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The recent release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a great start to the year for Marvel, breaking April box office records and impressing critics with its gripping spy thriller plot. The film definitely felt more grounded than any of the studio’s other comic book adaptations, 95 year-old superhuman soldiers notwithstanding.

On the other end of the spectrum is Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s second 2014 offering and one of the last movies anyone could ever describe as looking down-to-Earth. Set out in the cosmos and featuring a ragtag band of dubious heroes that includes a very angry talking raccoon and a sentient tree creature, James Gunn’s outer-space adventure looks joyously weird.

Perhaps to stop the more timid mainstream audience members from backing off in terror, the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy focused on the film’s single tether to our own culture: Peter Quill AKA Star Lord (Chris Pratt), a half-human who brought with him from Earth an Indiana Jones-esque charm and a love of classic pop tunes. MTV has debuted an extended clip of the opening scene from the trailer, in which Star Lord is caught red-handed robbing a mysterious orb and has to make an improvized getaway.

One of the most hyped battles in Guardians of the Galaxy is the stand-off between green-skinned assassin Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and blue-skinned space pirate Nebula (Karen Gillan). Gillan has admitted that she required two months of rehearsals for the fight scene since she “looked like spaghetti” when production first began, and it seems that one of the purposes of the current reshoots for Guardians of the Galaxy is to perfect this fight scene. This week Gunn teased the epic showdown with an image of Saldana and Gillan doing some last-minute preparation for the scene.

Check out said image, below:

Karen Gillan and Zoe Saldana rehearsing for Guardians of the Galaxy 570x315 Guardians of the Galaxy: First Clip and New Behind the Scenes Image

It would be nice to think that Nebula will actually be wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater during this scene; every infamous space pirate should own at least one piece of clothing with a Disney character on it. In a show of true dedication, Gillan originally shaved her head completely bald for the role of Nebula, but she may well have opted for a skull cap during reshoots rather than send her locks back to square one again.

As with the Avengers, the Guardians all have different motivations and, in several cases, personal vendettas. Despite their wayward morals, anger issues, pursuit of personal gain and lust for revenge, however, they do somehow manage to come together to form a powerful superhero team – though it’s a very odd-looking one.


Guardians of the Galaxy is out in theaters on August 1, 2014.

Source: MTV, James Gunn

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  1. I hope GOTG gets the same fight choreography team that was used for Cap 2.

    Either way I’m looking forward to August.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve only seen a quick look of Cap 2, but the choreography was leaps and bounds better than any other Marvel movie to date. That’s what I want to see in a superhero movie, definitely.

      • Well … When you have George St. Pierre on the set. Need I say more ?

  2. Not that much new footage in the clip, but the way Star-Lord is rocketing out of this cave and wearing his classical mask is absolutely cool. I can’t wait to see this film.

  3. I’m hooked on a feeling.

    • “Feeling on a hooker”….wait–what?

      • “Feeling on Michael Rooker?”

  4. Speaking strictly from the trailers, looks like the comedy in this movie is going to be embarassing as hell.

    • It feels just like the comics. It’s silly as hell and then out of nowhere it gets real.

      • Yeah, the fact that they can capture that awkward off the wall yet super dry level of comedy of the comics, yet give it a serious tone and (seemingly) pull it off is super encouraging!

        • Bonkers and Silly I like….. Monty Python in space :)

          Gross out and stupid, not so much

          • I originally compared it to Monty Python in that post, but changed it because I figured someone would jump all over it. Haha.

        • There’s something heartwarming about responding to a negative, turd-based comment with a nice, friendly “nope, you’re wrong, the thing you’re complaining about is awesome.” I just wanted you to know it’s appreciated.

          Also, I enjoy thinking about how much people hate it when they’re contradicted like that. “I hate this thing!” Yeah that thing is awesome, you just don’t get it.

          Thanks again.

          • BTW I was referring to “Hades” comment

    • It just looks like they’re trying too hard. I get that they’re going for a zany/camp tone, but did they really need a “Howard the Duck” type talking animal character?

      • Sorry. Rocket’s nothing like Howard the Duck so I don’t understand the comparison. Maybe in very general terms, like “they’re both animated characters” but their behaviors, personality, history, etc. are nothing alike.

        • I appreciate it, but you have actually have nothing to apologize about given that Rocket Raccoon and Howard the Duck are quite similar; both being short, talking, anthropomorphized animals with extraterrestrial origins who are put alongside non-animal characters in the Marvel Universe producing a sense of absurdity.

          • @Ragnar

            They really are completely different in personality, fighting traits, abilities, origin, etc.

            If you are going to say that they are similar cause they are short talking anthropomorphic creatures with extraterrestrial origin then we might as well say…

            Gambit, Deadpool, and Captain America are all “the same” because they all are males who are the same height, they all possess powers beyond that of normal humans, they speak multiple languages, they are master combatants, they have super agility and reflexes, they all can throw objects for weapons, and they all wear uniforms

            • Oh, and they are all from Earth.

              • plus arms, legs, and internal skeletal structures.

            • “they all possess powers beyond that of normal humans…”

              Nope. In the comics Captain America doesn’t truly have superhuman powers. The Super Soldier Serum only gives him “peak human abilities” similar to a world-class athlete.


              • You literally just proved my point.

                Peak human condition / Olympic level athlete abilities IS beyond normal.

                Lets take a look at Captain America’s powers shall we?

                A) He has been injected with a super soldier serum allowing him attributes beyond peak human potential
                B) A body that naturally and continuously replenishes itself of super soldier serum
                C) enhanced metabolism meaning he can’t be affected by drugs and alcohol
                D) enhanced speed allowing him to run faster than normal humans (30 mph)
                E) Bench pressing 1200 pounds
                F) highly resistant to gases, poisons, and hypnosis
                G) Survived decades frozen in ice
                H) can leap 10 feet in the air without a running start
                I) bench pressing 1200 pounds
                J) Can run a mile in 1 min. 13 seconds (the actual fastest mile by a man today is around 4:00 min.)
                K) Denser and harder bones than normal humans
                L)Greater agility than an olympic gold medalist
                M) Reflexes that allow him to dodge a bullet even up close
                N) Peak human healing meaning his body heals quicker and he can’t ever get sick
                O) Enhanced senses

                Now I say sarcastically to you… “Oh yeah, Captain America definitely does not have abilities/powers beyond that of normal humans”


                And you…? …#FAIL

  5. This movie….man…jst everything about this is soo damn good. James Gunn…..The entire cast seems so damn perfect…

    The look..the feel of the comic…..they have it. they definitely have it. This is Star Lord…

    AND…they soooo nailed the sound…. Its the most appropriate thing… Just…Hooked on a feeling…

    This is gonna be an epic.

    • Yeah, every time I hear that song. I feel like they captured lightning in a bottle with this movie.

  6. The clip didn’t work…. Boo!

    • It’s region-locked, I’m afraid.

    • You may want to look into the Hola addon for FireFox or Chrome (https://hola.org/). I can’t completely endorse it because I haven’t tried it out yet, but I hear that it’s particularly useful for people who keep running into region-locked vids. If you do try it out, I’d be curious to see if it works well.

  7. wow. that s*** gave me goosebumps

    • why the heck is my picture a baby?

      • Did you enter the wrong email address? Or did someone hack your Gravatar account?

    • A selfie?

  8. Iron Man is to Star-Lord as The Incredible Hulk is to Groot (;

  9. Agree that I think they’ve nailed the vibe from the guardian comics. If anyone hasn’t read them, and are new to comics- I suggest reading the into book they have at Barnes & Noble on Guardians. You’ll really get a feel for the “Vibe” this team puts out.

    Question: Does anyone know which origin they are using for Quill? Is his real father gonna be “J’son of Spartax” ( I hope so), or are they just doing a random one?

    • why would ask if anyone knows something about the characters, story, etc??
      no offense, but you can’t be that naive can you ?

      you’ve got to know that NOTHING about the movie is publicly known other than what is in the trailer so far
      and anyone who says otherwise – has no way of knowing or confirming anything – so they would just be making things up

  10. Super Excited for this movie!!! It’s going to be a fun time!!!

  11. Is it me or this looks A LOT like Farscape? I mean Star Lord is dressed exactly the same as John Crichton and even has the same mannerisms.

    • I noticed that too, even the writing for his characters sounds like John Crichton.

    • That’s probably, because FarScape was a very loose adaptation (read: rip-off) of the Guardians of the Galaxy comics.

      • Which version of GotG are you suggesting that Farscape is based on? The current incarnation, which wasn’t created until 2008, or the “classic” version, which has absolutely nothing to do with the new version or this movie except having the same name?

        • Darn it… now I fell victim to a Dredd/The Raid situation myself. It seems that you are right and that indeed the reverse is the case. Looks like Marvel ripped off FarScape. I stand corrected.

          • Technically you are both right. The current guardians haven’t been around very long, but the characters have. Star-lord have been around since the 70s from what I have read and in the original comics he even had a living ship and generally travelled with an eclectic group of aliens depending on the story. This was a long time before he help make a new Guardians of the galaxy group and his origin is constantly retconned for one reason or another. So Farscape might have been at least somewhat based on the Star-lord character.

  12. That fight is probably what I’m looking forward to seeing the most!

    • U kidding me? Ronan vs. Drax! ;)

      • I’m sure this one’s gonna be great too but i’d rather watch two sexy ladies go at it than two dudes!

        • lol not sure you can qualify these two as “dudes”. lol Im just very excited to see Ronan & his accusers. He’s a great character.
          I loved him in the recent Avengers: Infinity comics

          • I can’t wait to see Ronan and his Universal Weapon at work! This is gonna be epic! Also you should read Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest if you like Ronan, They’re great stories!

  13. Never realized his mask is part of his overall suit, nice! Should’ve shown more!!
    I do hope Gunn manages to deliver this movie! For us knowledgeable of the series it makes sense how the feeling will be for the film. I just hope the general audience will quickly catch the dry and *somewhat* nonsensical humor at times. GoTG will be the new “Iron Man” (make or break)

  14. Sweet, another Avengers spinoff. We haven’t gotten one of those since Friday.

  15. It looks really good, I’m not sure why anyone is complaining about Star Lord. Looks and feels like a Marvel galactus movie. Speaking of which I don’t think fanboys should worry about the new X-men movie. I think based on what I’ve seen, Singer is going to borrow the storyline from the X-men legends II video game. In that game is Blink, Sabertooth, Professor X voiced by Patrick Stewart, Anna Paquin Rogue and even Kelsey Grammar voicing Beast during cut scenes.

    They went to much trouble to make it like a movie and the story is really good. The story in X-men legends follows Apocalypse awakening and seeking the Lazarus chamber to grant him eternal life, so pretty close to the comics. And if that’s the story he uses then Sugar Man will be in the movie as well as Cable. How it will work is after DoFP, the X-men timeline returns to normal only something goes horribly wrong where Apocalypse wakes up. First Class team’s timeline battles Apocalypse, loses badly and then winds up with Wolverine, Bishop, Blink, Archangel and Forge joining the fight. Then they are able to defeat him as in the game, yet Apocalypse takes over anyway, so the team journeys into the future to defeat Apocalypse there. And that means older Professor X will be in X-men apocalypse and because we see a Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury cameo in X-men legends, Nick Fury will join the fight too setting up future movies like X-Force, Wolverine 3 and Deadpool.

  16. Even with Marvel’s ‘Okay Movies’ talking about the Thor’s, in my opinion Marvel hits each movie out of the park! I was blown away that some people didn’t know that Bucky was the Winter Soldier, I really thought that was ‘General Knowledge.’

    Now, with ‘GOTG,’ I expect people not to know who Peter Quill is. I really want this movie to succeed, I love these comics and I want more great films like Captain America 2 in the future.

  17. If you’re wondering who Nebula and how she’s related to Gamora (and Ronan and Korath), you guys need to read the Prelude comic. This means it will not be addressed deeply in the movie, similar to the whereabout of Rhodey and how Odin used dark matter to send Thor to earth/midgard for The Avengers (to retrieve the Tesseract). Those facts are only available in the prelude comic.

  18. I want this movie to do well, for a number of reasons.

    First of, it’ll expand the scope of the MCU beyond the Avenger characters, who’ve had a great run, but I’m getting tired of them. A little more variation is sorely needed. There’s hundreds of other Avengers out there, time to shift the focus to them. Hopefully with the upcoming Ant-Man movie, the way CA:TWS played out, it’s forthcoming.

    Second, I’m a sucker for some zany outer-space shenanigans. This could finally be the movie that The Phantom Menace failed to live up to be. A worthy successor to the OT.

    Third, Amy Pond vs. Uhura! The catfight to end all catfights!

    • I mean, yes the X characters and the FF are with Fox and Sony has the Spidey bunch, but Marvel has so much else to explore. GotG, Defenders, Agents of Atlas, Inhumans, Runaways, Great Lakes Avengers, Heroes for Hire, Power Pack. They might not be as well known, but by all means take a chance and bring them on!

      PS did I mention Amy Pond vs. Uhura?

  19. Guardians looks… by far….. The best Marvel movie to date. This film could be bigger than Avengers. Let’s hope so. Roll on August.

  20. I had zero interest in this movie until the trailer. Now looking forward to it.

  21. I think they’re saving Rocket Racoon’s dialogue for last. We’ll probably get to hear Cooper late June-July to really hype everyone.

    • @Sage

      They already posted Cooper speaking as Rocket in a short character clip.