‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: Nathan Fillion’s Role Revealed? [Updated]

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Guardians of the Galaxy Nathan Fillion Cameo Guardians of the Galaxy: Nathan Fillions Role Revealed? [Updated]

[Update: Nathan Fillion has denied this rumor about his Guardians cameo.]

There are few geek-favorite actors sure to cause more online discussion than Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle), so when reports surfaced that he would be appearing in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, speculation spun out of control. Would he be stepping into the role of Nova, or would his infamous space cowboy ride make a cameo in Marvel’s Cosmic Universe? Gunn shot down the idea of Fillion playing Marvel’s most well-known space cop, but a new rumor reveals that Fillion’s role will still be sure to send die-hard comic fans into the stratosphere.

Since Fillion is both a close friend and regular cast member in both Joss Whedon and James Gunn’s film projects, it was safe to assume that he would appear in Marvel’s film universe at some point (especially given that he’s already on Disney’s payroll for ABC’s Castle). The notion of the aging actor playing a Marvel hero like Richard Rider a.k.a. Nova was always a bit of a stretch, but there was no question that James Gunn’s sense of humor and cosmic cast would be a strong fit for Fillion’s skills (giving standout performances in both Slither and Super).

For those who wish to maintain the surprise of seeing how Fillion has been worked into the plot of Guardians, now is the time to stop reading, and be content with Gunn’s confirmation that the actor would be appearing in a “fun” cameo. But those eager to know can read on.

It was Fillion himself who let it slip that his cameo may not be one that every moviegoer would recognize, claiming that viewers should “check the credits” to see where he had fit into the film’s cast. And according to a high-level source of Schmoes Know, that’s because the actor’s performance is, indeed, a small one – and won’t actually feature Fillion onscreen.

The role in question is actually that of Cosmo, the telepathic Russian space dog who has proved invaluable to the Guardians throughout their comic book history. Once the subject of a Soviet-era Russian space program, Cosmo was launched into Earth’s orbit only to drift off into the cosmos, eventually being mutated into the telepathically-gifted (and talking) head of security for the space station dubbed ‘Knowhere,’ a base belonging to The Collector (Benicio del Toro), a character teased in the mid-credits scene of Thor: The Dark World.

UPDATE: Fillion has denied that he will lend his voice to Cosmo in Guardians of the Galaxy. Here’s the actor’s Twitter post, on the matter:

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmo Cover Guardians of the Galaxy: Nathan Fillions Role Revealed? [Updated]

Gunn essentially warned that the canine cosmonaut won’t be playing a large part this time around, but the confirmation of Cosmo is something fans have been hoping for since the first signs of Rocket Raccoon (close friend and animal comrade of Cosmo) being done justice began to appear online. If the rumors are true, fans may see the unique relationship between the Russian dog and Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) in live-action.

It seems more likely that Cosmo’s ability to speak will be the showcase of the character in such a small cameo, as opposed to his ability to fire psionic blasts or control the minds of those around him. But given Gunn’s unique brand of humor – and his decision to cast Fillion in the role, as opposed to a lesser-known star – anything is possible.

Cosmo Guardians of the Galaxy Cast Guardians of the Galaxy: Nathan Fillions Role Revealed? [Updated]

What do you think of this apparent reveal? Does Nathan Fillion putting on a Russian accent to play a psychic space dog seem like a role the actor was born to play, or would you rather have seen him appear in the flesh?

Are you convinced that the role is as small a cameo as Gunn has claimed, or would Marvel be wise to include Cosmo in future films (especially action sequences)? We would say that having fought alongside the likes of Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer have earned this pup some big screen attention, but we invite you to share your thoughts in the comments below.


Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1st, 2014.

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Source: Schmoes Know

Update source: Nathan Fillion

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  1. Cosmo!

    • Will we also get to see Dibs? They work so well together.

  2. yeah green lanther i mean nova i mean…mmmm this movie really destroy my hopes when i saw it..

    • Gonna troll every GotG article with your skewed opinion? Troll harder, try-hard.

        • I think your words out out of order, bro.

          • I’m still trying to figure out what “green lanther” is.

            • It was the crossover where a green power ring seeks out T’Challa.

                • I was going to say a green tinted lion crossed with a panther, like a liger. You sir, win the day.

                • and he’s using wolverine claws! love it!

            • the lack of knowledge … god is so sad.. such weaks arguments..

                • Hah, funny.

                • You forgot to put something about “bleeding down there” and more ellipsis!

                • Ha ha ha. Good one.

                • hahaha! that was funny!

        • Rolan…this is the second post where youve mentioned youve seen this movie already and you have yet to show any proof that you have…its still a month off and unless you work for Marvel and james Gunn theres absolutley no way you have seen this movie

          • Because he hasn’t. Stop taking him seriously.

    • Please, PLEASE…Stop feeding the DC fanboy/girl troll.

        • other people’s children…

        • And your logic behind all this is what?

        • your opinion says nothing. you don’t say anything opinionated except that the movie sucks and THAT isn’t even an opinion.

    • Do you mean Green lantern, Mr. Green Lather boy?

    • hmmmm, now there’s THAT guy…

  3. Flawless victory.

  4. Cosmo was the first character teased by Gunn for this movie. So pumped!!

    +1 Dazz, you called it, Fillion’s Cosmo. I hope they give him the Russian accent.

    • I hope so too, it’s not Cosmo without the accent. Then again, we all assumed Rocket would sound like Jason Statham but they changed it for this film.

      So that’s Irons as Alfred, Momoa as Aquaman, Fillion as Cosmo that I called correctly. Just waiting on that “Jared Leto to play Nova” line to come in eventually and I’ll have saved enough smug points to have a free pass to high five in public without looking like a dumbass.

      • Well when it comes to Cosmo, they actually spell out his dialogue as if he does have a Russian Accent, in the comics.

        Jared Leto would be so much better as Adam Warlock. I still think he’s way too old for Rich.

        • Jared Leto could do wonders as Adam Warlock. I hope that happens.

        • I tried to go to sleep but couldn’t because this was rolling around in my head but I’m changing my mind and agreeing with you guys, Leto will be Warlock.

          Why do I say this? The thought of Zac Efron wearing the Nova helmet convinced me. That’s why Marvel want that guy, to be Richard Rider. It makes perfect sense.

          Also, while we’re here, the teenage daughter in The Middle that spoke to Marvel recently? She’ll be Jessica Jones in the Netflix show. We’ll also see Benedict Cumberbatch announced for Doctor Strange, either as the doc himself or as Dormammu The Dread (my money’s on Strange though).

          Going even FURTHER, I’ll state that Lex Luthor in Batman Vs Superman will lose his hair via chemotherapy after radiation exposure from the alien attack in Man Of Steel, which is the reason he’ll go after Superman with everything he has and become his arch enemy. He’ll survive the cancer, sure, he just won’t forget or forgive in a hurry.

          I would’ve saved all this for another SR article but it’s 6:10am, I haven’t slept and needed to get this off my chest immediately.

          • Haha Dazz, that’s awesome!

            Zac Efron as Richard Rider
            Jared Leto as Adam Warlock

            You’ve finally saw the light.

            Benedict Cumberbatch would be sick as Dormammu The Dread. We should start a bet; you’re money on him being Strange, my money on him being Dormammu.

            • Either way, we both win, haha!

  5. well if castle needed to work on his russian accent, he can always ask his beautiful co-star stana for help

  6. COOL I guess, more excited about Shane Black doing another Predators film I just hope they bring back Adrien Brody, and Arnold and maybe for once show us some really creative new stuff, and Female Predators. would be cool to see female Engineers in the next Prometheus too.

  7. Never heard the Nova rumours until now. Not sure what the fanboys were thinking considering how “round” Nathan has gotten in recent years, lol.

    • Nathan Fillion will be rumored for every geek role no matter how rotund he is. It’s probably the most annoying geek go-to actor, cuz he’s not really that good.

      • Actually Wil Wheaton is the most annoying geek go-to actor.


        • My apologies. You are so right.

      • Most people familiar with Fillions body of work would disagree with you.

        • You say that like I’m not familiar with his body of work. His voice work is all super good, but the only thing I’ve been able to even take him seriously in was Firefly. Castle is unwatchable.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was Cosmo. My money’s on Wal Rus still (Rocket’s buddy who’s, you guessed it, a talking walrus).

  9. Heck I’m just glad Cosmo is confirmed. Didn’t think they’d be this ballsy.
    On another note, back when Annihilation first came out, I was picturing Chris Evans as Nova and James Mcavoy as Peter Quill. That woulda been cool.

  10. I really like Karen Gillen’s Nebula make up and Del Toro’s ‘space Liberace.’ Can’t wait for Inhumans and Nova casting rumors in the next couple years.

    • I think it’s a fair guess that Vin Diesel would be considered for Black Bolt

      • That’s actually not a bad idea. And you wouldn’t even have to worry about voice recognition from Groot since Black Bolt can’t speak for fear of destroying things.

  11. Question, any after credits rumors? I’m wondering if it’ll be an AoU tie-in or will it further tease Adam Warlock or Thanos?

  12. So will the dog pee on groot?

    • I don’t know, but I darn near peed myself laughing at that suggestion!

      This movie keeps getting dorkier and dorkier…almost making Star Wars look serious! Maybe we need a guest shot by Dr. Doolittle?

  13. First a talking raccoon, now a talking dog? This is sounding more like a full blown Disney movie (ironic because Marvel Studios is in partnership with Disney). I believe Marvel thinks it can put anything out there and the money rolls in because its name and label are on it. Daredevil and Elektra took some lumps from critics and they didn’t burn up the box office. They were done through different studios, but they were done on Kevin Feige’s watch. He and the powers that be need to remember non-comic book fans need to be down with their projects as well in order to be successful. If GotG comes off as too crazy that the word of mouth is don’t even bother to watch this on cable, the headlines will be reading “Marvel Studios has finally jumped the shark”.

    • “First a talking raccoon, now a talking dog? This is sounding more like a full blown Disney movie (ironic because Marvel Studios is in partnership with Disney).”

      There are tons of weird characters like Rocket and Cosmo sitting in the dark corner hoping to be adapted into movie, and i’m quite sure those weird character will make Disneyworld daily parade looks like nothing.

      “I believe Marvel thinks it can put anything out there and the money rolls in because its name and label are on it.”

      They have good (if not excellent) box office records for (almost) every movies they made, you can’t blame them for being bold to try something new and not very well known. Quick question, will you going to whine if Marvel keeps releasing the main six avengers movies for years? or would you rather see a weird but refreshing movie like GotG?

      ” If GotG comes off as too crazy that the word of mouth is don’t even bother to watch this on cable, the headlines will be reading “Marvel Studios has finally jumped the shark”.”

      How crazy is too crazy? Personally i don’t really mind having a talking raccoon, a talking dog, and a walking tree in a movie together. Also, i don’t get what’s with everyone fussing about talking animal as if it’s the first time we had a talking animal as main character…

      • My point is Marvel shouldn’t always assume a person is willing to part with $10 or more for something they put out, good track record or not. Others may not think GotG is “refreshing” and think it’s not worth parting with their hard earned money. (GotG comics didn’t last very long for a reason.) It’s called “resting on your laurels”. People can get tired of having the six Avengers non-stop too. Planning movies out to 2028 shows a hint of hubris; they assume people will still have an appetite for CBMs that far into the future. Times change and so do taste, even sooner than expected. Trust if this movie bombs the knives will be out. Age of Ultron will be under greater pressure to open at the same numbers the first Avengers movie did. 100 million opening weekend for Age of Ultron will not do; and watch the media write Marvel Studio’s obituary.

    • Can’t understand complaints about talking raccoons and dogs in a sci-fi space adventure. Were you as incredulous at the crossbow wielding sasquatch? Or a tiny green pointy eared creature that lives in a swamp and happens to be the strongest “magician” in the galaxy? Where do you draw the line on suspension of disbelief? Can’t handle a genetically modified creature that talks because he looks like a racoon?

    • I don’t take any of the talking animal complaints seriously. I thought it sounded weird at first (having never read GotG), so I went and read some of the newer issues and was all on board.

      Talking animals are also the most realistic part about this universe, so I don’t get people’s selective suspension of disbelief.

      • Talking animals are out of the question, but giant green rage monsters arent.

  14. Like some others, I would have liked to have seen Fillion actually on screen. This would have allowed some kind of allusion to his most famous role, that of Mal Reynolds. With him hamming it up with a Russian accent as a talking dog, I’m not sure there will be any room for such. Ah well. Still nice to have him involved in one of the superhero franchises in some kind of role, even if it sounds goofy as hell.

  15. This is money news. Makes so much more sense for him to voice Cosmo than just have some random appearance as a swashbuckler at a space bar or something like that, which was what it seemed like was going to happen to me.

    Cosmo is pure awesomesauce.

    • Personally, I would’ve loved to see that scene in a bar you just described!

  16. For those who don’t watch castle, there was an episode this season where nathan fillion resques a child from the bad guys and names him….’Cosmo’!!!
    This more than confirms this news i believe..

  17. James Gunn just posted an interesting tweet. Did he just shoot down this rumor too? o_O

  18. Fillion is such a bad actor never got why ppl like him.

  19. Beta Ray Bill!

    • Nay, I mean, neigh! BRB looks like Mr. Ed in a Thor costume. No goofy parts, please; leave them for non-serious GOTG and Star Wars flicks.

  20. Looks like Nathan’s just got a “Fill-in” part.

  21. Holy crap that’s hardcore.

  22. Rumours also say that Howard the Duck will make a cameo. Maybe Nathan Fillion plays Howard the Duck?

  23. My bet is Starfox.