New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Image; Chris Pratt & James Gunn Talk Star-Lord

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chris pratt star lord guardians of the galaxy New Guardians of the Galaxy Image; Chris Pratt & James Gunn Talk Star Lord

When the casting was first announced, some fans scratched their heads at the unexpected choice of Chris Pratt for Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord. Best known for the goofy yet endearing Andy Dwyer on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, it was his role as a member of SEAL Team Six in Zero Dark Thirty that forced Hollywood to consider the actor as more than a charming chubby guy.

Playing a Navy Seal gave Pratt the confidence to break out of his funny, fat guy niche and begin searching for an action comedy that would suit him. Guardians proved to be that perfect movie, with a lead that was one part action-adventurer and one part cheeky scoundrel. The workout that followed, however, would be what finally transformed Pratt from overweight underachiever to superhero hunk.

In a profile of Pratt and his Star-Lord transformation over at Hero Complex, director James Gunn talks about how after Pratt’s audition there was never any question over who’d be Peter Quill:

“I’m not kidding, maybe 30 seconds he was doing his character, I knew he was the guy. I liked his performance so much that even if he stayed chubby I knew that we’d have to go with it; it would just have to be a new take on a superhero who was a little bit heftier … because his characterization was so great.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Official Photo Chris Pratt Workout New Guardians of the Galaxy Image; Chris Pratt & James Gunn Talk Star Lord

But Pratt didn’t have any intention of playing a chubby superhero, choosing to work out diligently and drastically change his diet in order to give himself a physique that’d make any comic book hero jealous. Once on set, it was evident all his hard work and willpower had paid of:

“I was shooting on a set that they built that probably cost more than my house. And I was the guy on it, walking around with cameras following me. I’m like an action figure for some of the scenes. I’m just like walking through the scene or running through the scene or fighting or jumping or beeping or shooting. It was unbelievable.”

With Pratt in place, Gunn assembled the rest of his outlaws – Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer, and Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper as the voices of Groot and Rocket Raccoon, respectively. It’s an eclectic group, to say the least, but the team of misfits made quite the impact with their first trailer and its blend of heart-pounding action and hilarious gags.

Teasing fans a little more, Gunn tweeted a new image of Pratt in his Star-Lord gear. Check it out below:


New Guardians of the Galaxy Picture Featuring Chris Pratt as Starlord 570x317 New Guardians of the Galaxy Image; Chris Pratt & James Gunn Talk Star Lord

Along with the image, Gunn tweeted: “Knock knock. Who’s there?” There’s not much to the above image – it’s just another glimpse of Pratt as Star-Lord – but it’s nice to see the lived-in quality of the sets, which harken back to the original Star Wars.

As the release date for Guardians nears, Marvel will no doubt continue to share more peeks at Star-Lord and the rest of his gang of galactic wanderers.

Are you pleased with how the line-up has turned out? Do you agree with Gunn that Pratt is the perfect Peter Quill? Or will you need to see the final cut first? Sound off in the comments below!


Guardians of the Galaxy will release in theaters nationwide on August 1st, 2014.

Source: Hero Complex, Twitter


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  1. I’m looking forward to this film just cause I know it plays a key role in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline and having Thanos in it really helps.I would like to see more of Ronan The Accuser.As far as Chris Pratt goes,I seen Zero Dark Thirty and even was surprised he was in that but he pulled it off so seeing him get in shape to do this role showed how much determination he had to the movie.

  2. Man i can’t wait to see this movie..
    ill admit i was skeptical when it was first announced
    but as soon as they said chris pratt was leading i was in..
    Agent Burt Mackl

    • Agent Burt Macklin.. damn phone..

      • Macklin…….you son of a b****.

    • Lol nice. In like burt macklin

  3. Yeah, he’s the one and only Star Lord alright. He even has Quill’s angsty essence.

  4. I bet that’s an Infinity Stone he’s stealing.

  5. I’m more excited for the Marvel Cosmic cinematic universe than The Avengers characters.
    GotG, Nova, Inhumans! #Vin4BlackBolt

  6. Man this movie looks bad. Vin Diesel? Batistsa? Cheesy dialogue(“‘Star Lord’ man! Legendary outlaw!…Ah, forget it.”) A CGI tree? I’ll be sitting this one out.

    • Continue to enjoy your crappy films that shouldn’t have even been made while the rest of us enjoy great films like this then.

      • LOL, “great films like this” Nobody’s even seen it yet! I see the Marvel hype machine has outdone itself this time.

    • GOOD GUS you sit this one out… so I don’t have to worry about you selling Meth to my kids!!

    • True this casting was really bad. I looks like a floppy.

  7. Your welcome to your opinion, I for one can’t wait for this film and feel sorry that you won’t attempt to find any enjoyment from it

    • No need to feel sorry for anyone. My life is quite fulfilling without the need to watch a movie about a CGI cartoon squirrel with ray guns.

      • But yet it’s apparently not fulfilling enough that you aren’t above coming and repeatedly commenting on your dislike of a movie when a person truly so “fulfilled” would be finding a movie they like and participating in a more positive discussion.

        Be honest, and realize this is a safe place and no one else will find out the truth… is your hand cheating on you again?

        • That sounds funny coming from IamGroot who posted this on BvS comments.

          To a point I can appreciate where Snyder is coming from, but he’s also completely wrong.

          Marvel and DC taking two differing approaches to their movies COULD be awesome, but it really hasn’t yet. Marvel has struggled at times to find a balance between self-contained and connected to a greater universe… and DC has been so much more interested in creating a somber, serious, “realistic” setting that they’re forgetting to actually make their movies good.

          Of course, to the legions of DC zealots out there, good isn’t as important as making comic book super characters serious. That has what has led to such a divisive “Marvel vs. DC” atmosphere. You have a small, but very, VERY vocal group of fanatics that defend DC with outright irrationality. They can’t accept that not everyone likes the product DC is trying to push, and take any dislike far too personally. There is this general inability most of the more ardent supporters have that they can’t actually defend DC movies without making personal attacks and/or making profoundly ignorant statements about CBMs from competing studios. It’s like DC is tailoring their movies to appeal to the worst examples of the stereotypical “comic book guy” the internet has to offer, and it shows.

          The irony is, Marvel has done a better job bringing realism to their films, characters and universe without having to try nearly as hard. But, in the minds of DC fanboys, the humor many of us experience, or even use, to cope with the day-to-day grind is considered unrealistic and makes Marvel films “campy”, “silly”, or some other equally asinine statement.

          As is typical for the DC-phile, Snyder even resorts to the beloved straw man in the classic “it can’t be me… it must be everyone else” DC defense. The fact of the matter is: if it had simply been a better movie it wouldn’t have been subjected to all these unfavorable comparisons.

          It felt like it was trying to jam the first 2 Reeve’s Superman films into one extra-long, over-the-top Snyder joint. Don’t want Reeve’s comparisons? Maybe origin + Zod & his Kryptonian outcasts wasn’t the way to go, then.

          We don’t need DC characters jammed kicking and screaming into “the real world”. Because, you know, it’s not. Frankly, it’s a poor choice for the DCU to begin with; they have all these colorful characters with fantastic powers and wild origins that they’re trying to completely dull down for the pretentious “realism in comic books” crowd and it’s been a poor fit so far. Yes, even Nolan’s DKT… if only DC fanatics could look at their favored films with the same critical eyes they turn on the MCU and… well, everything else.

          Even BvS seems so poorly thought out. Sure, it’ll probably do amazing numbers, BECAUSE it’s putting THE two most recognizable comic book characters together. But otherwise? Are they really trying to develop a shared universe using an older, veteran Batman? Seems counter-intuitive, since they’ll certainly have to recast him after, at best, 2 movies. Hopefully though he’ll outlast Snyder. That last section of his quoted interview was a hit parade of incredibly asinine statements, so the DC fanboys should completely eat them up.

      • You must work for DC !
        It’s a Raccoon..not a Squirrel !

  8. This is going to be well marketed for kids. Only reason it will make money, having no real plans for a follow up shows Marvel actually knows its limits well. Cap 3 proved that a decent script without making a movie aimed mostly at children gives great results. Too bad they can’t keep it up.

    • WTF??? so you have seen an early cut of a movie (Cap 3) that doesn’t even have a script yet? WOW you are a special kind of stupid…. Aren’t you?

      • I’m sure it was a mistake. Take it easy dude.

    • You seem upset that marvel are actually making the great COMIC book movies while DC just makes good movies that happen to be based on comic book characters.

      Just because a movie is fun and has humor does not make it aimed mostly at kids, newsflash films can be fun even for adults /gasp!

      Films like star wars, indianna jones, ghostbusters, avengers etc prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that films can be fun while aimed at both young and old, you don’t have to be dark and brooding to be a good film, in fact in the COMIC book genre being dark and brooding is (and should be) the exception not the rule.

      The Nolan batman films are some of my favorite films of all time (well the 1st 2 are), but they aren’t particularly good comicbook/superhero adaptations as they veer too far from the source material and lack the “fun” and “charm” that the genre thrives off.

  9. SO MANY WHINGERS, AGAIN> If you don’t wanna see the movie, GOOD ON YOU. No one is forcing you, Why do you even bother coming on here? Read through the comments and then bag it? Your a true nutwad mate.

  10. One film I’m looking forward to for this year

  11. Does anyone else think that this movie feels kinda like star trek? I mean i see some similarities and starlord and kirk kinda act like one another.

    • More a Farscape+ feel…

  12. My gut tells me Guardians might end up being one of the best sci-fi/action adventures ever.

    • Damn your gut suckS!