‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Images Reveal Yondu, Kraglin & the Ravagers

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Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu header image Guardians of the Galaxy Images Reveal Yondu, Kraglin & the Ravagers

Nothing gives a movie momentum like a mysterious MacGuffin for all of the characters – both good and bad – to chase around, and James Gunn’s upcoming sci-fi adventure Guardians of the Galaxy definitely has one of those in hand. In the very first trailer for the movie, space outlaw Peter Jason Quill AKA Star-Lord was seen stealing a mystical orb, only to be caught by Korath the Pursuer and forced to make a hasty escape.

Peter didn’t come up with the scheme to steal the orb all by himself, however, but instead hatched the plan together with his surrogate father and fellow outlaw Yondu Udonta, who is played by The Walking Dead star Michael Rooker. During the film’s early marketing Yondu was largely absent, but Marvel fans were recently given a decent look at the character in an extended trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. Those who are familiar with the comics may notice that his flamboyant red fin has been toned down into a modest mohawk.

Speaking in an interview with USA Today, Rooker offered a little more insight into Yondu and how his relationship with Peter began when the young human boy was taken from Earth by a strange blue-skinned alien.

“[Peter is] feeling lost, vulnerable, defeated, emotionally drained and hurt, and here is Yondu in this light coming down and brings him up into the spacecraft and takes him away. It might have been pretty horrific, but also a bit cool.”

The new images of Yondu featured in the USA Today article definitely make him look like the kind of lovable crook that was common in Joss Whedon’s show Firefly (which Guardians of the Galaxy has been compared to). As with the film’s motley crew of heroes, Rooker says that Yondu is, “not a good guy, not a bad guy… It’s not so black and white — I should say blue and white.”

Michael Rooker as Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Images Reveal Yondu, Kraglin & the Ravagers

Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Images Reveal Yondu, Kraglin & the Ravagers

Also pictured above is Yondu’s first mate, Kraglin, played by the director’s brother, Sean Gunn. He actually did a lot of motion capture and stand-in work on set in addition to playing Kraglin, most notably the body and facial work for Rocket Raccoon. In a Facebook post last month, J. Gunn described Kraglin as “Peter Quill’s lifelong frenemy,” so expect to hear quite a bit of banter between the two of them.

Yondu, Peter and Kraglin are all members of the Ravagers: a kind of outer-space biker gang who can usually be found doing things that they’re not supposed to do. What’s particularly interesting is that the Guardians all appear to end up wearing an approximation of the Ravagers’ maroon leather outfits (except for Groot, who doesn’t do clothes).

Between the Guardians themselves, Korath, Nebula, Thanos and the Nova Corps, there are a lot of different players on the board in Guardians of the Galaxy, and things are probably going to get pretty messy when they all collide.

Guardians of the Galaxy arrives in theaters on August 1st, 2014.

Source: USA Today

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  1. If there isn’t a hint about the GH 325 from AoS, I’m going to be marginally disappointed.

    • …also looking out for the markings/language that Coulson started to write at the very end of season 1

      • Honestly… Although I want AoS easter eggs… I REALLY want a Red Skull cameo. Something casual, where he’s seen in the background with Thanos or something.

        Somebody had to tell Thanos where the Tesseract was between Captain America and The Avengers…

  2. Great report! I wonder if the Ravagers are actually a Spartoi militia and I hope we see Yondu use his bow and arrows.

    • I wonder, is Peter Quill a full human in the movie, or will they reference his half alien heritage? Because Chris Pratt said his character doesn’t have any powers, which technically isn’t true, he has super-strength, super-durability, longevity basically like Capt. America, thanks to his Spartoi side.

      • I’ve read every issue of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Vol 3, and all the tie-in events and never have I once seen Pete use or mention anything about “super-strength, super-durability, longevity basically like Capt. America, thanks to his Spartoi side.”

        I even double checked on wiki just now and couldn’t find any mention of that either. You might be confusing with Gohan or something. Pete’s suit once granted him augmented strength and durability and the ability to travel through space but that was before Annihilation.

        Post-Annihilation is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

        • “Powers
          ◾ Human/Spartoi Hybrid: Peter Quill is son of a human and a Spartoi, and his hybrid physiology grants him peak human abilities, such as: ◾Peak Human Strength: Peter Quill was born with physical strength equal to the peak of human potential. Peter’s physical strength is above that of a normal human being.
          ◾Peak Human Durability Peter’s body is more resistant to physical injury, to variable degrees, than that of an ordinary human. He seems capable of taking several gunshot & puncture wounds as well as beatings and still stand on his feet.
          ◾Peak Human Agility: Peter’s agility, balance, and bodily coordination are at levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.
          ◾Peak Human Stamina: Peter’s body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing poisons in his muscles and his musculature generates considerably less fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human being, granting him superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities.
          ◾Peak Human Mental Process: Peter was born with enhanced mental performance, allowing his mind to process information quickly, giving him an accelerated learning aptitude. He has mastered various alien languages and customs with ease.
          ◾Longevity: Spartoi have a life span that is three times longer than a human from earth. When his father was 100 years old he appeared as if he were in his mid-30’s. Due to his hybrid nature it is unsure how he will age, but it will likely be at a decelerated rate.”

          • Kinda like Cap, right?

            • Cap is super human. That says peak human. So he’s more like Bruce Wayne than Steve Rogers.

              • Sorry, but Bruce Wayne gets tired, fatigued, ages normally, needs bulletproof vests…

                • That’s why I said “more like” and not “just like.”

          • And where are you quoting from?

            Either way the Marvel NOW! Star-Lord doesn’t have any of that and Marvel NOW! is reflecting the movies.

                • Thanks!

            • “The leader of the Guardians who was abducted from Missouri as a child in the mid-1980s and raised by a group of thieves and smugglers called the Ravagers[6][7][8] and is the heir to the Spartax empire.”

              Also, this was from the Wikipedia page of the film, “Guardians…”

              It clearly acknowledges his Spartoi side, so Human/Spartoi hybrid, does that equal super-human at least?

      • No he doesn’t have powers in the comics

        • During his stay at the Kyln, he was given cybernetic implants that did give him abilities, but those implants were removed by the Kree during Annihilation: Conquest.

  3. Nice, more and more excited as the release date creeps closer.

    Also enjoying the fact that Robbie Amell’s been cast as Firestorm in The Flash.

  4. I hate Michael Rooker … I can not stand him and do not understand any one’s interest in or fascination with him as an actor … he is a very bad actor … for me this will be one of the down sides of this film.

    • He’s ok, plus he’s the director’s friend!

    • Wrong. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is one of the greatest filmed performances of all time.

  5. This is going to make more than Winter Soldier

    • Sorry Busn, but that is NEVER going to happen. I’m as excited as many others for GOTG… but there is zero chance it even comes close to out earning Winter Soldier, it’s likely to struggle to even reach what First Avenger earned. The Avengers effect won’t help this movie as much as it did the others that debuted after, cause, well… there aren’t any Avengers in it. 180 domestically is likely it’s ceiling.

      • 5 bucks says you’re wrong.

      • Not sure how either of you can be so bold in your financial predictions. It could go either way but it’s too early to predict anything at this point.

        As for TWS, it did better in the US financially while the rest of the world went nuts for Spider-Man the same month.

          • That’s mostly because US marketing is terrible and some sections of the US audience need to be spoon-fed before they’ll do anything.

            It’s a major reason why I ignore US box office figures now, I just can’t trust the numbers or the people buying the tickets to form those numbers.

            • Oh, Dazz. Again with the America bashing. I hope you realize that, every time you do it, myself, and likely others, just roll our eyes.

              I’m sure no Brits, nor anyone else in the world, “need to be spoon-fed before they’ll do anything”.

          • I’m curious what your MoS argument was, because if you follow your rationale, it would’ve been the biggest movie of all time.

          • You’re wrong about this one. First of all GotG has an ensemble cast. The fact that Zoe Saldana was cast as Gamora is to appeal to the male demographic. Secondly, the soundtrack accompanying this flick is killer: nostalgia for those old enough to remember and a great way for kids of this generation to be exposed to something other than hip-hop/rock/pop. And finally, I think that the CGI characters will steal the show.

            • I agree with all of that. Rocket and Groot will be the funnest characters — who happen to be CG — in a long time. And the soundtrack for this movie is the best of any movie in the last few years. James Gunn knows how to pick songs that work wonderfully

            • I agree with all of that. Rocket and Groot will be the funnest characters — who happen to be CG — in a long time. And the soundtrack for this movie is the best of any movie in the last few years. James Gunn knows how to pick songs that work wonderfully in his movies.

          • You owe me 5 bucks Travis.

        • Dazz, can I ask why you bring up TASM2 every time CATWS is mentioned in posts or comments?

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if it does better than TWS. To be honest, the most negative buzz I’ve heard about this has been on this site.

        A lot of non comic book fans are attracted to it, because it’s a fresh property and they don’t feel like they need to know all the Marvel backstory to know what’s going on.

        It’s very approachable and I think it will perform quite well.

        • Plus if people miss the Marvel Studios logos, they see it as a fun space film while I’ve known some people to be impressed by a trailer until a Marvel character they recognise from previous movies appears and then it’s an instant turn-off for them because they don’t like films based on comic book properties.

      • You owe me 5 Bucks!

    • take your pills fanboy ,you are living in a dream, within a dream, within a dream . a level 3 dream. you need a kick to wake up.

      • Im so sick of this CLOWN!! please SR do something about rolan…. he NEVER EVER adds anything to ANY Marvel thread, but drools on the sack of every lame DC thread! Im not saying all DC ones are lame but if its DC rolan is rolling in it like pigs in s**t but if its Marvel then rolan becomes the s**t

          • SR = the website we’re looking at.

          • Hey rolan, you’ve been quiet for a while. Worried all the positive early reviews are going to make you eat your own words? 😉

      • clown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think it just might do as well or even better than CAWS and in the next two weeks the ads will be everywhere
      most likely Marvel has just been holding off until after Dawn of the Apes opens this weekend

      even though this film doesn’t feature any of the Avengers – it does have a few secrets up it’s sleeve
      1 – it expands the Marvel universe and any fan knows that and won’t care if the other heroes are in it or not
      2 – the cast alone has so many “fan favorite” actors that each of them has a fan base unlike almost any other film
      3 – there is no significant competition to fight against it for that opening week or 2
      4 – it’s something different that audiences have not scene and that’s a big draw – it’s original !!
      5 – it’s PG-13 – automatically opens the door for a wider audience

      6 – it’s Marvel – the surprise clip at the end likely will feature the Avengers or AoS in someway … and that alone gets butts in the seats

      • The only one I will disagree with is #5. Making it PG-13 actually limits the audience. There may be families who choose not to bring their kids because of the rating.

        • As opposed to an R rating? I think the PG13 rating is the best one for this type of movie.

          • Not sure how you didn’t understand what I meant…

            Obviously an R movie is more polarizing than PG13. However, I think it is obvious that I meant a PG movie would be less polarizing than PG-13.
            The post I responded to stated: “It’s PG-13. Automatically opens the door for a wider audience.”

            Granted the MCU’s movies thus far have been PG-13 and have been popular. All I’m saying is being PG-13 doesn’t necessarily mean wider audience. If anything we can expect the same audience numbers because of numbers. If it was PG it could have seen more numbers.

            Think about it, if you move from G to PG, or PG to PG-13, or PG-13 to R, you are narrowing the audience each time.

            Don’t get me wrong, I am glad it’s PG-13 cause that means it wont be so “kiddie” of a movie.

      • oh yeah – I forgot 2 other major aces up GoTG’s sleeve for becoming a huge hit
        Rocket Raccoon – from the little they’ve shown of him in trailers it’s a very safe assumption people are going to love him
        and of course …. Thanos … on the big screen … voiced by James Brolin …

        in a week or so the premiere will take place and if it’s anything like CAWS premiere – it will be all over internet the next day
        and then the following week all the lead actors are going to start appearing on all the talk shows – I wouldn’t be surprised if they do a major cast appearance of 2 or 3 or may be ALL of the actors on Jimmy Kimmel a few days before Aug 1

        give aways, commercial tie-in and GoTG toys are coming if they’re not already popping up

        • Still… With everything this movie has going for it… It pales in comparison to what TWS had. I’m expecting a 64ish million open (and that’s if it performs well). This movie is VERY comparable (earnings wise) to the first Thor (who was a much more familiar character) and will likely have the same type of outing at the domestic box office 170 – 180. That’s as good as it’s going to get this time around for GOTG. Which will still be a big win for Marvel. I’d absolutely love for it to be the top earner of the summer! That’d be great! But it simply doesn’t have what it needs for the masses and the masses is what it needs… Not how cool us fanboys think Rocket Raccoon is. It will come no where near TWS’s current 260 million mark state side. It won’t reach DOFP or Transforms either. No chance.

          • au contraire mon frère – GoTG definitely has more going for it than Thor did – by a mile.
            it’s already on 1st base and trying to steal second since it has the glorious position to be sandwiched in-between CAWS and Avengers AoU. The positioning alone gives it some extra juice in the expected box office world wide.

            and as I listed – the cast alone has a MAJOR fan base from comedy, action, drama, Sci-fi films and more unlike any movie that comes to mind spanning not just movies but with Dave Bautista (in his big screen debut no less) sure to get the attention of WWE fans who will go just to see him. And with with Vin Diesel promoting the film to his literally MILLIONS of followers- fuhgeddaboudit. and that’s not even taking account of all the rest of the cast.
            all the main cast are recognizable names and each one of them does have major fan bases who will go see the movie – regardless that it’s a Marvel movie (unlike Chris Hemsworth & Tom Hiddleston were before Thor came out).

            PLUS -clearly from the trailers including the recent extended trailer that was just released – anyone can tell this is a big space action adventure movie with a good dash of comedy that at minimum makes viewers think of Star Wars (even just a little bit). And when was the last time ANY film has come close to that? heck when was the last time there was any movie that was a big space adventure movie ? Avatar doesn’t even really count as the only had one alien species and it was pretty much all on just one planet.

            add up all the ingredients and GotG definitely has the potential to be another home-run for Marvel.

            • It’s not Dave’s big screen debut.

              • See “Man with the Iron Fists” for Dave Bautista’s big screen debut – and Riddick… he was in that as well. Vin Diesel’s and Bautista’s fan basis really turned out in waves for those movies. Please, try to keep up. You’re overestimating the size of these fan bases where movie goers are concerned. … I fully expect it to be success. I hope it’s a huge one. It’s not making more than TWS though. If it were to reach that mark, that’s basically saying it’s going to make at least 270 million domestically. That’s just not going to happen. I’m not saying it won’t be great, it’s hopefully going to be… I was only commenting on the original statement that it would out earn TWS. That’s not happening… because of reality.

                • Also, a little movie abortion called Green Lantern marketed itself as this generations Star Wars … as a space adventure. … So enough with all the crap “reasons” why it’s going to do well. It’s going to do well because it’s a well positioned Marvel film that looks like a lot of fun. However, it’s not going to do as well as TWS. Period. End of Story.

                  • Alright dude…

                    You keep telling people to stop giving reasons why it MAY succeed beyond Cap 2.

                    Why is it that you know better than others? Do you have a crystal ball? Do you commune with spirits who know the future? Do you time travel? I’m pretty sure your answer to those is NO

                    You know what I would like? I would like you to be the first to admit that you were wrong if it does surpass Cap 2. It’d be nice to see you come back and state in capital letters…”I WAS WRONG. GOTG MADE MORE MONEY THAN CAP 2.”

                    Somehow though I feel you will disappear for awhile if you are wrong cause you will look foolish. Or you will change your screen name.

              • mil desculpas – I stand corrected !
                I guess I should have said: Dave Bautista’s first lead (or at minimum) more prominent role
                as far as the general audience goes – no one really knows or cares who he is (as an actor)

  6. KIRK!!!!

  7. Title has spoilers! Cmon man…

    • Yeah, because revealing the names “Kraglin” and “Ravagers” really ruined something for us.

      • Uh yeah, character reveals, some of us want to be surprised, or do you not know who they are?

        • Seeing what they look like isn’t a big spoiler. I’d be more concerned if it was a major character that we were saving up for a nice reveal. The only major character here is Yondu and we’ve known about him for months.

          I know who they are. I’m the marvel nerd ’round these here parts.

          can’t help but imagine how cool Martinex would look, given the talents of the CG team shown so far.

          • Yeah but you can put characters revealed in the title instead of their names for the people who didnt want to know or see them yet. Just because you dont care doesnt mean others dont.

            • If you’re that sensitive to spoilers of even minor characters, you probably shouldn’t be on a TV/movie news website in the first place. There was a great article on here a while back about the way to avoid spoilers. And they do a great job of avoiding spoilers, but if you really want NOTHING spoiled for the film you shouldn’t be looking around on sites like this. With that level of aversion to “spoilers”, you’re bound to find multiple article titles that “spoil” things for you.

  8. Dont be such Negative Nancies guys it’s 2014! When movies like Raid, Pitch Perfect and MORTAL INSTRUMENTS can get sequels, I think I’m not insane for saying Guardians will make more DOMESTIC doe than Winter Soldier. I expect the hate and arguments and attacks over the Internet cause anyone feels brave behind a screen, plus you weren’t raised any better(probably, idk) haha and the rage continues in 3……5……2%….1(plus me donts noe how 2 spell ore kount)!

    • Lol, what… I wasn’t being negative. I was stating a point, a counter to your comment. There was no negativity to it, I’d ABSOLUTELY love for GOTG to make as much or more as TWS… it’s just not going to happen. No way, no how. It will do decent business, no one is saying it’s going to flop, though it will not eclipse what TWS earned (currently around 260 domestically). There is absolutely no chance of that happening.

      • Soo?
        What difference does it make which makes more?
        I don’t see your point bro.

      • Who cares as long as you enjoy the movie why does it matter if it gets this much or that much just go in and enjoy a summer flick or don’t but this whole money debate is silly .

    • In the absence of any negativity at all, I have to wonder what you’re referring to.

  9. Its not impossible! People were skeptical about Lego Movie and that is top 5 highest gross for 2014 so far. Guardians will make a healthy amount of earnings especially when it’s only notable competition is TMNT a week later plusarvel marketing and popularity due to kids seeing the characters on Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spiderman, which will boost the movies earnings. It will make more or as much as Winter Soldier I have faith in this movie but that’s just my opinion, but opinions are accepted…this is the Internet after all hahah

  10. I remember reading reports about a larger mohawk…I wonder if the mohawk will somehow “open” up, looks like a sort of mechanical device on his head, would be a cool spin on the mohawk.

  11. Me personally I don’t see the big deal about Yondu, if Neitari from Avatar and Birdman from the Miami Heat had a baby it would by Yondu. He doesn’t really feel necessary to the whole Guardians thing right now

  12. AAAaah awwww… I wanted Kraglin to have insectoid eyes! WHATEVERIDONTCAREIMWATCHINGTHISMOVIE!!!

  13. honestly I am super excited for this movie, I’m sure I’m starting to either convert my friends or piss them off but I’ve been including this in my “most anticipated” all year.

    I don’t see this doing as well as CAWS for a few reasons, much as I’d love to be wrong. First the Domestic Box Office is having an ultimately negative year. BO is down from years past. Second while it is a MARVEL movie I’m not sure what pull it has outside of that. There are those Sci-Fi guys who maybe not be MARVEL guys so thats a bit there. I know a lot of Whovians are going to turn out for this because of Karen Gillian. But historically August is a struggle month for movies. Of course so was April…

    The positive I’ve seen from it is the use of the music, EVERYONE loves the music in the trailers, and the trailers do convey both something new and something fun. So If any movie has a chance to make August work, this will be it. But time will tell.

  14. I don’t think this movie will break 600 million because of the lack of familiarity of the characters. Me being the fan I am it is my most anticipated movie of 2014 Godzilla was a close second. I think is hit 150 million domestically and 400 million internationally which is fine. Word of mouth my get a few more butts in the seats and will likely end up with strong sales in dvds. The toy line is odd it is a small scale but there are a lot of vehicles. Hasbro will likely take a hit. People like their figures in star wars size and 6 inch scale.

    • Haha… I’ll totally eat crow, no problem if by some miracle it well over preforms and makes 270 million domestically. I have no problem with that. Someone stated that it will make more than TWS… triggering me to say, no… it won’t. There is no negativity there. It’s reality. If you spend anytime at all tracking or paying attention to box office trends it’s easy to see. It’s not a crystal ball thing… it’s not arrogance… saying it WILL make more than TWS is freaking arrogant… and stating WRONG “facts” as to why is foolish. I’ll be the first one to say wow, I was wrong… if GOTG defies all logic and all the numbers and all the facts. There is a reason why the box office tallies come out Saturday morning before Sunday showings are over… cause it’s a numbers and trends game most of the time. GOTG won’t make more than TWS. If it miraculously over performs and somehow does, I’LL BE THRILLED. I want it to!!!! I’ll be the first one cheering… HERE.

      • But the movie hasn’t come out yet so people aren’t “stating WRONG “facts”” as you say…

        Plus, if you say that it is arrogant to say GoTG will make more than TWS, then by the same standard and argument,IT IS arrogant to say that GoTG wont make more money…

        Again, it is a long shot for GoTG to reach totals of TWS. I agree. BUT…there have been some good arguments to support why this movie could reach TWS.
        1) Summer movies do better. TWS wasn’t a summer movie.
        2) Rocket Raccoon may be a big draw for parents and their kids
        3) The fact that GoTG is riding on the coattails of TWS success and is a MCU product gives it a bump.
        4) Looking at historical data, it is logical to think that GoTG WILL hit TWS #’s.
        All of Phase II movies outperformed their predecessor’s (except Avengers) Iron Man 3 did better than IM2 which did better than IM1. Thor: DW did better than Thor. Cap 2 did better than Cap 1. This trend shows us that MCU’s movies are trending up.
        5) The cast has a lot of popular fan favorites as someone else mentioned.
        6) The movie is getting a lot of popular buzz from the first 17 minutes…

        • no… “wrong facts” … as in – “this is Dave Bautista’s big screen debut” … that was one of the reasons listed for it to play better than TWS. When in fact, this isn’t his big screen debut. Try to keep up.

          • … and yup, I’m sure a Raccoon that spits and grabs his crotch wedgies is going to be a huge draw with parents and their children. LOL. … But for real, I agree, it’s got a ton going for it. 270 is just a HUGE number… people don’t understand just how big and how difficult is for an original movie to reach that number. You commented on trends, Marvel trends, all of which are trending up… but those were all direct sequels, this is not. It should do good, I hope it does GREAT, hell… I hope it makes more that TWS and I get to come on here and say the people outdid themselves and went out and spent their money on this movie. That’d be fantastic. 270 is just to high a number for this film.

          • Lol! I’ll try to keep up with that one particular “wrong fact.” However, you did say “wrong facts” not “wrong fact.” Are there other “facts” that people have stated as being wrong? I’ve read people’s opinions plus actual facts. Guest did say Diesel had Millions of followers/fans. That is fact. He/she also said that people have thought of Star Wars when thinking of this movie. Guest points out that that is a good thing. That is true. I am one of them.

            And I do realize that IM3, Cap 2, and Thor 2 are direct sequels. Hence I used the word predecessors…either way, my point was that Phase II movies have done better than Phase 1 for the most part.

            As for parents not being ok with rocket raccoon inappropriateness…then I guess parents didn’t take there kids to these movies with inappropriate moments too…; Frozen, Shrek series, Puss n Boots, Lego Movie, Ice Age movies, Transformers movies, Spongebob, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

              • Dude the issue at hand is will it make as much money as Cap 2. We need to look at total grossing then. You are looking at domestic earnings only. It is easy to surmise that GoTG could do very well around the world since it is a space adventure and not a country specific movie. IF we look at worldwide all time then the MCU list is as follows

                1) Avengers
                2) IM3
                3) Cap 2
                4) Thor 2
                5) IM2
                6) IM
                7) Thor
                8) Cap
                9) Hulk

                • Lol, what? I’ve been only talking domestically – which I’ve stated a million times. The international market is a bit more volatile and unpredictable – but even still… Cap2 did even better worldwide, so we’re still saying the same thing. With less earning domestically its global total will still be below Cap2. It has all the potential in the world to do well, and it will… but its “well”, its ceiling is its ceiling. What’s not fair is setting unrealistic expectations for a film like GOTG… stating that it should be expected to perform like Cap2 is nonsense and setting it up for failure. 180 domestically for an original sci-fi film is honorable… See Thor. I think it could have 200 in it, but that’s if word of mouth pushes it like crazy. Normally, global pull highly depends on recognizable stars. On the global front, GOTG is lacking in that department. The argument that Cooper and Diesel as voice actors to fill that void barely treads water. Cooper isn’t an international pull outside of the wolfpack and outside of the Fast and the Furious franchise Diesel hasn’t had much luck. See Riddick and/or any other Vin Diesel film that doesn’t have fast cars in it. I’m not saying that I don’t LOVE all these actors and characters. I think they’re marvelous (pun intended) I can’t wait to see the film!!! I just can’t sit silent (obviously) when someone says it’ll make more that TWS. Can’t do it – it’s not fair. People are asking too much of it.

                  • Again, I’m not going to take sides on this argument. I feel like it probably wont reach Cap 2 expectations. HOWEVER, others on here believe it WILL reach those expectations and have valid arguments to as why it will.

                    I guess my overall point that got lost along the way was it is unfair for you to state that you know for sure that it will not reach those expectations and you doing so (while arguing others points of view) is negative.

                    Again, none of us can see the future. This movie could surprise us and be really good. I expected Thor 2 to be really good and was let down. I also expected Cap 2 to be decent and it exceeded my expectations.

                    If GoTG is a very good movie, word of mouth and its tie to MCU could definitely give it a push into Cap 2 territory. That’s all I’m saying.

                  • you said:
                    What it comes down to, is whether or not you believe that an original, unproven commodity (marvel or no marvel) can pull in a massive number like 270 million

                    – the answer is yes something like that is possible – I don’t know the specific (with inflation and all that) what you’re describing – an original, unproven commodity is: Star Wars .. Indiana Jones .. The Matrix

                    there is no reason to care or spilt hairs over Domestic box office &/ or International – what difference does it make ? all that matters will be the final gross – and no matter what opening weekend adds up to – it doesn’t matter ! – all that will matter is the final gross and by doing a simple google search GotG is definitely one of the most anticipated movies of the year – and after the MAJOR hit of the Lego Movie – audiences are in love with Chris Pratt – he’s on the cover of Entertainment Weekly – that’s prime time.

                    and for further elucidation
                    here are many films where the international box office grosses surpassed domestic gross
                    original, unproven commodities and sequels – and in the end, whether or not the general audience is already familiar or not with the characters, etc – DOESN’T MATTER, it never does – all the general audience ever cares about – do the commercials/ trailers make them say: “that looks cool, FUN and exciting – I’m there!” —- and if they can take kids 10 and over it’s like a double whammy for parents.
                    and yes let’s be realistic – kids 10 and over are going to PG 13 – with or without parents

                    from Boxoffice mojo
                    Domestic: $121,248,145 34.6%
                    + Foreign: $229,200,000 65.4%
                    = Worldwide: $350,448,145

                    The Matrix
                    Domestic: $171,479,930 37.0%
                    + Foreign: $292,037,453 63.0%
                    = Worldwide: $463,517,383

                    Cloud Atlas
                    Domestic: $27,108,272 20.8%
                    + Foreign: $103,374,596 79.2%
                    = Worldwide: $130,482,868

                    The A-Team
                    Domestic: $77,222,099 43.6%
                    + Foreign: $100,016,697 56.4%
                    = Worldwide: $177,238,796

                    Domestic: $134,508,551 39.4%
                    + Foreign: $206,924,701 60.6%
                    = Worldwide: $341,433,252

                    Domestic: $66,486,205 37.7%
                    + Foreign: $110,020,614 62.3%
                    = Worldwide: $176,506,819

                    White House Down
                    Domestic: $73,103,784 35.6%
                    + Foreign: $132,262,953 64.4%
                    = Worldwide: $205,366,737

                    12 Monkeys
                    Domestic: $57,141,459 33.8%
                    + Foreign: $111,698,000 66.2%
                    = Worldwide: $168,839,459

                    Expendables 2
                    Domestic:   $85,028,192    27.8%
                    + Foreign:   $220,400,000   72.2%
                    = Worldwide:  $305,428,192

                    GI JOE: Retaliation
                    Domestic: $122,523,060 32.6%
                    + Foreign: $253,217,645 67.4%
                    = Worldwide: $375,740,705

                    Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
                    Domestic: $209,397,903 30.1%
                    + Foreign: $485,315,477 69.9%
                    = Worldwide: $694,713,380

                    A Good Day to Die Hard
                    Domestic: $67,349,198 22.1%
                    + Foreign: $237,304,984 77.9%
                    = Worldwide: $304,654,182

                    • oh yeah a few other – original, unproven commodities – that grabbed audiences by the nuts:
                      The Terminator
                      Fast & the Furious
                      Die Hard

                      and I’m sure a plethora of other films – will GotG join these other films in box office glory – no one knows for sure – but it certainly has all the ingredients to do so and the anticipation continues to grow

                      a year ago (even back in Jan of this year) many on this site were all worried that no one (general audience) would know about this film – and as expected – now EVERYONE knows about GotG – it’s on virtually every entertainment and news related website – Entertainment Weekly, Yahoo, HuffPo, etc – and has been on all those and every other major site since it was first announced.

                      all I’m saying is the potential is there for GotG to beat any odds against it
                      and don’t forget Zoe Saldana is the princess of sci-fi films right now –
                      of course Sigourney Weaver is the queen – naturally

                    • I know all about all the boxoffice numbers – both international and domestic… I follow them. Still, of all the movies you listed, none of them out earned TWS. Everyone seems to be underestimating how difficult it is to make 270 state side. We’ll see what happens, if by some miracle it out earns TWS, I’ll be the first one here, saying good job GOTG and the people of America. Unfortunately I can’t see it until the second weekend. :(

                    • Well, as expected… it’s tracking at a 73ish million opening (which would be great and I’m totally pumped about – yay GOTG). But if that holds, it’ll start a solid 20+ million behind TWS, meaning reaching 260ish and out earning TWS would be highly unlikely. But best of luck to it. I hope I’m wrong! It could definitely reach 200 million if it doesn’t have a massive drop-off and word of mouth is good. Which would be an absolutely massive for the space comedy original action adventure. :) I’ll be seeing it in two weeks!

                    • Hey Travis…

                      GotG is at 94 million opening….

                      You said it would be 65 million if it does well.

                      So far your prediction is way off.

                      I’ll be back.

  15. ^ I meant Sunday* Morning before Sunday showings are over

  16. He’ll be POINTLESS in the movie. All the bad guys will have to do is give him a stink palm and a bag of chocolate covered pretzels

  17. That damn kid is stuck on the escalator again!

  18. What a great first weekend for GOTG! The fans really came out. Impressive to say the very least. It’s weekend was very front loaded though, so only time will tell if it has the legs to catch TWS (which held strong through it’s run) or fizzle a bit like front loaded Godzilla… But GO Marvel! I’m hearing it’s excellent, can’t wait to see it!!! Congrats on the big opening.

    • Just want to point out that you did say,

      “I’m expecting a 64ish million open (and that’s if it performs well).”

  19. It sure did (as I also pointed out first above) … The fans really came out. Now we just need to hope it’s not extremely front loaded. The final marketing push over the last couple of weeks was spot on. Kudos to Disney. I couldn’t be happier to be wrong about about the opening, this is the best thing that could have happened. I still don’t think it out earns TWS though, TWS’s opening was still bigger and it didn’t have the luxury of the summer weekend or 11 million Thursday night 7 pm opening. Only time will tell.

    • You sir have my respect for your display of humility.

      • I’m married… So I’m used to being wrong… I’m not used to being this happy about it though! :) I’m seeing it tomorrow and I can’t wait! I’m still believe it will fall short of TWS in the end but it’s early success is fantastic for the industry and should send waves of investors emptying their pockets in support of more efforts like this one. Hooray!

        • one week in: TWS = $117.6mln, GotG = $134.4mln

          • Yes, Tim. And well deserved… I saw it on Tuesday and it’s absolutely fantastic. The summer release is definitely helping it. That advantage with the fact that it’s a fabulously grafted, outrageously fun film could push it over the top and I couldn’t be happier if it did. Huge win for movies fans like us.

            • Agreed, great movie. I’ll probably see it again!

              • Heck yeah! I haven’t seen a movie twice in theaters since… Maybe the Matrix, lol… I think this might be the one I do again.

                • Guardians will become the highest earner of the year by next weekend. It’s a huge accomplishment for Marvel and a big kudos to movie goers of all shapes and sizes. It might wind up the only 300 million earner of the entire year if it closes strong. I do think that if TWS had the benefit of a summer time slot it would have had a chance at 300 as well. … I couldn’t be happier to have been so very wrong about the movie’s earning ability… actually, scratch that… I wasn’t wrong about the movie, I didn’t underestimate the movie, I underestimate the movie goers. We showed up. Definitely helped that the film is fantastic fun. The perfect summer movie. Good job Guardians.

  20. I hate what they did to Yondu! He’s my favorite character from Guardians of the Galaxy who is supposed to be one of the lead Guardians, he’s a noble alien indian type character in the comics and he looks nothing like this! he also has a bow which they could’ve given him and made it space age to make it even cooler…wow…I can’t wait for a reboot!