‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Trailer Teasers: Star-Lord and Gamora Get Close [Updated]

Published 11 months ago by , Updated May 18th, 2014 at 7:43 am,

[UPDATE: A second trailer teaser has been released - WATCH IT above, followed by the first teaser below.]

The wait until Marvel fans get to see James Gunn’s space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters still feels unbearably long, and the studio didn’t make things any easier this week by releasing yet another epic poster for the movie that showed the heroes striking up a fierce set of battle poses. It was also revealed that the second full trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy will debut on Monday 19th May, accompanied by a live Q&A with the cast.

It wouldn’t be a trailer reveal, however, without a short preview to tease it ahead of time. Some movie fans have understandably grown tired of watching trailers for trailers, but if it means getting a fresh look at the Guardians a couple of days early there probably won’t be too many complaints. Unlike some teasers, which can fit into a single Vine, this preview for the second Guardians of the Galaxy trailer offers a generous fifteen seconds of almost entirely new footage.

As the primary link to Earth in this very alien Marvel movie, Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord has been placed at the forefront of the marketing so far, and this teaser is no exception. In our interview with Pratt, he talked about the work that he had to put into getting in shape for the role of Peter Quill, and in this short teaser alone we got two shots that seemed to be purely designed to show off his impressive abs.

[UPDATE: Here’s the original teaser for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.]

Gamora (Zoe Saldana) seems to be pretty impressed by his physique as well, based on the clip where she and Star-Lord are shown closing in for what looks like a romantic, starlit smooch. Take a closer look at this clip and you’ll see that things are pretty serious: Gamora is wearing the Walkman that Star-Lord was so passionately protective of in the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s practically a marriage proposal.

There’s a lot more going on in the teaser than just the possibility of a romance subplot, however. Groot (Vin Diesel) shows off his gentler side by giving a nice flower to a child at a space station, but overall the tone is one of preparation for a fight, complete with shots of the Guardians tooling up.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Gamora kiss Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Teasers: Star Lord and Gamora Get Close [Updated]

You can also catch a split-second glimpse of the much-hyped showdown between Gamora and Nebula (Karen Gillan), and another shot where Drax seems to be preparing to take on some incoming ships using only a pair of knives.

This teaser is definitely worth watching several times over to make sure you see everything – though of course there will be a lot more to see on Monday.


Guardians of the Galaxy is out in theaters on August 1, 2014.

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  1. I’d rather they just let gamora and peter be best friends like in the comics. just because a man and woman are in the same movie together doesn’t mean that they automatically have to have a romance. honestly, with cap 2′s excellent handling of any potential romance subplot (yet NOT going there) I thought marvel was getting secure enough to shake up that formula.

    I guess I’ll just have to wait and see… the rest of the teaser looks gr8 tho.

    • They did hook up in the comics too, but it never turned into anything serious. Hopefully they will handle it well. I agree the the Steve/Peggy was one of the best romantic subplots, but also Tony/Pepper, I think.

      We’ll see.

      • Iro wasn’t talking about Steve and Peggy.He/she said that Cap2 handled teasing potential future pairings very well.

    • Remember how Winter Soldier’s trailer teased Steve and Natasha? Well, how did that turn out.
      I think this is just another teasing, due to that spacey background in that scene I wont be surprised if it ends up as just Quill’s daydreaming :D

    • They’re friends with benefits in the comics at one point.

    • Marvel has already shown that they will and won’t go there regardless of what happens with Guardians of the Galaxy. And as far as I can see, they didn’t do either to shake up the for the formula or follow it but because it served the story that they were telling which is the only reason either should ever be done.

    • Well lucky for you, one is a half-human/ half-alien male, the other a female alien. But i agree with what you say, they don’t have to automatically pair them up, but they do because it lends to the movie, dramatises it more and humanises it.

  2. So far everything of the GOTG was great, let’s hope they keep it this way and more importantly don’t show the whole movie in all the trailers

    • In the end, the answer to your worry would be self restrain. Just avoid the new clips, and you wont watch the entire movie.

      Remember how people praised DoFP with their early marketing? Now look at them releasing new clips everyday. These marketing will continue to do similar pattern no matter what, because it’s the average movie goers they are trying to please/attract the most…

  3. Maybe the reason he is so protective of the Walkman is because it’s what he uses to get the ladies *giggety!* (he probably has a Journey’s “Open Arms” cassingle in it :P).

  4. is the hand at the endshot thanos?

    • 00:18

  5. I’m willing to bet this is from scene where he’s imagining kissing Gamora haha. Because this movie has that kind of goofy tone to it so I’m sure he’s daydreaming because why else would Gamora have his headphones on? haha just a funny thought and prediction.

    • What’s funny also is you’re probably right.

    • @Bronson93, I was thinking the same thing. I wouldn’t put it passed Pete do daydream something like that, after seeing her with her clothes off from that other scene lol

  6. Lookin’ good. All systems are go all I have to say for now.

  7. They’re keeping the plot under wraps and that’s good. If I had to guess I would say it’s going to be another Macguffin chase over an Infinity Gem. I’d make efforts to hide that plot point detail too.

  8. This movie is gonna kick so much ass!

  9. Yea after The Amazing Spider Man basically told the movie through trailers and trailers of trailers( although i think the movie was still pretty entertaining ) I’m avoiding all footage for this movie. I don’t want any spoilers for this one.

  10. Drax is gonna be a freaking psycopath. yes!!

  11. Somethin good. Somethin bad. A bit of both.

  12. Remember the good old days when there used to be a trailer, maybe two, and then the movie came out. This teaser trailer and even worse this teaser for a trailer thing is starting to get really old really fast.

    • Yea, those were the good old days.
      The internet and social media fever are pushing this new trend though, cause on the other side of the coin, there are millions of people on the net who’s thinking the exact opposite: continue complaining about the lack of and demanding more marketing/promotion :(

    • Yeah I remember those days, but what I do is I avoid watching trailers period

      • Experience taught me to just watch 2 trailers, just the first and the last trailers that released.

        If they released pieces of the movie as series of trailers, they might as well release the entire movie on youtube. (I’m looking at ya, TASM2)

      • It’s really starting to get to that point for me. I love a good trailer, but it does seem that so much of a movie is being given away with multiple trailers and the endless barrage of featurettes.

  13. To those trying to actively avoid new trailers (like me)… another teaser has just been released. Check out Marvel’s official Youtube or Guardians’ facebook page. This article needs to be updated a.s.a.p. ;)

    And I’m here to say I just failed to counter my own urge to NOT watch it. It’s shorter, but it features Rocket finally speaking. IMHO, the previous teaser was better but this one lets you see the fangs of Rocket in perfect close up. Yeah, you DON’T wanna piss this guy off hahaha. “Oh, yeeeaaah!”

    But seriously, after the 2nd trailer is released, I’m gonna push myself to avoid any more clips. After all, no need more convincing for me and my family. We’re watching this on opening day!

  14. I’m a gon Star Lord your Gamora so hard we gon go SuperNova LOL

  15. Looks good, can’t wait till Monday for the full trailer. :-)

  16. Wow the new guardians of the galaxy trailer is looking amazing good and i can,t wait to see it on monday and the kissing of gamora,star-lorg kissing is looking good and groot,nebula,rocket raccon,thanos,drax the destroy ,korath,ronan, and other alien will be see in the new trailer of guardians of the galaxy.

  17. You must listen to my music if we’re going to make out.

  18. They came out with a 2nd teaser for the full trailer:


    “Oh! Yeah!”

  19. I think there is a possibility of one of two things:
    1) That kiss is real and happens at the end of the film cliché. (I hope not. It’s just predictable.)
    2) That kiss is probably not real and just a fantasy in Peter Quill’s mind. He probably gets attracted to her when he meets her for the first time or he could daydream after seeing her naked. Lol.

    When the first trailer came out in February, I told my friend that I would bet $20.00 that Marvel is somehow going to show a romance or obvious attraction between Peter Quill and Gamora. To which, my friend said, “No, way that would happen. Because in the comics, e.t.c.” I then said, “I know what happens in the comics. However, this is the freaking Marvel Cinematic Universe! They don’t always follow the comics. ANYTHING can happen!”

  20. And there’s a third today:

  21. She is smoking even when she’s green.

  22. This is today! Why can’t I find out what time the Q&A is dang it!?

    • I belive it’s at 10:30AM PST

  23. I found something similar (10 PST, to be safe). Thanks.

  24. Nothing but excitement for this movie! And in all honesty, I don’t have any qualms with Marvel if they decide to change a bit of the dynamics between Star Lord/Gamora. I mean as a fan of the comics, yes, they were friends with benefits so I wouldn’t mind if they simply kept it friendship or otherwise. My biggest thing is that they make sure to give Gamora more than just a catfight between Nebula. (I mean obviously I want to see it happen, but if they can pull off a romance in the story while still giving her character as an individual – well more power to Marvel then! Nebula fight and more, etc, etc)