James Gunn: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Post-Credits Scene Just For Fun

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Guardians of the Galaxy End Credits Collector James Gunn: Guardians of the Galaxy Post Credits Scene Just For Fun

[Warning: SPOILERS for Guardians of the Galaxy ahead.]


You never know what you’re going to get with a Marvel post-credits scene. Sometimes they’ll just be fun little extras to reward those who stuck around after the credits started rolling, like The Avengers‘ shawarma scene, while others will give an advance look at what’s to come in the next big franchise entry, as was the case with Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Because Marvel’s post-credits scenes have been such a mixed bag in the past, some fans took the final stinger of Guardians of the Galaxy – in which a morose Collector sits in the wreck of his collection and gets admonished by Howard the Duck (voiced by Seth Green) for letting Cosmo lick his face – as a possible hint that a Howard the Duck standalone movie is on Marvel’s agenda. Stranger things have happened, right?

The best way to answer this question is to find out exactly why co-writer and director James Gunn decided to include the scene, and so Empire quizzed Gunn on the subject of Howard the Duck, and whether or not the closing gag of the movie was intended to tease a more substantial future for the character. According to Gunn, however, it really was just a joke.

“We had one plan for the first tag, and another for the second tag. Originally, we were going to put Baby Groot dancing at the very end of the movie. But we kept trying to think of different things. We had a bunch of stuff with Cosmo, and different ideas, and I think it was some combination of me and the editor Fred Raskin who said, ‘Let’s put Howard The Duck in there.’ What if The Collector looks over and sees Howard The Duck sitting there? And I wrote down the line, ‘Whaddya let it lick you like that for? Gross.’ Fred and I thought it was hilarious but we weren’t sure that Kevin Feige would go for it. But we told Kevin and Kevin couldn’t stop laughing. Every time he saw it, he was like, ‘We’re f**king crazy! We’re f**king crazy!’

“We decided to do it very late in the game, only a couple of months ago, and we had to design Howard that day. Then we gave him over to the visual effects company that did him. They did a good job very quickly – I think it was Sony.”

Howard the Duck movie James Gunn: Guardians of the Galaxy Post Credits Scene Just For Fun

It doesn’t sound like the character’s appearance was foreshadowing for a surprise announcement of Howard the Duck at Comic-Con next year, but now that the character has been established as existing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s possible that we could see another cameo in the future – perhaps even in the recently confirmed Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It’s still early days, of course, but Gunn said that he’s not ruling anything out just yet.

“I’ll be honest with you, I was just talking about it with my assistant right now. It’s possible Howard could reappear as more of a character in the Marvel Universe. But if people think that’s going to lead to a Howard The Duck movie, that’s probably not going to happen in the next four years. Who knows after that?”

Howard the Duck is perhaps best known to general audiences for the notoriously terrible 1986 movie, and when asked by CBR about the possibility of bringing the character back into theaters, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige laughed and said that it might not be the worst idea in the world: “I think it would be fun to lay claim to Howard and to remind people that he’s more than just a pseudonym for film failure.”

So there is definitely hope, Howard the Duck fans. If nothing else, the character will probably still get his own standalone movie before Marvel gets around to making a female superhero movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy is in theaters now.

Source: Empire, CBR

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  1. That Howard the Duck crap was a waste, THANOS should’ve reappear in the post credit scene for “Age of Ultron”.

    • Stop being so serious and negative, there’s nothing wrong with a little humour.

      • Which makes this the best button scene ever considering how little humor it had!

        IMO, the phase 1 button scenes were better.

      • not being negative just an opinion “Ben Affleck” (is that your real name)? and besides I had plenty of laugh cause the film is funny. I was expecting what you and millions of geeks out there were waiting for, a good post credit scene

        • “I was expecting what you and millions of geeks out there were waiting for, a good post credit scene”

          …and that’s exactly what we got.

          • No, it isn’t. What we got showed us nothing about either the characters we cared about or the future of the MCU (At least the final scenes for Avengers and IM3 gave us an extra little moment with the characters we had actually come to know). Either of those would have been acceptable. Howard the friggin’ Duck was not. Guardians was a great, great film, but that last scene upset everyone in my local theater.

            • Why does everyone who doesn’t like say the characters “we” cared about? Just say the characters “I” (meaning you) cared about. There are a lot of people that like Howard and would like to see more of him, myself included. Everyone’s tastes are different. I personally thought the schwarma scene was a waste, but to each his own. And you don’t know that this won’t eventually lead to part of the future of the MCU, they have a direct quote from Feige saying “I wouldn’t rule it out”.
              So unless you are using the royal “we”, stop using it.

              • Allow me to spell it out for you:

                When I say ‘the characters we had actually come to know’ – note I did not make any statements regarding whether or not you or anyone cared about them, as that’s very subjective – I am referring to the characters we (referring, of course, to the audience) have followed through the course of one film, in the case of the Guardians, or several films, in the case of the individual Avengers. We (the audience) come to the MCU films to keep up with the journeys and adventures of the various heroes and villains therein. Even the very weakest of post-credits sequences, up until now, at least gave us a glimpse into the more everyday lives and interpersonal dynamics of these people.

                The Avengers scene humanized the team, showing them exhausted and enjoying a meal after their victory. Keep in mind that this followed on the Thanos mid-credits scene, which held great import for the future of the MCU. The Iron Man 3 post-credits scene showed that Stark and Banner remained close friends, a friendship which will certainly have a major impact on Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Thor: The Dark World scene gave us payoff on the Thor/Jane romance, showing us the couple’s reunion. This also followed an important mid-credits scene, with the Aether being entrusted to The Collector.

                Guardians gave us two silly credits scenes, but only one of which meant anything at all. The dancing Groot scene gave us a glimpse into life aboard the Milano after Ronan’s defeat. Since Groot will likely be fully regrown by the time of Guardians 2, this was our last opportunity to see him in this stage. The scene with The Collector and Howard was 100% irrelevant to the preceding story and the MCU at large.

                To give the sentence that immediately preceded your Feige quote:

                “if people think that’s going to lead to a Howard The Duck movie, that’s probably not going to happen in the next four years.”

                • Fair points except the last when you say it was 100% irrelevant to the MCU at large and then use Feige’s quote. If you read the quote there are two points to it that stick out. The word “probably” and the phrase “in the next four years”. That means that “100%” is not valid. In fact it leads me to believe that they may have tentative plans for him as at least a supporting character or additional cameo in Phase 4 already, and might possibly use him before then. And that goes towards your statement about the future of the MCU that I mentioned as well.
                  I understand that there are many people who could care less about this character, but the fact that they included him, and if you know some of his interactions in the Marvel universe, means that there are a lot of different ways they could use him in the MCU in the future.

                  • Fair’s fair. Perhaps I should reword it as “The scene with The Collector and Howard was 100% irrelevant to the preceding story and the foreseeable future of the MCU at large.”

                    Feige’s quote, in my view, says they have no plans for the character, but he’s leaving the door open in case they decide to use him at some point way down the line. It’s interpretation, of course, just as is your view that he’s implying they have tentative plans for him.

    • It’s already been told that Thanos will not appear in AoU.

  2. He doesn’t need a stand-alone movie, but a bigger part in the next Guardians movie would be great. Have him meet Rocket and let them throw some banter at each other.

    • We never need to see Howard again. It’s bad enough to know that he shares the same universe as Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, the Winter Soldier and Ronan the Accuser.

      • another quick cameo with rocket would be nice but I agree that he doesn’t need a movie.

      • Howard the Duck is to me the comic book equivalent of Cancer. He’s right up there with Jar Jar Binks in terms of how annoying he is and I hope I never see him again. The after credits scene was probably the second biggest let down for marvel after credits scenes since Iron Man 3.

        News flash marvel no one wants the just for jokes after credit scene because it’s basically giving a big fat middle finger to your audience we sit through all these stupid credits that no one gives a HOT S#!T about just to see something lame that doesn’t tease the next property. If you want a joke scene than do what The Avengers, Thor the Dark World, and Captain America The Winter soldier did do a mid credits and a post credits scene that way we can get the next film tease we’re all waiting for and then the little joke scene and everyone is happy

        • Howard the Duck was a staple of satirical genius in Marvel’s comic roster, and one of the publisher’s best titles. What is wrong with you?

  3. Such a waste of time. Loved the movie so I was excited to sit and wait for a teaser of what was to come but was extremely let down by that pointless and unfunny scene. Oh well, I’m excited for the future movies

  4. I think the ending should have been something relating to Ultron.

    Maybe Tony Stark has a satellite that is looking for unusual energy (due to Stark knowing aliens are real and dangerous after The Avengers) and the power gem somehow corrupts the Ultron Drone, who then starts to spread throughout all the other drones.

    Just a thought.

  5. Couldn’t resist that last sentence, could you, Hannah? ;)

    • Why should she? It’s ridiculous that there aren’t any stand-alone female superhero movies in the works already. You know… because the male demographic totally hates watching attractive badass women do cool stuff.

      • *cough* Wonder Woman solo film by DC *cough*

        But in all seriousness the female Marvel characters aren’t really strong enough or known enough to carry a solo film, also there are very few actresses that could pull off such a role without coming across as tacky/cliche. Imagine a Black Widow solo film… it would be boring. Macho women just aren’t as cool and the whole sex symbol image used to sell gets boring very fast (thinking e.g. Elektra). Most of Marvel’s major female characters lie with X-Men at another studio.

        The best I think you could hope for would be a Scarlet Witch solo film, or the MCU version of the Inhumans having a female lead. (INB4) I don’t think it makes Marvel “worse” than DC though.

        • Then make them look strong on screen. That works. Hollywood writers are separate from comic book writers you know.

        • I only believe in the stand-alone Wonder Woman movie when I see the trailer. ;)

      • We all want a decent female superhero film, my friend. That’s not what my comment was aimed at.

        My comment was merely a mini-satire of all the “we get X but no female superhero film” comments out there, which are really irritating due to their repetition. Why not have a Howard the Duck feature? “Because no Wonder Woman movie, it must go first”.

        I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I don’t want a female superhero done fast, I want her done right, done justice.

        The male demographic hating attractive badass women do cool stuff? Load of crap. Otherwise many a franchise out there (Underworld, The Hunger Games, Resident Evil) would not be popular today.

        But before this escalates out of proportion, part of the reason why I posted the comment was also trolling, so there’s no need to dig up war hatchets. :)

        • “I don’t want a female superhero done fast, I want her done right, done justice.”

          Thank you! I couldn’t agree more!

          And I keep saying this on other articles: Marvel is bringing Agent Carter to television, and Jessica Jones to Netflix. These serialized mediums are more appropriate to explore plots and themes in more depth, and allows for greater character development. Thus, even though other studios are coming out with a female superhero movie first, Marvel is in a better position to give them the proper treatment that they deserve.

          • So which female super hero would go best with the undercover hooker type of scenario?

        • “The male demographic hating attractive badass women do cool stuff? Load of crap. Otherwise many a franchise out there (Underworld, The Hunger Games, Resident Evil) would not be popular today.”

          Of course it’s a load of crap. That’s why I said it ironically.

          • I figured it was. But many others would not have. Hence my reply.

  6. Ridiculous. Seen the movie twice already, this scene was bull***t. I understand the need for humor, the movie is filled with really funny scenes, but aren’t these after credits scenes supposed to be about setting up what to come?

    Just a thought…

    • I was also somewhat disappointed with this after credits scene, but no-where near as much as the one at the end of Iron Man 3. In a similar fashion I had higher than usual hopes for IM3, especially considering I don’t really like the other two films, but I was very dissatisfied with it. And now after going in to watch GotG with extremely high expectations, I’m less satisfied with it than I’d expected.

      • So you’re telling me that an end credits scene would make up for an entire movie that you didn’t like? I’m sorry, but there isn’t really any logic in that statement.

        • “I’m less satisfied with it than I’d expected.”

          He’s not saying he disliked the whole movie because of the post-credits, but he is saying that being disappointed by the final scene diminished his satisfaction with it, just as any poor scene will reduce the audience’s appreciation of a film.

          The post-credits scenes in phase 1 were better, I think. They were more focused on the build-up to Avengers Assemble.

          • I was somewhat disappointed with a lot of things in this film, but my expectations were exceedingly high. Had they not been so high, I would have thoroughly enjoyed it, as it is still a great film. But I very much agree with Steve that the quality of these button scenes is not as good as they had been in phase 1. The only one I would not include in that is the mid-credits Cap 2 one. There is a very clear reason why that one is better… it advances the narrative as well as providing fans with a cool sneak peek. I suppose the one at the end of Thor 2 ranks second for similar reasons, although I don’t feel that was nearly as effective. Since the inclusion of the mid-credits scenes, they haven’t yet balanced the formula of where to lay the emphasis. Personally I like the ‘treat’ to be mid-credits, and a decent one after the credits helping to set up a later film. With IM3 only including a ‘treat’ after the credits, and nothing helping set up later films, and now no inclusion of a One Shot on the Winter Soldier discs, clearly they are rethinking their strategy. I’m not too pleased with this, but these aren’t my decisions to make.

  7. People expect to get a teaser for the next film, or a film down the line, but they shouldn’t. Marvel can take advantage of these opportunities if they want to, but their priority is the film at hand, and making it the best that it could be within their universe (they would rather have every movie make close to a billion dollars than just one movie make a billion dollars and the rest not make much at all). If they have something that really should be teased first, than they can stick it in the credits of a previous film. They already did that for Age of Ultron – it appeared in the credits of The Winter Soldier. People should sit back and enjoy what they have, rather than always clamoring for more.

  8. Post Credit Scene for Age Of Ultron

    the team is having a picnic in Central Park, then Squirrel Girl jumps down from the trees and introduces herself.

    • And then flys off with their food. lol i get that marvel wants to be lighthearted but people who read their comics, or any comic for that matter; Marvel or DC, they know that it’s not all laughs and giggles in the marvel universe.

  9. Are you kidding me your going to make an movie on howard the duck and that will suck and ruin the marvel cinema tic universe if you wanna ruin your beloved marvel cinema universe marvel go ahead and do it

    • Did you even READ the article???

      • Does anyone ever read an article before posting ignorant and trashy comments? Nope that’s an ongoing trend these days.

    • HOWARD THE DUCK IS ONE OF MARVEL’S BEST COMICS. The original movie sucked because George Lucas’ screenwriters stripped the character of its satire and social commentary. The original comics were great. Read the comics – they’d make a great movie if done by people who understand the comic’s satire, philosophy (the creator of the character called it a “philosophical joke”) and social messages.

  10. So after all the fun, crazy, off the wall scenes in the movie and people complain about having to see a cameo of Howard? LMAO. Way too many sticks up the you know what. LMAO.

    • Thank you.

  11. I think Howard the Duck’s inclusion was a f*** you to Lucas. Basically James Gunn saying “Look George, I made a Star Wars movie, what’s your excuse?”.

  12. Well that was a pathetically pointless jab at the end there. Otherwise a nicely informative article, but really? Before a female superhero movie?

    Unnecessary, unwarranted, and highly unlikely to be the case.

    • I’m sorry. That last line was highly offensive to the duck demographic.

  13. I was expecting to see Thanos at the post credits maybe setting up Age of Ultron, but to be honest I loved the howard the duck scene. I thought it was funny, and it fit with the tone of the movie. I thought that end credit was great, and the film itself was wonderful

  14. After the shawarma scene in Avengers, it’s becoming harder for me to justify sitting all the way through the credits for marvel films. T:TDW, wasn’t really necessary, GotG, again, Howard the Duck wasn’t necessary. IM3, again, could have lived without that one. C;TWS is kinda debatable… but I think I could have lived without it.

    Age of Ultron better be worth sitting through to the end or I’m done.

    • or you’re done…what? going to movies? sitting thru post credit scenes? i don’t get why people seem upset and almost like they were ripped off, like the whole pay-off of the film is in the post credit scene. nobody forced you to stay. you could have left and waited to see it on-line, or on the dvd/bluray. i just don’t get the attitude some people have about this, as though their civil rights were violated or something. “i had things to do, but i waited thru 4 minutes of credits [a surprisingly small amount of time given all the people involved with all the sfx...] to see a duck…waaa waaa waaaaaaa!!! i was cheated, marvel sux…” you obviously get that not all tag scenes set up the next movie.

      • People are complaining because it was a terrible scene. That’s all.

        • The problem is that it being a “terrible scene” is a matter of opinion, and it was made clear in numerous statements by Gunn beforehand that the post credits scene was not necessary for the movie or MCU continuity and was just something fun they did for fans. So for everyone to be complaining about “losing” 4-5 minutes of their lives because they sat through credits to see a post credits scene is laughable at best. Jeffro’s point is very valid. Noone made you sit through the credits to see the scene. You can find bootleg versions online or even just a description of it. I actually read the description of it and saw a picture of Howard sitting there before going to see the movie and I sat through the credits because I am a Howard fan. If I didn’t like him in the first place, I would have left at the beginning of the credits.
          It’s not this world ending issue that the people who didn’t like make it out to be. For the most part (if not always) the post credit scene for almost any movie is just a little nod to the fans and not necessary to the enjoyment of the movie so if you are afraid you might not like it and that if you don’t it will taint you feeling towards the entire movie, then don’t sit there and wait for it. Wait until it comes out on DVD or whatever so you can fast forward through and see it. That way you don’t “waste” 4-5 minutes of your life and the rest of us who did enjoy don’t have to hear you crying about it.

          • Well, for those of us who don’t indulge in spoilers immediately before going to see a film (seems pointless to me and takes away from the ability to truly enjoy the ride), but who know that Marvel has always done a nice post-credits stinger, that isn’t a viable tactic. And I, and anyone else who didn’t like the scene, have every right to voice that complaint.

            • I never said that you didn’t have a right to voice your complaint, I, and others, just disagree with the tone of it, that because you lost 4-5 minutes of your life you feel like the whole movie was tainted. And sorry about using “you” because I don’t know that you are one of those that feels that way or are just generally saying you didn’t like the scene.

              • All I said was I didn’t like the scene. I could enumerate the reasons for that, but it really comes down to my particular taste. I loved the movie as a whole and I’ll be buying it the minute it comes to DVD, but that end-credits scene felt just too random to me. It was a fine film overall, however, a fun ride from start to finish.

                I would have preferred either A. a scene just between The Collector and Cosmo, revealing Cosmo’s psychic abilities and setting up his future on Knowhere, or B. a scene flashing back to 1988, in which SHIELD (maybe even a young Coulson, Fury, Garrett or Alexander Pierce) shows up at the hospital to investigate Peter Quill’s abduction, tying the movie more firmly into the MCU and teasing other cases of alien involvements with Earth that could be explored in future films.

      • I am with you man. In the theater i watched many had left by the end of the credits (as usual) and those who stayed had a good laugh and went on their way. Nobody was sitting there and wailing how they had lost 4 minutes of their life (which will probably be spent in traffic getting home)

  15. Someone who was forced to wait for the credit scene due to people who we were with, that was SUCH a waste of time.
    Seriously? Only credit scene that I ever saw that was intriguing was Wolverine 2.(The Wolverine).
    Generally, I am not a huge fan of credit scenes.

  16. So much hate for a very small part of the overall movie. I thought it was hilarious, and hope Howard the Duck shows up in Guardians 2.

    • I agree, it was funny, never saw it coming. People here take things way too seriously. The last teaser towards avengers was in Winter Soldier. Idk why people expected too much of the PC scene

  17. Yeah, like Marvel needs to follow up an enormous failure like “Howard the Duck”.

  18. All the negativity here lmao

    How about sitting till the end of Godzilla waiting for a button scene only to get nothing :(
    Now that sucked lol, great movie though.

    In other words feel lucky we get anything at all after the credits.

    • I did not feel lucky at all to have my eyes and ears assaulted by Howard the Duck.

  19. WOW!! You people whine so much about something so little. I never read GotG, But I loved it, I loved Howards little cameo and all that came inbetween, Why be so negative? Shouldn’t you be happy that they are even making movies like this? Whedon has said not all movies will have a button scene, and not all button scenes with have to do with the next movie. Cant you be happy with what you get? Stop being so negative, They are fun, Be lucky you get anything at all you ungreatful sod’s. Great movie.

  20. I loved the ending gags!
    I’d be down for a cool short film featuring a Groot, Rocket and Howard the Duck team-up.
    I don’t know if they could pull off an entire film of that. I could tolerate Howard popping up here and there….

  21. Personally I would like to see a buddy comedy flick featuring the Collector and Howard in some cosmic quests.

  22. I was more let down by the Howard the Duck scene than I was by the entirety of Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 combined. Loved Guardians of the Galaxy, hate the duck.

  23. If it wasn’t some kind of weird jab at George Lucas, then it really was pointless and out of place. I chuckled at little, but but most of the people in the theater had a quizzical response, like “what did I just? Was that Howard the duck? What does Howard the Duck have to do with any of this?”

  24. I could see him in like maybe a 2 minute cameo, throwing some banter around with Rocket, toting some big effing guns and a rambo style headband blowin away a few bad dudes, not much more than that. I dont see the fuss in it to be honest, its a movie, that he was in for 2 – 3 seconds. I paid more attention to everything else around him In the cages and tanks to be honest, there was some very interesting finds. Howard kinda took a albeit noticeable back seat. Guardians 2 – After Ultron is defeated, part of his consciousness is sent thru space, being picked up by someone bada**. Im all for Quill going back to Earth n teaming up with atleast Stark, Or even Thor making a cameo in GotG2. Im guessing him making a cameo in this movie was out of the question due to Odin being in Odin Sleep and Loki on the throne. Otherwise an entire planet almost being destroyed by an infinity stone surely would have attracted Thors attention.?? Anyone agree?!?

    • Thor is on Earth, though, and doesn’t have access to Heimdall’s insights, so I’m not sure he would know about the events on Xandar. Now, I do agree it would attract Asgard’s attention, and Guardians 2 could have a cameo from Sif or the Warriors Three.

      • Thats what i mean, with Loki on the throne, he could easily keep whats happening on Xandar from Thor, hence why he couldnt make an appearance, But Ultron has to return, and alot of the time, please tell me if i am wrong, Ultron re-appears in space in some form, would make for an interesting read, Nebula finda Ultrons conscious, gets transferred to her body, sending a signal to Stark on Earth. The GotG attempt to head to earth to find Peters father/or something else, Stark & Thor jump in a quinjet, fly to space to stop/find the source of the Ultron signal (now taking over Nebula) who is on his/her way to return to Earth, They all meet, GotG, Stark and Thor have a bash-up (thinking the GotG are the intruders heading to Earth) Nebulatron shows up, makes a mess, gets beaten, Guardians and Stark head to earth to help Quill, leading up to the next movie, Thanos showing up on earth with the Infinitey Gauntlet looking for revenge for the death of Nebula, his favourite. BAM AVENGERS 4. GOTG & AVENGERS V THANOS AND ULTRON 14. lols, sorry. Had too

  25. Stingers are a privilege, not a right. Quit whining.

    • But bad stingers are still bad, and should be called out as such. No stinger would have been infinitely better than the one we got.

  26. Seen the movie twice and I think everyone is missing the bigger picture that THERE WAS MORE TO THE SCENE THAN JUST HOWARD THE DUCK….

    1. We see Cosmo free and many of the background cages of species are destroyed. Hence Collector is in ruins and lots of species are out and about.

    2. Howard the Duck was standing in front of what looked like Adam Warlock’s cocoon cage which was destroyed. Howard could have been put there in that scene as a decoy to throw us off of the actual shot of Warlock’s cocoon being opened. Or to help bring our attention closer to that cage without being so direct.

    3. The scene also implies that the Aether could be out in the open now since we know it was given to The Collector. Collector could be in some serious trouble if he was secretly collecting for Thanos. Could be the deeper meaning why he looked sad and worried.

    • I agree 100% mate, i mentioned it in an earlier comment. Glad someone else other than myself picked up the surroundings and not just the main picture.

      • Just like what Ra’s Al Ghul said to Bruce Wayne on Batman Begins : Always mind your surroundings.

        I know it’s wrong movie and wrong company, but the sentence is spot-on.

  27. Frankly, a post-credits scene of Thor taking a giant dump would have been better than the scene we got.

    • Read mine and Gaz’s post above. ^^^^^

      Not only that, IMO, Thor 2 was already a big dump

      • I did read them in their entirety. If they really meant the scene to tease Adam Warlock, they would have made that actually happen. As it is, the cocoon, which could very well be his, had not changed in any way from Thor: The Dark World or the earlier Guardians scene that it appeared in. Yes, Cosmo is running around, but we were given no reason to think there’s anything special about this dog (in the MCU) except that he is wearing a cosmonaut outfit. While the Aether was pictured on The Collector’s screens earlier, there was no reference to it in the post-credits. Since you’re making baseless assumptions about it, so will I: The Collector would not have stored an infinity stone in an unsecured location like his showroom, the Aether is locked away either in another part of the museum or in another facility.

        My comments had nothing to do with the quality of Thor: The Dark World, Captain America or the Hulk taking a huge dump would have been an improvement over Howard the Duck, as well. In fact, anything would have.

        • Why are my assumptions baseless? I’m making assumptions, yes, but they are not baseless.

          The Guardians brought the orb into that room where it looked like he was about to take it out and store it in the room. That’s the same place that the Sif brought the Aether to. The movie clearly shows that almost the entire building is in ruins.

          Also, you said, “Cosmo is running around, but we were given no reason to think there’s anything special about this dog (in the MCU)” IMO you are way off. The simple fact that The Collector has him shows that he is special. The Collector collects unique and special artifacts and beings. Also, Cosmo is featured in 3 different scenes of the movie meaning there is something unique about him. 1. Rocket and Cosmo growling at each other 2. Cosmo runs from the building during explosion 3. Cosmo licking Collectors face.

          And yes, the cocoon cage was featured in that last after credits scene and HAD changed. It’s what Howard is leaning against.

          • Just because Sif and Volstagg brought the Aether to that room doesn’t mean that’s where it was kept. That’s like saying all the money anyone brings into a bank is kept at the teller’s desk. Given that the Collector knew how significant the Aether is, it stands to reason he has it stored somewhere safer than his main showroom.

            We have no reason to think Cosmo is anything more than a Soviet space dog at this point. That would certainly make him a unique specimen in Guardians space. Apart from the fact that he was in the three scenes you mentioned, we saw no reason to think he’s anything more. If his psychic abilities were displayed or even hinted at in the post-credits, you’d have something to go on.

            I agree that the cocoon was featured in the scene, but we saw nothing new about it.

            This scene added nothing new to the film apart from Howard, who was a random, distracting inclusion. We knew Cosmo was free on Knowhere, we knew the cocoon existed, and we knew the Collector’s museum was in shambles. The scene’s only purpose was to show Howard the Duck exists in the MCU, and Feige and Gunn have clearly stated he will likely not appear again.

            • your example of money at the bank helps prove my point. The teller moves the money to the vault which is still in the bank. Even if Collector has it in a separate room it is easy to assume that the Aether might be gone. That’s why I wrote the line, “The movie clearly shows that almost the entire building is in ruins.”

              As per Cosmo’s Psychic abilities…I would argue that his abilities WERE hinted at mildly. Cosmo and Rocket growling could imply a past relationship or Cosmo is reading his mind. Also, Cosmo licking Collectors face could be Cosmo reading Collectors mind and comforting Collector since Collector is upset. LOL, or Cosmo is just being a dog.

              WE DID see something new about the cocoon. It was not standing upright. It was broken apart which could imply something was release.

              The button scenes only purpose WAS NOT JUST Howard the Duck as you said. It is foreshadowing various things. i.e. Cosmo is still around and will likely play a future role, Collector is distraught having lost practically everything which may be foreshadowing him having lost the Aether, and Howard is leaning against the Cocoon cage which has the cocoon damaged/ opened up.

              Gunn said, “It’s possible Howard could reappear as more of a character in the Marvel Universe.” So you saying that Gunn “clearly stated he will likely not appear again” is false.

              • Yes, the vault is in the bank, but the vault is generally the most secure part of said bank. The Collector’s museum is far more advanced than any bank, as well, so my guess is his vault is pretty substantial in terms of the abuse it can take. Also, had the Orb released the Aether, one would think they would have interacted with each other, as “It is not wise to keep two infinity stones so close together.”

                “LOL, or Cosmo is just being a dog”

                “Cosmo is still around and will likely play a future role”
                -We already knew he was still around, they showed him escaping the museum.

                “Collector is distraught having lost practically everything which may be foreshadowing him having lost the Aether…”
                -Or just, you know, having lost his museum, which obviously meant a lot to him. All those specimens he collected escaping, and all.

                “Howard is leaning against the Cocoon cage which has the cocoon damaged/ opened up.”
                -I’m going to need more than your word on this. I’ve seen the film twice, and it did not look like the cocoon was open. Moved, perhaps, but not open. Marvel would not waste the opening of Adam Warlock’s cocoon by having it occur off-screen and then just obliquely hinting at it.

                Gunn also said: “But if people think that’s going to lead to a Howard The Duck movie, that’s probably not going to happen in the next four years.” His whole statement is couched in such uncertainty that it’s pretty clear they have no plans for the duck.

                • “This scene added nothing new to the film apart from Howard…We already knew he was still around, they showed him escaping the museum”
                  -Again, the movie showed him escaping the museum after explosion (as you said) alluding to him being gone. But the after credits show him having come back and still around. That was my point. So the scene DID give us more info besides Howard.

                  “…so my guess is his vault is pretty substantial in terms of the abuse it can take.”
                  -We are talking about 1 of the most powerful stones in the MCU. Not sure how much his vault, (if he even has one as you are speculating since we have never seen one) can withstand the destructive power. Again we see a pan-out shot of the entire building destroyed.

                  “…had the Orb released the Aether, one would think they would have interacted with each other, as “It is not wise to keep two infinity stones so close together.”
                  - It’s not wise to keep them together so that one person doesn’t get a hold of all of them. i.e. Thanos. That’s why Asgard kept the cube and Collector was given the Aether. Plus, not sure how much of the comics you’ve read, but the stones can be used together but they have to actually both be activated. Just them being near each other doesn’t do anything.

                  “I’ve seen the film twice, and it did not look like the cocoon was open.”
                  -Pre-explosion the chrysalis was upright and connecting to top and bottom of cage. After explosion when Howard is there, there is hardly anything left of the cocoon at all but you see remnants laying there.

                  “Gunn also said: “But if people think that’s going to lead to a Howard The Duck movie,”
                  -Emphasize his words “lead to a Howard the Duck Movie” vs. your original words “clearly stated he will likely not appear again” vs. Gunn’s other statement, “…Howard could reappear as more of a character in the Marvel Universe.”

                  • Go through as many mental gymnastics as you like, but all of this is reaching and speculating far beyond what we actually saw. It was a goofy throwaway scene in an otherwise fantastic film. We learned nothing of value about The Collector (of course he’s upset about what happened), Cosmo (he’s no different than we saw him earlier in the film, running around and being a dog), the Aether (it does not appear and is not referenced in the slightest, any conclusion you draw about it from this is speculative and you know it) or Adam Warlock (we have no reason to believe that was even his cocoon).

                    Howard the Duck is a terrible legacy character that should have never been shoehorned into the 616 continuity, let alone the film universe. Read all you want into the background, but he was the focus and purpose of the scene. It was a waste of screentime, literally anything, including nothing, would have been better.

      • And Thor 2 was more enjoyable than the Howard the Duck scene, so Mister Chief’s point stands.

        • No point re-explaining my Thor 2 comment. You obviously missed the point…

          • Not sure you had one to begin with, what was it?

  28. I like Howard The Duck. That end scene is funny and nostalgic. People should stop blaming Howard. Sure it doesn’t give any glimpse of Avengers 2 but isn’t Winter Soldier already glimpse that?

    What more could you possibly want? Total spoilers?

  29. That this conversation is still being had is baffling. Presumably, the majority of people reading this article watched 2 hours of a film that they enjoyed, and are complaining about 15 seconds that was by no means mandated even be there. It seemed like a well placed joke and nothing more to me, and I was amazed when so many were aggravated.