‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: James Gunn Debunks Nathan Fillion Rumor; New Promo Images

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Nathan Fillion in Firefly in a bonnet Guardians of the Galaxy: James Gunn Debunks Nathan Fillion Rumor; New Promo Images

Among the recent news that Peyton Reed is replacing Edgar Wright as director of Ant-Man, Scott Derrickson will direct Doctor Strange, and the additions of Rosario Dawson and Vincent D’Onofrio to the Daredevil series, Marvel Studios also has to keep the publicity churning for their August release of Guardians of the Galaxy.

GoTG is a risky prospect on many levels. As Marvel and their cinematic universe architect Kevin Feige continue to expand their movie properties into the cosmic realms the comic books are famous for, Guardians may be seen as not just the last Phase II entry before The Avengers 2, but also the start of a whole new franchise with a wealth of possibilities.

The director, James Gunn, and the cast as a whole are an offbeat collection of talent for a blockbuster comic book movie. From the leads – Chris Pratt (Peter Quill), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer), the voices of Bradley Cooper (Rocket Raccoon) and Vin Diesel (Groot) – to the supporting cast, including Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser and Benicio Del Toro as The Collector, Guardians of the Galaxy feels like the kind of movie where anyone can show up.

Which is exactly why plenty of recent buzz has been about the rumored casting of fan-favorite Nathan Fillion (FireflyCastle) as superhero Nova. Considering that Fillion has appeared in Gunn’s debut film Slither and, hilariously, in his follow-up Super, the notion didn’t seem too far off. It’s not true, though, as Gunn himself has debunked the rumor in a recent tweet:

That said, Gunn confirmed that Fillion will have a cameo (which he had already done a few months back):

The character of Nova, a.k.a Richard Rider, has been part of the Marvel comic book universe since the 1970s, first as a member of the Nova Corps (led by Glenn Close in GoTG) and then on his own as hero in his own right. Nova has had a big presence in the comic books in the past year or so, and there has been some evidence pointing toward the character’s inclusion in GoTG.

So is simply misdirection on Gunn’s part? Or is the 43-year-old Fillion’s cameo just a winking reference to his involvement in Gunn’s past films and nothing more? Let’s face it: Fillion doesn’t exactly look the way he did as Captain Mal Reynolds of the Serenity. Fan favorite or not, if Nova is even teased in GoTG, a younger actor is more likely to play him.

So if you’re disappointed that Gunn is thwarting your expectations, as a kind of consolation prize, here is a gallery of new promotional material for Guardians of the Galaxy in the form of a series of wall decals featuring the Guardians and perhaps our clearest look yet Ronan the Accuser (hat tip to CBM).

Check them out below:

Guardians of the Galaxy Wall Decals Ronan the Accuser 570x783 Guardians of the Galaxy: James Gunn Debunks Nathan Fillion Rumor; New Promo Images

Guardians of the Galaxy Wall Decals Star Lord 570x608 Guardians of the Galaxy: James Gunn Debunks Nathan Fillion Rumor; New Promo Images

Guardians of the Galaxy Wall Decals Gamora 2 570x608 Guardians of the Galaxy: James Gunn Debunks Nathan Fillion Rumor; New Promo Images

Guardians of the Galaxy Wall Decals Drax the Destroyer 570x608 Guardians of the Galaxy: James Gunn Debunks Nathan Fillion Rumor; New Promo Images

Guardians of the Galaxy Wall Decals Rocket Raccoon 1 570x445 Guardians of the Galaxy: James Gunn Debunks Nathan Fillion Rumor; New Promo Images

Guardians of the Galaxy Wall Decals Groot 570x608 Guardians of the Galaxy: James Gunn Debunks Nathan Fillion Rumor; New Promo Images

Guardians of the Galaxy Wall Decals Guardians Collection 570x570 Guardians of the Galaxy: James Gunn Debunks Nathan Fillion Rumor; New Promo Images

These big decals and smaller, character-themed counterparts are clearly meant for a younger demographic, but if many of us here at Screen Rant did not have significant others sharing a space, we’d probably put these on our walls. This leads to the question of just how kid-friendly Guardians of the Galaxy will turn out to be, considering the some of the darker and violent shades of the story.

Are you looking forward to Guardians, Screen Rant readers? Bummed that Nathan Fillion won’t be playing Nova? Let us know in the comments.


Guardians of the Galaxy will open in theaters on August 1st, 2014.

Source: James Gunn, CBM

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  1. Ronan looks awesome. I’m so excited about this movie

    • AGREED! Watch Ronan becomes everyone’s favorite villain!

  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if Efron ends up playing Nova.

    • I’m still thinking Marvel will bait-and-switch (as I said in the Doctor Strange comments) and have Leto as Nova due to all this talk of him being in the running for a big part.

      I’ll also go ahead and guess Fillion will be Cosmo the dog in a voice-only role.

      • Doubt he’ll be Cosmo, in that GOTG footage, or the footage seen by a CBM user and LatinoR, its said that Cosmo does indeed have a cameo, but they didn’t say if he spoke or not.

        • Well someone who saw an early screening wondered if Fillion had been added during the reshoots because they never noticed him (might be the same CBM user cause I saw that comment a few hours ago) and someone else hinted that he might be the voice of Cosmo since it can be added in post during the final stages before it’s sent off to print.

  3. Great article!!

    It was obvious that Fillion wouldn’t play Rich… unless you don’t read the comics…

    Seeing that the cocoon has been teased at The Collector’s HQ and he’s after The Orb, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that The Orb is the Soul Stone and it’ll awaken Adam Warlock played by Nathan Fillion.

    Zac Efron will play Rich if anything.

    • …can’t see Nathan Fillion as Adam Warlock… nope…

      see Dazz’s comment re: Cosmo… and I can totally imagine Nathan Fillion voicing a thick Russian accent…

    • Like I’ve said a few times the last few days, I could see Jared Leto as Nova more than anyone else (hell, if they make a Captain Britain show with MI:13 at any point, I could see Daniel Radcliffe as Pete Wisdom too).

      Efron…I could see him as Iron Fist if that’s the direction they wanted to go.

      • Daniel Radcliffe as Pete Wisdom? That’d be cool… but Zac Efron as Iron Fist? Please, God, no… they better get an experienced martial artist, or at least someone with a lot of experience with flashy fight choreography to play Danny Rand. Like, honestly! Marvel better bring in Yuen Woo-ping (The Matrix; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) for the Netflix show.

        • I agree about Efron but at the same time, I think he’d be a choice due to his star power and proven name brand and besides, not every martial arts lead has known martial arts before being cast. It’s better if they know how to fight, sure, I just find it doubtful that the entire cast of The Matrix knew martial arts before filming started, you know?

      • Leto is 43 years old, that’s wayyy tooo old for Rich. If they are gonna use Rich in the MCU franchise, the actor needs to be in his early to mid 20s bcuz what if he signs onto multiple projects? Can’t have a 50+ year old play Rich in a Nova 3 down the line and break his foot on set due to his bones being too old for the stunts. That is poor planning ahead.

        An actor in his early to mid 20s would be perfect. He’ll have stronger bones to do his own stunts, look the role, and it’ll give him the time he needs to grow with the role over the course of a multiple picture deal.

        Rich in the comics, started as a High School student who really sucked as a superhero. He would fail at almost every conflict. Over the course of 38 years, he grew into a Nova Force wielding powerhouse. I’d like to see that evolution in a Nova movie franchise and we can’t get that with an actor who is currently in their 40s.

        I can see Leto play Doctor Strange however.

        • Leto’s 43? Jesus, he looks 20 years younger. I thought he was at least mid 30s.

            • nothing wrong with leto playing Nova. 43 or not, dude does not look it. I’d be ok with that actually. Just keep him away from Dr. Strange.

  4. Maybe it’s a Mal cameo ;)

  5. Shuucks… I already imagined how his fans are gonna freak out when he appears as Nova. Oh well, probably a younger actor for sure. Curious about his cameo though, it would really really be ridiculously awesome if he appears as Mal, hinting that Firefly is in the same continuity hahahaha. Hey, if Han Solo and Chewbacca can appear at The LEGO Movie, why not this?

  6. Both fillion and leto are too old to play nova. Nova is a character that is better fit for the someone
    Like effron, joseph gordon levitt or even channing tatum would fit this role because he still looks

  7. The most epic thing in the multiverse would have been if for a cameo, they would have gotten together ALL of the firefly cast (minus wash of course), and at some point in GotG when they are at a spaceport walking through a crowd, or into a bar… have the crew of serenity go walking by in the background with Inara and Mal bickering at each other, while the rest are chuckling behind them. They’d be on camera for maybe 2-3 seconds walking past…. it would have been the most awesome thing in any marvel movie ever. Even more awe inspiring than the black widow’s azz in iron man 2.

    • That’s crazy talk…but I’m on board 100%.

        • Not sure if they belong to Marvel though so you may have to contain your excitement.

          • They did some Fireflies comics a couple of years back or ?
            Not sure who did them actually,but Joss was involved !

            • Dark Horse put out the Firefly comics, with Joss as the writer. There’s next to no chance that they would pop up in a Marvel property, as much as we’d all like them to…

  8. If all goes well this will be the Star Wars of our Generation ! :)
    And next years will be a bit less,times changed ,and Star Wars has not the monopol as it had before !

  9. LOL. That top photo.
    Fillion as a 18th century western woman.

    • He said he wouldn’t lie to the fans. I feel that’s an unintentional shot an JJ Abrams and the rest! lol

  10. I know the new Nova is a young guy…but I grew up with the original nova of the 80s & 90s and Nova always appeared to be an older Tony Stark type. How the hell can you have a young Nova? he has to be older and experienced.

    And Im not understanding why they would Put Nathan at the end scene credit if it wasnt going to be a prelude to Avengers 2 or GOTG 2? Typically most Marvel end scene credits are easter eggs for the next movie. Thats why I dont believe hes not playing Nova.

    Nova should be an older guy…not a kid. Hes an elite Nova corps officer…should at least be believable someone that elite is an older guy with time and experience.

  11. I think Marvel is getting smarter about not hatching all their eggs since us fanboys have a way of spoiling surprises in Marvel Movies. call us psychic lol.

    If I was a Marvel exec I probably understand how important someone like Nathan Fillion is to Fanboys…they snatched him up and have big plans to use him in the future. They had to have seen the support for him playing GL.

  12. They arrive at a bar entrance. Gamora makes a comment about it being a wretched hive of scum and villainy while Peter Quill looks on incredulously. When they get into the bar, a character that looks like Mal is in a booth with a gun to his head and he shoots some generic alien through the table… Then flips a coin to the bartender, who catches it without looking up from his work, and strolls out the door. Only Peter notices the incident. He gasps and points but the others keep walking.

    Everyone is deadpan except for Chris Pratt.

    • odds of that happening – nill

      But my nerd brain just squeaked for joy thinking about how awesome that would be. Seriously props because… damnit.