Minion Heroes

By Kevin Magic Lam (check out his Tumblr), via Rymichelle’s Instagram.

Excellent Me

A Despicable Me / The Simpsons mashup created by @Zort70.

Top 10 Facts About Origins of Marvel’s The Guardians of the Galaxy

The growing cast of Marvel’s Phase II superhero ensemble Guardians of the Galaxy is getting more interesting as we find out what are the roles that the actors are going to play.But before we become overloaded with information about these superheroes, especially those who heard them for the first time, we’ll explore the comic book origins of Guardians of the Galaxy. Here’s the Top 10 Facts About Origins of Marvel’s The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Dark Knight, Man of Steel & Amazing Spider-Man Fan Art

Check out this great collection of fan art for Man of Steel, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man. All created by concept artist Brandon Pike.

Rings Inspired by Disney Princesses

Gemvara is selling these Disney Princess-inspired rings designed by Tumblr-er Heck Yeah Disney Merch. Each piece of finger jewelry reflects a different princess and has a quote engraved on the inside. Admittedly I’m surprised Ariel’s is just a regular-ass ring. Shouldn’t it be made out of some kinda wacky gadget or gizmo like a racecar or a donut? That girl is all kinds of crazy! Using a fork to comb her hair, I mean, who does she think she is? Amanda Bynes? Jk jk, Ariel’s practically sane compared to that nutjob. But Cinderella? Oh Cinderella will give her a run for all her crazy money. Girl be cruising in a damn pumpkin for crazy’s sakes! Doesn’t get much crazier than that.

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