Kevin Feige Talks ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ ‘Doctor Strange’ & Marvel Phase Three

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gotg Kevin Feige Talks Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange & Marvel Phase Three

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to enter Phase Two with the imminent release of Iron Man 3. Tony Stark’s latest adventure may be faced with higher expectations following The Avengers, but by far the riskiest film of the bunch will be Guardians of the Galaxy.

Featuring a set of characters largely unknown to most moviegoers, the film has been rapidly coming together in anticipation of its 2014 release. Thus far, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista and possibly Zoe Saldana are leading the film’s cast, with the story set to take place almost entirely in space. It will mark the first and only non-sequel of Phase Two, and its performance will likely affect Marvel’s willingness to take chances with its future film projects.

Kevin Feige, producer and head of Marvel Studios, recently spoke to Italian magazine Best Movie (via Comic Book Movie) about why the studio decided to add Guardians to the Phase Two roster:

“[For a] long time that we wanted to bring in a movie and adventure set entirely in space. We immediately liked the idea of making a movie based on a comic mostly unknown by people [...] that present[ed] various superheroes in one movie.

“Although it’s set up from another part of the universe, a human will be in a superhero role of Peter Quill, played by Chris Pratt. There will be lots of characters: from a sexy warrior to an animated tree [to] a raccoon with a gun. It’s a unique franchise and we are pleased that it’s so different from what we have done so far.”

With Guardians among the last Phase Two entries to go into production, Marvel has already begun looking ahead at Phase Three. According to Feige, at least some of the established characters will re-appear in the form of additional sequels.

“Currently, the third phase is still developing. 99.9% of our time is used for Phase 2, the development of ‘The Avengers 2′ and the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ keeps us very busy. Definitely we’re not leaving aside the old glories and we can also see familiar faces such as Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.”

However, fans shouldn’t expect just more of the same, as several new heroes will be brought to life as well, including Edgar Wright’s long-discussed Ant-Man film. Feige, for one, is more excited about adding another much-anticipated hero to the mix.

Dr. Strange Marvel Movie Kevin Feige Talks Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange & Marvel Phase Three

“Dr. Strange! I love the aura of mystery that surrounds this superhero and the magical world that surrounds him. We’ve never faced anything like this and there is a lot of material that we could exploit. I would love to also see a new superhero in the ranks of the Avengers. We shall see!”

Phase Three isn’t scheduled to come around until after the release of The Avengers 2 in May 2015, and Dr. Strange has not yet officially received a release date. In the meantime, fans have several new Marvel projects to anticipate.

Which upcoming Marvel film are you most looking forward to, and what new heroes would you like to see added to Phase Three? Let us know in the comments section.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3rd, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.


Source: Best Movie [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. I really hope Aidan Gillen is cast as Doctor Strange. Littlefinger from Game of Thrones reminds me of Doctor Strange so much.

    Doesn’t really have anything to do with anything on here, I just felt like I needed to say it haha

    • I could see him pulling it off :D

    • that’s awesome! i thought jim caviezel a while back. but aidan gillen looks the part

    • Although I couldn’t get into Game of Thrones I would definitely agree on having Aidan Gillen as Dr Strange.

    • not to sound trite, but I like the idea of a super cool doctor strange working as a modern physicist or mathematician being played by Michael Fassbender or some one equally as smooth. I want to see a calm and cool Dr. Strange who is in control of the information of our world and the world beyond. Like the opposite of Tony Stark, a man who rose up from nothing despite the infinite powers he had obtained, being a humble man who was in awe of the beauty of the unknown and strange that almost no one else has access too. It would give him some humanity despite his superman like abilities when it comes to the magical realm.

    • I could see Nic Cage as Strange

    • I have been saying this for months about Aiden Gillen. Nice to see others who share the same sentiment.

  2. Dr. Strange is truly good news. Could be incredible. I know he is massively busy but Del Toro for Dr. Strange please.

    • I also like your idea to. It would be weird and has interesting possibilities.

    • Michael Bay could really put some action to the whole Magic thing

  3. I can’t wait for a dr strange movie! He would be awesome in the avengers. Battling with Thor! Can’t wait.

    Looking forward now to guardians. Wasn’t at first but the casting has really won me over so far. Chris Pratt is great. And if the rumours are true Zoe Saldana is great as well! I’d watch her in anything!

    • Only 2 characters have certainly been cast, and only one of them I can agree with. Dave Bautista as THE DUDE DESTINED TO TAKE DOWN THANOS? I DON’T THINK SO. WORST CASTING DECISION SO FAR.

      • I agree. It’s why I said Chris Pratt and the runoured Zoe Saldana

      • @ LUTHOR

        Have you ever read the GotG comics?
        Bautista is a perfect choice.
        Who would you have chosen?

        • Vin Diesel?

        • The Rock would have been better, but Bautista is fine.

  4. I hope Black Panther is secretly a part of Phase 3 along with Strange & Lame-Man, a BP movie is long overdue. If they were smart, they’d introduce him at the end of The Winter Soldier.

    • Lame man? You mean Antman who plays a big part of the avengers in the comics? Who can also change size? Yeah I guess he’s “lame” and a girl with just pistols and a guy with a bow isn’t lame at all (not hating on hawkeye, he’s one of my favorites)

      • You sound a little upset, i hope i didn’t hurt your feelings. I meant Lame-Man, I don’t care how big of a part he plays in the comics. I just don’t like him, deal with it & I’d take hawkeye over the ant anyday.

        • Take it easy dude why ant man will be awesome one name Edgar wright he’s an amazing director he respects and loves the character and I have faith in his directing skills did you like Scott pilgrim?shaun of the dead?hot fuzz?

          • Pretty sure hawkeye couldn’t even land an arrow on antman, just saying

            • Don’t worry, based on his previous comments, Norrin has crap taste in everything.

              • Hmmmmmmm, so you stalk me?

                • “Don’t worry, based on his previous comments, Norrin has crap taste in everything.”

                  Or he just scrolled up?

                • Lol

                  • Doesn’t antman talk to the ants just as Aquaman talks to the fish?

              • @ Cave-ish man


            • Ant-Man would ride Hawkeye´s arrow like a b*tch.

              • As he did in season one of earths mightiest heroes…

          • Seriously, ‘Hot Fuzz’ is what convinced me. Edgar has the potential to deliver on Ant-Man. The question is how will the story he brings to the screen work its way into the Marvel whole? What I think is that what we’ve heard isn’t totally accurate and that the ‘Ant-Man’ film will integrate better into Marvel plans than we’re led to believe. Unlike us Marvel’s planners Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige have the long range covered and we’ll just have to wait till the curtain of silence comes up. Until then…

        • Howard the Duck was done and done badly already

        • Not liking a character is one thing. Saying a character is lame is another one. You don’t like him, fine. Just stop being disrespectful to those who do like him, please.

          And for the record, refering to a character as “lame-man” is disrespectful to his fans, just so you know.

    • Dude, Ant-man, is not just ant-man, you get henry Pym, you also get the best biochemist in the marvel universe, giant-man, Goliath, and Yellow Jacket. add to that both giant-man and goliath can be dual identies, and all of his alter-egos(ant-man included have been taken up by later heroes as well(and one or two villians….) there is a lot more to him than what you would think

      @nintendo Zapper
      in the comics Strange was a neuro-surgeon, you cant get much higher up in that, and part of his back story is that he is humbled by the loss of skill(ie his hands were mangled in an acident) to go seek out the man who would give him his powers. also medical is good, as neuro-surgeon is near the top(heck even back in the day Thor’s alter ego was Donald Blake, practicing doctor)

  5. Certainly hope black panther will be part of phase 3. Marvel cannot continue to ignore this character! Somehow in some shape or form, the panther needs to be included in the Marvel cinematic universe.

  6. black panther,ms marvel,vision,sentry in avengers 3
    daredevil,luke cage,iron fist,moon knight in heroes for hire
    blade,daimon hellstrom,ghostrider in a different team-up

  7. Black panther has to be announced eventually he needs to be in phase 3 he’s such a great character and not sure what other characters

    • I’m sorry but Black Panther is just a black Batman.

      • -_- hes is not that moany whinger guy. why would you even say that? he is a king and has better tech than batman.

      • He’s not even close to batman in any respect. What exactly are you referring to?

        • Most people approximate Black Panther to Batman to the non-comic reader as he has no powers, and instead relies on tech. While this is partially fallacious (The heart-herb thing that all Black Panthers have to eat enhances their physical prowess to peak human condition, if you count that) Black Panther also isn’t so much into gear as Batman is, since her primarily just uses his suit and a little bit of tech, after all, his suit and claws are vibranium, so that’s all he really needs to put up a fight against most people. That isn’t to say he doesn’t use tech, but he doesn’t have the arsenal of B-man.

          • Also, Batman isn´t the king of a country. I´m not really a fan of both characters but BP > Batman.

            • It really depends on who is writing the characters at the time for me. Batman has had some great stories, like the Long Halloween and The Killing Joke, but he’s also had some stinkers like All-Star B-Man. Black Panther tends to be more consistent in terms of writing, but he’s had his moments as well.

      • With worst armory and suit

      • Black Panther is not just a black Batman……are even serious with that comment?

  8. damn. i forgot all about strange. phase 3, magic. dormammu could be his villain?

  9. @Norrin How can you say that Ant-Man is lame? He’s light years ahead of Black Panther to be honest.

    • Not that I’m defending Norrin, cause I’m not (I don’t agree with him at all), but I don’t think we should say others’ favourite superheroes are lame. It just adds oil to the fire, to be honest.

      My favourite superhero is Ant-Man/Giant-Man. He’s a great character, he’s human, he’s made mistakes, and he’s been working hard to amend himself for years (more so than he should, if you want my opinion). People who think he’s lame just because of his name are probably ignorant of the character himself. I think his powers are awesome, he’s one of the smartest men on the planet, he invents all sort of gadgets… So, yes it sorta irritates me when I read that he’s lame, especially based on close to nothing to support that fact, except a name or things people read on the net (often distorted).

      Having said that, I don’t think Black Panther is lame. He’s not my favourite hero, but he’s loved by a lot of people, so he can’t be lame ;-) I don’t know him that well, so I can’t make a comment. It’s not a contest between superheroes, you know. I don’t go around commenting on people who want Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch in a movie, saying that they’re lame. They are not. I just don’t like them. I would give my opinion on them, but I know some people would get upset, so I’ll just say I don’t like them, and that’s all ;-)

      • @ Mary Jay

  10. I’d really like to see Iron Fist and Luke Cage done. Seeing that the oriental aspects were used for Iron Man I really think that Iron Fist and Luke Cage should be the next Marvel movie in the theaters. Another idea that comes to mind should be Adam Warlock!!!

    • I for one could really go for a Power Man (Luke Cage)/Iron Fist buddy hero flick. I always did kind of like them as a duo in the Heroes For Hire adventures in the comics.

  11. When is Deadpool slated to release?

    • They’re still in discussion as the writers want a hard R rated movie. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

  12. In terms of heroes we have NOT seen yet I would definitely like to see, including the ones already confirmed and ones who should be REBOOTED into the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, Vision, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Nova, Daredevil, Spider- Woman, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. They may not get their own movie, but they can be introduced into the MCU somehow.

    • They should put some of the midlevel characters in the S>H>I>E>L>D> TV show.

      • S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show, I meant.

    • well, unfortunately for you, you’re not going to get spider-man, x-men, fantastic four, or ghost rider in any MCU film since the film rights are owned by fox and sony. unless we get some cross studio production, which is about as likely to happen as being hit by lightning while on a plane just after winning the lottery for the 3rd time

  13. Its a terrible thought but theyre not gonna make Avengers movies forever

    • Sorry….i forgot about remakes,reboots,n other hollywood redos

      • its funny cause they cant just simply reboot any of these movies. its part of a universe so they need to reboot the WHOLE thing. unless they go an alternate universe like ultimate but thats too confusing to have two versions at the same time.

        i wonder what will happen in 20 years cause i dont think it will last longer. maybe they can get spiderman back and have new avengers with wolverine an other characters.

      • Six to nine years from now is still a decent span of time to not have to worry about that in.

  14. Timothy Olyphant for Dr. Strange!!!

  15. NOBODY can just make reboots and remakes of MARVEL property! THEY HAVE THE RIGHTS so I dont think they will be giving away any more any time soon!! they will KEEP CASHING IN AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!

    Viggo Mortenson HAS to be Dr. Strange!
    I would rather see antman ANYDAY over DA BLACK PANTHER, he sounds VERY LAME
    I dont know much abput him but Marvel dont seem too hip on having a Black superhero anytime soon!!
    BUT in all actuallity I do think he will be announced at Comic Con this year, maybe 2014 CC, I do think they know how bad the fans are clammoring for BP and I think they will oblige, Unless they can come up with someone better…. say another HULK movie! would be way more hyped for that than BP IMO

      • thats funny

      • Seriously, you judge the lameness of a superhero based on his name? Wow…

    • Last time i checked marvel has put the black version of nick fury in a film. War Machine and Falcon will be in the next captain america movie. They seem fine with black superheores to me, they are just cautious about one leading a film,which is b.s. because the blade movies did fine.

  16. Okay…so when will they say anything about Luke Cage and the Immortal Iron Fist?

  17. I’m more concerned about how the antagonists fit in to this whole thing. Is there a bigger issue with the Mandarin and the whole cosmic disorder that looks like is on the horizon? Something is very likely to come out of Thor’s dark world adventure and of course G.O.G. is going to propel the arc to Thanos’s home ground..

    However, It’s one thing to introduce new heroes but since this whole thing seems to have an overarching arc it would make sense to introduce characters that carry that arc forward. I want to see a Black Panther movie as much as anyone but how does his character fit into this big arc? Sure his country has some high tech resources that might propel the heroes to victory but will Marvel go that way? If he is to become a key player then a movie is justified but is he really?

    Finally you have the sorcerer supreme angle and while he can be made to fit into this arc, more importantly than Black Panther, the question is still will he and how?

    • *cough* Vibranium *cough*

      • well yeah Scapegoat that’s kind of a given. That’s why I mentioned Hi-tech resources but there has to be more to it than just that. They have to go deeper and does that lead us to a comic series that they would draw from or are we just talking cameo here…

  18. Here are the heroes I want to see introduced ASAP in The Avengers: Goliath (Hank Pym, blue/yellow uniform), Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. Eventually the Inhumans movie might be OK, and I probably would not beef too much about Black panther and Vision eventually showing up, plus maybe the black gal who was Captain Marvel for awhile, but those are way further down the road. Let’s do those first four first.
    Of course, they have to have somebody on the other side of the balance sheet to fight, so how about those Skrulls everyone was hoping for, plus Ultron, Kang, and Whirlwind (The Human Top)? That would be a good start for the baddies. And having Mandarin actually mix it up man to man with Iron Man, magical/science-based zap rings and all, would be a sight worth eating triple-movie-theater-popcorn for!!

  19. I read somewhere in a *recent* article (and not LR) that they’re still considering an Inhumans movie, Game of Thrones style. So it seems that’s still up in the air somewhere.

    • And they’d probably put that before a Black Panther movie.

  20. Iron Fist and Luke Cage movie seems like it could be done without a huge FX budget too.

  21. In Iron Man 2, there was a hint at Atlantis on a S.H.I.E.L.D. There is also a reference to Atlantis being discovered on Ivan Vanko’s workshop wall in Russia.
    Considering his relation to Captain America, I think Namor the Submariner is not far away…

    • *on a S.H.I.E.L.D. target map*

      • On the same map Wakanda was also spotted, for that matter…

  22. “It will mark the first and only non-sequel of Phase Two” is said in this article about ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ but this statement is not in fact true. If anyone has seen the concept art from the Marvel Phase 1 Collectors Box Set then they would know that it shows concept art of Ant-Man. Now the concept art is meant to be a preview/sneak peak at Marvel Phase 2 therefore that should mean Ant-Man will be part of phase 2 making Guardians of the Galaxy not the only non-sequel of Marvel’s phase 2.

    • More than likely mistake considering it was already confirmed as a phase 3 project.

    • Ben, you’re wrong. Any Man is consideted a part of Phase 3.

  23. i hope all the talk of no planet hulk movie is bs just to throw people off b/c a planet hulk movie (or movies) would be awesome.

    plus it would lead to an even more epic avengers movie where hulk is a bad guy wrecking everyone (and thing) with his alien buddies :D

    on that note, i think ultron might be the villain in avengers 3 seeing as how they’re introducing pym who was the one behind ultron (i smell a ultron easter egg in the antman movie) as well as the wasp (no doubt she’ll be in the antman movie even if just mentioned).

    • I agree, i think they should do a Planet Hulk film and after a Civil War-ish type film thats happening at the same time that would be Avengers 3 and have that be a two-part movie that concludes with WWH

  24. Said it first, Guardian will NOT flop. Basing it on the fact that it is a Marvel movie and peps that saw the. Avengers and other Marvel movies will check it out based on curiosity.

    • There going to have to have something pretty clever with the marketing to connect Guardians to Avengers.

      • Doesn’t sound too hard to do that. They are already doing that in the Comics “NOW!”

      • That would be fairly easy really. In the trailer you would just have a voice over saying “from the studio that brought you The Avengers, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America” whilst showing clips of these characters at the same time. It would take no more than 3 seconds in a trailer too. Maybe a sneaky line from RDJ saying in his sarcastic way “yeah, they know what they’re doing” (although this is less likely to happen). Hats off to Marvel really, they introduced the audience to easier to grasp characters first and will then use those ones to market the new ones they wish to introduce. I would have always considered myself a DC fan if push came to shove, but I really have enjoyed reading online more about Marvel Comics. Phase 2 should be quality!!

        • “From the creators of this amazing movie that had all of the characters you love… comes this other movie that has none of the previous guys but that is going to be cool also.


          The Leader
          The Wrestler
          An Ent
          A muppet-raccoon Han Solo

          And Neytiri”

      • * ahem!* (switch to movie guy voice)” from the studio that brought you the avengers, comes the story of a band of mis-fits…”, yada yada yada, it will do just fine, imo.

  25. I think a Thunderbolts movie would be sweet. With Red Hulk, Punisher, Venom, Deadpool and Electra. It’d be cool to have an anti hero team who doesnt have to follow the rules all the time. Maybe even add Wolverine in there. You can tie it to Incredible Hulk with Thunderbolt Ross. I also really want a Daredevil reboot. Matt Murdoch is a great character. In the comics DD and Spider-man team up a lot but I guess since DD is no longer at FOX they couldnt do a DD/ASM movie

  26. Heroes for hire. I want that movie to happen sooo bad. Seriously, Marvel for like $30 million you can make that movie and have Luke Cage beating dudes to a pulp. PLEASE….

  27. I have to say I am actually probably most excited for guardians of the galaxy do to how different it is and star lord is one of my favorite heroes ever

  28. Phase 2: Can’t wait for Guardians of the Galaxy!!

    Phase 3: They should add a Nova movie.

  29. Is Marvel trying to just airbrush The Hulk out of any further movies ?! Coz that’s what it’s starting to look like.

    • Apparently he’ll play a crucial part in Avengers 2. And for all we know, he could still show up in some of the Phase 2 movies (cameos).

      I’d like another Hulk movie just as much as the next fan. They still need to do something with the Leader, and Planet Hulk is a great story to do as well.

      But I think with Marvel having limited resources, there’s a reason why they’re not making another Hulk film RIGHT NOW.
      If they’re gonna bring in some new characters (GotG, Ant-Man, Dr Strange, & hopefully Black Panther and Ms Marvel) and still make sequels to all the popular films, that leaves very little space/money for more Hulk movies… and seeing as TIH only made about half of what THOR and Cap:TFA made, I can see why they’re putting their focus on those characters, even though Hulk was (imo) one of the main reasons why The Avengers was so fantastic, critically and financially.

      Hopefully in the future though… I’m counting on Phase 3 being Hulk’s time again.

      • Marvel make movies only about Superheros not about world in which they live.
        That why they don’t need great Director , writers and cast except Main heros and Villains.