‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ TV Trailer Introduces the Team

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With three of the four Marvel-related big screen projects already out in theaters, all eyes are turning toward Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy. The ambitious film from director James Gunn (Slither, Super) aims to make household names of such relatively obscure comic book characters as Rocket Raccoon and Drax the Destroyer.

It makes sense then that from the release of its very first trailer, Marvel’s marketing campaign for the film has placed such a strong emphasis on introducing this team to casual moviegoers unfamiliar with the Guardians of the Galaxy property. More recently, this approach was reflected in the new character posters designed to highlight each headlining member of the core team and now in the new TV trailer (above) for the film.

Unfortunately for those fans who, like us at Screen Rant, have been following the film’s development since it was first officially announced, the TV trailer doesn’t feature much in the way of new footage. It essentially plays as a truncated version of the second full-length trailer and features much of the same memorable dialogue from Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord, setting this group of outcasts up as the next big screen superhero team.

guardians galaxy movie preview Guardians of the Galaxy TV Trailer Introduces the Team

It’s also noteworthy that this latest trailer – and its big screen counterpart – are punctuated with John C. Reilly’s character introducing the team’s moniker and commenting that “This might not be the best idea.” That particular placement of what could easily be a throwaway line of dialogue in the finished film (provided it appears in the final cut at all) serves as acknowledgment on Marvel’s part that Guardians of the Galaxy is a particularly risky endeavor.

After all, if Gunn’s film fails to meet box office expectations (regardless of the positive buzz it has in its favor), it will mark the studio’s first financial failure since kicking off the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008 with Iron Man. With its introduction of Josh Brolin’s Thanos, Guardians of the Galaxy will have a ripple effect throughout the films at least until the release of The Avengers 3. On some level, Marvel needs the film to perform in order to establish the audience goodwill it needs to continue fleshing out the more cosmic side of its universe.

We’ll find out soon enough if all the hype for Guardians of the Galaxy will pay off. No doubt, every bit of marketing muscle the studio puts into the film’s release will only help attract the attention of moviegoers learning of the talking tree known as Groot for the first time.

What are you most excited to see in Guardians of the Galaxy? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.


Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1, 2014.

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  1. I hope Disney/Marvel market the hell outta this. I’d hate for it to be a failure, or even a moderate success because people did’t even realize it’s coming out, or kids have no idea who these guys are.

    • We have now officially entered the era where every non-franchise Marvel release is accompanied with the statement from random cynics “shucks, I do sure hope this isn’t Marvels first financial failure.”

      • I’m not a cynic. I’m rooting for this movie, but I don’t see any buzz around it apart from on sites like these. I just don’t want a potentially good film to fail as other good but high concept have whilst films with Adam Sandler in does gangbusters.

        I’m not saying it’s going to fail! I’m saying I want it to succeed.

        • I understand your concern/what you mean entirely.

          I think it could be like Watchmen. Very famous comic novel and yet not well-known to casuals, and though the film was largely faithful to the source material, it didn’t really go anywhere that it could have. It wasn’t a bad movie, either, in MY opinion. Part of the problem there might have been the rating, and the fact that the heroes were so human, but I do think it’s because the casual viewer, which likely makes up most of a comic book movie audience, was not familiar with it.

  2. you mean when Iron Man came out in 2008? and it wasn’t a failure? was it? I’m confused. How are we almost into Phase III now? lol

    • Except the recession wasn’t as hard back then and people had time and money to go see a man in a metal suit blow stuff up?

    • Actually, the article is referring to the fact that ‘Iron Man’ marked Marvel Studios’ first feature and first success. Thus far, each subsequent film has performed well at the box office. So ‘Guardians’ would be the first miss, if the film doesn’t draw an audience. The wording has been tweaked to clarify that. Thanks!

  3. Hasn’t that been what every trailer for this has been doing so far? Introducing the team?

  4. i hate the music in these trailers, how about a little excitement.



      • …and yet you took time out of your very full schedule to come here and post about it. you’ll see it. you know you will.

        • Goin’ up to the spirit in the sky!

          Not even gonna give GOTG a try!

          This movies not worth getting out of bed,

          Gonna watch Ninja Turtles instead!!!

          • Good to hear. Bring the Scooby-gang too, those guys are going to need all the positive buzz and financial help they can get. So save your allowance money, we’ve got all the “miracles” we can handle here at the studio that brought you (fill in the blank with your choice of billion dollar film)…

          • (*Snort, snicker, and guffaw, in that order): OK, Fantomex, I gotta admit that was pretty funny! Let me tell you my stand on GOTG: At first I was really down on it, not even planning to watch it, mainly because of the talking tree and ranger raccoon thing, because I thought it would take away from the seriousness of The Avengers and their big threat Thanos. I still worry a bit about that, but if I don’t take this movie too seriously, the trailers looked mildly watchable, so i will give this movie a chance. If it stinks, I will publically belittle it big-time right here on SR. If I enjoy it, though, I will publically eat crow in a big salted gulp right here for all the Screen-rantlets to see. So we will see what happens….!

          • you’re dead, I see.

          • Yeah, watch a Michael Bay film instead of any other film possible.. Good choice.

          • I’ll admit that your verse is appealing,
            and I don’t want come off unfeeling,
            but while turtles are nice when sauteed with rice,
            I’d rather be hooked on a feeling.

            • Nice limerick.

            • +1 :)

              Love it and agree!

  5. Love the music in the trailers, it’s refreshing. Thank god it’s not the same old dub step/techno or Inception horn “Bwas” everyone else uses fro action movie trailers.

    • ^^^ this.

  6. I’m soooo excited about Guardians… It’s one of my favorite books and probably the most anticipated Marvel movie other than Avengers, for me anyway… Everything looks and feels good for this movie, including the music they are using…

  7. When did you stop having fun in life?

  8. Wow, you had just took a negative review on The Avengers, and now GOTG? You haven’t seen the movie so please just shut up

    Talking tree and talking raccoon, it’s all in the comics, so please stop whining.

  9. I’m personally betting this’ll be a big success; every trailer has looked DOPE and the comedy is fantastic. Sure it is a risky gamble considering many people hadn’t heard of these guys before (I’ll admit to only knowing them from the Avengers cartoon) but I think it’ll pay off.

    Hell, if people went to see TWO Star Trek movies, they’ll go to see this.

    Hell, people went to see AVATAR. If someone chooses Avatar over this I’m done with that person on every level.

  10. I’m still upset that Rocket doesn’t have an Australian accent.

    • I like that Idea. I hear Bradley Cooper has a great ear – they should have him do Rocket’s voice in every accent he can handle and use them in the appropriate countries that way. That would be so cool!

    • he doesn’t have one in comics. he doesn’t need one in the movie…

      • His accent in the comics is the voice in your head. So……yeah.

  11. Congrats to San Antonio Spurs for winning the NBA championship 2014!