‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ Comic-Con Footage Has ‘Zero Chance’ of Being Released Online

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Guardians of the galaxy concept art Guardians of The Galaxy Comic Con Footage Has Zero Chance of Being Released Online

Marvel Studios’ biannual movie release schedule is already well planned out for the next few years, with sequels such as The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier on the way in the not-too-distant future. To the studio’s credit, however, there are also quite a few properties being brought to the big screen for the first time, including space-based adventure Guardians of the Galaxy. If you attended Comic-Con this year, you may have already seen the 30-second teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy that was screened during the Marvel panel.

One Comic-Con attendee managed to capture the teaser on their smartphone, and since it would be virtually impossible to eradicate all traces of it (including the animated gifs that have been created) from the Internet entirely, anyone who wishes to see a low-quality version of the footage can do so with a cursory use of Google. After the widespread leak, many expected that Marvel would release an official version of the teaser, to at least ensure that fans would get to see it in the best possible quality – but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to director James Gunn, however, the bootleg edition of the teaser is likely to be the only video that fans who weren’t at Comic-Con will get to see. Speaking to Comic Book, Gunn quickly shut down any hopes that a shiny HD version might be released online by Marvel:

“Zero percent chance, sorry! I know a lot of you have seen the shaky camera footage, but it was made after 12 days of shooting and isn’t a true reflection of the awesomeness we’re trying to create for you.”

It’s unclear what Gunn means when he says that the Comic-Con teaser isn’t a “true reflection” of Guardians of the Galaxy, but it indicates a possibility that the footage shown at Comic-Con was shot specifically for the teaser, and might not end up in the final cut of the movie at all. Certainly it wasn’t lacking in awesomeness – the brief clip of Rocket Raccoon standing on Groot’s shoulder and firing a gun in the midst of a battle has sparked a massive amount of anticipation all by itself.

Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy teaser footage Guardians of The Galaxy Comic Con Footage Has Zero Chance of Being Released Online

It looks like this is the best quality we’re going to get.

If the footage and visual effects were created exclusively for the teaser, it seems strange to spend so much money on something that will only ever be screened once. On the other hand, if the teaser was comprised entirely or mostly of footage from Guardians of the Galaxy, then it’s difficult to see how it could be a poor representation of what fans can expect from the movie.

With the release of the Comic-Con clip apparently vetoed, it may well be some time before the next official trailer is released. Filming in London is still ongoing (and if Thor: The Dark World‘s production is any indicator, could continue well into next year), the voice actor for Rocket Raccoon still has yet to be announced, and there’s almost a year to go before the film finally hits theaters. Perhaps Marvel is simply reluctant to begin marketing too early.

Do you think Gunn’s reasons for not releasing the Comic-Con footage make sense, or is there more to this decision than meets the eye? Tell us what you think of Marvel’s refusal to release the teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy in the comments.


Guardians of the Galaxy arrives in theaters on August 1st, 2014.

Source: Comic Book

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  1. I assume he means that version, not “all” of the footage. I few people commented that Gamora looked a bit neon in one shot, etc. I the RR/Groot scene was great, so I can’t imagine that not being used.

    In the scene they pop out of a manhole so maybe that’s part of the prison escape.

    I’m pretty sure he just means that version will not be released officially to the general public because it’s not a complete and formal trailer. I’m sure we’ll see those scenes again.

    • Yeap, I was lucky enough to be at the panel at Comic-Con and in that one shot Gamora looked like she glowed in the dark – I guess to differentiate her from Drax.

      But there was another shot where that wasn’t the case so we’ll see.

      • You were one of the lucky ones! Yes the one with her lying down is the better color I think, been a few days since I say it now.

        You’re right, we’ll see, but this is very promising. This footage has taken from semi-interested to counting down.

        • *taken me from

  2. It’s too early, that’s why they won’t release anything.

    From what I saw from the leak, though, Gunn and Marvel are definitely on the right track.

  3. Thata a great job for only 12 days of filming

    • 12 days + over a month of effects production – that’s how they had some Groot/Raccoon and spaceship stuff. They’re definitely on the ball when it comes to having designs and digital assets in the works LONG before actually shooting. It’s the only way they can make them so fast.

  4. I’m sure the teaser we will eventually get will be significantly improved – even though what we got was pretty damned amazing.

    “What a bunch of A-holes” sold my wife, who likes neither comic books or sci-fi, but has an undying love for John C. Riley.

  5. I would assume he means the footage just isn’t finished, could be color correction or lighting adjustments, possibly model updates and a million other reasons. After only 12 days of shooting it’s pretty impressive they had that much to show, especially rendered animation.

  6. Glad I caught the clip, but it really isn’t what you want out of a first trailer. It worked well at comic con because most people there were aware of the premise and just wanted cool shots of the characters.

    The first trailer will have to do a much better job selling this to the majority of film-goers who will need some hand holding into this franchise (e.g. non geeks).

  7. They never released the Ant Man footage so this doesn’t surprise me.

    • It’s on youtube….

      • I don’t think it is anymore.

      • @Tim

        An unofficial bootleg from someone’s phone, yes. Marvel never released it themselves.

  8. Well, hey. If they don’t want to promote their movie, that’s their problem. After all, they’re the ones who want me to pay to see the movie aren’t they?

    • They are going to promote the heck out of it later, I think they just don’t want to show much now. Besides it is cool to have something exclusive for comic-con and different places.

    • Who says they don’t want to promote?

      You’re gonna see a poop ton of Guardians marketing when they’ve actually begun working on marketing materials, don’t you worry!

      • I dont care if they promote it or not. All I’m saying, is that people want to see that teaser, why not put it out there for people to see?

  9. I cant wait for an official trailer!! the footage I saw was awesome, and I’m so excited for this movie.

  10. if they want people to see this movie they better promote it well, having a
    massive hit in august very difficult. sixth sense is champ with 672 million
    worldwide being an august. i like the guardians and the raccoon and even
    remember reading original team. but guess what not everyone knows who these
    cats are.

    1. the six sense 293.7m (1999)
    2. the signs 227.9m (2002)
    3. the bourne ultimatium 227.4m (2007)
    4. rush hour 2 226.0m (2001)

  11. With a movie like GotG, they need all the press they can get. Not releasing the footage only serves one real purpose, to build interest in the movie via the internet. Let other people pass this footage around “underground” online marketing. Officially denounce it, and have sites like this creating buzz about it until some real news come out or is leaked to the media.

    I’m betting when we see the first official trailer it has allot of that footage from SDCC in it. Only this time with better CG effects on the live action stuff all sandwiched in-between some new footage.

    • ^ this

    • Also, the worst thing they can do is releasing incomplete footage to the mainstream who won’t understand it and pick it apart. It’s for the hardcore like us who can appreciate it and generate that very online interest you speak of.

      Also, they have to keep stuff exclusive to Comic-Con attendees otherwise… why would anyone lineup for hours and get excited and share it the way we do, right?

  12. This will be a special effects heavy movie. After 12 days of shooting, any footage won’t be in its final form. There’s obviously going to be heavy editing and special effects done post-production.

  13. i dont understand how this is hard to get. It was 12 days of filming. It is so early into the process. I saw the footage at D23(stop saying this was only shown at comic con please haha) and its awesome yes. It just isn’t ready to show the masses yet so people on the interwebs can dissect and critique the hell out of it.

  14. I doubt I would ever be able to attend Comic Con, so it sucks they won’t release this trailer for everyone to see, not just people who were lucky enough to be at Comic Con. The bootleg video that is still on the web & hasn’t been made to be removed yet was pretty sweet though. I hope they change their minds!

  15. The clip is online google it and you will see it, RR looks super great, he has great detail, awesome features, and just from this it looks like he has a attitude!! XD

  16. I wanna see this so bad!! I can’t find it anywhere now.

  17. anybody have a link? wanna e-mail it to me??? I WOULD DO ANYTHING

    • Thanks for that man!

  18. It’s unclear what Gunn means? He just said it! It’s after 12 days of footage. I don’t know about you, but 12 days certainly isn’t enough time to do all the fancy post-production effects, adjustments and fine-tuning… probably because they don’t do that sort of thing during production (hence why they call it “post”).

    It’s kind of like how a trailer get’s released while a film is still in post and everyone scrambles for their pitchforks on the internet to holler about how horrible the special effects are or how fake something looks.

    Simply put, they wanted to have something to present fans and stir up interest, and when they get a bit further in the production they’ll release something of good quality.

  19. Rocket Racoon will be hit or miss, he’ll either be the next big thing, mickey mouse meets ren&stimpy, or he’ll be a howard the duck.

    But how can an angry racoon weilding machine guns go wrong? :-) I can see it now… the Kree are laying down a volley of fire, Racoon and Starlord hide behind Groot as the tree takes the brunt, then when they reload, out they jump, firing. The Kree scatter for cover as Drax and Gamora run down the fleeing soldiers.