‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cast Sign For Seasons 9 &10

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For fans worried sick (sorry) over which beloved cast members are going to make it to the next season of Grey’s Anatomy, the prognosis is good. Series originals Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh and Justin Chambers – along with Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. – have all put pen to paper on a deal that will see them return for a ninth and tenth season on the ABC medical drama.

In a radio interview with Carson Daly this week, Dr. McDreamy himself discussed his relief over the end of the long contract negotiations. “It’s just so nice to have a job and it continues on as a wonderful thing, so, very grateful that it’s happening,” says Dempsey. “[I'm] very happy … to move forward and looking forward to another couple of years of the show.”

Despite the official two-year contract, Dempsey seems open to idea of extending his term at Seattle Grace beyond a possible 10th season:

“We’ll see how we feel at the end of two years, but that’s been a long run, hopefully with these next two years we can infuse some new life into the show. I know there are a lot of interesting things coming up on the last two episodes that I think will be quite moving for people.”

Greys Two Year Deal 2 Greys Anatomy Cast Sign For Seasons 9 &10

Grey’s Anatomy is often praised for its compelling onscreen drama – but the show’s off-screen drama has also been the center of some gripping news.  Despite leaving the show in a storm of controversy in 2010, after criticizing her character Dr. Izzie Stevens, series original Katherine Heigl admitted earlier this year she’d like to return to the show:

“I’ve told them I want to [return]. I don’t know … Being a showrunner and being a writer of a TV series like that is so complicated that I mean she’s got how many characters are there now? There’s a lot and so she’s balancing about 40 different storylines, so I don’t know if it fits in to their sort of vision for this season or next or however many seasons it goes.”

While the news of the contract renewals is great for a lot of fans, the recent announcements somewhat take away from the previously-publicized big news that one of our much-beloved doctors will be taking a one-way trip to the morgue in the season 8 finale.

With showrunner Shonda Rhimes saying “A lot of our writers were crying, which is a very rare thing, it seems the announcement of the two-year contract deals could have been kept quiet for a little bit longer to add to the suspense of next week’s finale. Considering Pompeo, Dempsey, Oh, Chambers, Wilson, and Pickens Jr are all coming back, it’s safe to say none of them will meet their maker – unless Grey’s Anatomy is about to become a far more dark and demented show.


Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 finale airs Thursday May 17th @9pm on ABC

Expect to hear news of Grey’s Anatomy season 9 renewal next week.

Source: TV Guide

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  1. Thanks for posting this article. I am a huge Grey’s fan and had not heard about all of these interviews and news yet!!! Screen Rant always does the best job!!! xoxo

  2. I think that if izzy Stevens comes back to season 9 then I think burke should be rehired!! Talk about one heck of a season and controversy it can bring in the characters. I hear nomination !!!

    • Agree!!!! loe thos two characters..

      • …….

    • Agree!!!! love thos two characters..

    • burke please! i still love him <3


    • September.

  4. Yes i agree with the person below… get ride of Ean he is soo boring!! or whatever his name is and bring back Burk… and(izzy)i love her.. That would make rateings go Crazy high!! lol but i know its not that simple.. :( *Tears>>>>>> but think about it!!! but i cant wait for season 9 and 10….. it would be nice is burk came back to fight for christina!!! whoooo.. i should be a wrighter.. Ean would put on is army gear and tare his A** up.. lol

    • owen

      • LOL I was trying to figure out who the heck Ean is!

        • LOL, it really made me think back all the character on grey’s from the 1st episode, and after read the comment above now i know, the person(Ean) is actually OWEN, lol….

  5. bring burke back and give him christina back

    • definetly do not bring burke back!!! he was such a bore to watch!!!

  6. I dont think, that Burke will come back again. I read at wikipedia that burke has expressed homophobic expressions against George O’Mally. Then he got fired. So, he won’t come back, probably. But maybe Izzie Stevens will come back to the show, because I read, too, that she said (Katherine Heigl), she wanted to be in G.A., again. Well, I remember all.
    I’M PRETTY EXITED ABOUT THE NEW SEASON, does someone know, when it will airned on TV? Im just glad, that Derek and Meredith didnt have left the show, the’re my favourtes characters! :DD

  7. I DO NOT want Burke to come back. He was an okay character, but after I found out why he was forced to leave the show, I was completely over him! If he is homophobic, he should’ve kept it to himself. Just because T.R. Knight (aka George O’Malley) is homosexual, doesn’t mean he is God and can talk to people however he wants. Hasn’t he ever heard to keep your problems at home; don’t bring them to work. He deserved to be fired from the show. As for Katherine Heigl, I would LOVE to see her return to the show. Izzie is an original. Plus, they have been killing off TOO many characters. It would be really nice to bring someone back instead. BUT…As long as they don’t kill off/fire Mark Sloan or Jackson Avery, I will be happy. They are my faves!

    • Really does anybody know when Greys Anatomy is going to be aired because I’m really excited!ahhhhh can’t wait!!!!!!!!

      • I think it will be back by September

      • its going to air on ABC thursday september 22 at 9:00. i cant wait!!! i jsut finished watching it on netflix.

        • some people said that was going to be aired on the 27 not on the 22

    • that is exactly why i don’t like bourse anymore :@ grrr
      georgie was soooo cute – such a great character!!!

  8. Shew! Glad they’re coming back!!

  9. i want Burke, Izzie! and George too :(

  10. Thank you for the news I’m a huge fan of Grey’s anatomy…. The best show ever

  11. Derek and Meredith are the main characters of the show. If they leave, then there will be no show. I mean, come on!

  12. I love Callie and Arizona when I seen that episode I cried through the hole thing :*

  13. When does season 9&10 come out

    • September

  14. Don’t bring back Izzy! Unless they can write in something for Denny’s identical twin brother… I’d like to see more Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

  15. I’m from South Africa and only watched the last episode of season 8 last night. I probably have to wait till next year for season 9 but im super excited. I just love Christina…

  16. I just hope everyone survives,especially Arizona, shes my fav character!

  17. i wish george could come back :( and izzy of course
    (owen is annoying)
    and OMG can’t believe lexie is dead :O

  18. OMG cant belive Lexie died y her? and mark almost did if cristina didnt notice him :( i with gorge could come back! not really berek he was boring and to wired im a HUGE. Greys Anatomy fan and hope the show comes back on air

    • She chose to leave the show

  19. I have been reading alot of interviews and there will most likely be another death in the beginning of season 9. It looks like its set to come back on in September,no specific date yet. So thats not too long to wait, thank god. I am really excited to see the next season premiere and glad there will be two more seasons. I hope Izzie comes back! I would like too see her and Karev back together. So I guess we will see!!


  21. Izzie should come back

  22. We still have no clue if all our favorite doctors will make it to the Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 premiere alive, but we’re still excited to hear about brand new characters who will be scrubbing in next season.

    Up for positions are Dr. Parker, “a top-of-his-game physician in his 40s or 50s, and Dr. Mel Barnett, who’s slightly younger.” In addition, “Seattle Grace is also looking for two medical professionals” who will be cast as “a man and a woman who are ‘smart’ and ‘not Hollywood handsome/pretty.’”

    • the four main characters are gonna stay…i hope altman and all them dont leave

  23. Would love Katherine Heigl to come back! It would be interesting if she had finished her residency elsewhere and comes back to SGH to do a fellowship programme!
    Also after reports that Kate Walsh is leaving Private Practice after the new season, i would love for her to come back to Greys as a full time character! Absolutely love her character and a new storyline between her and mark could be reignited.

  24. I lowen & cristina. they are my favorite couple. I want them to work through their problems and get back together because marriage is for better or for worst. yes he cheated but she made a terrible mistake by having an abortion I am sad that lexie died, cant wait for next season feels like september is super far awayyy

    • i know right! they are perfect for each other and the they need each other for support. i think they will stick together

  25. does any one know when season 9 is gonna start..i cant wait to see what happans to them.i feel like someone else is gonna die like derek or mark

  26. I really like this show. I want Christina to get a new personality makeover. If you are going to be making changes to the cast, then make Christina a nicer person. I don’t like her character. She is too self absorbed and just too bad-tempered, cattish, catty, despiteful, hateful, malevolent, malicious, mean, nasty, overbearing, venomous, vicious, and vindictive to my liking. I like her motivation and drive, but the way she treats her men is disgusting and she needs to lighten up and start treating people with respect. She’s not all that and a bag of chips… bring her down a few pegs please.

    • thats why shes awesome! she can be mean to people she doesn’t know, but shes tough and funny and i love her!

  27. Christina, Merrideth, Maranda, Alex, Derrick, Richard, Lexy, and Nark characters are great. Flawed, believable, maturing, and changing to fix their positions and business growth. I like April, Owen, Arizona, and Avary, and Torres. Shandra has done a great job creating and sustaining the characters and our interest. Burke, Lizzy, and George leaving providing a chances for new characters like GI Hunt. I don’t think Burke and George should come back. I was tired of Dead Denny and Lizzy’s self centered rant over cancer and dead Denny. I think the show is much better without Lizzy.

  28. i think izie should come back if she stops being so miserable and self-pitying, and gets back together with alex and be hapy! i think mark will tell everyone to let him go if he flatlines so he can join lexie, but they keep him alive right as they are rescued. i think cristina will apoligize to owen because she will probably have ptsd after the crash and she will need his support. and then teddy will see there together and leave. i dont want burke to come back because he left her at the church when they were getting married. that was the meanest way he could have broken up with her and he left her by herself not understanding. i wonder if zola will die, i have a feeling but i dont want it to happen i want her to grow up and marry tucker in 20 years!!