‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Early Reactions: A Fun Action-Comedy with Heart

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Meet The Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Early Reactions: A Fun Action Comedy with Heart

There is no doubt Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – where a thief, assassin, madman, tree, and a raccoon team up to save the universe – is its biggest gamble yet, though the studio’s surely earned it, churning out smash hit after smash hit year after year.

Marvel has made great strides in acquainting the movie-going public with Guardians‘ cast of relatively unknown weirdos through first looks, featurettes and trailers, all featuring that irresistible soundtrack. They even hosted early screenings of 17 minutes of footage from the film – for free! – to fans who arrived in droves for their first peak at Marvel’s latest. And with San Diego Comic-Con happening only a week prior to Guardians‘ theatrical release, Marvel will definitely be promoting the film like mad throughout the convention.

Already the film’s first unofficial review called Guardians of the Galaxygreat,” praising its comedy and in particular Rocket, who (according to that anonymous reviewer) steals every scene he’s in. Marvel allowed those who were lucky enough to be invited to last night’s first press screening for Guardians to share their impressions through social media – and thus far, the general response has echoed that early praise.

Check out a sampling of their early reactions to Guardians of the Galaxy below:

As you can see, their sentiments mirror those of that early review pretty closely. Guardians appears to be a hit action-comedy, but with plenty of heart to keep it from feeling hollow. Again, Rocket and Groot sound like the breakout stars which says something for how the talking raccoon and sentient tree are handled in the film.

It shouldn’t come across as totally surprising that these early reports are calling Guardians of the Galaxy another hit for Marvel, seeing as the studio’s track record pretty much speaks for itself. But perhaps it is a little surprising to hear to how much fun these reviewers had with Guardians, and it begs the comparison between this team-up flick and Marvel’s The Avengers.

Rocket Raccoon Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Character Poster Revealed Guardians of the Galaxy Early Reactions: A Fun Action Comedy with Heart

Also expected with Guardians of the Galaxy is a post-credit stinger, something that will hint at and tease where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading next. However, this early screening included nothing of the sort:

BTW, we didn’t get any MCU-related credits tag. I’m taking this to mean it’s a big revelation of some sort they don’t want spoiled.

— Devin Faraci (@devincf) July 19, 2014

Chances are whatever post-credit scene appears with Guardians will be setting up Age of Ultron, since that film is the next of Marvel’s to release. Though, with Comic-Con around the corner and Ant-Man expected to make an appearance, there could be something included to ease fans worries about that film’s rocky production.

What do you make of these critics’ early reactions to Guardians of the Galaxy? Are you expecting to be blown away by what James Gunn has done with this ragtag team of galactic misfits? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Guardians of the Galaxy opens in U.S. theaters on August 1st, 2014.

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  1. Awesome! I’m in there opening night. Can’t wait to see how The Guardians connect to the rest of MCU

  2. sounds great

  3. I’m glad all these reviews are so positive. This only makes me more faithful that Guardians of the Galaxy will be Marvel’s next billion dollar worldwide hit when it comes out in just 13 more days left to go, baby! YEAH!!! And, I agree with what the article says that James Gunn might have created the same magic that Joss Whedon did with The Avengers in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • That worries me a little because when people say “Whedon created magic in The Avengers”, it feels like I’m questioning whether magic is used in a positive or negative context because I found The Avengers to be pretty meh and boring and I’d hate for Guardians to be the same, despite the great trailers we’ve had so far and my excitement leading up to its July 31st release.

      • You are alone in a “meh and boring” complaint. Here’s hoping Gunn DID create magic in the way Whedon did with Avengers. Sounds so far that he has, so there’s plenty to look forward to. For the rest of us anyway. ;)

        • Actually he’s not alone. I, personally, loved, loved loved, loved the Avengers. But there’ other people who feel the same he does. So, no he’s not alone.

          • Alone enough.

          • It’s at a 92% on rotten tomatoes and made a bazillian dollars…he’s not alone, but he’s definitely in the minority.

            I found the first half of Avengers to be pretty clunky with some Phantom Menace level dialogue, but the second half…holy crap, without a doubt, Marvel Cinematic Universes greatest achievement.

            • I agree with you I’m just saying he’s not alone. That’s all.

            • Correction: I agree with you except for the “Phantom Menace” part. I disagree with that but…whatever :p

            • Critic standards go way down when reviewing Marvel films.

        • Avengers is one of the most overrated pieces of crap. It is very meh and boring. To me and to many others I know.

      • Magic…Hmmm. Well, it is a funny thing to comment about when we have unbelievable things like the Hulk running around.

  4. Good reviews so far, but at the end of the day it’s about the money. Positive word of mouth does not guarantee big box office; some movies have tanked despite of it. Let’s see how GotG does on its first two weekends. The opening weekend will have the fans out in full force and some curiosity seekers, guaranteed an opening at #1. The acid test will be the second weekend, with Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles as competition. Marvel has set itself up to be expected to take the #1 spot for its movies on the first two weekends (thank Iron Man 3, Thor The Dark World, and Captain America The Winter Soldier with the post-Avengers bounce for that.) If the Turtles take down the Guardians at the box office, the knives will be out for Marvel.

  5. Very excited for this! Just purchased my Thursday, Jul 31st IMAX ticket. Can’t wait.

    On another note.. throughout many GoTG posts, I’ve seen many commenters saying they see this being a billion dollar movie for Marvel. Honestly, I don’t want to sound pretentious when I say this, but it is absurd people believe this movie will make 1,000,000,000 dollars at the BO. It just isn’t reasonable, at all. If this makes over 500,000 this film is a success. By some super small chance it makes 700,000 and is received positive, you can begin maybe looking at the sequel reaching those numbers. But to have a relatively unknown cast of heroes making their big screen debut, it just isn’t reasonable to expect those numbers at all. I’m not big on Disney Marvel, but I do hope this film does well. It looks different which is what I like. So we will see..

    • Oops, those #s should be 500,000,000 and 700,000,000 but I’ll assume everyone on here isn’t stupid and knows what I meant.

      • Doh! I didn’t even notice :)

      • Are we talking adjusted for inflation or unadjusted? Because if you’re saying it’ll do better than Star Wars, you’re setting some pretty high expectations. And I really hope it will.

        • Likely referring to worldwide totals…

    • Completely agreed. I predict around the 500 million mark which is a great success for a new IP from Marvel.

    • Waterloo IMAX all the way!

  6. post-credit scene is probably Ultron being built by either Stark, Baron Zemo, or the real mandarin. Or heck maybe Micheal Douglas appears as hank Pym idk.

    • They’ve already stated here on screenrant and other sites, Tony builds Ultron. Plus Zemo hasn’t been mentioned as an upcoming character to the Cap franchise (though I wish it were true) just Von Strucker. And I don’t think they’re going to show any of Ant-man, especially since production hasn’t even started yet.

      Everyone has their hearts set for Avengers: AoU so that’s most likely what they’re going to show. And if you remember, after Capt 1 ended they showed a teaser preview for what’s to come in Avengers 1 being it was the last standalone installment in Phase 1, which is what GOTG is…the last standalone in Phase 2.

  7. They had me at the first trailer.

    Prior to that I had my doubts but everything from that first taste on has me sold.

    Zoe Saldana in green was never going to hurt.

  8. Phase 3
    May 6-
    Captain America 3: Fallen Son ft Secret Avengers, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, The Falcon, Agent 13, Coulson etc. (Sin, Crossbones and Baron Zemo plot to kill Cap. They use Psycho Cap to hijack a satellite, introducing SWORD. Carol Danvers cameo. Cap dies turning himself in for Psycho Cap’s deeds. Post-credits Iron Man gives Bucky Cap’s shield.
    Jul 8-
    Dr. Strange ft Scarlet Witch and Iron Fist (vs Baron Mordo and Dormammu.)
    May 5-
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2: War of Kings/ Inhumans crossover ( opens with Terrigen mists and Kree experiments. Black Bolt declares war on Ronan and the Kree. Adam Warlock awoke. Nova Prime introduced. The Watcher introduced. Carol Danvers becomes Ms. Marvel post-credits)
    Phase 4
    Jul 28-
    New Avengers ft Dr. Strange, The Vision, Ms Marvel, Bucky Cap, Ant-Man, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Falcon, Rhodey, Quicksilver etc. (vs The Hood, Wrecking Crew and Dormammu. The Sentry introduced. Post-credits, The Sentry is psycho!)
    Nov 3-
    The Mighty Thor 3: The Siege of Asgard (Thor kills Bor. Surtur, Loki and The Sentry destroy Asgard. Loki dies. Balder cameo. Beta Ray Bill, Lady Loki and Kid Loki cameos. Loki becomes Kid Loki post-credits)
    Jul 6- The Avengers 3: Infinity War pt1 ( The Guardians and Nova warn The Avengers about Adam Warlock and Thanos. Black Bolt vs Hulk. The Protector Noh Var introduced. The Watcher is killed post-credits.)
    Nov 2- The New Avengers 2 SLASH Ant-Man 2 SLASH Dr Strange 2 (The New Avengers and Defenders in Wakanda. Black Panther introduced. Cap returns post-credits.)
    May 3- The Avengers 3: Infinity War pt2 (Opens with Cap reborn. The Watcher’s death investigated. The Avengers, The New Avengers, The Defenders and The Guardians of the Galaxy vs Adam Warlock and Thanos!)

    • Are you going to post that on every article?

  9. “A Fun Action-Comedy with Heart”

    Hmm, and people pounced on me when I referred to it as a “Space Comedy”.
    It appears I was right. lol

  10. Remember when everyone said that Iron Man 3′s STING was going to be him donning the Space suit and heading out to find the Guardians? And when it got outed there was the hasty Banner session ending added?

    Any bets that tag will be added to GOTG?

    • Hmm….. Interesting theory.

    • Avengers 2 starts with stark still in retirement (as seen at the end of iron man 3) from the suit which is why ultron gets created, so him donning a suit and heading into space before Avengers 2 would make no sense.

      That could be the mid credits scene for avengers 2 though especially if the rumored “leaked” ending to Avengers 2 proves true

      • I agree. I could definitely see him heading into space after his BFF if the rumors are true and Ultron fires Banner/Hulk into space. That could set up Iron Man bringing Hulk and the Guardians back for Avengers 3.

        • Iron Man can’t go into space until after Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or Inhumans. Robert Downey Jr is only appearing in The Avengers 2 and 3 from here on out.
          Unless he’s down to appear in those films for a lengthy cameo or two.
          I would have Iron Man appear at the end of GotG/Inhumans in 2017 and return to Earth in the opening of Avengers 3.

          • He doesn’t have to

            He could appear at the end credits of Guardians 2 leading to him and hulk (and the guardians) heading to earth for Avengers 3. If they decide to split the infinity gauntlet into more that one movie like you think they will they could have Tony still searching for him at the start of those films as space is a pretty big place

  11. Sounds like yet another Avengers-style juvenile action comedy. And people say Marvel doesn’t take risks. I predict this movie will lack the substance and depth of films like Dawn of the Planet of The Apes, Noah, or even Days of Future Past, yet audiences will eat it up.

    • Do you go into Nolan movies expecting a light romantic comedy? Or an Adam McKay film expecting something along the lines of Schindler’s List?

      Yes guardians of the Galaxy will be an action comedy much like Indianna Jones and Ghostbusters (films classed as two of the greatest of all time btw) are, that doesn’t mean the film will be “juvenile” or “lack depth”

      Why do people like yourself always assume fun = stupid

      • Thank you!

      • Because the Avengers is a soulless film. It is a comedy after all, with action that’s on subpar with the action in your typical weekly release, action flick. No main villain. No EPIC moment, not a single one. Plot is terrible, acting is also terrible for the most part.

        • You must have horrible taste in movies.

          • Correction: Both of you (Flantomex) must have horrible taste in movies. Also, if you hate them so much and think they are ‘stupid’ why the hell are you commenting? Most people would categorize you as a troll. You seem to just be posting to start drama and mess with the people who are actually excited to see this movies. It is kind of rude.

    • And yet your username is Fantomex. Now I can’t take you seriously, dude…

  12. I’m feeling either a Vision tease or a Nova tease in that post credit scene.

    • I’m hoping all we see is a big cocoon begin to hatch then black “the end?”

      • I would love it if they did Adam Warlock… I just don’t see it happening, or see it fitting into the larger MCU narrative.

  13. This will probably be the biggest movie of the year. Hopefully it’s better than The Avengers, I thought it was good but not great.

  14. I’m predicting 1 of 2 things in that post credit sequence maybe even a mid credit thing. I’m predicting mid-credits ULTRON. Post-credits, I am seeing Thanos do something to Nebula if she survives the movie since Nebula is allegedly Thanos’s grand-daughter and was in the “Infinity Gauntlet” limited series. Also, Michael Rooker’s “Yondu” is a wild card we’ve not heard much about. With Josh Brolin cast as Thanos and much of his part in the story THANKFULLY kept underwraps, There’s a lot of room for something big. Also if the KREE are being introduced, that leaves the question of the SUPREME INTELLIGENCE. What part, if any, will it play? Too many questions that we have to wait 13 days to get answers to.

    • I agree with most of what you’re saying. I hope Marvel spoils us fans and gives us a mid credit scene and an end credit scene. For the mid credits, I would love to see Thanos. We’ve only gotten a glimpse of him after Avengers and yet there’s been so much talk of him on the web and how he’ll be the end all battle at the conclusion of Avengers 3, so lets see him again (that is unless he’s make a lengthy appearance in GOTG). As for the end credit scene, I’ll be perfectly satisified with just seeing pieces of Avengers 2…not Ultron, not yet…but maybe characters in action especially Hulk. Please Hulk! haha

  15. I’m so happy! A friend of mine was able to secure free tickets for an advanced screening this Thursday and I’m invited! They will show a live broadcast from the world premiere in London before the movie. So excited!

  16. I will be seeing a Pre Screening tonight and My hopes are high.

  17. Already got the kids and families pumped and ready to go see the movie when it comes out. Should be a blast of a fun time! Can’t wait.

  18. Speaking of the first minutes of the movie that were screened recently (as the article did), isn’t it time for that to be leaked online so those of us who couldn’t go see it in the theatres can see it??!!

  19. This is the movie I’m most looking forward to this entire year. Can’t wait.