Is Marvel Studios Going Cosmic Post-Avengers?

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Over the last several days, The Avengers and its buzz-worthy cast have been making headlines thanks to new photos and images from Entertainment Weekly. While these character shots provide fans a closer look at their favorite live-action Marvel superheroes, there was something even more interesting in the magazine.

Two weeks ago, Chris Evans spoke of his long-term contract with Marvel Studios and his expectations for when he will play Steve Rogers/Captain America again after The Avengers, revealing that it likely wouldn’t be until 2014. If the latest news turns out to be accurate, it could be even longer…

Within The Avengers cover issue of EW was some info about the upcoming slate of Marvel Studios projects, something we at Screen Rant have been speculating and discussing for a very long time. But first, here’s what we know is coming up for certain:


  • The Avengers (May 4)
  • Runaways (canned)


  • Iron Man 3 (May 3)
  • Thor 2 (July 26)


  • Unknown (May 16)
  • Unknown (June 27)

The Marvel Studios plan was to have two major feature films debut during the summer blockbuster season each year. As we know, the lesser known Runaways was put on hold/canned so 2012 is only seeing one Marvel release. Runaways was to be directed by Peter Sollett off a screenplay from Drew Pearce. Pearce – who’s now working with Shane Black on Iron Man 3 – says the script is done and Marvel is happy with it, but that it was pushed to make way for all the focus to be placed on The Avengers. He’s hopeful Runaways can still happen post-Avengers but they’re going to be hard-pressed to find a slot for it in their production schedule as it stands.

According to the EW report, after listing Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, they say we can expect Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans next. Not what you expected?

With only two slots for 2014, the obvious assumption would be that Marvel Studios would use these for Captain America 2 and The Avengers 2, so either they’re going to add another movie or two for 2014 or it’s going to be a long wait for more Chris Evans as the star-spangled Avenger.

What this also means is that there’s still no word on Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Heroes for Hire and other secondary characters who fans have been waiting years for. The Avengers is likely acting as a launch pad of sorts, to push the interconnected franchise even deeper into the Marvel cosmic universe.

I wrote about the realistic possibility of Guardians of the Galaxy becoming a viable film for Marvel due to some rumors related to it and The Avengers but it does seem strange that they’d go for very obscure Marvel characters and an entirely new cast instead of the safe bets with spin-offs or sequels to their existing characters and/or the introduction of other better-known heroes.

This is also not the first time we heard about The Inhumans as six months ago, a logline was spotted which detailed the potential plot of an Inhumans movie: “aliens who were put on Earth as sleeper cell aliens to eventually call back their race to take over the planet. Ultimately, the group of aliens fully assimilates and don’t want to cause war.”

Inhumans Movie News 570x356 Is Marvel Studios Going Cosmic Post Avengers?

Both Guardians and Inhumans can (and will if true) tie into The Avengers since the origins of the Inhumans date back to when the Kree experimented on pre-historic humans in an attempt to examine their own evolution and create soldiers in their war against the Skrulls (Avengers villains). Guardians of the Galaxy on the other hand, will be based on the the 2008 revamped comic series which includes characters such as Adam Warlock and Quasar who have both been rumored for appearances in The Avengers.

As for Ant-Man, Edgar Wright told us at Comic-Con in July that another draft of the script was handed in and they have concept art done but with his record, there’s still no telling when that movie will see the light of day.

Either way, there is a lot to look forward to. We just don’t know what yet.

For now, we await The Avengers, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

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  1. I really want to see Marvel movie ahead with Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and The Runaways. Marvel should release at least 3 films a year, maybe even 4. I dont mind if Marvel makes GotG or Inhumans as long as they make Black Panther and Dr. Strange. Marvel should set The Runaways for a late 2013 release like Thanksgiving. Antman would be a hard sell to audiences. Here’s what I think it will end up:

    2013: Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Runaways
    2014: Captain America 2, GotG/Inhumans, Antman (like I said it would be a hard sell, so possibly direct to dvd maybe)
    2015: Black Panther, Avengers 2, Dr. Strange

      • sorry to take this off topic but…

        speaking of Marvel animated… which animated movies/series would you recommend Avenger? I love the “earth’s mightiest heros” and was abot ot pick up Hulk vs. Anymore you recommend? I already own all of the old X-men animated…

        sorry to be off topic…

          • I like the Marvel knights motion comics too. Thor: Blood brothers, Iron Man – Extremis, Black Panther,Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D. and Astonishing X-Men: Gifted.

        • I like the two Hulk Vs (Wolverine/Thor). My son and I can watch the Deadpool clips over and over… Youtube search them.

          For some Strange reason I was not able to finish the Dr. Strange one. I was on vacation when I picked it up and watched part in the hotel but never got around to finishing it….

          The Ultimate Avengers (as TA suggests) is fairly decent. Some of their best work IMO.

          Next Avengers is the ‘kids’ right TA? I just couldnt get into that….

          • Oh and Spectacular Spiderman. To date (IMO) best Spiderman. Only 2 series though which sucks.

          • Yup. “Next Avengers” is the one about the Avengers’ children (the one about the kids). I didn’t enjoy it that much either, but for Avengers fans it’s still a pretty decent movie…

            You mentioned that you can watch the Deadpool scenes from Hulk Vs. over and over again? Me too! 😉 — best portrayal of Deadpool yet! (besides the books of course).

            • Rock-a-bye bang! IF they can only transfer that to a Deadpool movie.

    • shouldn’t ant man be in avengers he was one of the first avengers even before captain America im also wish spider man was in it

  2. I just want the Deadpool movie…

  3. Inhumans might be good. I know I want to see more Marvel movies (expand the studios, so they can be turned out faster without rushing production and wrecking quality). I want to see Avengers become a trilogy, more Iron man, and speaking of Avengers, the introduction into the franchise of Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, and Goliath (Hank Pym) for the good guys, and Mandarin, Ultron, and Kang for the bad guys. I’d also like to see X-men with Cyclops again in a bigger role, maybe against the Sentinels, and fantastic Foiur against The Frightful Four (wizard, Sandman, Trapster, and Medusa). And I want to see spiderman vs. Electro, Scorpion, Mysterion, and possibly Morbius (if he is not too much for the kiddies). Of course, we might be reaching into strange territories in some cases (rebots, different studios holding rights, etc.). Dr. Strange and Moon Knight might also figure into my universe, as well as Heroes For Hire (Power Man & Iron Fist). Ah, so many desires, so little time and money…!

  4. Liam Neeson or Brad Pitt for Dr. Strange!
    Michael Jai White as Black Panther with an appearance by Wesley Snipes as the Black Panther before T’Challa (his dad?), or as a Henri Ducard type who trains T’Challa.
    Nathan Fillion for Ant-Man?

    • I wouldn’t have MJW play BP because IMHO he’s too big. I would like to see Dijmon Honsu (the black guy from Gladiator (not sure of the spelling)) play the father. And I thought Snipes was still in jail?

  5. Robert Downey as Doc Strange maybe. Similar look and origin. A vain arrogant man is injured and slowy recovers becoming a better person in the process. Maybe RDJ could add a little humor to an otherwise stiff character.

    • Errr… but he already plays Iron Man in the same continuity…

      That idea would just lead to a fan-frenzy… I can see it now: fans grabbing pitchforks, torches, and replica lightsabers, running through Marvel HQ, destroying everything in their path!
      Oh the terror!
      The geeky terror! :(

      Nah, Liam Neeson all the way IMO.

      • too similar to a role he’s already done in Batman…arrogant rich dude who gets humbled by the Universe to find his true and greater purpose…

        • Seriously?
          I see no resemblance…

    • Actually RDJ IS a good match for the Sorcerer Supreme. Kind of like how Reynolds fits pretty well for being the Flash or Deadpool (and kind of Hal Jordan).

      Unfortunately, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to reuse the same actor because of the confusion it would probably cause (I know people will cite the Evans, Cap. vs Jonny Storm thing, but I consider that an anomaly that should not be tried too often). Plus I think Liam Neeson is THE best match because of his screen presence, physical height, and great voice (It’s gonna be hard to pull off some of those incantations without sounding cheesy)

        • I’m not sure about Dempsey as Strange. I can’t judge his acting, really (never watched Grey’s Anatomy, don’t ever plan on it) but he was pretty good in Transformers 3. I do like, however, his enthusiasm and interest in Dr. Strange. Maybe he’ll do a lot of research if he gets the part and does great.

          • Dr Strange always reminded me of an actor from the 30s 0r 40s when they all had pencil mustaches. Guys like Errol Flynn or Douglas Fairbanks would have been great as the character. Can’t think of anyone like that today though.

            • As strange as it is I could see Jude Law treating Dr. Strange well. I’m not even that crazy about strange but for some reason that fits to me.

              • Nice thing about the Doc is he doesn’t need to be buff or powerful looking. A tall skinny actor could play him. Maybe that guy who was in King Kong. Adrian Brody. He sorta has an old time actor look to him. I always thought he’d be great as “The Shadow” That hook nose is perfect for the roll. heh

                • Dude… no 😉
                  Brody looks nothing like Strange…

                  I’m completely against the idea of Dempsy portraying Strange, but at least he kinda looks like him (and as CaptainAmerica said, at least he’s enthusiastic about the role)

    • A few years ago, a younger Bruce Campbell would have been a great Dr. Strange.

    • Actually RDJ as Doc Strange would normally be a spot on fit, he has the look, charisma, screen presence and flair for the dramatics. Only one problem, he’s already Tony Stark, and since the marvel movies all connect in someway, it would not be possible.

  6. They really need to make a movie for Luke Cage. I’m pretty sure There’s never been a black superhero.

    • You mean in the movies? I think that one Will Smith played was about it. There were some silly ones like Meteor Man and Blankman. But never a straight forward honest to god superhero. I think if you were going to do it he should be treated as a hero who happens to be black but it has no bearing on anything. A hero is a hero. His race is unimportant.

      • Spawn


    • blade not considered a super hero?

      • He’s an Anti-hero.

      • I never really saw him as a superhero. He just kills vampires. More of a horror character than superhero.

  7. do ant man at the movie of avengers

  8. does marvel not own the rights to spider-man? does sony?

    i wish we could see the web slinger in the same movie as some of the avengers, or better yet ad some mutants in the mix.

    i know that this request is probably a licensing fiasco, but come on, give the people what they want haha

  9. seriously,GOTG? does anyone want to see a talking raccoon? go with the original GOTG group instead.

    • totally agreed….

      original guardians would work better…and the easter eggs they could put in there would be incredible

      if they decide to go with the ‘new’ team i wont bother going to see it unless the ‘original’ guardians are in there somewhere…have respect for the fans that have been guardians fans since 1990 or earlier!

  10. if guardians comes out with none of the original characters marvel can go **** themselves…you cant have a guardians with at least some of the original elements.

  11. Black Panther takes the first 2014 slot.
    Doctor Strange takes the second 2014 slot.

    Runaways comes out on a later date, or later that year.

    Antman & Wasp are just more of Marvels ‘BUG’ related heroes so leave them for supporting roles in later films like the Black Widow and Hawkeye. Particularly Avengers 2. Marvel uses the Avengers series as a spring board to bring the characters together, up the stakes of the universe, tie-in new characters with old, and mainly make a major killing at the box office every 4 years or so. Treating Avengers films as an ‘event’ of sorts that changes the ‘era’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Adding two characters and 2 sequels inbetween Avengers films. The event status that the movies have mean they takeup most of the resource for the studio to ensure they’re success, so just Avengers that year.
    The first era is beginnings, the second post Avengers 1 is Space or Magic, depending on the films development cycle. (The only downside is the time between movies and recasting of actors.)

    Seperate from that is the darker Punisher and Ghoster Rider movies, and ‘All Ages’ Spiderman and possibly Runaways movies that are not related.

    This is ideal.

    • They may not be YOUR favorites but, Black Panther, Runaways, Xmen, and ‘Outer Space’ marvel is ALL that I buy from there comics. The normal classic caps and street level heros lost my interest years ago.

      And its a good business move. Right now the movies don’t have an African lead character, and Runaways was big with all ages market so both would being something knew to the Marvel Cinamatic Universe. And Strange is classic too.

      Ghost Rider did well enough to get a second film.

    • I have to diagree with you to an extent, i think Doctor Strange and Black Panther would be pretty cool on the big screen. I do think Doctor Strange would a have better chance at success based on the fact that dark magic and the supernatural always seem to have an appeal to people. I think Black Panther needs to be introduced in Avengers 2. Now i’m not absolutely sure Black Panther could carry his own film, but the best way to do that, would be to introduce him in the Avengers sequel in my opinion. I’m not sure about Black Panther on the big screen, but Doc Strange you’re wrong about,Scorcery, Dark magic and Marvel/Disney putting their weight behind it, are you kidding.

  12. I’m admittedly not as well versed in GOTG canon as I should be,but as as an avid Marvel fan,I hope a proper film adaptation is done. “The Inhumans”,on the other hand,is one I’m VERY familiar with-and THAT has the potential to be AWESOME!!! Take your time and get it right,Marvel!

  13. Finally! Marvel is getting on track…for the longest time I’ve been saying people are SICK AND TIRED of origins of Superhero’s, and remakes… I’ve prayed that peter jackson would take a marvel story like the infinity gauntlet and turn it into a 3 part movie that is actually worthy of oscar talk.. i truly hope something like that comes in the future.

  14. 2013: Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Dr. Strange (Maybe June or November)
    2014: Captain America 2, The Incredible Hulk (with Ruffalo & TBN as Leader) or Ant-Man
    2015: Avengers 2, Black Panther.

    Don’t really care for Runaways

  15. It should be noted that the Quasar that has been rumored to appear in “The Avengers” and the character that appeared regularly in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ are not the same character.

    One is Wendell Vaughn who was a lowly SHIELD agent and then the first earth man to be appointed Protector of the Universe.

    The other is the cloned daughter of the Kree hero Captain Mar-Vell to took over Wendell’s mantle when he was temporarly dead.

  16. I would rather see Black Panther be introduced with the Avengers rather than his own movie because many people don’t follow his origin or story arc, so a movie based solely on BP would and could be a disaster. However, if done right, he could great with the Avengers and could be played by Michael Jai White. Unless Will Smith would be willing to portray the King of Wakanda.

  17. I’m all for a big screen adaptation of “The Inhumans” AS LONG AS THE SOURCE MATERIAL IS RESPECTED. It’s very easy for something like this to turn into a colossal disaster ala “The Green Lantern” in the wrong hands. Avi,take note-but more importantly,TAKE YOUR TIME in developing a worthy flick.

    • Couldn’t happen without the Fantastic Four. So an Inhumans can’t be on true to the source.

  18. If they do a Gaurdians movie I hope its the original that I remember. Vance Astro, Yondu, Martinex,and Charlie 27 (Charlie was my favorite Guardian) Not some walking talking Fox. I guess Im just old school. Other then More Avengers, Thor and IM movies if i had my choice as too what movies to make I would go with Hero’s for Hire or the Submariner.

    • 100% agree with you!
      Plus it would be cool to see a superhero movie set in the future

  19. I can see Black Panther as a movie that focuses on him being a head-of-state and bringing a political angle to the movie. A Dr. Strange film with Nightmare, Dormammu, Eternity, and/or some of the other supernatural elements would really allow Marvel to differentiate it from other film properties and do something original. I’m most excited for GotG. I would hope they’d introduce Nova in that film as well and spin that off; Marvel could show DC how a space-cop superhero movie is done right.

  20. Death’s Head, yes?

    Perfect character for a dark sci-fi comedy.

    If not his own movie, he’d be the perfect anti-hero guest character in an Avengers sequel.

  21. Obviously 2012-2013 is set in stone with Avengers, Iron Man 3 & Thor 2. I agree with the general consensus on the slate for 2014-2015. I hear what the publicist is saying in this article, Marvel does indeed have a busy line of movies coming down the pipe, but he’s a little wrong on Cap 2. Captain America is now an established hit property, no way Marvel throws unestablished lesser known charcters in front of Cap 2, a well known character and now a proven hit property. Cap 2 will be in thethers by 2014, trust me on this. Outside of the sequels, i’m most looking forward to Doctor Strange, Galaxy Of The Guardians & Inhumans. I believe Black Panther will most likely be introduced in Avengers 3 or possibly Avengers 2 alongside Hank Pym & Wasp.

  22. Cary Elwes As Doctor Strange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Realistically, it’s probably going to be the announced Nick Fury and Doctor Strange films.

    Nick Fury is kind of a given, considering he’s been appearing (in the form of Samuel L Jackson/Ultimates version) so much in the other films and will be appearing in The Avengers, a backstory film for him is inevitable, probably depending on how well The Avengers does.

    Doctor Strange, if after the Avengers they have something after the credits (they better, I was sorely disappointed with X Men: First Class not having anything) it may involve him, considering I don’t think it’s likely to be something relating to a film centring on Fury’s background, that would be weird.

    I don’t think it’s likely the two supposedly ‘unknown’ films are comic series that the general public knows of. That’s probably why there’s been so much trouble with Deadpool – how well would he sell to people who don’t even read comics? People who probably accepted Wolverine: Origins’ horrible version of him? People who would probably not bat an eyelid if it was released under the title (mentioned on imdb); “X Men Origins: Deadpool”?
    I really don’t think not as well known groups and series would sell as well to people who don’t read comics – and that’s ultimately who the company wants to please as well as the rest of us who do read the comics; sadly, they cannot just direct their films at just us, they won’t make enough money.

  24. they forgot about captain Brittan, and his team