauty of the studio’s two-films-per-year model – there’s always something hitting theaters, something hitting video, all the while expanding into other mediums (see: Netflix Marvel TV shows).

For every film coming out, fans are looking half a dozen projects ahead. That’s the nature of the beast when expectations and hype are at a fever pitch and when all of the Marvel Studios films and TV shows are connected in one, large, growing universe, with Easter eggs and cameos hinting at more. That universe gets exponentially bigger this August when new property Guardians of the Galaxy brings moviegoers into the cosmic section of the Marvel Comics library. Guardians may arguably be the Disney and Marvel’s most ambitious and risky project yet, so does it make sense for them to plan a sequel already?

According to a source of JoBlo, that’s exactly what they’re doing. It’s no secret that to join the Marvel Studios family, talent must dedicate their future with a lengthy multi-picture deal. That’s what all of the stars of Guardians of the Galaxy did and sequels are obviously a part of the plan. If there wasn’t a future for these characters, the film wouldn’t have been greenlit in the first place. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has repeatedly said they have tentative plans dating up towards 2021 and the Guardians are a big part of that.

Guardians of the Galaxy First Official Photo HIGH RES 570x320 Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel Coming in 2016?

As for the immediate future, The Avengers: Age of Ultron closes out ‘Phase 2′ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe next May. Two months later, Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man kicks off Phase 3. After that, Disney and Marvel Studios secured three summer release dates in 2016-17 for unannounced titles that we don’t expect to learn more about until Comic-Con.

What we do know is that the plan is to use the first of each annual pair of Marvel movie release dates for an established property (a sequel) and build off the buzz to help launch a new IP in the second date. This year, Cap 2 precedes the introduction of the Guardians. Next year, Avengers 2 opens the door for Ant-Man. So the big question is, which sequels get the May 2016 and May 2017 dates?

The safest educated guess puts Thor 3 in May 2016 and Captain America 3 in May 2017, but with more and more characters on the way that doesn’t necessarily need to be the plan. Stars Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth only have so many pictures left on their contracts after The Avengers: Age of Ultron so perhaps it makes better business sense to keep them around longer and save their (or at least one of their) third solo movies until after The Avengers 3 – which is expected to debut in May 2018.

The Avengers Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art Posters Combined 570x73 Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel Coming in 2016?

JoBlo reports that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is taking the May 2016 date – a date that recently was invaded by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s massive Batman vs Superman project. They cite (and confirm) the recent rumors of a Guardians of the Galaxy animated series debuting fall 2015 which comes as no surprise given the attention the team has been getting in the comics ever since the film became a reality.

More: Marvel vs. DC – Who Will Surrender Their May 2016 Release Date?

If true, this raises some interesting questions about what new properties Marvel and their president of production Kevin Feige plan to introduce in Phase 3. The most talked about candidates from Feige include Doctor Strange – which he unofficially confirmed as a Phase 3 film already – and The Inhumans. The latter however, we believed could double as a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy but that doesn’t seem to be the case based on this latest report.


Page 2: What’s Marvel’s Phase 3 Schedule Looking Like?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: JoBlo

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  1. When I first heard “Guardians of the Galaxy sequel,” I immediately thought “Nah man. Inhumans”

  2. I’m not buying it. Yes they plan long-term but its beyond arrogant to think a project as risky as GotG would warrant a sequel only two years later and Marvel has proven they’re smarter than that.
    I do think GotG is part of a Cosmic Trilogy if you will. I think it’ll be followed by INHUMANS and that will be followed by CAPTAIN MARVEL.

    • How is it arrogance? Confidence is a better word.

      • I wonder if they are thinking of 3 movies per year?

    • I think that could be a rough plan. And they’d be wait and watch how GOTG does at the box office to determine to take that plan. Or it could be not. But a lot of decisions will definitely be based out on how successful GOTG turns out tobe

      • Oh man, sorry about my grammar ^^ I’m stoned!

  3. Guardians sequel so soon sounds pretty good actually.

    • Yes, it does sound good but I think it’s unlikely it’ll come out less then 2 years later

  4. They could easily make a plot involving Guardians and Inhumans in one movie. Could even have RDJ as Stark.

  5. i really cant see this happening.
    i thought that GOTG was going to be a one off movie for the MCU
    i really hope its true but they would need to start filming about the same time as the release of the first movie later this year.

    ill say if iron man is in it its a possibility but i think its too soon. it will be thor 3

  6. The way I see it, Phase 3:
    2015: Ant-Man
    2016: Thor: Ragnarok and Doctor Strange
    2017: Captain America 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2/Inhumans
    2018: Avengers 3

    • your one movie off. they said phase 3 will include 7 films total. which i believe to be black panther.

      • Where did they say that?

    • What year is Avengers: AoU out?

      • It comes out next year. First Marvel film of the year. Last film for the MCU Phase II before Ant-Man.

      • Do you really not know or was you assuming he missed that movie out of his list?

        I ask because AoU is a Phase 2 movie and he listed his guesstimate at what the Phase 3 movies might be.

        • ^ LOL

        • I was asking because he did not include it on his list, even though he included a different movie from that same year.

    • I could be wrong on release dates when I say this but…2 movies a year COULD be…

      2015- Ant-Man and Captain American 3(Death of Captain America would be good way to help kick off Phase 3)

      2016- Dr. Strange and Thor 3

      2017- Black Panther(could step up as new leader of team) and Guardians/Inhumans movie

      2018- Avengers 3

      If you put Cap 3 at end of phase 3 and have him die, then that could lead to civil war in Avengers 3 or Avengers 3 could lead to Phase 4 being Civil War based. .

      • OMG! Civil War? Yes, please!!

      • EXCEPT that you forgot there are already 2 movies in 2015 and one of them happens to be Avengers: Age of Ultron!

        • :( Good call.

          2015- Ant man and Avengers AoU
          2016- Captain America 2 and Dr. Strange
          2017- Thor 3 and Black Panther(taking over as new leader)
          2018- Guardians/Inhumans movie and Avengers 3

      • civil war with no cap??? i dont think so

        • I’m meaning you can use the assassination of Cap as the catalyst to start the civil war. Flip it around, instead of it being after math of Civil War, have it be the precursor that breaks up the country. Then have him return at the beginning of the next phase. Or have Bucky take over at the beginning of the following phase.

      • AWESOME!

        Civil War with no X-men, Spider-Man, or Fantastic Four sounds… pointless.

          • Fair enough.
            I would still want to see everybody involved.

            A trimmed down version of World War Hulk could work too. Although it would have the same problem of missing characters.

            Maybe one day the studios can work it out, or the rights just revert back to Disney/Marvel.

            I just don’t see that, either one, ever happening. Or at least not anytime soon.

    • That was my long-running estimation (espec the Inhumans/Guardians thing) but if this Guardians thing is true, could all change.

      • when can we expect a article about your phone call with Mr Pearce?

        i don’t want to spoil the one shot for people ha

  7. I just want a trailer. Thor 2 had an extended trailer by this time last year and it didn’t release until November. GOTG releases in August and still no trailer? No teaser? Nothing!?

    I love the look of the characters and really hope this turns out as excellent as I am hoping it will, but the lack of trailer or any inital marketing by now for such an obscure property is starting to scare me a bit…

    • Like I said, it’s mind boggling that marvel / Disney didn’t release a trailer for GOTG during last weeks Superbowl.

      • Agreed! The only people talking about/promoting this film are the fans on these types of sites.

        I feel like Disney is trying to learn their lesson from the early marketing of the John Carter (flop) and they’re laying back a bit. But 6(ish) months out and only an official picture. I feel like they’re waiting WAY…WAY too long.

        • Its also early to early to talk sequal look at the green lantern. They over hyped the movie they were talking a sequal weeks before the movie was released and what happened. Flop. They really should start margeting sooner rather than later. Gotg could be awesome and if no one knows till its to late what’s the point. I mean all people say is omg rocket racoon yesssss!

          I mean my friends read comics but not gotg and they were freaked when a guy at comic con did that.

    • seeign what happened with both Thor 2 and Cap 2 teasers in where the trailers came a week before a MCU film got released, i assume Marvel will release the first GOTG trailer in the last week of March before Cap is released the following week

      • That seems like a good estimate. I’m just being restless…lol

  8. Would really like to see Gaurdian’s sequel introduce Adam Warlock and have them take on the Magus and the Universal Church of Truth. Having Thanos fight along side the Gaurdians and double cross Warlock at the end to gain possession of the soul gem.

  9. I will be disappointed if Carol Danvers does not appear in Phase 3 or at the very least early in Phase 4.

  10. How about a Captain Marvel and Hulk team-up movie? They would have to introduce Rick Jones, but that would be easy. And this team up usually happened in space where we haven’t on film seen the Hulk. Does anyone else remember this storyline?

  11. well, if we believe James Gunn we will not see a trailer until CA:TWS hits theatres in April… so that will only leave them less than 4 months to market GOTG to everyone other than us, the ppl that already know about it! but 99% of my friends and family have no clue what it is or even that there is a movie coming up! 1ST. big Marvel mistake-not marketing the hell out of GOTG, it will be NO ONES fault BUT theirs if it fails! I feel it NEEDS this time to reach the huge portion of ppl that do not have a clue who they are…But im not a marvel exec. so I really don’t know S**T

    • I am thoroughly unconcerned for GotG, lack of trailer and all. The Marvel franchise is a “say one word” behemoth and should be easy to build quick buzz for. Plus, the Thor:TDW post-scene was basically a teaser for GotG.

  12. Anyone else wondering why there was no AOS review for the last episode? It was probably the best episode yet imo…. just found it odd.

    • Screen Rant probably couldn’t take the inanity of that show any more and decided to join the rest of us in ignoring it until it finally dies.

      • Yes, let the hate flow through you.

        Seriously though, the rest of us? If there was some sort of poll, can we do it again? Cause I’m sure there are still lots of people watching it, who must have missed it.

        • Anthony probably just said f*ck it and gave up.

        • The people who still watch that show probably don’t have the brain capacity to even switch their computer on, let alone take any poll.

      • @Dazz i will agree with you on the show being really weak so far, but what keeps me coming back is looking past what it is in its infancy (pitiful) and trying to invision what it really could become as a bridge between the cinematic universe we dont have to wait 6 months for. IDK i think it has gotten better and will continue to do so.

  13. My Phase 3 predictions (since we are throwing darts at a board). My prediction is based on a 7 movie Phase 3.

    2015 – Antman
    2016 – Thor 3
    2016 – Doctor Strange
    2017 – Captain 3
    2017 – GOTG 2
    2018 – Avengers: Infinity part 1*
    2018 – Avengers: Infinity part 2*

    *The way I see it is the Infinity Gauntlet could EASILY be split into 2 movies given all the complexities of the story

  14. Okay, now I can guarantee the Marvel movie is going to move from this slot.

  15. Sounds great, but I kinda doubt it considering some of the GotG cast (Christ Pratt & Zoe Saldana) will be busy filming their other movies for the time being.
    Let’s just wait and see how it turns out

  16. My theory for Marvel’s phase 3:

    -ANT-MAN (July 17, 2015)
    -THOR 3 (May 6, 2016) – Adventure
    -DOCTOR STRANGE (July 8, 2016) – Adventure
    -CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 (May 5, 2017) – Thriller
    -BLACK PANTHER (July 2017) – Thriller
    -GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 (May 2018) – Space
    -MS. MARVEL (July 2018) – Space
    -THE AVENGERS 3 (May 2019)
    -…que Phase 4 (July 2019)

  17. damn they must really be impressed with what they have seen so far

  18. This movie is not going to bomb. The lack of advertising makes me think it’s going to be really good, not the other way around. There is such thing as too much publicity. Why do you always see ford commercials and never see Lamborghini commercials? No one thinks fords are better than lambos. Maybe they know how awesome this movie will be. Even if it doesn’t win at the box office opening weekend, doesn’t mean that all the people who didn’t see it won’t find out how great it was and go see it later. Don’t worry about the advertising.

  19. I do not like the direction Marvel is taking. Bringing Guardians and Avengers together, it degrades the Avengers quality and grounded feeling. I saw the end credits of Thor 2 and it looked ridicules it falls in to fantasy and magic
    Section, reminded me of Joel Schumacher Bat and Robin movie. This does not look good for the Avengers future. Good luck Marvel.

  20. I really hope Steve Rogers is still Captain America in Avengers 3. I want to see him stand up to Thanos!

  21. Feige said that there would be one existing property, and a new property each year. The following are plausible movies in Phase 3 & Phase 4:
    2015 – Ant-Man
    2016 – Captain America 3 & Dr Strange
    2017 – Guardians of the Galaxy 2 & Inhumans
    2018 – Avengers 3 & Black Panther
    2019 – Inhumans 2 & Thor 3
    2020 – Dr Strange 2 & Guardians of the Galaxy 3
    2021 – Avengers 4

  22. Bcuz they’re introducing Rhomann Dey, all I care about is Richard Rider up on the big screen for future installments.

    • It is disappointing that there is no talk of a Nova film.

      • I know right! Not even Nova rumors or anything. It’s like he doesn’t exist when clearly they may have plans for Rich bcuz Rhomann Dey is being introduced along with the entire f’ing Nova Corps! lol

        Instead of Guardians 2, it should be a Nova movie. Seeing that the Nova Corps has already been introduced, they can start the Nova movie with Xandar’s destruction which leads to Dey fleeing to Earth to find a successor.

        • I could see GotG or Inhumans cross his path in the near future.

  23. If Marvel Studios is smart they’ll hold off on Thor 3 and Cap 3. I have a feeling once the two Chris’ are done, they’re done and Avengers 2 is right around the corner. Their sequels should appear after Avengers 3.
    This is why Guardians 2 has to come in 2016. So they can release a new title alongside it.

    IMO Cap should die in Avengers 2. Have Sebastian Stan in Avengers 3 and Cap 3. And Evans return for a 4th and final Cap.

  24. They need to intro more new characters in the coming years than just AntMan and Guardians. So they can all play together b4 RDJr, ScarJo, Evans & Hemsworth get burnt out. Or utilize smaller contracts for cameos.

    • Yeah, introduce Richard Rider.

  25. After the revelation that Stucker will be a bad guy in avengers 2, and the other things that come to light on the newest marvel one shot I really believe avengers 3 won’t be about Thanos and that he’s being saved for avengers 4. I’ll probably be wrong but that’s what I think will happen. Also come on SR give us an actual fan of the show review of AoS, it’s getting really good now.

  26. Guardians of the Galaxy would have to be a blockbuster for Marvel too even think about releasing a sequel the same day as BvS I mean can you imagine Nova Corps/Adam Warlock/Kree Empire on the big screen could be EPIC but enough to take on BvS