‘Grumpy Cat’ Meme Becoming Talking Animal Comedy Movie

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Grumpy Cat movie planned by Todd Garner Grumpy Cat Meme Becoming Talking Animal Comedy Movie

If you thought Internet cats were going to stay on the Internet, you were sadly mistaken. It’s just as well that the following news isn’t being written up an April 1st, because if it was then we’d probably get criticized for making the prank articles too obvious.

For those who aren’t up to speed with the Internet memes currently in vogue, Grumpy Cat™ is a picture of a white and brown cat with a grumpy expression that was posted on Reddit in September 2012 and subsequently went viral as a meme. The cat’s actual name is Tardar Sauce (“Tard” for short), and her owners were swift to monetize her surprising popularity, posting videos of her on Youtube, signing an advertising deal with Purina to have Grumpy Cat™ appear in Friskies adverts, and setting up an online shop where visitors can buy T-shirts, mugs, magnets, calendars and even the Official Grumpy Cat™ Book. If you think this sounds like an episode of South Park, that’s because it more or less is the plot of a South Park episode (Season 12, Episode 4: “Canada on Strike”).

If you can’t get enough of Grumpy Cat™ and you’ve been thinking to yourself that you’d love to see the surly feline on the big screen, then it looks like you may get your wish. Deadline reports that Broken Road’s Todd Garner (Jack and Jill, Paul Blart: Mall Cop) has teamed up with Grumpy Cat™ PR reps Ben Lashes and Al Hassas to produce a feature film about a talking version of Tardar Sauce. Garner explained his enthusiasm for the project, saying:

“This started off as a picture of a cat, but rare is an image that evokes that much comedy. You read all of the memes and the comments, and one is funnier than the next. We think we can build a big family comedy around this character.”

Since it takes a lot of training to get animals ready to act for a feature film, and the talking-animal aspect of the movie means that the character will probably be computer-animated anyway, it’s very doubtful that the original Grumpy Cat™ will actually be starring in her own movie. At best, the only awareness she’ll have of it will be when her owners start buying a more expensive brand of cat food, or if she gets dragged onto the red carpet.

Garfield poster Grumpy Cat Meme Becoming Talking Animal Comedy Movie

All joking aside, this sounds like a rather desperate attempt to cash in on the temporary popularity of a meme that may not even be popular by the time the movie actually hits theaters (if it ever does). Much-loved as the Grumpy Cat™ meme might be, it’s difficult to see how they’re going to build up a compelling narrative around the central conceit of a cat with a slightly downturned mouth. Besides, we’ve already had two grumpy cat movies in the last decade - Garfield and Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties – and they were both terrible.

Next week: Dreamworks’ Charlie Bit My Finger, Twentieth Century Fox’s Numa Numa Guy, New Line Cinema’s Forever Alone and Terry Gilliam’s surrealist drug-fuelled adventure David After Dentist.


We’ll let you know if Grumpy Cat: The Movie makes any progress towards production.

Source: Deadline

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    • This may actually invoke God’s wrath…

      • LOL

  2. They better leave that poor cat alone and indeed use CGI instead of dragging it in front of a movie team.

  3. First Angry Birds gets a movie now Grumpy Cat lol?
    What next the creepy girlfriend meme movie?…. Oh wait that already happened with “Obsessed”.

    • -1

  4. “Homeward Bound”
    is probably the ONLY live action talking animal movie that was any good.

    I know people liked “Babe” but i really dont see it

    • I actually enjoyed Cats and Dogs.

      • +1

  5. Why don’t they take a different angle & make it R rated. It worked for Ted &, let’s be honest, the majority of the Grumpy Cat memes out there are aimed at grown ups.

  6. Wow, I’m shocked.

    A lot of these memes involving cats seem to revolve around things my own cats have done or looked like over the years. I always used to joke about how one of the female cats I owned sounded like she was shouting “oh no” while she was on heat many, many years ago and you’re telling me that if I had the internet back then, I could’ve made millions and even had a movie made based on something so ridiculous and mundane?

  7. wow just wow…epic facepalm

    • Just wait until we see news of “Baby Monkey Riding Backwards On A Pig” movie.

      • oh god. might as well since they came up with this crap.

    • Be careful. “Facepalm: the Movie” may be next.

      • Didn’t Adam Sandler already do that?

        • I prefer to see every movie Adam Sandler has ever made (other than Airheads) as Facepalm: The Movie and its many sequels.

  8. I died a little on the inside, and then died a lot on the inside when I remembered that the Garfield movie and its sequel are a thing.

    Also, did they really make you put the “TM” after every time you mentioned grumpy cat? That seems to be a bit much on the part of the people who own that trademark.

    • No, but I thought it was better to play on the safe side. ;-) Honestly, I just find the idea of internet memes becoming registered trademarks pretty funny. At this rate, 9GAG users are going to end up facing trademark infringement lawsuits for making Grumpy Cat pictures.

      • I feel the same way.

        I guess it reflects this period in history when anyone will do anything to make a fast buck and groups of people will actually allow it to happen while those with actual talent and some worth to give to the world get ignored.

  9. An animated movie about a weird grumpy looking cat doesn’t seem THAT outlandish so I wouldn’t completely be opposed to giving it a chance. Maybe.

  10. I’d rather see a movie based on the bike riding bear from China that ate a monkey.

  11. If Hollywood wants to resort to the internet for movies and tv shows. Just hire people like DomFear and tomska to write and star in them!

    • Financed by The University Of They’re Here, of course!

  12. Oh please, Oh PLEASE!!!!
    -Be R Rated
    -use the voice of Samuel L. Jackson

    • +1

  13. Angry Birds. Grumpy Cat. Can’t wait to see the iMessage film.

    • This is one of many reasons I refuse to see internet based Hollywood movie crap like this movie, Angry Birds movie, The Social Network and whatever else they give us in a similar vein.

      • The social network is a fantastic movie… its asinine to be against something because its a popular form of social networkimg

        • I’m not against it because of the website’s popularity, I’m against it because what I’ve seen of the movie is kinda boring, it’s not a story that I felt needed to be told and after reading about the “creator” himself, I find his ethics to be lacking and the movie to be a propaganda tool that brushes off the actual creators as being lunatics that tried to steal his idea.

          I actually use Facebook myself, otherwise I wouldn’t be in contact with a lot of my friends or family so to think I don’t like the movie because I somehow hate Facebook is asinine and pedantic.

  14. Ummmmm….. yeah.

  15. All of these financers and producers should donate the proposed budgets for these stupid films (including Angry Birds) to the Dredd sequel.

    • This.

      Hell, any ticket sales for any future releases of utter crap (this, any more American Pie or Scary Movie sequels etc) should go towards the Dredd sequel.

  16. I think, given the circumstances, this is a suitable way to express my response to this news:

    • @ Avenger



  17. No freak’n way…….


    Why is this happening?

    • What’s even worse… I know this cat. Used to live in my neighborhood.

  18. Well I guess if Paris Hilton can have a film career why not a cat I bet it will be more entertaining just don’t show it cleaning itself.The cat either LOL

  19. Giraffe In A Tree. Could be the next Life Of Pi.


    • That will be the next pointless Madagascar sequel.

      • Subsequently, it reminds me of a movie idea I had when I was 12 (so the idea is….17 years old now?) about visitors to a zoo becoming trapped while giraffes who turned insane and escaped their enclosure ran rampant, picking people off and becoming carnivorous.

        The movie’s title?

        Giraffic Park.

        • I’d like to see Matt Reeves tackling that one. :-)

        • @Dazz – I just choked on my pork rinds lol I’m gonna need to see a poster for Giraffic Park please :)


  20. Let’s have a Grumpy Cat/Angry Birds crossover. The pigs hire Grumpy Cat as a hitcat to take out the birds. Grumpy Cat can be voiced by Jason Statham.

    • Hell since they are making a Trolls movie also throw a Troll in this crossover. One Troll could be Grumpy Cat’s protege like Natalie Portman was in Leon the Professional.

      • You know, I still haven’t seen Leon (and also don’t know why they added “The Professional” to the US release) but I figured that to make the troll movie modern and relatable to today’s audiences, they should have the main characters throwing insults at people on message boards and hiding behind the safety of anonymity.

        This could cause Grumpy Cat to frown at the comments and Angry Birds to fall for the bait and flame, thus getting banned from commenting and making them even angrier.

        Then Slender Man kills them all and the credits roll.

        • Ha! Good plot man. ;) Definitely check out Leon sometime whenever you get a chance. It’s a great movie.

  21. I think I remember reading about this somewhere in the book of revelations. Isn’t this one of the seven seals…?

  22. I think i’d rather an animated tv show

  23. Kill me now. Hollywood has jumped the shark.

  24. Reminds me of my grumpy boss!

  25. OH No. No no no. Internet memes are now affecting how hollywood thinks. Making a movie out of an internet meme about a single picture of a cat? Not very creative are we, hollywood?

  26. I hated the Garfield movies, but I did like Bill Murray as Garfield

  27. Jesus tapdancing Christ…Star Wars Kid better get a damn trilogy.

  28. Sounds really lame. If they were to make a meme into a movie I think Bad Luck Brian would be a decent flick.

  29. The owner of that stupid cat should be beaten to death with his own f*cking camera…

    • +1

    • @scapegoat – Owner is a woman and the picture was uploaded by her brother. I blame society for this travesty.


      • Who is Travis T and where can I find him to join in this blame game?