Benicio Del Toro Talks The Collector in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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Benicio Del Toro The Collector Benicio Del Toro Talks The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Studios has a packed slate of upcoming movies, and though they operate on a completely expected level of secrecy, the cast and filmmakers are generally chatty and open about the directions of the stories and the characters’ motivations. Joss Whedon has given us, among other updates, an explanation for the casting of James Spader as the evil robot Ultron in The Avengers sequel, and Michael Rooker has shared his excitement about his role as the blue-skinned alien hunter Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Another Guardians star – Benicio Del Toro – recently talked about his much-anticipated role as well, that of the immortal “Elder of the Universe” known as The Collector.

Del Toro was recently in France to promote his French-made film Jimmy P. (also known as Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian) and spoke to French magazine Les Inrockuptibles about The Collector. Here’s what he had to say (via CBM):

“When someone calls you and says ‘I need you in my movie,’ it’s exciting. I like comic book movies, and it’s totally new for me. My character is The Collector. I’ve never heard of him so I just started [to research] about him…

“A blockbuster can be really tiring to do, but it’s fun to shoot one occasionally. You have many people around you who bombard you with [a lot of] information… You cannot go wrong.”

These comments echo Rooker’s, but also seem to contradict them. GoTG director James Gunn had, according to Rooker, told him not to read any of the comic books. It sounds like Del Toro has been researching his character. And if he’s not being discouraged from doing so, it could indicate that Gunn may have different ways of approaching each character.

Guardians of the galaxy concept art Benicio Del Toro Talks The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy

Del Toro went on to discuss how his character’s motivation may be withheld at times:


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  1. If he is immortal shouldnt he just kill everyone in the mcu? I know nothing about guardians so im being serious with this question

    • Immortals can still die or be defeated somehow. It’s not that simple.

    • He likes to collect beings with different abilities because it fascinates him how life can be so different in parts of the universe, which is why he gets involved in a lot of Earthly matters due to the superheroes living on it.

      Don’t know much about him beyond that but if he killed everyone in the universe, he wouldn’t be able to collect anything (thus gaining his name) and there’d also be no point whatsoever to being alive if there was no one left to interact with.

    • There is a difference between immortal and indestructable.

      • I mean i looked him up on wiki and all that was said is due to a deal with death he is immortal. Dazz’s reply made me very interested in him

        • The MU wiki said The Collector is “Virtually immortal” which is a lot more interesting than indestructible.

          So, if The Collector is careful, and doesn’t step in front of a bus, he’ll live forever. Which introduces a whole host of philosophical conundrums.

          Indestructibility is boring from a plot standpoint. It drains the tension from any story with a character that is indestructible, because no matter what happens, he can’t be hurt or damaged or killed. It causes the writer to invent special convoluted story devices to take some of that indestructibility away, merely to create tension….. For instance kryptonite…… The cliché bullsh*t macguffin.

          • Thank you, Heustis. I couldn’t agree more on the issue of indestructible characters being boring.

            • …and Wolverine.

    • @Trey, The Collector was never in the (2008 team of the) Guardians of the Galaxy series. He was in “Thanos Quest” way back when.

      They said The Collector will be at the end of Thor 2, I’m guessing he will be in Odin’s Vault to “collect” the Infinity Gauntlet.

      Therefore my guess is that they will be taking a lot of The Collector aspect of Thanos Quest and implement/adapt it to the movie.

      • I have read the Del Toro has shot a scene with Tyr! for Thor: TDW if im not mistaken that is one of Thor’s older Brothers! PLEASE correct me if im wrong, but we will get to see The Collector in Thor 2!

      • A spoiler warning would have been nice, outlaw.

      • Well thanks for the spoilers if they are true. Jerk

    • That’s the motivation of a being called Annihilus from the Negative Zone.

    • Immortal doesn’t mean he’s strong or can otherwise kick ass. I’m not sure what correlation you’re try to me.

  2. Hopefully they won’t misuse Benicio Del Toro like they did Ben Kingsley. But that was Shane Black more so than Marvel. I think James Gunn will do wonders with Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus, Marvel knows how much is at stake with Guardians so I wouldn’t imagine they’d give the same amount of freedom to Gunn like they did with Black.

    • So Sir Ben didn’t steal the show and chew on the scenery in every scene he was in then?

      Or did you mean a different Marvel movie featuring him and written by Shane Black?

      • He stole the show and chewed on the scenery? Is that why he played a completely moronic character who was scared and pointless to the story? I feel like I wasted half my money on the movie cause his character did not have any value and only served to provide a hack red herring in the disguise of pretending to being clever story telling.

        I mean seriously…its like reading Iron Man for 400 issues and then Tony wakes up next to Suzanne Pleshette and says…it was a dream? I am not rich?

      • Yeah, must’ve been a different Shane Black Marvel movie… Because the Ben Kingsley I saw was atrocious.

        • But Ben Kingsley played Trevor…. AND the mandarin. That was all him in the ads and propaganda scenes. Don’t lie, when you were watching the trailers for Iron Man 3, Ben Kingsley’s voice over was pretty chilling, at least for me anyway.

          And he did kinda steal the scene when he was revealed as Trevor because everyone was shocked at what the hell was going on with the character haha

          • I think thats what you call a plot twist.

    • “Plus, Marvel knows how much is at stake with Guardians so I wouldn’t imagine they’d give the same amount of freedom to Gunn like they did with Black.”

      Why not? Worldwide gross of Ironman 3 is $1,214,713,994. Clearly those unhappy with that particular version of The Mandarin are in the minority. Id say Marvel is far more likely to listen to the majority. Which personaly, Im happy about, cause I thought Kingsley did a smashing job. Just remember, as much as you like to think Marvel is making these movies purely for the comic book fans, they are not. They are making them for the general audience. The GA isn’t that concerned with how closely a movie follows a book.



    • Never gets old :D

    • …got old awhile ago

  4. what the collector does sounds familiar with brainiac. maybe not as menacing though

  5. I see in the CBM link, elmayimbe is saying that Adam Warlock might be in the movie. Wonder if it’s true.

    Still can’t wait to see The Collector at the end of Thor 2!!

    • El Mayimbe is a JOKE! that guy gets 98% of ALL of his “scoops” or “from insiders close to the movie” ALWAYS WRONG, I cant take anything that guy says serious!

      He is just a HACK that guesses and every so often he gets one or two things correct!
      But if I was to guess the score of EVERY one of the Detroit tigers games for the whole year (162) I would get a few of them right! BUT that would NOT make me a sports caster or a Baseball expert!
      So he is NO BETTER than any of us guessing the garbage he does, he is bound to be right once in a while!

      • I think the saying goes, “Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.”

        • Unless the hands fell off…

    • If the movies follow the books, Adam Warlock SHOULD be in the film. For all we know one of the already-cast characters could be him. It’s all about misdirection.

      • I think he will be. He is such a vital and, more importantly, interesting character.

  6. Here’s a question: When the times comes to show her, and that time will come eventually, who will play Death?

    • i’d say probably some really hot actress. they could go with an ugly one, but my money’s on hot.

      • Hot, yet able to be somewhat unsettling. They’d also probably have to be willing to shave their head for the role…That’s just how it usually is.

      • Are you really that shallow?

    • Julia Roberts.
      You heard it here first.

    • Ooooh, Tilda Swinton would be amazing. I don’t know how she feels about blockbuster roles lately, but she didn’t do one in a while (the last one was the Narnia series I believe).

      She’s ethereal and androgynous, her pale skin and otherworldly presence would make her perfect. Just imagine.

      • I fully endorse this choice! Tilda Swinton is amazing.

        • Much better choice than Julia Roberts… barf.

      • +1
        Swinton would rock it.

  7. I can’t wait to see this movie but let me just say that i’m so tired of people saying that IM3 was a great movie because it made serious money because i felt completely riped off . I’ll bet at least 50% of the people that saw the first 2 movies honestly felt the same way and wouldn’t pay to see it in theaters if they knew how far it fell from the first 2 . I don’t think marvel will risk that again soon .

  8. I think I’m more excited for the cosmic side of marvel and all that entails it than more IM and Cap movies. I could see the collector being an anti hero for this film and trying to stop Thanos. He wouldn’t be able to collect anything if most of the universe is dead.