‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Spoilers Discussion

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Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers Discussion

Marvel fans are already talking up a galactic storm over in our Guardians of the Galaxy official review, but if you want to discuss SPOILERS and other scenes, plot details or reveals from the film in full detail – you’ve come to the right place.

If you have NOT seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet – READ NO FURTHER. We’re going to be discussing spoilers, SPOILers and more SPOILERS. If you HAVE seen GoTG then feel free to hop down to the comment section below to join the discussion.

And now, a little reminder of what the movie was all about:


Guardians of the Galaxy is now in theaters. It is 121 minutes long and Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for some language.

Unsure of what happened in the post-credits scene? Read our end credits scene explanation! For a more in-depth review, listen to our Guardians episode of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast.

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  1. Thanos was awesome! The most intimidating villain I have seen. Going to be great to see him in action!

    • Really? Because Thanos was just a guy sitting in a chair to me. He allowed, without retaliation, his sidekick to be killed in his presence. I know who Thanos is, but he came off like an effete goof to me.

      • See, that just shows his badassery to me. He’s patient. He’s a friggin’ titan, fer crying out loud. Eventually one of his minions will be competent, and then it’s INFINITY GAUNTLETS bi-atch! =)

    • I don’t like his “look” in the movie, they gave him lips! Just doesn’t look right. The concept art prior to the movie was spot on. The “final” Thanos face just looks goofy to me, not imposing enough. They should have left his eyes in shadow with just two glowing points of light for eyes. That’s just my take.

  2. just watched the movie tonight and thought it was great, just a couple of things made me mad and wanted to see if anyone could clarify them for me. As of right now I believe these to be plot holes, but I could be wrong and if anybody wants to explain why I’m wrong I would greatly appreciate it.
    1. how did the guardians of the galaxy know Ronan betrayed thanos, they made an entire plan based on the fact that Ronan himself would try to destroy the planet and not thanos, also even before the betrayal the characters only refered to stopping Ronan from destroying the planet and not thanos, which Ronan asked thanos to do in return for the stone.
    2. Also at the end of the movie drax mentions that Ronan was simply a pawn implying thanos was the person who wronged his family. But Ronan only teamed up with thanos this one time so that he would completely destroy the planet.

    there are multiply points mentioned in each number, if I am wrong my reasoning please point it out, thanks. Also this is me just nitpicking I
    at what I thought was a great movie.

  3. Well i saw the film and i must say it was as i expeced. i went in there not expecting the best movie in the world and i got it. Several points annoyed me. One was the thing with Nebula and Ronan. So if im getting this right than Ronans family was killed by the Xnderians…and im guessing the Nova Corps had a hand as they are the military on Xander. He joins with Thanos to get a stone…but then decides to betray him. Now as a comic reader i know why he is feared but i felt that they really did not explain the relationship with the mad titan and the universe well. I fel like thye trie to once again sell the comedy and let the story suffer, i mean the button scene what ever Howard the duck was a childhood favorite and it was cute to see him, but i feel like the whole comparisons to Star Trek, and Star Wars is ridiculious and in a way insulting to the science fiction genre as a whole and i got space comedey out of the film. The film fails to establish the setting the colotive universe or teh tensions between the kree and xandarians. I feel the addition of Thanos was more to reveal him to the masses rather than as the main mover behind the issues in the universe. Everyone was saying that Rocket as the heart and high point of the film, but i must say it was Groot. Pratt was fine, not extrodinary, but did deliver a strong performance. Brasta was ok, im not sure if it was the writing but i got the sense from the comics tht he was not supposed to come off as a simplton but he did. Now Saldana’s character felt flat and honestly the week point of the whole film. I feel like Rocket was good and Groot Stole the show. id give it a 3 out 5 due to the weak characters and once again forgetable villians, but the Nova Corps and Groot really save the film for me. Id probably watch it on tv but this is not a real repeater for me.

    Not the best and not the worst Marvel film, but ok i guess.

    • dude, there was a talking raccoon and an Ent. Your complaints about inconsistencies are adorable.

      • The more farfetched the film, the more important the continuity and consistency. You can set any rules you want, but they have to be followed.
        And I agree with Kevin. Saldana was a major weak point in the film. She starts as a sort of noble warrior type, but then turns into a wise cracking Leia at the drop of a hat. Meh, to her.
        But, all in all, I liked the movie.

        • I have to agree with you and other posters about Gamora. There was never any love interest with her and Starlord in the comics, and it just feels gratuitous for Gunn to have dropped that in there. Guess someone thought they needed that in order to follow the Hollywood formula.

          Nebula, on the other hand, was an awesome screen woman warrior.

  4. i just saw the movie(great by the way)
    one thing. did they even mention his “element gun?”
    or did he just use it? i dont think he had it.
    what do you think? Maybe the next movie he meets his father and receives it?

  5. HISTORY !!!!!
    For those crying about the credits scene…it is a nod to the source material as well as possible future implicatioms in the MCU. Forget the horrible Howard the Duck movie!!! In the comics Howard the duck appears many times in the avengers as well as guardians of the galaxy comics. Even doning a knock off iron man suit. As for future films cosmo is the nod. Not only does cosmo develop powers and joins the guardians of the galaxy but is very close to nova!

  6. For an additional laugh, I might have seen this wrongly but, when Ronan steps out of his crashed ship, watch his leg. It looked like his leg was dancing along with the music playing lol.

    I think they dropped Thanos partly for the Infinity Gem (which I don’t know how or why it was on that planet for so long if people knew it was there) and a test for his design. They’re maybe trying to get a feel from the audience for the design they’ve come up with for movie Thanos. Is Death going to be involved, or is she not a part of MCU?

    I hope they plan to expand on the celestials rather than just using them for a disposable cool scene insert (which I feel the Howard the Duck scene was). MCU still needs to work on fleshing out their villains. I hope the Guardians of the Galaxy characters don’t become a one hit wonder. A lot of the humour involving them in this movie was due to their newness and just learning about them in this movie. I can foresee how that humour could become a bit stale in the next movie if they retread the same ground, as in if they fall back on their newness humour. Gamora was a bit too similar to Black Widow. Have we seen a female hero with superpowers yet? Pepper doesn’t count…

    Too bad they killed off Ronan cause I could distinctly remember one comic involving where Peter has won the respect of Ronan, or it might have been something from the Annihilus thing. There were a few too many humanoid species, but I guess that’s par for the course. I was surprised with the amount of cursing and sex jokes in this one but kids seemed to have enjoyed it nonetheless. Overall, pretty fun movie.

    • Death is mentioned in the button scene of the Avengers,

      The Advisor walks up to Thanos and says something along the lines of “To kill [The Avengers] is to court Death” Then Thanos turns and grins.

      It’s on youtube, I never actually noticed Death was mentioned until recently.

  7. Anyone thinks the collector is peter’s dad. Kind of fits the description. The collector is an elder who is an ancient being. Also he seems like a jerk and yondu described his dad as a jerk

    • naa, if you read the comics you already know who the dad is and it isnt the collector… you can google it and find out if you want to know

      • Well his dad is clearly someone else as im pretty sure an alien king aint an ancient being of great power

      • And yondu was a guardian but that didn’t stop them from making him a ravager

      • Yondu was founder of guardians and they made him a ravager. Also In the comics killian died pretty early in extremis and they made him mandarin. Marvel isn’t against changing a character’s mythology.

  8. One neat thing is that Howard is from another dimension. So his presence adds another layer of world building to the MCU. I think that love it or hate it it was a pretty smart way to cap off the movie. The earthbound MCU sandbox, which is still super entertaining, is also constraining. Make mine marvel!

  9. Spoiler Alert for 2017′s Guardians of the Galaxy 2: War of Kings:
    Howard the Duck is Star Lord’s Dad!

  10. Did anyone manage to catch a glimpse of any other infinity stones other than the tesseract and the aether when the collector had them all on the screen or were they the only ones that were shown?

  11. Can anyone explain what was going on when Groot resurrects or heals Drax after Drax gets pummeled and thrown into the yellow goo by Ronan? Groot stabs Drax in the chest with his tree/twig/finger pointer and suddenly he’s ok again?

    Is this a power of Groot? Can he bring people back to life?
    Did the goo have something to do with Drax not dying and/or coming back to life?

    It’s driving me nuts. I felt it could have used a LOT more explanation from the movie.

    • He didn’t bring him back to life or anything like that. What happened was that Drax had the yellow goo in his lungs. Groot stabbed him in the chest to allow the yellow goo to get out. I think it’s along the same lines as reinflating a collapsed lung.

    • I gave that moment a pass – as I thought that Drax had basically just drowned (thus had fluid in his lungs) and Groot was using his stabby finger thing as a tube to remove the stuff from his lungs so he could breath again

      As far as I know doctors do something similar when a patients lungs are filling with fluid, they use a syringe to drain the fluid so the person is able to breath easier
      With Groot being a tree based lifeform it makes sense to me that he could effectively draw liquid through himself when necessary and I think I saw some of the yellow stuff squirt out just before Drax was revived

      You’re right though the movie did gloss over this whole bit without any attempt to explain how

      But if memory serves this was happening around the same time as peter quill was taking a space walk without any protective gear and no lasting ill effects, so I was at the point of saying to myself ‘just go with it and don’t start thinking about how things are being done cos apparently in the MCU space is similar to being under water (just hold your breath long enough and you’ll be fine’)’

      • Actually you’d be surprised at how little danger there is to being exposed to space for a short time. Plus he’s only half human. Look up the Vsauce video on how long you can live in space

    • I thought what Groot did was to give him a internal cardiac massage to restart his heart, kinda like what our doctors can do but we need to open up the person’s chest. Groot can grow his roots inside to do it.

  12. What is with the blue crystal animal statur that Yondu got from the shop, and then put on his dash, and picked up off the ground after his ship crashed? Too many close ups of it to not be something important.

    • “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. I don’t think it’s anything important – just a way to show that Yondu is an irreverent bandit that grabbed the thing because it was a poke in the eye to the Broker.

    • And I wonder if there was a subtle poke from Quill in packing a Troll in the erstwhile Infinity Stone orb? When I was a kid, folks put those things on their dashboards. =)

    • I agree with Blinkatar. I think it meant nothing other than that Yondu has a soft spot for toys and whimsy. He liked that thing with his menagerie(the same as Wash liked his menagerie of dinosaurs). It allows the Troll Doll moment to makes sense when Yondu smiles because, though he was tricked, Starlord tricked him with something he’d like.

  13. I’m going with the Adam Warlock is Quills dad theory.

  14. Did anybody picked up on the part when the Tivan the Collector was showing the guardians the origins of the gems…a celestial was standing using a gem…ESON the Celestial who had one of the gems on his staff and stomped it on a planet!!!! Awesome! Is this a prelude for more celestials to appear? Will they play a part in the next movie along with Thanos? Thanos vs. Celestials???

    • Json king of Spartax is quills dad!!!! And the part with the Celestial wielding the infinity gem was frighin awesome!!! I hope Marvel show the cosmic entities going up against Thanos with the gauntlet! That would be awesome

  15. Saw the film and I really enjoyed it, anyone else think the Ravager ship picking Quill up on earth will tie into Skye on AOS? thoughts?

  16. Dear James Gunn,

    Thank you for making Super an interesting movie. In other words, I appreciate your past work.

    But Guardians Of The Galaxy wasn’t meant for me.

    Sure, it has space travel, aliens, cool visuals, fun soundtrack, and mostly good casting. A few clever jokes (Black Light line). The chemistry between Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana worked for me.

    But to whom did you write the script for? 10 year olds?

    The dialogue was so on the nose and stiff that it fell flat.

    Only Star Trek can have artificial gravity.

    “I Am Groot.” Okay, I get it. It wasn’t funny the 2nd or 16th time. I’m not 10.

    Low stakes. You can’t just put a helmet on and float in space. I don’t care if you’re human or alien. Space is a much harsher environment and they would have died. I kept on thinking sparkling vampires when Starlord saved you know who. In other words, the glamorization of something unglamorous.

    Oh, and did we honestly believe that Groot would die? Rocket says, “but you’ll die!” And then there’s absolutely no follow-through with that. No consequence. So either Rocket doesn’t understand the anatomy of said individual or that line was cheaply put in there to give us a false sense of dread.


    Look, I went into this with an open mind. I avoided trailers so as to not spoil myself. But while visually appealing, this was a movie that pandered to the lowest common denominator. Just like Transformers 2-4. Just to be clear, this was marginally better than those films.

    Bradley Cooper, why did you do this movie? Your character’s dialogue was the worst! Bautista’s delivery was the worst, but at least his lines were minimal.

    I heard rumors that James Gunn is being eyed for Avengers 3. WHY?

    Please James Gunn, leave Avengers alone. Joss Whedon is handling it just fine. Marvel, please give Joss Whedon whatever he wants.

    Whomever said GOTG was the best Marvel movie ever is delusional. It made money. Good for them. Transformers made money.

    • ♪ I’m high on believing…. that you’re trolling me….. ♪

  17. I saw the movie a couple of days ago and I really liked it. But there were a few things I did not like :P
    1. Drax was funny, but nothing more. I thought he was this superstrong killing machine, that should have given Ronan some difficulty in a fight, but he did not stand a chance aganst Ronan. To me he just became someone funny. He was cool in the prison scene :)
    2. To much humor in the second half of the movie. And the danceoff with Starlord and Ronan was stupid! What kind of bad guy stops his attack because someone is dancing?
    3. disappointing after credit scene.

    But it is my third favourite Marvel movie (The Avengers, The Winter Soldier and Guardians).

    • Did you forget that Drax was drunk when he fought Ronan? Of course he didn’t put up much of a fight.


  19. thanos and hulk have a similar skull structure

  20. Yeah it was good fun but little else. I agree that PQ dancing in front of Ronan was dumb. Why would badass bad guy intent on destroying a world he hated stop and give a sh*t about an as8hole dancing ? Rocket – the perceived weakest link – was OK – came through. Groot was all right. Gamora and Nebula suddenly saying that their ‘father’, Thanos is not their father anymore for no reason is confusing. Yeah, Star Lord and Gamora being exposed to space for the longest minute and surviving ? Need time to digest that.

    • Quill’s dancing at the end made a lot more sense after seeing it the second time. Ronan’s expression of utter bewilderment really makes that scene. I get the feeling he would’ve destroyed Xandar in about 10 seconds if Rocket hadn’t fixed the gun at that moment.

      As far as Gamora and Nebula are concerned, no one ever claims that Thanos is their biological father. In both cases he killed their parents and adopted them to train as assassins. That Gamora says he’s not her father shows that she is rebelling against him.

  21. i just want to know who is the galactus looking guy in the collector’s flashbacks?

    • That’s what I was wondering too. I think it might have been the Living Tribunal. Second most powerful character in Marvel.

  22. Did I see a Patrick Syewart cameo in the jail??

  23. Any loop-hole explanation around the plot-hole: Ronan isn’t powerful enough to destroy Xandar, and Thanos is, so why isn’t Thanos getting the all-important orb himself?

  24. I am curious about the scene where rocket turns off the gravity in the prison… The room that the guardians lock themselves into has the glass break, how is their gravity not affected? Wouldn’t they all float? The glass certainly doesn’t look doubled….

  25. This is indisputably a solid, funny movie that breaks away to open up more possibilities for the marvel cinematic universe. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion I think it’s one of the best movies of the year. However, there is something that’s bugging me. In the wide shot of the collector as he turns around to address the guardians for the first time, a large capsule in the background has someone in it that looks conspicuously like Thor, Cape and all. I haven’t seen the dark world so I have no idea if the events of that movie have something to do with it. Am I being stupid or has no one else noticed this?