‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Credits Scene Officially Released Online

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[This video contains SPOILERS for those who haven’t seenย Guardians of the Galaxy.]

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy premiered just two weeks ago, so the odds are that most of the fan faithful have seen the film by now. Then again, there’s always a chance that a few poor souls haven’t yet found the time to check it out; maybe they’ve been busy vacationing away their summer, or maybe they’re just big huge slackers. Whatever the case may be, if you’ve not yet watched Guardians, you’d do well to turn away, because things are about to get spoilery – and groovy.

That’s because the House of Ideas has quite kindly put an official version of the first post credits sequence from the film online for audience consumption. If you’ve bought a ticket to Guardians of the Galaxy already, then you already know what’s going on here; you also know that in plot terms, the scene doesn’t give much away. At most, it blatantly spells out Groot’s arc and diffuses his heroic third act sacrifice.

It says absolutely nothing, however, about how the ragtag antihero team of the title saves the day; nor does it dole out hints of what’s to come, or of the villainous Ronan’s ultimate fate. Some might call the bit “kosher” and move on, then, but part of what makes this clip so great lies in expectation. Since 2008’s Iron Man, Marvel has programmed us to anticipate something big after the credits finish rolling, something that foretells events to come or upends the resolution of the movie we’ve just watched. We just know that whatever comes up in the stinger will change the game.

guardians galaxy baby groot dancing Guardians of the Galaxy Credits Scene Officially Released Online

Which makes the sight of a regenerating baby Groot, happily shaking his moneymaker to the tune of the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” without a care in the world, startlingly wonderful. Everyone was too busy predicting a Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel appearance to consider for a second that James Gunn might be more interested in making his audience smile on more time. Like the film’s other post credits scene, Groot’s climactic dance number is all about fun over foreshadowing; Gunn cares about tone, personality, and laughs above all else here.

And nothing encapsulates those interests better than Groot cutting a rug while Drax blithely cleans his knife in the background, only semi aware that there are shenanigans occurring just behind him. One could argue that Gunn maybe missed an opportunity to spring Marvel’s next major franchise on the viewing crowd, but in a choice between something like Thanos’ first reveal or joyfully goofy comedy, goofy comedy wins almost every time.

Guardians of the Galaxy is currently in theaters.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. Dancing Groot was filthy! (West coast term), and was the perfect ending to Guardians.

  2. I think both scenes were spot-on for the tone of the film. As much as I loved the movie itself, these both made the overall experience that much better.

  3. Marvel finally made a mistake ,in not having a dancing baby Groot available to purchase right after you saw the movie ,could make a fortune selling them as people left the theater If the are listening get the out for X-mas ,they will be this years hot toy.

    • Might be a rights issue with those who make those other dancing plant pots.

      • But Groot isn’t really a “plant” or a flower, he’s an alien. There’s always a way around these things. ๐Ÿ˜›

        And they could just randomize the movements more, so it’s not rotating at the hip like those plants do.

        • They could have made a lot of money but I think it would have spoiled the ending if they fabricated the figures for a simultaneous release. Toys take awhile to manufacture so it would have been leaked on the internet and debated way before the film opened.

          • Yah, it could be something they could sell or pack with like a collector’s edition of the Blu-Ray or something, lol. Or something they’ll sell when Guardians 2 comes out. :-)

            • I did see online that they are thinking about it after all these comments.

  4. Apparently they did’nt see the final scene after credits finished.
    Howard The Duck is sad

  5. Guardians has passed Tranformers 4 by a cool $4 million for the first 13-days of release.
    Transformers total is now hovering just over a billion total box office.
    Could Guardians get as much box office and be #3 for Disney / Marvel to cross the billion barrier?

    • The next billion dollar marvel movie will be avengers 2, very few of
      Us in north america even read th original comic or the new one.
      Worldwide even less, guardians is like the batman begins or original
      Iron man which means it will have to do alot more in the next movie
      And grow into a higher worldwide gross next time. 331 million at this
      Point does not translate into a billion longterm.

  6. Haha they gave Baby Groot nappy little dreads.

  7. The most unneccesary article ever.

    • Well, your comment fits right in, then. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • After the week the world has had, allow me to disagree.

    • In what sick world is a dancing baby Groot “unnecessary”?

  8. Two things stand out in this hilarious scene: 1) I must have missed it when I saw the movie but Groot has eyes in the back of his head! (lol) 2) Meanwhile, Drax takes great pleasure in cleaning his weapons, he does not even suspect Groot’s dance number until he is done cleaning it! I love how Bautista plays him flawlessy in this scene, notice how he is concentrating on the knife and then as he brings it up, his eyes gets larger (like a cat!) and he glances over, priceless! Now my only question is, did StarLord leave his Awesome Mix Vol 1 on for Drax to listen while he cleans his blade? A touch of Disney from Pinnochio (Whistle While You Work) :-)๏ปฟ

    • Correction: from Snow White! Not sure why Pinocchio came to mind! lol :-)

      • Groot and Pnicchio are practically living woods…

        • Ha Ha! Good one! Very astute of you! I could not put my finger on it at first, but subliminally, that is what I must have been thinking….. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I think he must have seen some reflection of the movement when he raised the knife to inspect it and that’s what made him look.

  9. When Groot gives that little girl a flower, once I saw that I gave in.

    GOTG was a great flick! Groot rules.

    • Tis true! Would be an amazing, zany, fun, wild blockbuster if they ever make a spinoff: Rocket and Groot’s Milky Way Vacation!

  10. When I saw this scene in theaters, I instantly regressed to 5 years old. I was literally clapping my hands and drooling with happiness. It was THE single best credits scene I even seen in the Marvel cinematic universe. Screw foreshadowing…a dancing baby Groot?? I can’t even express my joy… :)

    • I agree, however the Howard the Duck scene was just plain stupid and unnecessary.

      • Actually, it wan’t. It showed Adam Warlock’s cocoon empty in background. Foreshadows to the sequel, where he will become a member of the Guardians and most likely use the Soul Gem (Of the Infinity Gauntlet) in some way or another. Cosmo and Howard the Duck was just a fun distraction, although it could be said that Cosmo is a foreshadowing of sorts, too.

      • You could say the same thing about the Iron Man 3 post-credits scene.

        It doesn’t *need* to be necessary.

      • You could say that the whole MCU is unnecessary. It’s all just for entertainment, just like the post-credits scene.

    • Exactly! All these Grumpy McGrumperson’s justd didn’t get the intention of the movie: entertainment and fun!

  11. I loved this movie, but the dancing Groot was the only scene I really didn’t like. To me it was too kiddie and kinda ruined the adventurous feeling of the last shot.

  12. This movie was just so so for me. Way overhyped.

  13. Those that think the second credits scene was merely comedy are sorely mistaken and didn’t look closely enough. Something was revealed that will blow any comics fan’s mind…

    • I agree. Nothing funny about drunken ducks.

  14. Whoever gets the rights to manufacture and sell the Dancing Baby Groot is going to make a stupid amount of money.

    I’d buy two. One for my kids and one for my office.

  15. i think the end credits scene with the collector and howard was a million times better than the end credits scene of thor 2 which also featured the collector. it added to his personality, showing that in spite of it all he can enjoy a martini

    • I HONESTLY don’t understand the hate for the Howard the Duck scene?!?

      I would say that maybe it’s an 80’s baby thing, but I’m SURE some of you are also 80’s babies so that can’t be it?!?

      I dunno?


  16. Well, I haven’t seen GotG because I WAS with family and leaving to go see a movie would somehow be rude, but I don’t mind spoilers and this was so freaking adorable as hell.

  17. Hahaha.

    5 minutes later the video is removed?!?

    I thought it was OFFICIALLY released?!?

    • Will Hunting’s Mop,

      We replaced the Youtube version with Yahoo’s.

      • Awesomeness my good man.

      • Haha I’m not even gonna lie. This is unequivocally my FAVORITE website to frequent so I just felt a little “special” having you respond to me directly Vic…Even if it wasn’t really about anything pertinent? Lol.

  18. This is not my idea, someone else mentioned it, but if Disney doesn’t have dancing baby Groot toys by Christmas to go with the home video release, they missed a big opportunity. I want one! lol.

    • Imagine it was made to dance only when its not being watched? lol and the game is to catch him at it?

      • @MerliN are you Freddy Krueger? cause it seems as though you know how last night dream of mine went :)
        GO GROOT TOYS!