‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Has Big Friday Box Office, Could Beat ‘Captain America 2’

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Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Art1 Guardians of the Galaxy Has Big Friday Box Office, Could Beat ‘Captain America 2’

In terms of box office, Guardians of the Galaxy seemed to be a risky bet at the beginning of the year; with a budget easily reaching $150 million, it  was difficult to tell if Marvel’s lesser known heroes could compare to the ticket sales of other heroes like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

Guardians is certainly one of our most anticipated movies of August – read our review – and we predicted it would be the top of the box office this weekend; not a difficult task given July’s poor ticket sales. However, the Guardians may blow Marvel’s other heroes out of the box office, too.

Deadline is reporting that Guardians of the Galaxy earned $37.95 million on Friday, including $11.2 million from Thursday late night showings. Deadline predicts, depending on family moviegoing today, that Guardians could pull in between $92.5 million and $95.5 million throughout the weekend, making it a challenger to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which broke April box office records by raking in $95 million on its own opening weekend.

While there was a bit of a change-up between Marvel’s Phase One and Two films in terms of which heroes led at the box office – The Winter Soldier surpassed Thor: The Dark World this time around – the Guardians of the Galaxy opening weekend could have further reaching significance (and not just in terms of space travel).

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy Reviews starring Chris Pratt Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper 570x285 Guardians of the Galaxy Has Big Friday Box Office, Could Beat ‘Captain America 2’

Marvel has largely found success in its cinematic universe by developing its major heroes, giving them their own film series, and bringing them together for The Avengers films. However, with Guardians possibly exceeding The Winter Soldier’s box office opening, that may open the door to a much more expansive MCU with other lesser well known Marvel heroes getting their own films – and successful ones at that.

Though Marvel has been on this path for a while, certainly because Fox is building its own separate X-Men universe and Sony is holding on to the rights to Spider-Man and Sinister Six, Guardians of the Galaxy was the real test of whether non-Avengers could be prosperous in terms of ticket sales.

Given these predictions for its opening weekend, the success of Guardians could pave the way for Marvel to announce other films such as The Inhumans or Black Panther. Whether the studio will take this cue to announce any other movies for the rest of the upcoming dates they have scheduled remains to be seen.

Guardians of the Galaxy is now playing in theaters.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Hopefully it does, itt’s a better movie and quality should be rewarded. The stink that is Transformers being the exception.

  2. Saw GOTG 2 times in 17 hrs! I loved it, my kids loved it and I might go 1 more time on Sun. Rocket and Groot are simply awesome, and Drax was VERY surprising.

  3. Awesome…I’m already looking forward to the sequel.

  4. ………. Excellent.. *Clasps hands

  5. Can’t wait to see this. It is a nice break from same old same old and should do very well. I hope it breaks records this weekend. There’s a radio show here in Orlando where one of the hosts thinks it won’t make 60 million opening weekend. If he loses the bet he has to dress as Rocket Raccoon and pass out issues of Rocket Raccoon comics in front of a local comic book store.

    • That’s hilarious! I’ll definitely be checking around online this coming week to see if there are photos, or just a follow-up statement from a guy weaseling out of a bet.

    • Umm…link or name of the radio show please? I need to see this

  6. Next to Maleficent Captain America II has been the best film of this year. I don’t know if it will beat opening day numbers, but it can’t possible beat overall Cap II numbers – Cap II was a great action film with the strongest storyline yet. I’ll see GofG probably next week. I saw Cap II twice opening day.

    • Prepare to be surprised.

    • I got up at 6am and went to the first thing in the morning showing on the first day for Guardians and it’s probably the first movie i’m resisting seeing again in the cinema, And from what iv heard from others they already have seen it 2-3 times so given it’s deserved buzz and early success and reviews theres a good chance it will atleast i hope so Cap was great but this was far superior and had so much more heart character humor and originality than the typical superhero/Marvel movie which Cap really falls under even though its one of the best ones.

  7. Saw it in IMAX 3D Thursday! Can’t wait to see again tonight, in IMAX 3D again!! People like me will help the numbers to be #1 where it should be!! Here’s to a Billion!

    IMO it was better than Avengers and Cap2. Guardians totally lived up to the hype!!

  8. is it too crazy to say this movie could get a billion??? i never thought it would but this movie just keeps beating expectations with the money. it from 40m opening weekend to almost 100m… thats just crazy.

    i really hope it does well. i still dont think it will get a billion but i really hope im wrong. im going to see it again. amazing movie. i can see this movie getting 800m which would be fantastic and proves to marvel that the cosmic stuff is not to crazy for teh general audience.

  9. Well, from what I read last night, it already beat Cap 2 on opening day (US only, I expect it beat Cap 2 in the UK too since TASM2 did and that was slightly better than Cap 2 while Guardians is miles better).

    • You thought TASM2 was better than Cap2?

      • Only slightly, yes.

    • Dazz, i totally disagree on you saying TASM2 is better than Cap2 even if you said slightly. For a guy who makes a lot of comments about movie plots and character development its just mind bugling you wound say that. TASM2 was the most disappointing cbm movie for me this year.

      • agreed 100% AMS2 just annoyed me

  10. I though it was ok,nothing special,and the after credits scene is stupid. The dancing scene is hilarious.

    • I agree len. The after credit scene was stupid but it was better than ok. It was definitely better than Thor2 was although it seemed to have the same type of final battle as Thor2 did. Must be a common theme amongst infinity stones.

    • The after credits scene was NOT stupid? It was EPIC. Truly EPIC.

      I think the only people who don’t appreciate it are those who aren’t familiar with him and those who were expecting the next “big reveal” in the Marvel universe and therefore didn’t appreciate it for the awesomeness that it truly was.

      • Ya,i will catch it again on dvd,I guess I might like it more the second time.

  11. Isn’t Transformers 4 the biggest opening of the year with 100 million?

    • allegedly XD… apparently they lied and got 98M

  12. No way in hell is TASM2 better than Cap 2 LMAOOOO

    • Lol right. As a comic book movie cap 2 was better. As an action movie it was better . As just an entertaining movie cap was better 2. Its just Mr . Dillenger says that even though cap 2 was way better then asm2 , the spidy movie was better because he is a giant DC fan boy. He lies about even watching cap 2 because Mr dill posted multiple times he waits to rent Disney/marvel movie because of his love for DC. What a tool!

  13. I’ll be doing a double header tomorrow. I’ll check out Lucy first, then I’ll force myself to see the GOTG kids space comedy. Being a Marvel and DC geek, It’s a must that I see the movies I’m less than enthusiastic about as well.

    • For every reference to Tmnt, there is a reference to Kevin Bacon or Jackson Pollock (sp?). The literal, deadpan delivery by Bautista is VERY funny. I had severe reservations about Rocket’s voice and animation and they knocked it out of the park. It’s surprisingly more heartfelt than most dramas, funnier than any movie I’ve seen in 5 years except maybe 21 Jumpstreet, and more streamlined and action-packed than Avengers was…IMHO.

      It’s not the transcendent movie experience that Empire was in my youth, but it is a kickass piece of fulfilling and entertaining cinematic art.

    • lucy was absurd, and gotg isnt a kid space comedy. its a comic book movie for d*cks and that is a really good thing. its completely awesome. the winter soldier is the best marvel movie so far, but gotg is the awesomest. and my favorite.

  14. Saw this in IMAX 3D today, and it was a pleasant surprise. One thing that grabbed my attention was the level of detail put into the alien characters. The skin tones looked too real on screen. The music was fabulous, and the villains were much better than the ones in Thor TDW. Drax was especially good. I hope this goes all the way to a billion.

  15. WOW! I’m so excited! A year ago or so I wouldn’t give a poop about this movie…talking trees and raccoons…oh my… BUT THEY’VE DONE IT! This is the new Star Wars, the next Avatar…the most marvellous Marvel movie to date, even lightyears ahead of the kinda formulaic Avengers movie. We’re finally going back to space… This movie has paved the way for a new era of space entertainment. It’s Star Trek, Farscape and Star Wars combined, salted with a grain of Flash Gordon and Dune… not to forget Firefly and Lexx – The Dark Zone :-) Finally… a homecoming for space geeks and general audience alike… Let’s rock’n’roll…definitely hooked on a feeling right there!!!

  16. Just saw GOTG this afternoon & it was outstanding.
    Seldom have I been to a movie these days where the majority of the audience all laughs out loud together like we did today.
    I’m thinking they knew well in advance tho’ there would be a sequel as it announced right after the closing scene before the credits began that the Guardians would return.
    Howard the duck was cool hat tip too by the way.

    • Thank you for spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it yet. noob.

  17. Maybe in Ant-Man, Hank Pym has one of the Infinity Stones in his possession, and that is what the bad guys are after?

  18. Very entertaining movie, some the best visual scenes I’ve seen in a movie. I really enjoyed all the characters which surprised me. I still think the Avengers, Cap America :TWS and Iron Man 1 are the best Marvel films. But this is one the top Marvel films too. I’m rooting for this movie to perform well, it would be cool if it beat the opening for Transformers 4. But I still can’t see it becoming a billion dollar film.

    Thanos looked awesome.

  19. Oh my god, as of last night Guardians of the Galaxy has banked $160 Million. That’s just…

  20. EPIC movie.

    Best one I’ve seen in decades.

    REALLY, REALLY reminded me of LEXX.

    LEXX was pointed out by someone up here, I see. That’s what it reminded me the most of. Eerily similar at parts…