Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 2nd, 2014

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August 3 Box Office Guardians Galaxy Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 2nd, 2014

Moviegoers were hooked on a feeling this weekend, as Marvel once again dominated the box office in 2014.

In at number 1 is Guardians of the Galaxy (read our review) with a record-setting $94 million opening. The Marvel Studios film now holds the record for highest August opening, ahead of The Bourne Ultimatum ($69.3M), and is the third highest opening for 2014 behind only Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($95M) and Transformers 4 ($100M)

Internationally, Guardians of the Galaxy raked in $66 million in some 42 international markets, making it the top release around the globe. Thus far, the film has grossed $160 million worldwide.

Guardians of the Galaxy Reviews starring Chris Pratt Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 2nd, 2014

While earlier this year many were wondering whether Guardians of the Galaxy might be Marvel’s first disappointing release, clearly those concerns were unfounded. It might be Marvel’s riskiest box office bet to date, but smart marketing on the studio’s part helped this film not just exceed expectations, but blow them out of the water.

Obviously, the film still has a ways to go if it wants to reach the heights of Captain America 2 or Iron Man 3, but for now Guardians has staked its claim in the rotating Marvel movie stable. The film’s success also makes the recent announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 seem like a no-brainer.

Coming in at a distant second is Lucy with $18.2 million. Luc Besson’s sci-fi, pseudo action flick dropped almost 59% from last week but it’s still doing decent business, all things considered. After two weeks, the film is already up to $79 million.

The James Brown biopic Get On Up (read our review) is the number 3 film with $14 million. Featuring Chadwick Boseman as the legendary funk singer, Get On Up tried its hand at a little counter-programming, but unfortunately the film didn’t make much of a splash. That being said, strong reviews for the film could help Get On Up to a deep run. We’ll have to wait and see.

get on up chadwick boseman Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 2nd, 2014

The number 4 film this weekend is Hercules with $10.7 million. Now at $52 million, the good news is this Dwayne Johnson-led film has nearly tripled the total gross of The Legend of Hercules, the other 2014 film centered on the literary figure. The bad news is the film will likely not make back its entire $100 million production budget.

Rounding out the top 5 is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with $8.7 million. At $189 million domestic thus far, Dawn is currently the eighth highest-grossing film of 2014 and climbing. Add to that a $447 million worldwide gross, and it’s safe to say the Apes will rise again.

In at number 6 is Planes: Fire & Rescue $6.4 million. Disney Animation’s latest did not fare too well at the box office, grossing only $47 million so far, but it should eclipse its $50 million production budget.

The number 7 film is The Purge: Anarchy with $5.5 million, which brings its domestic total up to $62 million. Despite opening with a lower total than its predecessor, The Purge 2 is on pace to surpass the first film’s final gross of $64M. Even more impressive, the sequel only cost $9 million to make.

Coming at number 8 is Sex Tape with $3.5 million. Not much to say here, as this Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz comedy failed to make even the slightest of dents on the box office. So far, the film has grossed only $33 million.

Rob Lowe Cameron Diaz Sex Tape 2014 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 2nd, 2014

The Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas dramedy And So It Goes is the number 9 film with $3.33 million. The film is holding fairly well in limited release and has grossed $10 million so far.

Rounding out the top 10 is A Most Wanted Man with $3.32 million. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last completed film actually saw an uptick from last weekend in both theater count and weekend gross. The film has made $7 million over the past two weeks.

Outside the top 10: Transformers: Age of Extinction dropped from number 7 all the way to number 12, grossing only $2.2 million this past weekend. Now at $241 million, it’s safe to say the film won’t take the top spot on the domestic list. However, Transformers 4 is still going strong on the worldwide front, having just recently passed the $1 billion mark and staking a claim as the 18th highest grossing film (worldwide) of all time.

[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released on Monday, July 28th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy. Who do I see about getting my $5.75 back?

    • You didn’t like it? Why? (i’m not going to attack your opinion)

      • Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I don’t have just one over-riding negative reaction to the movie. Maybe with all the good reviews, I expected too much. I should have been nervous before the movie started with all the little kids in the theatre. Or maybe I should have been clued-in to the fact that it came from Marvel/Disney. It was just a big, dumb, summer movie with not much original to offer. It reminded me a lot of the sci-fi movies from the 80′s trying to rip off Star Wars. For all you comic-book, fanboys and fangirls, I hope you enjoyed it.

        • I took the kids to see it only for the fun factor and it did not disappoint. Everyone had a great time. This movie is not for the critical, deep, anal movie goers. It is a movie like Indiana Jones where you sit, watch, smile, laugh and have a good time with the family.

          Because of word of mouth I am expecting it to gross a lot more money.

      • Cheesy movie, to fake, great soundtrack , felt more comedy
        U central than marvel hero,,, satire yes like Iron Man,, corn
        Ball like 70s airplane movie just not feeling it please dont….ruin the rest

    • Not gonna get into you not liking it Evan but where the hell can you see a movie for 5.75 is what I really want to know? Unless your Doc Brown and mastered the flux-capacitor, no idea where you can see a flick for 5.75 anymore.

      • Yeah, I wish I paid $5.75 for the three tickets I had to buy instead of $18 each time. Still worth the money however.

      • Hahaa i know, thats so cheap!

      • I can see a movie for 6.75 matinee rate at the movie theater that is close to me.

      • I don’t know about him but I see movies for $6.00 in P.R. Same quality, great theater. And they were actually $5.25 before, then $5.75 and now $6.00 (obviously the price will keep rising just like everything else but at least I can enjoy every movie without making my wallet suffer LOL).

      • Carmike Theaters in TN offer prices of 5.75 for any showing between 4 and 5:30, not sure if this is where this fellow went.

        • ours is carmike, and it’s funny the promo for the special say’s $5.75 but they only charge $5. works for me!

        • Over here in Chattanooga the matinee “twilight” price is $7.25, I believe.

      • the theater near me has all movies cheap between 4-5:30 every day. 2d is $5, 3d $9 and 3d imax $12. plus my daughter works there so she can take people on her days off only during the week for free.

      • Hi Kyle, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Yeah, I’m real cheap with my movie habits. Usually I wait till it comes out on Redbox, unless it’s something I really want to see. Here in Memphis, my local theatre (and the only one in town that charges this low) only charges $5.75 for movies between 4 pm-6 pm. So that’s when I go.

      • Umm here in my country its approx $2.4 and thats US DOLLARS. lol i dont live in africa or something, but with that Price i get a decent theatre, even Tho its qiite small. I live in indonesia (its in Asia in case you dont know)

    • Where the hell are you seeing movies for only $5.75?

      • Cinemark in Sherman, TX, has a $5.00 all day Tuesday (w/o the $3 3D premium). Every other day of the week is $5.75 for the first showing of the day. Stadium seating and all.

        The one in McKinney doesn’t have stadium seating, but has a $3.25 early bird, a $3.50 matinee, and a $5.50 evening! Still has the $3 premium for 3D, but it’s still awesome.

        • I am so jealous of all of you, I had to pay $12.75 to see GotG (at a super nice theater, though).

          • Hah! Try 19.00 for IMAX 3D.

            • +1

      • I don’t know about him but I see movies for $6.00 in P.R. Same quality, great theater. And they were actually $5.25 before, then $5.75 and now $6.00 (obviously the price will keep rising just like everything else but at least I can enjoy every movie without making my wallet suffer LOL).

      • Try $14.00 for a 3D movie at AMC

    • Cant see a movie for under $8.75 in Scottsdale AZ, and that’s at non stadium seating.

      10$ and over for stadium, don’t even get me started on 3D (a gimmick for non talented movie makers who need tricks to sell tickets over story/plot details)

    • FAR OUT!! $5.75!?!?

      I went to a 3D preview screening last week here in NZ and it cost me $19.30 plus an online booking fee (it’s highway robbery and must contribute to movie piracy), but after seeing the movie the price was irrelevant to me, I thoroughly enjoyed the film :D

  2. Does Sunday not count as the weekend Box Office anymore?

    • ESTIMATED !!!

    • Read the bottom of the page: “[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates – based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday.”

      Sunday box office is estimated using Friday and Saturday. It’s not always right, but it usually is.

  3. Alright, Marvel fans and/or movie fans in America. LISTEN UP. The weekend estimates for Guardians of the Galaxy report it opened up $94 million, but, while we are at it, let’s try to get it to make an extra $1.1 million dollars to beat Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s opening weekend record by the end of the night, so Guardians can gross $95.1 million in its opening weekend a a the second best opening of the year and Marvel Studios best opening of 2014. It might not beat Transformers 4, well, maybe it could if it pulls an Avengers surprise, but it might be able to beat Captain America 2′s opening weekend record, if we continue to keep it up. SO, C’MON GUYS. DONT STOP, KEEP GOING. HURRY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. LET’S DO IT.

    • As a Transformers fan, I had similar feelings about T4 that you do towards Guardians.
      Yes, T4 opened big–but then it started sinking fast (domestically).
      Don’t worry too much about openning weekends. If this movie is as good as I’ve heard (haven’t seen it myself, but I’m lookin forward to it), then your film might have something mine didn’t: staying power. And from what I’ve heard about Guardians . . .
      Wishing you and the Guardians the best!

      • transformers movies are embarrassingly bad

  4. Fantastic.

    Loved it.

    And further proof there isn’t CBM fatigue if you make a good movie, (looking at you crappy ASM2).

    Can’t wait to go see it again this week.

    They nailed it with Pratt.

    • Agree. I would say thus far, Apes is still my movie of the year followed by a tie between Cap 2 and GOTG. TASM 2 just did do anything for me and I consider it an okay film but just didn’t take advantage of its potential. Transformers unfortunately isn’t going away. Bay seems to draw in crowds and by reaching that 1 billion mark it almost guarantees he will be attached to the films in some way. Ugh

  5. Guardians of the galaxy now puts immediate pressure on ff and the sinister
    Six to perform. I predicted last year that guardians could upset spiderman
    And xmen on opening weekend because the mcu is a strong brand that
    Continues to make stars. I cant wait for the day la familia welcomes back
    Spiderman,ff and xmen back to DA MARVEL HOUSE.

  6. I saw GOTG- loved loved loved it. It’s not as good as The Winter Soldier but it’s a different kind of movie. I see Captain America as a superhero film while Guardians is a sci-fi/adventure. So the comparisons and the weird competition a lot of fans (and to be honest, critics) are showing just doesn’t apply. It’s like comparing Game of Thrones to Orange is the New Black.

    • YES! The two are completely different genres. I wouldn’t called Captain America 2 a “superhero film”; I would actually call it a political thriller. Regardless, among average moviegoers, the two movies will draw different secondary audiences (with the primary audience being “anyone who likes Marvel superhero movies”).

      However, there is some commonality between the two. They’re both based on comic books. They’re both produced by the same studio and same producer. They’re even based in the same cinematic universe. So there is some area for comparison between them. Just not as much as people may claim.

  7. I just came from watching GotG…I was highly entertained. It was a fun film, definitely worth spending a couple of hours in a theater.

    It didn’t come close to displacing my favorite films of the year or even the summer, but it was certainly enjoyable as a comedy in space, and I found it much better than both “Thor” movies, IM2, IM3, and “The Avengers”. It was as good as the first CA but not nearly as good as the second, nor as good as “The Incredible Hulk”. My favorite Marvel film, to date, remains X:DoFP (though it was, of course, a Fox film, not a Marvel Studios production).

    The “Guardians” actors did a great job, and I loved the design asthetic of the film, as well. Groot and Rocket, indeed, stole the show, but I say that Peter and Gamora stole it right back. Drax actually turned out to be the most likeable guy I would never want to gift sharpened knives. Yondu was annoying every time he was on screen (except for one “chirpy” aspect)…I could have gone through the entire film quite happily without him. Ronan…men. Oh, and I was more impressed by the end credit of Thanos in “The Avengers” than either of _____’s (NOT Ronan) scenes in GotG. The character did not impress me at all. I empathized with Peter in the film’s opening…

    All in all, easily, a 3.5/5…maybe as high as a 4/5.

    • “…men” should be “meh”.

      I was thrilled with the “Interstellar” trailer. This is (and has been) my most anticipated film of 2014. I canNOT wait…

      As for the “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” trailer, it almost made me want to spit acid on whichever Disney Studios buffoon actually greenlit the release of this blob of dreck that has NOTHING to do with the excellent Judith Viorst book, other than the name. In fact judging by what the trailer set up, this waste is actually going to go in the EXACT opposite direction of the book’s much more amusing and interesting premise.

      Sigh…it is truly a shame, as I felt excited when I first heard about this project.

      C’est la vie.

  8. GotG made $94 million in the opening weekend.
    That sends a clear message to other Studios ( looking at you WB ) , that Marvel can make a commercially hit movie from their B-list characters. Realistically , GotG will make somewhere between $500-$600 million at the end.

    • You are absolutely right! Coz, WB/DC is planing all the time, to do what Marvel did here. DC is gonna introduce their Main Characters in a single movie. And what did this one prove? Actually; when done right, It’s gonna blow you and everyone away. Good for DC. Hope they’ll nail it, more than Marvel did. Looking forward to it. Hope they’ll have a surprise for all of us.

      I here; respect their weird but, thoughtful decision. Good luck DC!
      (I’m not a fan of either side. Just hoping to see more balanced rival among both. And for that and to see more expanded/Varied movies than one-sided productions, DC must establish their universe too. Good for Movie Fans and for The Industry. Also I wanna see neck-to-neck battle with the MOST PRAISED SUPERHEROS of MOST KNOWN BRANDS. That’s All :) )

    • That should not be a surprise, iron man was a b lister before IM1 came out hehe.

  9. What did I tell you . TF 4 already made $ 1 Billion worldwide in just 5 weeks.
    Michael Bay is laughing at all those Bay-haters and film critics. Laughing all the way to the bank.

    Get ready for TF5 and TF6 in the near future.

  10. To quote a recent Forbes article:

    “This debut, an original space opera starring a cast of mostly [non-stars] proves two things. First it means that there is no summer slump. Audiences will flock to theaters if the film debuting is something they all want to see. Second, it means that Marvel can do whatever it wants now. So if they choose not to make a female-centric or minority-centric superhero film, it’s because they just don’t want to.”

    You hear that, Marvel? Give me my Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, and Black Panther movies now, please.

    • Agreed. If the raccoon and tree can sell, so can a minority or super heroine.

      I’m curious to see how GotG does against Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this coming weekend. Both movies go for the same audience. If the Turtles take the Guardians down at the box office it means The Avengers bounce has reached its limits. Guardians’ OW success was due to front loading of Marvel fans and curiosity seekers. Cap 2, Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 kept the number 1 spots on their 2nd weekends. GotG dropping to #2 next weekend comes off that the movie is a flash in the pan. It will make back its money overseas, but it will be a blot on Marvel’s record.

      • I think the turtles taking guardians down is a no brainer. Its a nostalgic property from the 1980s loved by many adults with a disposable income. That combined with the fact that michael bay (for better or for worse.) is attached to movie means the movie inspite of the vocal minority of internet critics and commentators is gonna make 600 to 700 million.

        As a internet commentator I hate Michael bay more than the next internet commentator but even I know this movie is gonna make a lot of money. The comments we write the scathing reviews that are wrtin by us and other websites mean nothing to bay. Until he retires we will be stuck in the “call of duty cycle” type cycle.

        • I think Turtles will have a big opening weekend and then plummet when word of mouth gets out.

          • Like how word of mouth made Transformers 4 plummet. I’m sorry if that sounded condescending. But bays name combined with ninja turtles means this movie is gonna dominate guardians and dang near any other movie that comes out in the next few weeks. Transformers 4 is a terrible movie and it is on its way to making 1 billion. The only and I mean the only way tmnt could not make over at least 400 million or plummet after the oping weekend is if it is literally the worst movie ever made. A movie so bad that GENERAL AUDIENCES hate a summer blockbuster made by michael bay. To me at least we have a better chance of achieving world peace, solving world hunger and achieving faster than light travel by the end of the week.

            • Well absolutely all the evidence points to a flop

              On social media no one is talking about TMNT hardly at all, yet TF4 is the 3rd most tweeted movie (behind guardians and step up all in) and 2nd most talked about on facebook (behind guardians).

              Turtles doesn’t even make the list (top 8) at all on facebook and is 7th on twitter.

              That amounts to pretty much no buzz at all considering we are less than a week from release



              Turtles are currently on track for a 40 million opening (103 million domestic total), even if guardians drops the 50% that movies see in their 2nd week it will still beat Turtles comfortably if the traking holds (which is looking likely)


            • TMNT is tracking for only 40 million (just under actually), if you check twitter and facebook buzz TMNT hardly registers (not in the top 8 FB and only 7th on twitter).

              Transformers still has social media buzz surrounding it (3rd on twitter 2nd in FB), Guardians is obviously top on both still.

              So the film is tracking to earn much less than half guardians has this week, has no social media buzz going into its opening week and is up against the film that’s still getting a massive amount of buzz.

              Even is guardians has the normal 50%+ drop that 2nd week releases see it should still hold the top spot if TMNT tracking holds true (and it seems likely)

        • I dunno, with most of the people I know the Ninja Turtles movie has been met with a resounding refrain of “meh”. People were stoked for GotG to come out, I have yet to come across anyone who is stoked for TMNT.

        • Actually TMNT is only tracking for just under 40 million OW, Guardians has a very good chance of beating that if boxoffice.com’s tracking holds even close to true

      • A $94mm opening weekend and a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes?? One of the best-reviewed movies of the year. That’s a blot on Marvel’s record!? Ha! (Totally real laugh!) Bank on $45-50mm for the 2nd weekend. That’s going to be tough for a Megan Fox movie to beat.

  11. my theater just gave this a standing ovation, i have never seen that before. this was the best Marvel film to date by a wide margin.

  12. Haven’t seen Guardians yet, but glad to see Apes is still doing well. Best movie of the summer so far IMO and I hope it gets to at least $500 million, because it deserves it.

  13. Just a guess, but based upon the PACKED showing I was at this Sunday afternoon, the weekend estimate for Guardians is at least a little low. Seems like momentum was picking up. I could see it sneaking past Captain America 2 when final figures are released.

    • I didn`t see Winter Soldier on the big screen but I will see this one.

  14. While guardians isn’t in my top 5 movies of the year, and found it to be rather sloppy and clunky. I’m glad for its success cause it was still a fun time and the more it succeeds the better chance of more obscure movies to get made
    Its a win for everyone

    • Except your grammar.

      • Just accept his grammar. ;)

        If you worry about peoples grammar on the internet, you’ll have to spend 24-7 correcting everyone for a billion years. Just chill. (^-^)

        (And don’t grammar check my posts because I already know my grammar sucks!)

  15. Yep Marvel continues to rule the word. They are probably even commercially stronger than Pixar now as their movies are extremely diverse, released and different times of the year and all make money.

    Guardians was the acid test and it’s success means that literally Marvel can do anything they want to. Any character / property is at least possible for them to bring to the big screen. It’s truly great what they are achieving right now and long may it continue.

    Just imagine the damage that Age of Ultron will do next year. It’s going to decimate everything in sight next year and is already a lock for highest grossing movie for 2015.

    It’s quite ominous for WB / DC. Any argument over risky projects, people not knowing the character are now gone. They simply have no more excuses. Get that damn Wonder Woman movie out already.

    • Yeah, the more I see this new direction that Marvel is going in now, the more I see Age of Ultron easily reaching the 1B mark and outperforming the first Avengers numbers. I think if this happens then you will start seeing WB/DC start picking up the pace. The fact that Marvel has everything planned out no matter what happens tells me they have confidence in their product whereas WB/DC hasn’t really planned out anything until just recently. At this point I consider Disney/Marvel the big dog when it comes to the big screen and WB/DC king when it comes to TV series.

  16. Film Budget 170 Million

    Box Office Release in 3 Days..

    Domestic = $94,000,000
    + Foreign = $66,400,000

    Worldwide: $160,400,000

    Source : http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=marvel2014a.htm

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