‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Crew Answer Fan Questions

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Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill flying Milano Guardians of the Galaxy Crew Answer Fan Questions

Our galaxy is a dangerous place, but luckily it has some Guardians to watch over it: a green-skinned assassin, a green-skinned warrior, a talking raccoon, a walking tree and a guy with a Walkman. Guardians of the Galaxy definitely looks like it will be the most bizarre Marvel movie so far, and that’s saying a lot in a cinematic universe that already has Norse gods and giant flying serpents.

Rather than trying to downplay the weirdness of the movie, the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty forthright about the odd nature of its heroes, though Earth-born Peter Quill and his 70s rock were able to anchor things a little. It was a great teaser for one of this summer’s most highly anticipated movies.

The trailer – and the concept of a Guardians of the Galaxy movie in general – have also raised a lot of questions. To help answer some of them, producer Kevin Feige, director James Gunn and star Chris Pratt sat down with AMC Movie Talk for a Q&A on Guardians of the Galaxy, including questions submitted by fans.

When asked if he considered the project a risk, Feige responded that all Marvel movies are risky:

“All of us at the studio wanted to do something new, wanted to do something original … Excited about doing something, frankly, that most people had never heard of… [It] couldn’t be more distant in geography to the other films. 99% of this movie takes place on the other side of the galaxy. Never mind the themes and character interaction… there are a handful of characters you’ll see in this movie who will carry through to other films as threats to Earth.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot and Rocket fighting Guardians of the Galaxy Crew Answer Fan Questions

The latter statement isn’t too surprising, since Thanos has previously caused trouble for the people of Earth and The Collector (Benicio del Toro) was first introduced in a post-credits for Thor: The Dark World. Despite the fact that most moviegoers who are familiar with Marvel movies now know better than to leave the theater too early, Feige insists that post-credits scenes are by no means guaranteed:

“We don’t look at those post-credits scene as mandatory in any way. If we have something fun, we’ll add it. That’s part of the fun for sitting through the credits… We build that in from the very beginning on the actor’s schedules, in the actual budget. … We always build in additional time for when a cool idea comes up. James has had some cool ideas so we’re going to get after that.”

As with any superhero team, there are a lot of comic book characters with connections to the Guardians and it can be difficult to fit them all into the space of a single movie. Lee Pace and Karen Gillan will bolster the villain side as Ronan the Accuser and Nebula, respectively, while Michael Rooker will star as Yondu, Michael C. Reilly as Nova Corps leader Rhomann Dey, Djimon Hounsou as Korath the Pursuer and Glenn Close as Nova Prime.

When it comes to other characters in the universe, however, Gunn says that fans may have to hope for a sequel if they want to see them.

“There’s a lot of them. There’s so many great characters. … There are some great original Guardians; I love Star-Hawk… Bug was in early drafts, but never a main Guardian. Tantalus was in for a while … If we’re fortunate enough to make another film in the future, there’s plenty of characters to bring in. There are nods or teases to them in the film.”

Feige did hint that fans of talking dog Cosmo “will have to wait and see the movie,” and reiterated that while Peter Quill might have dominated the trailer, Rocket is still the heart and focus of the movie. This seems like a good way to go, since a raccoon with anger issues who can talk, walk on his hind legs and is very proficient with firearms isn’t the kind of character that audiences will readily accept if he just stays on the sidelines.


Guardians of the Galaxy arrives in theaters on August 1, 2014.

Source: AMC (via Collider)

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  1. Can. Not. Wait.
    BUT FIRST!!!!!!
    Bring on CAP!

  2. I really think the sequel for this is highly likely to happen. If the Thanos tease is indeed leading to Infinity Gauntlet, they will need to introduce Adam Warlock who owns the Soul Gem. Hopefully Mantis, Quasar, Bug, and Moondragon will be included in it!

    As for this movie, I hope Cosmo is included, even for a brief cameo. Gunn already teased this with his own Canine 😀

    August can’t come any sooner!

    • This is pure speculation on my part but they might give the soul gem (or soul stone if we go with the MCU continuity) to dr.Strange so he can tie in with the rest of the MCU and have an intergral part to it.

      • As the tesseract is being classed as an infinity item (stone, gem, whatever) instead of a cosmic cube (as per Thor:DW post credits) and it was feeding power to the stone in Loki’s staff in Avengers, as he used to it take control of peeps, wouldn’t that make the tesseract the Soul Gem?

        • Nope, ignore that, 20secs worth of Google magic. there’s a Mind Gem (which is BLUE – DUH!!!) so that’s the tesseract covered.

          • Nope nope… The tesseract is SPACE. The Aether is POWER. Its been hinted Loki’s sceptor was MIND. The SOUL gem would make sense with Thanos wiping out beings or TIME Quillgiving a chance to go back to the 80’s or choosing the Guardians.

        • Or better yet, they aren’t following the comic books strictly as you might want it to be…………………………………….

  3. Major kudos to Marvel and James Gunn for one, taking a big-budget risk on such an obscure property, and two, saying “screw it” to the whole “realistic approach” that a lot of studios take with comic book adaptions. Just because it worked with Batman (and worked very well), doesn’t mean it works with everything else.
    I think GotG is gonna surprise everyone. Can’t wait to see it.

  4. I love Pratt’s deadpan humor. Can’t wait for this movie.

  5. How can they say that a post/mid credits scene is not mandatory. Audiences have come to expect them. I think it would negatively impact the movie if it didnt exist, as petty as that sounds.

    • Which is odd because here in the UK, the majority of people still rush for the exit as soon as the end credits begin, leaving only a handful of us waiting for the post-credits scene while cinema staff wait almost impatiently for us to leave like everyone else did so they can clean up before the next screening.

      I think that this whole “most audiences stay for the credits” thing must be an American thing, which is unfortunate. I hope it catches on here finally but I’m not holding out much hope for that. There are still a lot of people who are completely unaware that post-credit scenes even exist because the natural instinct is to walk out/change channel/switch off the DVD once the screen turns black and the word “CREDITS” rolls up from the bottom of the screen.

      • Well, the staff can wait as impatiently as they like. I paid for the whole movie and I’m gonna watch the whole movie if I want to, including listening to the score during the credits.

        • That’s what I do too. If they want me to hurry up and leave, well sorry guys but nope, I’m waiting until post-credits is over.

          Only time I’ve been to a movie screening where more than 8 people stayed through the credits was MOS because the entire IMAX screening was full of comic book fans wearing Superman t-shirts.

      • speaking as an american, here in america ;), most people get up as soon as the credits start. for most movies. the most i saw stay until the end was The Avengers. IM1, 3, thor 2, only a handful stayed.

  6. I’m hoping for a Nova Corps spin off or at least more of the characters being used maybe in a sequel.

    • Nova for Phase 3 would be epic! It would be interesting to see how they portrayal Richard Rider.

  7. That was a really great interview by AMC. Sad to hear that Pratt has yet to read the script jk

  8. Here’s a question they didn’t answer (because no one thought to ask):

    Will Death’s Head ever appear in future?

    They have to show some love for the bounty hunter….sorry, “freelance peace-keeping agent”….at some point, yes?

    • If GotG are considered obscure, it’s more likely nobody even knows of Death’s Head existence in the first place. Both Death’s Head and Death’s Head 2 were for Marvel UK and scarcely anyone outside the UK has any clue what it is much less even heard of it.

      • Hasn’t he appeared in mainstream Marvel continuity though in the last decade?

        Pretty sure he popped up in 2002 during the Revolutionary Arc and has emerged again recently helping Rogue, Captain Britain and the members of MI:13.

        Hell, I’d love to see Captain Britain too. And Union Jack (we already saw both men who wore the Union Jack costume in IM2 and Captain America).

        • Just give Death’s Head his own film, yes lol

          Maybe send him over to the Transformers universe and have him do Bay

        • showing my comic book (lack of) knowledge, but who was it in CA:TFA? i know the person’s name was shown on the list of racers for the grand prix in im2.

        • he was also in iron man for a few issues this year and an issue of superior spiderman team up or whatever.

  9. August 1st can’t get here soon enough. As a bonus, I get Cap 2, TASM 2 and DOFP to “pass the time”. It’s a good time for CBM’s, ohhh yeaaaaa.

  10. Starhawk is one word.

  11. Just FYI, edit: It’s John C. Reilly.

    Read your stuff all the time, and I can’t wait for this movie.