‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Nebula Image and Details; Stan Lee Confirms Cameo

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guardians galaxy nebula karen gillan2 Guardians of the Galaxy Nebula Image and Details; Stan Lee Confirms Cameo

Because Marvel’s upcoming space superhero adventure Guardians of the Galaxy is about a group of (sort of) good guys teaming up, it’s only fair that the movie should have multiple antagonists as well. Thanos, who has been lurking in the background of several dark plots in previous Marvel movies, will continue to pull on the puppet strings of the universe. The Collector (Benicio Del Toro), who made his first appearance in the after-credits scene for Thor: The Dark World, also seems to be up to no good.

The main opponents that the Guardians will face, however, are Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) and blue-skinned space pirate Nebula (Karen Gillan). Gamora (Zoe Saldana) in particular has a lot of history with Nebula and, as with the other Guardians, has her own personal motivations for going after the villains that luckily happen to align with the goal of saving the galaxy.

Out of all the weird and wonderful creatures and aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy, Nebula was the one picked out for a feature in USA Today on this summer’s blockbuster movie characters that are predicted to become iconic (if they aren’t already). When interviewed about the role, Gillan explained that Nebula certainly has her reasons for turning bad, but that won’t necessarily make her sympathetic:

“[Nebula is] unapologetically so mean. She gets such an enjoyment from what she does, and what she does is so bad… She completely has a reason for being a sadist, but that may not be apparent to everybody else.

“It really, really helps to change so drastically physically. It did half the job for me. I feel like people were slightly more intimidated by me.”

Gillan very much threw herself into the role, training for two months to tackle the physically demanding fight scenes (including a showdown with Gamora). She shaved her head completely and spent five hours in make-up every day in order to obtain the “bald, cybernetic look” that director James Gunn has said was his main reason for including her in the movie. Check out a new image of Nebula’s signature look below.

 Guardians of the Galaxy Nebula Image and Details; Stan Lee Confirms Cameo

Although Marvel characters are scattered across multiple studios, one unifying factor across all the movies so far has been a cameo from comic book legend Stan Lee. In January, however, Lee said that he would not be in Guardians of the Galaxy due to the fact that they are “the one group I didn’t create,” and he was “not even sure who they all are.”

While a cameo from Lee isn’t really a make-or-break factor in Marvel movies, it would have been sad if Guardians of the Galaxy was the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which he did not make an appearance. Thankfully, it seems that the recent reshoots for Guardians of the Galaxy included the filming of a scene with Lee. It’s only fair since he did, after all, co-create Guardians team member Groot.

Thor Stan Lee cameo Guardians of the Galaxy Nebula Image and Details; Stan Lee Confirms Cameo

Variety reports that Lee confirmed his cameo during a panel at C2E2 over the weekend:

“I [filmed the cameo] already. I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you I do not understand what it was or why I did it. It has me with a girl — a very pretty girl — that’s all I can tell you.”

In a space adventure movie with blue alien pirates and talking, gun-wielding raccoons, it’s understandable that even Stan Lee might have been a little confused as to what was going on. As for the “very pretty girl,” with quite a few attractive ladies in Guardians of the Galaxy it’s anyone’s guess which one he was referring to. Glenn Close, perhaps?


Guardians of the Galaxy is out in theaters on August 1, 2014.

Source: USA Today, Variety

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  1. A STAN LEE CAMEO IN A MARVEL MOVIE? Oh my gosh! What a treat that will be! I’m so looking forward to this. Everyone knows Stan Lee is THE MAN. Such an icon, he’s gonna be great! SO looking forward to it.

    Just kidding. Jokes aside, Nebula looks cool, and highly recommend that you guys check out the prequel comics to this film. Nice back story between Nebula and Gamora, should make the fight interesting.

    • Can’t be as lazy as the amazing sider-man two cameo. ( hey i think i know that guy)
      Yes stan you do, you stole him from a co worker in the 60′s don’t you remember.

      • Yeah, the Stan cameos have gone from “hey, that’s kinda cool” to “oh, here he is again, now I’ve been taken out of the story briefly”.

        Would’ve been cooler if we had Jim Starlin cameo instead.

        • You know what’s funny, Stan Lee said himself that he doesn’t even know who most of the Guardians are. (Which is weird since he created Groot some of them)

          Jim Starlin cameo would’ve been fantastic!!

      • III’m not sure that’s right :P

    • Agree with the backstory. That comic was amazing and it was written by DnA.
      I hope both Abnett and Lanning will get their cameo as well, considering they were invited to the set.

  2. Hey James Gunn, more Karen Gillan, please? Thanks :)

  3. So, Stan Lee has all these cameos and bit roles in the Marvel films, Woundnt it be fun/ny if, ultimately, it amounts to Stan Lee playing Uatu the Watcher in disguise, in some way in the future. They can say it is him. That way they can explain why he is in all these movies. Certainly, the Watchers all have vast cosmic power, they could easily disguise themselves. Yes i know it is not really Uatu, just a fun thought.

    • Actually, that would be amazing…

    • So a better version of the theory that Bruce Campbell was really Mysterio in the original Spider-Man tirlogy?

    • Very clever,

      Or something similar to what you said anyways….

    • That is AWESOME

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but I was at a meet and greet with Stan Lee last summer and I asked that question. He said no to being The Watcher. But who’s to say down the road that he could’t change his mind and say “Yeah I am.” He did say at first he wasn’t going to be in Guardians. Right now though it’s just Stan having fun.

    • Urgh..I HOPE NOT! The Watcher Uatu is such a lame character. “Oh, I made a vow to just observe…but I must this time. And the next time…aaaaand times after that” Now if they made Stan a film version of One-Above-All that would make the MOST sense. It’s the creator entity in the Marvel Multiverse! Hmmm, One-Above-All creator of the Marvel universe, Stan Lee creator of the Marvel. Whuuuuuat? Boom!


  4. She looks good, but she needs to be jacked. Nebula has some sweet guns in the comics.

  5. Did she get her arm at the same store as the Winter Soldier?

    • I think she got it from an arms dealer.

      • What are you guys talking about?

        She looks unarmed in that image to me.


    • Read the prelude comic, you’ll know how she got it ;D

  6. I look forward to seeing Drax, hellbent on the destruction of Thanos, fall into a berserker rage and manhandle his way through the galaxy until he meets the Mad Titan! Pure awesomeness.

    And I’m guessing Stan the man isn’t sure about the scene because he was in front of a green screen, so he might be an alien of some sort.

    Excelsior to another cameo!

  7. From what it looks like, Drax’s family has been killed by Ronan in this movie not Thanos. Thats what ive heard anyway, but im still super excited for this movie!

    • More than likely, Drax will find out who ordered the hit, or at least who was responsible for Ronan’s actions. After Ronan is taken out, Drax will want revenge on the next person in line.

      • Maybe he already knows of Thanos but in order to get to Thanos, he must first face Ronan.

  8. Ummm, good points all around…however, Stan never did a cameo in the wolverine. Something about schedule conflicts. So there is one movie, at least, that he wasn’t in.

    • Actually there have been a few movies he wasn’t in (X-Men) but the article specified the MC U, ie. Marvel Studios’ films.

  9. Do we really need to know this about Stan Lee`s cameo …really ?

  10. Not to be all nitpicky, but I don’t think we can say Thanos has been “lurking in the background of several dark plots in previous Marvel movies” unless there are some reveals coming up that we haven’t seen yet. He brought Loki back from the void, armed him with an Infinity Gem and hooked him up with an army, but all of that happened in just that single movie: The Avengers. As far as I can tell, he had no influence on any of the Phase 1 movies leading up to The Avengers, nor has he had much to do in the Phase 2 stuff so far leading up to Guardians.

  11. If this Nebula is as mean as the article states, then I would guess she is being played by one of several managers or supervisors we have had at the Wal-Mart store where I work over the years!

    • I hope they shared the same name.

  12. Wow… I mean Wow… I wonder if Guardians can be nominated for best costume in next year’s Oscar, cause that make up is AMAZING. Especially after knowing Nebula’s backstory(as in how her body ended up that way), that left hand of her look really robotic (similar to Winter Soldier’s).

    As for Stan Lee’s cameo, I bet it’s either going to involve Carina, the Collector’s daughter… probably as a ‘collection’ or some sort (play LEGO Marvel and you know what I mean hahaha) or he might be shown in a flashback scene featuring Quill’s mother on Earth.

    Can’t wait to see this movie!

  13. I still love the idea of Stan Lee being the Watcher give him powers and a monologue to end phase 3 would be awesome.

  14. She’s hot.

    Seriously though, what amazing practical effects. I really hope they show — at the very least — a clip of the artists applying the make-up. She may very well be the stand-out villain of the summer. The picture of her alone has such a great presence. I do not see it happening, but if she were to die, oh man… people gonna be pissed. But there is no way. No. way.

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