Is Marvel Studios Going Cosmic Post-Avengers?

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Over the last several days, The Avengers and its buzz-worthy cast have been making headlines thanks to new photos and images from Entertainment Weekly. While these character shots provide fans a closer look at their favorite live-action Marvel superheroes, there was something even more interesting in the magazine.

Two weeks ago, Chris Evans spoke of his long-term contract with Marvel Studios and his expectations for when he will play Steve Rogers/Captain America again after The Avengers, revealing that it likely wouldn’t be until 2014. If the latest news turns out to be accurate, it could be even longer…

Within The Avengers cover issue of EW was some info about the upcoming slate of Marvel Studios projects, something we at Screen Rant have been speculating and discussing for a very long time. But first, here’s what we know is coming up for certain:


  • The Avengers (May 4)
  • Runaways (canned)


  • Iron Man 3 (May 3)
  • Thor 2 (July 26)


  • Unknown (May 16)
  • Unknown (June 27)

The Marvel Studios plan was to have two major feature films debut during the summer blockbuster season each year. As we know, the lesser known Runaways was put on hold/canned so 2012 is only seeing one Marvel release. Runaways was to be directed by Peter Sollett off a screenplay from Drew Pearce. Pearce – who’s now working with Shane Black on Iron Man 3 - says the script is done and Marvel is happy with it, but that it was pushed to make way for all the focus to be placed on The Avengers. He’s hopeful Runaways can still happen post-Avengers but they’re going to be hard-pressed to find a slot for it in their production schedule as it stands.

According to the EW report, after listing Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, they say we can expect Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans next. Not what you expected?

With only two slots for 2014, the obvious assumption would be that Marvel Studios would use these for Captain America 2 and The Avengers 2, so either they’re going to add another movie or two for 2014 or it’s going to be a long wait for more Chris Evans as the star-spangled Avenger.

What this also means is that there’s still no word on Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Heroes for Hire and other secondary characters who fans have been waiting years for. The Avengers is likely acting as a launch pad of sorts, to push the interconnected franchise even deeper into the Marvel cosmic universe.

I wrote about the realistic possibility of Guardians of the Galaxy becoming a viable film for Marvel due to some rumors related to it and The Avengers but it does seem strange that they’d go for very obscure Marvel characters and an entirely new cast instead of the safe bets with spin-offs or sequels to their existing characters and/or the introduction of other better-known heroes.

This is also not the first time we heard about The Inhumans as six months ago, a logline was spotted which detailed the potential plot of an Inhumans movie: “aliens who were put on Earth as sleeper cell aliens to eventually call back their race to take over the planet. Ultimately, the group of aliens fully assimilates and don’t want to cause war.”

Inhumans Movie News 570x356 Is Marvel Studios Going Cosmic Post Avengers?

Both Guardians and Inhumans can (and will if true) tie into The Avengers since the origins of the Inhumans date back to when the Kree experimented on pre-historic humans in an attempt to examine their own evolution and create soldiers in their war against the Skrulls (Avengers villains). Guardians of the Galaxy on the other hand, will be based on the the 2008 revamped comic series which includes characters such as Adam Warlock and Quasar who have both been rumored for appearances in The Avengers.

As for Ant-Man, Edgar Wright told us at Comic-Con in July that another draft of the script was handed in and they have concept art done but with his record, there’s still no telling when that movie will see the light of day.

Either way, there is a lot to look forward to. We just don’t know what yet.

For now, we await The Avengers, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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  1. Please… for the love of all that is good and right in this world… DO NOT MAKE AN ANTMAN MOVIE!!!!!
    That would be the death of Marvel.

    • You are obviously clueless about the character because Ant-man is AWESOME. You do realize that having Ant-man also means we get Giant-man at the same time, right??? We have yet to see either a nano sized superhero OR a 50′ tall one so getting both in one package is nothing but win in my book.

      • I want to see an Antman movie just because hes an original Avenger. Plus hes pretty cool in Avengers: Earth’s Mightest Heros cartoon cause he is both Antman and Giant man. Also with Antman, Marvel can introduce Ultron as a Villian for a future movie.

    • uhmnnnn antman would make a pretty good movie if u think bout it

    • EXACTLY, Ive collected comics for 25 years now. The character is irrelevant. Nobody cares and it WOULD flop. There are so many other characters that would easily make cash. Oh and Inhumans would rock if done correctly.

      • Any movie would rock if done correctly.

      • Tons of people love Hank Pym bro, less people care about BB and the Inhumans. I don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Please watch Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (the animated TV show).
      After watching a few episodes, you will change your mind ;)

      Ant-Man is awesome, if done correctly.

      • @TheAvenger

        He is just a hard character to sell (alone). I think he works best in ensemble situations, where you would learn more about his character through his interactions with others. Sorta like Aldus Snow from Sarah Marshall. Great side character but hard to sell a feature length movie on. It’s possible but not an easy task.

        I would like to see Ultron as a villian. A personal villian since he is based off of Hank’s brain pattern. Though I prefer that Ultron’s turn to villiany spans more than one movie. Sort like his arc in the EMH episodes. It would have been cool to already had the antman film (or have it released next year) and have Ultron have his first tase of war defending earth in The Avengers leading into his corruption.

        • Yeah, I should clarify that when I said “Ant-Man is awesome, if done correctly.” — I didn’t necessarily mean in a movie.

          I’m actually against the idea of an Ant-Man movie.
          I would much rather prefer to see Hank Pym Avengers 2 as scientist (with Janet as his assistant) working on Ultron for the military/SHIELD — and then, as Ultron goes crazy (as he does ;)) Fury call in the Avengers to save the day… – Hank feels guilty about what he did (creating a monster) and throughout the movie (while the Avengers tries to deal with the threat), Hank goes to work on the Pym Particles — near the end of the movie, with Ultron about to defeat the Avengers, Hank and Janet swoops in to aid the Avengers — as the Avengers recover and distract Ultron, Hank shrinks down to a dangerous level (almost killing him) to try and “enter” into Ultron , he enters Ultron and uploads a virus (that probably came out wrong ;)), causing Ultron to shut down… the day is saved and Hank and Janet are asked to join the because of their bravery…

          Or something like that ;)

          • Darn those pesky viruses…

    • To explain myself, I understand that there are plenty of fans of AntMan out there, however… the title and basics of the comic book would push audiences away. I just cannot see Hollywood audiences receiving this with any grace, thus leaving the budget that they spent on it, not returned at all. Hurting their reputation in Hollywood, making less people see their next movies, and hurting the budget they have to make future films as well. I am in no means insulting Antman or his fans, but his movie NEEDS to wait until much later in the game when more people are starting to commit to the lore of Marvel, and not just the cool effects.
      As far as the other ideas goes, I’ve known for a while (and been disappointed) that the Runaways movie was put on hold, and I LOVE an Inhumans idea, think that’ll go great. Guardians of the Galaxy I’m not real sure about (don’t know enough about them either way) but I’m willing to see what the studios has rolled up their sleeve.
      I still want to see a Moon Knight film. :(

      • Moon Knight could be an awesome mind bender.

        • Exactly and it has PLENTY of room for character development. The film would be received incredibly well and would make audiences want more(a potential problem seeing as all of the returns of moonknight were never as good and traditionally he would die at the end of the first film.)

          • Yea a could see it as Memento meets Taxi Driver? With a different actor playing a different part of his personality so as not to know it is one character the entire time. It would take a talented director with a serious vision.

  2. i don’t know why they would think a movie about a space racoon is more viable than a black super hero (black panther, luke cage) =/

      • Although I would love a Black Panther movie, Blade was a great Marvel comic movie. Even Blade 2 was great. Blade 3 was crap, but hey so far I have yet to see a comic book hero get 3 good movies.

        • Dark Knight Rises

      • Black audiences would flock to see a black superhero portrayed the right way.

        And you know this because?

        Regardless it is a business. To ‘target’ one demograph over another is notveryo wise.

        (Ive typed 3 or four lines deleting them… Dont want to come over as the R word)

        This is hard to convey into words so please do not misconstrue them.

        Black Panther (while ‘black’) is an African Superhero. IMO there is a HUGE difference as opposed to characters like Blade and Luke Cage.

          • “I’m a white guy, living in one of the most racist countries in the WORLD.”

            And what country would that be? If you say the US, how the heck do you know it’s (emphatically) the most racist country in the world?

            Go do a little research, why don’t you. Racsim is far worse and more widespread in some Asian countries and Russia has a major racism problem as well.


            • Vic,
              I’m from South-Africa.

              • [Extracts foot from mouth]



                • Wow, did I just see your head turn into a donkey? :-D

                  • When I’m wrong I admit it.


          • And? That is all the right reasons to go see a movie.

            However I was referring to other peoples comments and was not making a broad statement of my own.

    • Completely agree.
      I also agree that there have been very few good movies where a black superhero is portrayed. (I can honesty only think of Blade…)
      Hancock was IMO a very racist movie (and overall not that good).

      But regardless of that… I don’t want to see BP because he’s a black superhero (skin color doesn’t matter to me), I want to see BP because he’s an AWESOME superhero…

  3. For the love of God please do another Daredevil movie. That or Silver Surfer. They are two A list Marvel characters that need a movie.

    • Hi Jacob,

      Daredevil and Silver Surfer are Twentieth Century Fox properties, separate from Marvel Studios.

      • Wait Fox gave up their rights to re Fantastic Four earlier this year so that means the Silver Surfer too, unless I’m mistaken?

        • Nope.
          Fox still owns the rights to the FF (only for another year or so though… — after that, the rights revert back to Marvel Studios)

          • One has to wonder, had Marvel had the foresight in the early 90′s that all of this would transpire, would they have let the rights to X-Men slip away to 20th Century Fox? They’ve held the rights since 1994 now.

            How incredible would it be to have a film in the future that focused on the New Avengers? Won’t happen obviously, but a guy can dream, right?

            • Marvel was being run into the ground by corporate raiders in the early 90′s, so foresight wasn’t a priority. They had tried to get their own production company up through New World in the late 80′s but, the reckless attempts at expanding into other areas hurt them financially.

              When they sold/rented these properties back then for quick cash infusions they probably felt like they were the ones getting over. And back then in a sense they were since almost nobody had been able to do anything of any quality with Marvel characters up until that point.

  4. Please I WANT ANT – MAN movie !!!!!

  5. I called this a long time ago. Lets do this!

  6. Wow, I admit I’m a bit torn because I really like the Inhumans (especially Karnak :) ) Of course I always thought the Inhumans would have been part of the Fantastic Four franchise deal with FOX but if such is not the case, all the better.

    I have to say though that these actors DO have a certain shelf life. That means you can’t exactly wait 5-10 years between movies without the actors looking significantly different because of age. Gotta strike while the iron is hot so, as much as it pains me, they probably need to concentrate on Ironman, Cap. America and Thor unless they are willing to do some team-ups with NEW characters. Would be a great way to involve/introduce a new person while still getting to see the established people. The new people could then be spun off.

    So I would like to see the following (in no particular order):

    1) Cap. America 2
    2) Ant-man / Black panther team-up
    3) Inhumans
    4) Dr. Strange
    5) Avengers 2 (yes, I’m being cautiously optimistic)

    Would be nice if they could put another Marvel movie on the docket for next summer but considering they would already have to be shooting to have time to finish it, looks like they are only gonna have Avengers next summer. :(

    (more incentive to produce 3 movies in 2013 imho and do they ALL have to be summer movies?)

    • Can you post without using masked curse words…. not a very good example of a supporter of a cause…..

      Guess what…. Black Panther is B list also regardless of his heritage and popularity.

      I would assume you think yourself as a normal audience member? Who is a respectable, passionate, BLACK SUPERHERO? Black Goliath? Misty Knight? Night Thrasher? Storm (wait she is African)? War Machine?

      I dont think what you would get in a Black Panther movie (if done right) would be what you appear to be expecting in a BP movie.

      Also the ‘black character’ in Xmen First Class was named Darwin and for movie purposes (and based on his powers) could still be alive in a world such as it.

        • Black Panther had a better chance of getting made before the fad started. As botched as some other movies from other studios have been in all honesty something like Blade would not get made right now because like him or not, Snipes felt strongly enough about the idea to get it done.

          At this point between what the other studios still have the rights to and what Marvel has already done allot of the characters being talked about for live action are not “top tier”. Like the books interesting stories can be told if the is good, that’s the big if.

          As many have said a possible way around all the movie jitters is for Marvel Studios to produce something for television that can be used as a vehicle for a wider range of characters without the pressure.

        • AND the statement was made that ANTMAN is Blist so I was making a statement that all these teams/characters we are speaking of are B List and that should have no bearing.

          Also I did not reference the characters as being stars I made a list of black heroes asking who would be best to portray a “respectable, passionate, BLACK SUPERHERO”.

          Also I corrected the poster in just labeling him as the BLACK character in XmenFC that died.

          Step back a bit and read what I am typing. I also would like to see a well done BP movie because of the character. Not jsut cause he is black.

          • Sorry man, I must have misunderstood your comment…

            • meh no biggie it was all based on “the other guys” comments.

  7. Ant-Man? Really? He’s a great filler for a team, but on his own? The character is pretty weak. I would have loved to see him and Wasp in the Avengers though. I would go see an Ant-Man movie IF it had The Wasp, too. Maybe.

    Here’s my wishlist of Marvel movies: Daredevil/Elektra (DONE RIGHT!); Black Panther (would be a good tie-in for X-Men since Storm is currently married to Black Panther in the comics); Alpha Flight (though I fear they would turn it into another Wolverine love fest. *shudders*); Doctor Strange (with Agents of Fortune); Namor – the Sub-Mariner; Eternals (with the Celestials!); and Guardians of the Galaxy (the 1969 team up, not this 2008 crap); and I know it’s wishful thinking but who wouldn’t love a Force Works movie? ;)

    • Agree

    • 1969 Guardians of the Galaxy?… buddy you arent thinking straight.

  8. I say bring on the black superhero movies, SMASH ALL THE WALLS!

  9. I think Black Panther is a strong enough character to stand on his own without teaming him up or tie-ins. All they need is a strong actor and a good script. In other words, I would LOVE to see Black Panther on the big screen

    • I agree but how do you do it? He would need a decent/strong origin story. That means (IMO) a good 70% of the movie needs to be based in his homeland. The only earlier segments of him outside his homeland should be of him attending major colleges or being tutored to some degree to explain his knowledge.

      Not until the very end would you introduce the ‘outside’ world.

      Villian would have to be Man Ape or Klaw maybe have them semi team up with a bigger outside threat (Roxxon!) controlling them.

      The difficult thing will be appealing to MAINstream audiences. You need to keep it in the jungle so to speak and not make it feel to much like an environmental movie. You have to be able to semi logically explain the tech Wakanda has. You also have to explain their wealth as a nation while not exposing the vibranium(?).

      It will be a difficult sell and write. However Im sure there is talent out there that can carry it all. It is just like anything else if done right it can be the greatest. If it leans one way or another to much it can be a complete and utter failure.

      • Won’t Ant-Man need a similar very strong back story? Casual movie people don’t know who he is, his power is “meh” in my opinion, and even on this sight filled with comic people, no one seems to be jumping out of their seat.

        And the cosmic people could be just as difficult. And much more expensive than the other movies I would bet.

        None of the remaining “B list” people will be easy to do.

        • It depends on what Antman they use.

          I personally like Eric O’Grady. He is a SHIELD agent gone Rogue.

          So the cybernetics and technology can be eaisly explained as something SHIELD/STARK were working on.

          Like a mind control thing but the only thing it could control were ‘bugs’ they could never get it to tap into human waves.

          As for the shrinking that could be explained along the lines of Nanotech which I believe Stark has also mentioned?

          The Eric O’Grady story does need to be as serious as Black Panthers in comparison. Eric O’Grady was a trusted SHIELD agent that stole the tech for personal gain/reasons but deep down he is (semi) a decent guy.

          Even the other Antmen are not that complex of characters (well Pym is but he is just whacky complex). (IMO) Black Panther is a strong complex character. After all he is a leader of his people.

          As for the cosmic ones. It just appeals to a greater range of viewers. You toss in decent SFX and good writing it does not matter where the characters come from. People (IMO again) will go to see it as long as it is not to far off its rocker.

          We have already via Thor established there are different ‘realms’ out there filled with Aliens. There is no reaon this can not be expanded on.

          Dont get me wrong I would LOVE to see a BP movie and a slew of other characters. Im jsut stating (IMO) how the current ones mentioned could be used.

          Its not always about popularity. Ironman and Thor have proven that. As did Blade before them. Its all about the subject matter, writing, cast, direction and effects.

          If that doesnt come together no matter the character (Batman SHOEMUCKER!!!!) it will still be poo.

          • does NOT need to be as serious….. :D

          • Black Panther is a much easier sell. Liken the story to Batman Begins/Afro Samurai. The movie starts BP as a child to introduce us to Africa and the advance technology (easily explained like lasers in Cap) & then the King BP is killed by Man Ape. Man Ape maybe makes some deals with outsiders and vibranium might tie into the MCU universe. BP finds his Henri Ducard that not only trains him physically but mentally. Returns victorious. Or maybe he doesn’t defeat Man Ape untill BP 2 and have The Avengers 2 as a halftime show.

            All and all, BP sounds like a much easier sell than Antman. They are using Hank Pym in the Antman story. The best I would say is male a film on the aspect of a scientist foremost, bad with relationships (abusive) and have the superhero shenanigans third. Maybe Grady steals his equipment and Pym has to fight him at one point.

            • Dude, our minds must be “intertwined” or something ;) because I completely agree with what you just said.

              • heh-heh

              • You might want to kill that mind link, if you know Ignur Rant like we do. :-)

                • Yeah, I think you’re right… best to kill the link as soon as possible-

                  oh no… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

                  • bbwwwhahaha dont be ignorant

            • The issue you have is you have now equated him to the Black Batman.

              You have to seperate that mindeset from the movie and the public.

              You make it sound a little to easy. (no offense) Boy sees father killed gets revenge using money and technology.

              You need to build up the pride and honor in being the leader of a nation. You need to show that leadership usurped by ‘thugs’ for all the wrong reasons.

              You need to show how a young man can become a leader of a Nation following the values of those before him WHILE trying to mix in modern society.

              BP is not a character that is just a superhero. He is a leader of a nation first. I put him up there with Namor. Having a Namor movie would be cool… however to not show him running his kingdom and some of the issues with would (IMO) cheapen the character.

              • Black Panther is like Batman. I mean that’s fact. Anybody who watches it will see a simlarity. That’s not to say they are completely alike but their are strong similarities, stemming from their background, wealth and reasoning skills. As many ways they are alike they are still completely different. You can add in all those things you said.

                The Batman Begins formula would fit well with this film in a way. Losing his father and then training in a foreign land, hiding his true idenity as heir to Wakanda (WayneCorp) and returning to fix his kingdom (Gotham). Man-Ape should be the antagonist but don’t be so quick to have the prodigal son return triumphant. I think Man-Ape should stay in power into the second film having BP create a resistance force against his own kingdom showing leadership skills and forcing people to break away from their old ways. Whatever happens, having BP come back to Wakanda and regain the throne in the same film is too easy IMO

                • Yet when you do that and make it apparent it (IMO) would affect the people that may want to see but will pass it off as a “Black Batman” nothing to see here.

                  That might be the biggest reason you wont see BP anytime soon regardless of how its done.

                  Which is a shame.

                  Also I would keep him as far away form the Avengers as possible. You already have two fish out of waters (Thor/Cap). Taking BP and putting him into a city such as New York…. well… anyho.

      • I understand what you are saying, but I like the story line EMH is using. T’Challa back from college with the elders treating him like an outsider. And have to face becoming King after the death of his father by the hands of Man Ape with the help of Klaw who is plotting to control all the vibranium. You need a young actor in his mid 20′s who can play a Prince/King. And who to play T’Chaka?

    • I agree. If I had to pick the one next solo character movie, it would be Black Panther over the rest. There’s a lot of awesome things that can be done in Wakanda and tying into The Avengers.

  10. I’ve been only waiting this3 marvel comics
    1)Doctor strange
    3)Black Panther

  11. I would much rather have the sequels to Cap and Avengers than freaking Ant Man. The inhumans and guardians sound ok but I never got into them much.

    Seriously… Ant Man? Why.

    The only other Avenger I really really really want to see is Black Panther. He is just one of my favorites. I have little interest in Ant Man (but I would be there opening day anyway) or the Inhumans or Guardian (but I would be there anyway lol).

    if they are pushing back Avengers farther than we all thought, that means they have some really huge plans trying to integrate even more of the Marvel Universe in them. But, I think if Avengers goes HUGE (transformes, dark knight, potter huge) I don’t think disney/marvel could push back the sequel that far. Money talks.

  12. The Sentry…that is all.

    • Not just no bit hell no.

  13. I still think you could release a Luke Cage winter movie for cheap and rake in some serious cash. Get a good plot/script going and you’re all set.

  14. oddly enough I have no problem with A Guardians of the Galaxy movie, mostly because Im expecting Thanos in the Avengers sequel. But are the Inhumans really necessary? I mean, year they have ties to the Kree if theyre going to use the Kree Skrull war, but otherwise I dont see the point. If you really want to include the Kree in the MCU, why not go with the obvious choice and do a Captain Marvel movie? otherwise I really think a Black Panther or Doctor Strange film would serve them better than the Inhumans… Heroes for Hire I can go without.

    Also, just throwing this out there, but if we ever get a decent rogue gallery going in the MCU… Thunderbolts maybe?

    • Thunderbolts would be SIC!!!And make sense for an Avengers 2 battle fest. Also why arent people thinking of the OTHER characters that could be used? The ones mentioned are already B-List, why not use Wonder-Man, The Jack of Hearts, Ms Marvel, Vision, Q Powerman AND Ironfist, Silver Surfer (considering he is the ONLY reason people went to see FF2.

  15. Thunderbolts would be SIC!!!And make sense for an Avengers 2 battle fest. Also why arent people thinking of the OTHER characters that could be used? The ones mentioned are already B-List, why not use Hercules, Tigra, Wonder-Man, The Jack of Hearts, Ms Marvel, Vision, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Powerman AND Ironfist, Silver Surfer (considering he is the ONLY reason people went to see FF2. Hell I could go on forever with better characters then the 3 everyone on here is pining on.

  16. I think we need a Justice League movie! Oh, wait, wrong thing……

  17. It only makes sense to go to a 3+ movie format. Time to strike while the iron is hot, and not drag the Avengers trilogy to 2030.

    I think Dr. Strange would benefit greatly from a fall release, maybe thanksgiving. They should release four a year, president’s day weekend, may, late june/early July, and thanksgiving. That gives enough time between films to maximize profit, and takes advantage of holidays, like they do with the summer release dates, to boost ticket sales.

    • The rumor over a year ago was that Marvel Studios would attempt to bump production to 4 a year, perhaps using 1-2 of those slots for lower-budget films but there’s yet to be any movement on it.

      • That would make a lot sense (cents). Iron Fist could show honage to the foriegn martial arts film while adding his mystical punch and keep the production budget to a minimum. Luke Cage could also be filmed with a low budget. These two films would lead up to their joint sequel team up film. Sometimes I dont think marvel lawyers or producers are as smart as they should be. Bringing anothe team into the fold is a bad idea IMO

  18. if/when the bubble bursts and Marvel has a major flop (dare i say it, avengers? or thor 2? ) then the whole plan will change. Like Bush’s cancelled “back to the moon to start a new space race program” The Marvel plan may look to Black Panther, which has an obsiously better possible profit margin.

    and it would be more like an action/martial arts movie or like Batman, little CG, mostly great choreography and action scenes. I’m surprised that the studio would go “into space” after seeing the lackluster reaction to Green Lantern. Maybe Marvel is trying to “ONE UP” DC, by showing them how a real space superhero movie should be made.

  19. Rob
    Wouldn’t it be kinda difficult to have Cap 2 and Avengers 2 in the same year? (That would mean two big-production movies for Evans that releases only one month apart — the filming would be a killer wouldn’t you agree?)

    • Not really he would be in the same outfit with similar actors and faces working on similar sets as the same character. Honestly it would make more sense to shoot them at the same time.

      • You misunderstand:
        I’m talking about the actual production times.

        There is no way Evans will agree to do two huge movies in such a short amount of time. It would mean that as soon as he finishes shooting one of the movies, he immediately moves on to the next (no down time man! ;))

        People don’t seem to understand how much work goes into acting in a movie… okay, IMO it’s actually kinda easy, but the actors definitely don’t see it that way ;) — to them acting is “very hard and stressful work” and I’m almost certain Evans would never agree to do that much “work” back to back.

  20. Here’s a question,how come no one is talking about a second Incredible Hulk movie? They already introduced The Leader in the last one, and there’s always room for another villain like MODOK,who can be introduced in The Avenger. Personally,this really needs to be next on Marvel’s docket instead of them even thinking about an Antman movie. I think that it would probably be a good idea if they found a way to introduce Vision and The Scarlet Witch as well. Not saying that they need their own movie,but Antman certainly doesn’t either.

    Now I digress, give me an Incredible Hulk 2,and I wouldn’t at all mind if it were Grey hulk either.

    • Yea im looking forward to The Incredible Hulk too. Grey Hulk would be intetesting. Maybe Bruce learns ti control the Hulk but in order to defeat the villian he must give into his inner sociopath and brute strength that cone with it. Onlybproblem is I like my savage Hulk and the thought of 3/4 of a movie with a reserved hulk is unsettling.

    • I was also thinking that we need an Incredible Hulk sequel. I really enjoyed the last one, but maybe the sequel depends on how Ruffalo does as Bruce (and the CGI Hulk) in the Avengers. 2014 could be the Hulk sequel AND the Cap sequel, with Avengers 2 coming out in 2015.

  21. NONE of these movies (GotG, Inhumans, Ant-Man) are necessarily: we already have the Avengers (so GotF would never be able to compare), there are already X-Men movies (so watching Inhumans would just be like dejavu to the general audience) and Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne could easily be introduced as secondary characters in Avengers 2 or BP (as scientists).

    It pains me to say this, but Marvel Studios’ priorities are completely messed up IMO…

  22. Oh,they could also do Absorbing Man as a main villain. The more I think about it,the more I realize that a second Incredible Hulk movie makes more sense and has more interesting prospects than introducing new characters and going them their own movies,i.e. Antman or Black Panther.

    The thing with Antman is that I just don’t see any way to make him palatable for general audiences without,as another poster beat me to,making it too reminiscent to Honey I Shrunk The Kids,and Black Panther too much like Batman.

    I think those characters would be fine if included in an alread establoshed character’s film,if nothing else to get a proper gauge of interest,but just to give either of them there own movie without any setup is pure suicide. I would go so far as to say that the same could be said for Dr. Strange,but to a much lesser extent.

  23. The Inhumans would be badass.

  24. What Marvel needs to make is a trilogy of one of my all-times fave comics, the Infinity Wars. Just imagine how wicked it would be to see Thanos vs. Adam warlock, the Infinite gauntlet with the gems. The Living Tribunal and eternity. Plus not to mention all of the other random marvel characters that appear thoughout the comic story line. That would be intense, and would have to be a trilogy, or at least two 3 hour movies.

  25. Please stick to The Avengers for the next few years – make a trilogy that’ll last as a beacon in the Superhero movie genre – To branch out too soon into other superhero groups so soon could blow it out of the water.
    I’d love to see more characters in the future – but for now…stay focused on the main ones or else you start getting Green Lantern type movies.

  26. I’ve been patient. Make the Dr. Strange movie already! :-)