Rumor Patrol: Karen Gillan’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Role is Angela from ‘Spawn’

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Angela Karen Gillan in Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 2014 Rumor Patrol: Karen Gillans Guardians of the Galaxy Role is Angela from Spawn

Strap yourselves in for this latest rumor concerning  Guardians of the Galaxythe upcoming Marvel Studios sci-fi superhero blockbuster about a team of outer space do-gooders whose alien ranks include a talking tree and a militant raccoon, led by Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation

If that doesn’t sound sufficiently strange to you, get your geek-meter ready for processing overload: today’s rumor concerns former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan playing an outer space bounty hunter in Guardians of the Galaxy – only it’s character who happens to be newly-acquired to the Marvel Universe, and first got her start in the pages of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn comic book. (We warned you this was gonna get geeky.)

gotg Rumor Patrol: Karen Gillans Guardians of the Galaxy Role is Angela from Spawn

It was in the NeoGaf Fourms that discussion first spread about a newspaper clipping (supposedly originating in Glasgow, Scotland) claiming Karen Gillanwas going to have to undergo a serious workout routine to portray the character Angela, “a flame-haired, sword-wielding bounty hunter.” The accompanying picture was indeed the same Angela that comic book fans know from the Spawn series; she debute in 1993 and was co-created by Todd McFarlane and seminal author Neil Gaiman (Sandman, American Gods).




As reported earlier this year by NYT, a recent deal between Gaiman and Marvel will introduce Angela to the Marvel comic book universe during the 2013 crossover event “Age of Ultron.” This is only after a lengthy legal battle between Gaiman and McFarlane, which resulted in a 2012 settlement regarding character copyrights. Angela has already been slated to join Brian Michael Bendis’ relaunch of Guardians of the Galaxy - which is not-so-coincidentally being tailored to fit with the 2014 summer blockbuster by Super director James Gunn. We already know that Gillan is set to play the main villain of the film, and Angela – a bounty hunter on the Guardians’ trail – could certainly fit that bill.

Angela Marvel Guaridans of Galaxy vs. Angela Spawn 570x374 Rumor Patrol: Karen Gillans Guardians of the Galaxy Role is Angela from Spawn

Angela (Marvel) vs. Angela (Spawn)

If she is a villain (at least at the start), then clearly the Spawn origin story (Angela as an angel bounty-hunter working in the employ of heaven) will likely get revised into a more cosmic-themed origin story, if only to better fit with Marvel’s movie universe (see also: Thor). One thing is for sure, though: no matter which universe she’s featured in, Angela’s costume remains as skimpy as ever. Doctor Who fans are surely placing their hopes on the idea that Gillan is indeed slated for that role.

That brings this cast up to the following point:

Quite an extensive cast, to say the least – and we still have the voices of CGI Guardians heroes like Groot and Rocket Raccoon to hear announced, as well. At this point it’s clear that Marvel is going to bust their cosmic universe wide open  - heck, this Guardians of the Galaxy alternate timeline might even be pulling in characters from other comic book universes! Talking about a sci-fi head-trip!

Karen Gillan as Angela Rumor Patrol: Karen Gillans Guardians of the Galaxy Role is Angela from Spawn

Of course, after running around with a Time Lord for so long (bad pun), Gillan would likely have no worries bringing Angela to (new) life within the Marvel Universe. Do you want to see her play the role? Are you okay with the idea of importing a Spawn character into the Marvel Movie Universe (or comic book universe for that matter)?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

Source: NeoGaf Fourms

Gillan/Angela Image via (CBM)

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  1. I see your Time Lord, and raise you a Star-Lord! This movie is gonna be awesome.

    Gaiman is the man, thank goodness he got the rights from McFarlane. I can’t wait to read (and then see) Angela’s Marvel debut.

    • Why? Do you actually think there’s anything interesting about Angela once she’s divorced from the mythology of Spawn and all her relationships with other characters in that milieu? While Marvel are well within their legal rights to create a generic cleavage-bearing redhead alien and call her “Angela” I find it incomprehensible from a creative standpoint. I would suspect Marvel of valuing character name recognition over storytelling but Angela was never a very recognizable character to begin with so I really don’t know what to make of this.

      • Well, we don’t know what’s interesting yet because she hasn’t made her debut. I’ve enjoyed what they’ve done with the comic so far, so it stands to reason that the Angela character won’t disappoint.

        I’m sure Gaiman wanted to take his character to a place where they’d do her justice, and making her a major character in a big story for an even bigger movie leads me to believe they have something good planned.

        All of which makes me intrigued to see what happens.

  2. Angela is a badass so I can’t see Karen Gillan playing her & I do wish Angela would go back to Image because Marvel will ruin her imo.

    • Gaiman CHOSE to bring HIS character to Marvel to be featured in a high profile comic arc and a movie that leads directly into the Avengers 2. I’m positive he won’t allow Marvel to “ruin her”.

  3. Interesting. Cant wait to see how this all comes together.

  4. I wonder if this means Spawn will be connected to the MCU.

    • No, he won’t.

      If you read the article, you’ll remember there was a legal battle between McFarlane (who started his own company, Image, in order to retain character copyrights) and Gaiman, who created the Angela character (and ironically had to fight to retain his own characters copyright).

      Now that the legal battle is over, Gaiman, who could’ve taken his character anywhere, chose Marvel. Spawn has nothing more to do with it.

        • That’s true, and I believe the six of them started their own companies under Image. My mistake.

        • For the record, Chris Claremont was not part of the Marvel exodus or an original Image comics founder. Technically, Claremont was run off the X-Books around that time prior to Lee, Portacio & Silversti leaving Marvel to help form Image. Yes, the wiki page on Images Comics says it, however it’s incorrect.

      • What’s ironic is that Gaiman, after sanctimoniously proclaiming that his lawsuit against McFarlane was about “creator’s rights” is now leveraging Angela, a character that Todd co-created, to make a potential billion-dollar blockbuster movie while enabling Marvel to “Kirby” McFarlane out of making a dime.

        • Wouldn’t you want to take one of your characters that was wasting away in a comic nobody reads anymore and put her in a movie that will make lots of money? Gaiman has the right to do what he wants.

          So, if Gaiman and McFarlane settled the rights in a court of law, McFarlane is done with her character. Don’t let McFarlane fool you, he is always trying to make a dime. He made money for years while Gaiman got nothing. As a matter of fact, McFarlane was guilty of doing the very thing that he and others left Marvel for in the 90′s.

          From Wikipedia:

          McFarlane had initially agreed that Gaiman retained creator rights on the characters, but later claimed that Gaiman’s work had been work-for-hire and that McFarlane owned all of Gaiman’s co-creations entirely, pointing to the legal indicia in Spawn #9 and the lack of legal contract stating otherwise. McFarlane had also refused to pay Gaiman for the volumes of Gaiman’s work he republished and kept in print. In 2002, Gaiman filed suit and won a sizeable judgement against McFarlane and Image Comics for the rights due any creator. All three characters were then co-owned 50/50 by both men. In 2012, McFarlane and Gaiman settled their dispute, and Gaiman was given full ownership of Angela.

          I think this will we good. I look forward to Angela’s rebirth in the Marvel universe and debuting in one of my favorite comics.

          • Actually I agree that a lot of Gaiman’s criticisms about the way McFarlane treated him as a creator were legitimate and I don’t blame him for taking legal action. Neil actually HAD the moral high ground at one point. Then he said “This suit is not about the money, it’s about respecting the rights of the creator” and promptly seized legal control from co-creator McFarlane and gave it to the massive Marvel/Disney conglomerate so that they could make millions of dollars off of Todd’s work without paying him, proving that he was just as hypocritical as Todd himself.

            • Well, it remains to be seen if they actually make millions off of Angela alone, but they are giving it a shot.

              To me, it’s a case of what comes around goes around for McFarlane. If Gaiman does make millions, he’ll have beat McFarlane at his own game and good for him.

        • McFarlane once sued a role-playing game copy for using the term Nightspawn for one of the games. I have a hard time feeling bad for him about this…..

  5. Fameke Janssen is ANGELA

    • Famke Jannsen is not a bad choice, but I am kind of over reusing actors for different parts in Marvel movies, i.e. Chris Evans.

      My vote would be Gemma Arterton. She would kill…

      • hmm .. Agree Gemma Arterton would be a good choice.

    • McFarlane to me is just a joke! he has created an AWESOME character and because he is greedy or just plain stupid we will NEVER see Spawn on the big screen again.

      He has stated multiple times that he is developing a Spawn movie but it never comes to reality because he wants to make the movie himself with 2-5 million dollars, (that could be done theoretically) but realistically it needs a ton of cash and a big studio to make it! (THEN WE WOULD GET THE SPAWN THAT IS MEANT TO BE) That will be a huge money maker, but Todd wants every penny to himself! THAT to me is selfish!
      A character many ppl would love to see and pay money to see but he is in the corner saying Spawn is mine and if I dont get all the money and all the credit you will never see him again!!
      FU(K McFarlane, the guy is a total loser

  6. Karen Gillan and Neil Gaiman are good friends, so it would make sense if he advocated her to play his creation.

    However, while Karen is very tall, she’s so slightly built that it would be difficult to see her in a role requiring great physical prowess.

    • I think you can still play a bada$$ female character and not look like a pro wrestler. Zoe Saldana is playing Gamora (The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe)and she’s not physically intimidating at all. As long as they can act the part, it should come across as believable.

  7. More and more I’m getting the feeling that GotG is Marvel’s attempt to go balls out overstuffed/cosmic/comic/over-the-top but with full support from the Marvel machine.

    They are also introducing WAY too many characters to do traditional setups for all of them. The world they are introducing is pretty large in itself, and alien. The key is that the background is there, but getting into it in the actual film would be problematic.

    But the filmmakers understand the world the are producing, as well as how much access modern moviegoers have to information about this world.

    So instead, intense production design, well placed dialog, re-watch potential, and post/pre-screening background research on character and event histories take the place of excessive exposition and setup.

    It feels like a different type of film from any we’ve seen before. It feels like an experiment that could have the impact of A New Hope if executed correctly. In A New Hope, Lucas recognized that modern audiences have been exposed to enough rapid fire information in the form of television commercials, that the need to explain everything from how the ships work to every character motivation was unnecessary.

    I have the same feeling from GotG. It is very aware of its audience, and it wants to see how far it can push the information overload that modern audiences can handle even more than in ’77.

  8. Tired of reading “Talking Tree.” Groot only says 1 letter followed by 2 words. They need to start saying, “Humanoid Tree.”

    Any who, this news sounds great! Looks like Gamora will be having a counterpart in the movie! Angie hasn’t been introduced yet in Guardians, can’t wait to see how they introduce her. Really can’t wait to see her and Gamora go toe-to-toe. This is gonna be epic!!

  9. so pretty much she’s the Bobba Fett of GOTG…with The Collector being the Emperor and the NOVA Corp being the Rebels? is Groot Chewey?? haha

    • Correction: Thanos being the Emperor and The Collector being Darth Vader.

      • wouldnt thanos be vader as he is more powerful?

        • Nah, put strength level aside and look at rank and screentime. Thanos will be the lead pulling the strings, that sounds like the Emperor. He won’t get a lot of screentime bcuz he won’t be the lead antagonist in the film. The Collector is said to be at the for front, like Darth Vader.

  10. I must say, i know nothing about this character apart from what i have read here…so if this is true it will be very interesting to see.

  11. This is intriguing. If the main villain is a bounty hunter, I can certainly see the plot to be twisted like Gunn claimed.

  12. Well, as I said months back on this very site, GOTG could very well end up being the most important Marvel movie to date as far as the overall plot in the bigger picture of the Phases and the casting since I made that comment (before Bautista as Drax had even been confirmed) pretty much confirms that.

    Iron Man set the tone, The Avengers showed what could be possible if superheroes formed a team and now GOTG is gonna be the point where the seeds for The Avengers 2 and the entirety of Phase Three are planted.

    This film will expose a bigger picture in the same way that actual first contact would in reality if we had definitive proof that we weren’t alone in the universe. That’s how epic and important this movie will be.

  13. Shut up and take my money!

  14. GotG could be the be all end all of CBM’s. This thing sounds like it has everything you could want. It’s shaping up to be a cross between Star Wars and The Avengers.
    I cannot wait for this.

    • and you’re figuring this out now lol

      • @ Guardian Outlaw

        I know, right?!

        I never really realized thx sheer scope of this thing before now.

        • Welcome to the Cosmic side of things, Stark.

  15. Man, just looking at that list of movies Marvel has coming is mind blowing, one right after another, all at key dates. Awesome, just awesome. Marvel has momentum and isn’t slowing down at all!

  16. More unnecessary character additions and still no Adam Warlock or Nova…

    I’m getting worried

    • @ D. Balls

      Don’t worry, it’s Marvel, they know what they’re doing. Besides, those characters might be in there, and we just haven’t heard about it yet.

    • I have a feeling Lee Pace will be Adam Warlock. He knows how to dawn the long hair.

      Rumor has it we’re getting the Nova Corps so there is no worries there. We might not see Rich or Sam this time around but it’ll happen eventually in epic proportions.

      After all if Dey is still alive for this film, that means he hasn’t given his powers to Rich yet. That could be a possible end credit scene for Guardians.

      • ^This

  17. Alright Stark, put it back in your pants lol

    • @ D. Balls

      I’m trying!

  18. I just saw Karen Gillan in Hollywood last week in a sleeveless top and tight pants. She’s very beautiful, but she’s got arms like pipe cleaners. She’s got her work cut out for her. It’s going to hurt too.

  19. The trailer for her first post-Who movie (Not Another Happy Ending) confirms that she is indeed very, very beautiful, but also incredibly skinny. She’s 5’11″ yet she cannot possibly weigh more than 120 pounds.

  20. Y’know, if this whole movie were combined with “Iron Chef”, it would look like an explosion in the salad bowl! What a mish-mash!

  21. Okay I officially have no idea what they are doing here. Which is kind of exciting, frankly.

    Never would have expected to see Angela in any movie, much less this one.

  22. They needed someone for Gamora to have a cat-fight with.

  23. Every news I hear about this movie just makes it sound better and better! bring it on! This will be awesome.


  25. Didn’t she shave her head for the movie? if she’s playing Angela what was the point?

    • I think she will be Nebula.