‘Grown Ups 2′ Trailer: Adam Sandler and His Friends Are Back

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Grown Ups 2 is the first sequel to feature everyone’s favorite punching bag Adam Sandler, who reunites with some of the most divisive names in the comedy genre – Kevin James (Here Comes the Boom), Chris Rock (Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted) and David Spade (Rules of Engagement) – for a goofy summer romp that picks up not long after the original movie, with Sandler having moved his kids and wife (Salma Hayek) to the small town where he and his buddies (sorta) grew up.

The trailer barely touches on the story that Sandler co-scripted alongside Fred Wolf (Grown Ups) and Tim Herlihy, who helped launch the critic-proof comedic star’s career back in the 1990s with the cult comedies Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Instead, we get a collection of vignettes that tease guest appearances from such names as NBA veteran Shaquille O’Neal (Scary Movie 4), Taylor Lautner (Twilight) and Andy Samberg (That’s My Boy).


grown ups 2 poster 570x844 Grown Ups 2 Trailer: Adam Sandler and His Friends Are Back

Sandler went raunchier than usual with the R-Rated That’s My Boy; the film’s bad taste humor and idiosyncratic sensibilities didn’t appeal to audiences (including Sandler’s fanbase), which resulted in a final $36.9 million domestic box office tally below Grown Ups‘ opening weekend total ($40.5 million). By comparison, this past fall’s Hotel Transylvania featured voice work from Sandler and his buddies, yet managed to bring in $148 million in the United States (and more than doubled that amount globally).

Point being, Grown Ups 2 has all the ingredients – random jokes, bathroom humor and gooey heart – to ensure that Sandler’s latest vehicle outperforms his last two live-action projects, Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy. The trailer does nothing to convince me this isn’t going to be yet another movie where Sandler and his costars seem to be having a lot more fun than most people in the audience, but there’s no doubt going to be a crowd that shows up for this sequel, regardless.


Grown Ups 2 opens in theaters on July 12th, 2013.

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  1. If sequels are usually worse than the first film then I have to set the bar really low for this one. With all the comedic talent on the first, I was very disappointed with how unfunny it was. That’s My Boy was much funnier (even though it was a little too crude at times).

    I think the actors are just doing this one for a pay cheque, but if people enjoy it then good for them.

    • This looks like it’s gonna suck.

    • And why the hell do ALL of his movies have the worst child actors? Who does the casting for his stupid movies?

  2. Grown Ups was one of the worst movies I ever suffered through, and I didn’t even pay to see it. It’s another reason I don’t pay to see comedies in the theaters. They just aren’t funny beyond what’s in their trailers.

  3. This looks like it might actually be even worse than the first one.

  4. “Cannot wait for Grown Ups 2. First one was a masterpiece.”, said no-one ever.

    I always picture the movie premieres of films such as this. Do the actors know it is utter garbage as they are watching it and therefore pretend it is a masterpiece they are proud of? Who is in the audience and are they all obligated to stand up and applaud at the end of the movie?

    One thing is for certain. There will be a third one. Everything is a trilogy now (three Hangover movies? Really?) so we need a conclusion to this cinematic milestone.

  5. Seems like no one on this site is excited about another Adam Sandler movie.. He’s getting stale, which is really really sad.

    Welp, bring in the fresh meat I guess.

  6. NOT FUNNY!!!!!!! NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!!!!!

  7. So I’m gonna be the first one to say this trailer actually made me laugh. That handshake bit wasn’t exactly brilliant but it was simple enough to warrant a chuckle. Plus, David Spade yelling, “I was inside you!” is just the right amount of stupid to make me laugh.

    • +1 I enjoyed the first one would like to see how this turns out

  8. April Fools was Monday Screenrant

  9. Wow, Sandlers movies are starting to get as bad as Pauly Shores movies back in the day. Another comedian that can’t just seem to branch out

  10. Well, I have to admit that Grown Ups was one of the only decent comedies that this comedic group of friends has put out in the past few years, I’ll probably see this one.

  11. lil nicky best adam sandler movie?

  12. I don’t see what was so bad about the first Grown Ups. It was decently funny.

  13. What on earth is Adam Sandberg doing in this? Did he not learn his lesson from That’s my Boy?

    Adam Sandler the new Eddie Murphy of trash family comedies aimed at who?

  14. I actually quite enjoyed the first one.

    This…no, everything had purpose in the first film. They had the realization after getting back together at their coach’s funeral.

  15. Ok 1.11 in to trailer cop with gun dancing has no gun in his hands what the fook lol

  16. May I ask why everyone is all against Adam Sandler? Sure, his last two movies bombed but let’s see Happy Gilmore was great; Just go with it and Grown Ups were decently funny; and he’s had a bunch of other decent comedies. Dude is a proven comedian and an underrated actor the only thing his movies really suffer from are scattershot scripts so I think he should have more of a creative limit and start to work with more accomplished and fitted directors than Dennis Dugan.

    • That was 17 years ago.

      • Ok guys not all the jokes were fart and pee jokes and yes captain obvious happy gilmore was 17 years ago but grown ups and just go with it were recent not as recent as the terrible jack and jill or that’s my boy but i enjoyed myself in the movies even if the scripts were scatttershot and the directio is shoddy. ‘Clearly you’re delusional no need to respond’: a. you just responded twice b. second i’m not the on going a comments section of an article to totally crap on a dude just cuz i have nothing better to do. everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Yes, Sandler and his friends’ movies are scattershot. Bad direction. But his movies do have their funny moments and more often than not I actually enjoy myself in them ‘not jack and jill, that’s my boy, waterboy, or little nicky though’

    • What’s so good about a movie with a bad script and is ‘decently funny’ (if you like fart and pee jokes)?

    • Yeah, you’re delusional. No purpose responding.

      • Aw crap.

  17. This trailer is so unfunny it makes we wanna talk in a sarcastic baby voice until I START YELLING LIKE I JUST LIT MYSELF ON FIRE!!!

  18. I for one cant wait to see this movie. I actually enjoyed the first one. sure it had its moments where it was bad but it was still pretty good everyone thats negative needs to set their standards lower. cause if you keep it that you will never be happy with a movie. just chill out and actually enjoy things for a change

    • That’s some pretty horrible logic. People who don’t like bad Sandler movies will never be happy with any movies? Sure.

      • No I was meaning the people have to high of a standard for every movie and its annoying to see when people complain that it didn’t meet it.

        • You don’t have to have high standards for some of Sandler’s recent movies to be well below them. I loved a lot of his earlier stuff (water boy, billy madison, wedding singer etc.) but his recent stuff (grown ups, funny people, just go with it) seems like it has just been phoned in and expected to ride on his name alone.

  19. MEH. I DON’T THINK Sandler has it anymore. Maybe he should switch to doing strictly drama, such as Reign Over Me

    • That movie was crap. It played on the drawn out, maudlin sentimentality about 9/11. Sandler sucks. Period. End of story.

  20. Can’t believe how bad that poster is as well

  21. There’s gotta be a way to stop this imbecile from making anymore movies.

  22. Wow I can’t believe how much time people have just to complain about stuff. If you didn’t like the first one or any Adam Sandler movie for the past ten years, why click on the link for the second movie’s trailer? Was the first one a masterpiece? Hell no, but it was funnier than a lot of other movies I’ve seen recently?

    • Then why are you wasting time complaining about other people complaining?

  23. no rob schneider?

    clearly he was the best part of the first one, he was probably too busy with his own career to slum it with Grown Ups again!


    • Rob schneider to busy with his own career? Wow what exactly kind of career is that? Last thing I heard of him being in was his own sitcom that got cancelled. IMO out of the actors from the first movie Rob is the least talented I mean what good movies did he have? The animal was decent and so was the Hot chick but he definitly is no A-list comedy actor I mean apart from the Adam sandler movies he is in I dont know the last time he had a movie that came out in theaters and didnt go straight to DVD

      • Deuce Bigalow was great.

        I think he also just recently did Inappropriate Comedy (which also looks really bad) so it may have been a scheduling conflict.

    • I agree where was Rob Schneider at when they made this movie, I love Adam Sandler’s movies but this one won’t be the same without Rob Schneider

  24. Did Rob Schneider get killed off?

  25. “Cannot wait for Grown Ups 2. First one was a masterpiece.”

  26. For those who can’t understand the complaints about the first movie. Basically it was a huge let down because it had a host of funny people and should have been funny as hell….Maybe they spent all their money on the cast so they didn’t have much left over for writers, but it was a huge let down from a humor perspective. If they could get some better writers, and director who understands comedy on screen better….Then they might have something. If they just do the same as the last movie then it’s dead at the starting line.

    • I don’t understand this argument. Yes it had a bunch of funny people, doing the type of comedy they are known for doing. Some of their movies have more laughs than others, but with these actors you pretty much know how they are going to try and get those laughs. The thing that worries me about this movie isn’t whether or not it will be funny, I’m sure it will be, but the first one had a relatively good, if a bit predictable, story. Until we know why these friends are getting back together, I’m a little worried the story might be weak.

  27. well i for one am excited for this

  28. The firt grown ups made me laugh so hard that it hurt. I don’t know what everybody else is talking about but grown ups is a great movie. The trailer for the sequel looks very funny. The only bad part about it is that rob schneider is not in it.

    • You bunch of complainers don’t know a good movie if it was right in front of ya Adam Sandler is awesome in all his movies, I only know of one movie his been in that he wasn’t in that wasn’t funny but wasn’t meant to be. I can’t wait to see this movie hope they all come back for more.

  29. Just to address a few things. I enjoyed Grown Ups. It wasn’t the best thing since Casablanca. Not even close. But I did find it funny and no there were only a few fart jokes. Rob Schneider is not in the movie because he is having a child. Adam Sandler with the exception of Jack and Jill, Little Nicky, and That’s my Boy has proven to be a very funny comedian and actually a pretty decent actor. I enjoy his movies but I do think he needs better choices in terms of director and screenwriter. I still can’t figure why the hell all of you people come onto sites like these, click onto links like these, and go to town complaining about things that you have a misunderstanding of because you never even watched it in the first place and those that have (as I’ve noticed) and have views that conflict with your own, you go to town on and suggest their opinions are wrong. Do yourself a favor and get a hobby.