Is Marvel Studios Going Cosmic Post-Avengers?

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Over the last several days, The Avengers and its buzz-worthy cast have been making headlines thanks to new photos and images from Entertainment Weekly. While these character shots provide fans a closer look at their favorite live-action Marvel superheroes, there was something even more interesting in the magazine.

Two weeks ago, Chris Evans spoke of his long-term contract with Marvel Studios and his expectations for when he will play Steve Rogers/Captain America again after The Avengers, revealing that it likely wouldn’t be until 2014. If the latest news turns out to be accurate, it could be even longer…

Within The Avengers cover issue of EW was some info about the upcoming slate of Marvel Studios projects, something we at Screen Rant have been speculating and discussing for a very long time. But first, here’s what we know is coming up for certain:


  • The Avengers (May 4)
  • Runaways (canned)


  • Iron Man 3 (May 3)
  • Thor 2 (July 26)


  • Unknown (May 16)
  • Unknown (June 27)

The Marvel Studios plan was to have two major feature films debut during the summer blockbuster season each year. As we know, the lesser known Runaways was put on hold/canned so 2012 is only seeing one Marvel release. Runaways was to be directed by Peter Sollett off a screenplay from Drew Pearce. Pearce – who’s now working with Shane Black on Iron Man 3 - says the script is done and Marvel is happy with it, but that it was pushed to make way for all the focus to be placed on The Avengers. He’s hopeful Runaways can still happen post-Avengers but they’re going to be hard-pressed to find a slot for it in their production schedule as it stands.

According to the EW report, after listing Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, they say we can expect Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans next. Not what you expected?

With only two slots for 2014, the obvious assumption would be that Marvel Studios would use these for Captain America 2 and The Avengers 2, so either they’re going to add another movie or two for 2014 or it’s going to be a long wait for more Chris Evans as the star-spangled Avenger.

What this also means is that there’s still no word on Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Heroes for Hire and other secondary characters who fans have been waiting years for. The Avengers is likely acting as a launch pad of sorts, to push the interconnected franchise even deeper into the Marvel cosmic universe.

I wrote about the realistic possibility of Guardians of the Galaxy becoming a viable film for Marvel due to some rumors related to it and The Avengers but it does seem strange that they’d go for very obscure Marvel characters and an entirely new cast instead of the safe bets with spin-offs or sequels to their existing characters and/or the introduction of other better-known heroes.

This is also not the first time we heard about The Inhumans as six months ago, a logline was spotted which detailed the potential plot of an Inhumans movie: “aliens who were put on Earth as sleeper cell aliens to eventually call back their race to take over the planet. Ultimately, the group of aliens fully assimilates and don’t want to cause war.”

Inhumans Movie News 570x356 Is Marvel Studios Going Cosmic Post Avengers?

Both Guardians and Inhumans can (and will if true) tie into The Avengers since the origins of the Inhumans date back to when the Kree experimented on pre-historic humans in an attempt to examine their own evolution and create soldiers in their war against the Skrulls (Avengers villains). Guardians of the Galaxy on the other hand, will be based on the the 2008 revamped comic series which includes characters such as Adam Warlock and Quasar who have both been rumored for appearances in The Avengers.

As for Ant-Man, Edgar Wright told us at Comic-Con in July that another draft of the script was handed in and they have concept art done but with his record, there’s still no telling when that movie will see the light of day.

Either way, there is a lot to look forward to. We just don’t know what yet.

For now, we await The Avengers, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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  1. Has everyone forgot about GhostRider 2? It was said to come in 2012, and I haven’t heard of it being cancelled, so it should really also belong on the list.
    And another movie that should need a new sequel is Blade, with all theese Twilight fairys destroying the reputation of vampires someone should get the blood suckers back on track.

    • They’re talking about films made by Marvel Studios only. Ghostrider belongs to another studio

  2. There are actually 3 Marvel movies this summer. Ghostrider 2, The Amazing Spiderman, and the Avengers.

    • I think they’re just listing the films that’s Made by the Marvel film company, that’s why we don’t see TASM and Ghost Rider : S.O.V.

  3. Alright. It says 2012 only has one Marvel release so I guess Ghostrider and The Amazing Spider-Man don’t count as Marvel anymore?? And why does everyone ignore the fact that Deadpool is the absolute coolest ever and really makes everyone else look like Polly Pocket by comparison? Get your head in the game people…

    • because deadpools owned by fox studios

    • lol mate im a big fan of deadpool too, but hes with the x-men franchise which is owned by another studio< and he did make a appearqance in wolverine origins played by ryan reyno

  4. cries man i just want my x-men: first class sequel haha. although i’m pretty excited for iron man 3 and thor 2 as long as they don’t turn out to be the bad kind of sequels.

  5. The Inhumans originally appeared in Fantastic Four, in the ’60s. Too bad the FF have been used up and ruined. Perhaps in a decade or two, they can reboot it with the original Inhumans stories.

  6. I think Inhumans and Guardians of the Galaxy could work out if done properly. I am still hopeful for a Dr. Strange effort.

  7. Expect to see announcements at Comic Con this year, i think that’s when things will begin to set in for upcoming Marvel Studio films. The schedule for at least 2014-15 should be set in stone by then. If i we’re a guessing man, i would say 2014 will be Cap 2(Which is now an established franchise)will be the most likely film, plus it will be 3 years after the first Cap film(Marvel won’t wait no longer than that, there’s a 2-3 year pattern for their sequels). The Avengers 2 will determine what the other 2014 film will be, The Avengers 2 will be the other Marvel Studios film in 2014, unless they choose 2015 instead. In that case i think Dr. Strange is the most likely canidate for that spot, or possibly Inhumans. Unlike Iron Man, Hulk, Thor & Captain America, i’m not sure Black Panther & Ant Man have enough film appeal to pull off solo films, at least not without being introduced in Avengers 2 first,(I think they need Avengers 2 as a launching pad)in my opinion. I’m sure some comic book fans might disagree with me, but that’s just it, comic book fans. Remember, comic book fans only make up so much in the film industry, you’re talking about trying to pull in the average movie goer who might not be into comic books. Obviously Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, Avengers, Superman, X-Men, etc, far exceed the comic books, so they’re the exception to the rule, but for lesser known comic book characters it’s a challenge. That’s why i think Dr. Strange might be the most likely candidate, he’s more of a stand along character, plus magic, fantasy and the supernatural, are themes that’s known to appeal to the average movie goer. However everything should shape up in due time, so we’ll know fairly soon.

  8. Dr. Strange gets my vote.

    • I agree, Dr. Strange is the unused character i would most like to see on the big screen, as charcters mentioned by Marvel Studios as possible movies, he brings the most appeal and excitement in my opinion. Plus considering the Dr. strange TV movie is now over 30 years old, it was actually a pretty good film. With a budget and technology that now obviously far exceeds that film’s time, all you need is a director with a vision and imagination, and we could have another winner on our hands.

  9. Ghostrider is owned by Fox, and Spider-Man is owned by Sony. Though they ARE Marvel characters, this is about Marvel STUDIO productions, not Marvel CHARACTER movies. Hope that cleared things up.

    • Ghost Rider is owned by Sony, not Fox

  10. I personally don’t like Dr.Strange. It could be because I never read the minor characters comics, like him and Ant Man and such, and I agree his themes can be popular, AND they could make a movie about him without a launch pad. Actually, what they could do is for the end of Iron Man 3 or Cap 2, as the movies are famous for their post-credit scenes, tie in Dr.Strange or someone. I’d like to say this-Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 seem official. I don’t think they can be postponned due to the sequel, 2-3 year pattern, nor should they be. Then Cap 2. I definitely think there should be one. (I’m not following the news of this, but I followed a few screenrant things) That takes over 2013 and a 2014. Let’s hope they do 3 2014 movies instead of 2. Due to Hulk’s popularity in the Avengers, and the fact they haven’t made a Hulk in a while, they MIGHT do that for the 2nd 2014 movie. I can see why, but in my opinion they shouldn’t. The main reason for Hulk’s popularity was obviously the comic relief, and for that he’d need other characters so he can loosen the tension *Punches Thor* *Loki smash* “Puny god” That kinda stuff is what made him popular and he’d need the Avenger crew to do it again. I agree that Black Panther and Ant-Man need a launching pad. If Marvel Studios is really pressed on time, don’t you think they MIGHT (probably not) but might make “Captain America 2-Rise of the Black Panther” or something like that, where the character is introduced? Or at least in Cap. 2 have Nick Furry bring some in for a fight or two so you know who they are, and if they need to be after that then they can be in the Avengers 2. They’d need to be brought in at least a quarter way through the movie, not the beginning like Iron Man can. Then the Inhumans and Galaxy folks come in, which is another reason besides the minor characters that Marvel is getting pressured time wise. What they can do is license Inhumans to a movie maker company, like Fox or Sony, and have the contract include ONE movie. Spiderman and ghostrider have special contracts which I think say “If you make x amount of movies in x years you keep them” which is why they can’t get them back easily. So they may not even try licensing the Inhumans at all, and just make 3 2014 movies. Or hey, Cap. 2 or Thor 2 can be about them finding the Inhumans and needing them to help with some bad guy (oh please NOT MODOK) Then again, they may just do a separate movie. I’m just realizing how stressed Marvel might be because of all the movies to be made. Of course by now, THEY’VE figured it out. They probably have a plan that works, just not official or public. Can’t say for sure, and if they don’t, then well that’s bad. So again, Dr.Strange would be O.K but can partner movie with someone, or at least share the screen for a fight scene or two.